Chapter 999: Iron and Blood

    Chapter 999: Iron and Blood

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    "No, we will leave or die together..."

    Seeing the fighter whose lower abdomen was injured turning around and rushing towards those spider demons, the other fighter screamed as he closely followed the first fighter and rushed back towards those spider demons too. At the same time, he stabbed his matt assault sword into a LV 7 spider demon's lower abdomen and forcefully gashed downwards, causing a huge wound. As a result, the bloody intestines of the spider demon flew out of the wound below its lower abdomen immediately with a sound "Huala".

    After being heavily wounded, the spider demon uttered a sharp, jarring scream. Before death, it stabbed its short spear towards that human fighter ferociously.

    In front of a LV 9 human fighter, the LV 7 spider demon was obviously weaker. Its counterattack before death didn't leave any wound on that human fighter. The human fighter directly kicked the wrist of its claw which held the weapon and broke it. Closely after that, he stabbed his sword directly into its heart.

    After a spasm, the LV 7 spider demon fell down on the ground and didn't move anymore...

    The human knight whose lower abdomen was severely wounded had killed another LV 7 spider demon. The two human fighters both used powerful, sharp, direct and fatal battle skills that they learned in the army of Taixia Country. In front of such low-level opponents, this battle skill could turn humans into the most effective killing machines which were urgently needed on the battlefield.

    After a few seconds, some purplish-red spider demons had appeared behind the black brambles in the distance who were dashing towards here.

    Those purplish red spider demons looked bigger than common spider demons, which indicated that they were LV 9 spider demons.

    Given the battle strength, a LV 9 spider demon could match that of a LV 9 human fighter; additionally, LV 9 spider demons were trickier. Even in normal situations, a LV 9 human fighter and a LV 9 spider demon could be well-matched in strength, not to mention this moment when spider demons outnumbered human fighters who had already been injured.

    At the sight of those LV 9 spider demons, the human fighter who had been slightly bruised instantly grabbed the waistband of his comrades-in-arms who was severely wounded and carried him on the back before escaping away.

    "B*stard, Liu Xing, put me down..." The severely wounded one roared.

    The fighter just lowered his head silently and kept rushing forward with his full effort. With one person's weight on his body, all of his wounds had been cracked while blood kept flowing out of there; additionally, he could not move as agilely as before...

    Under the gas-defense respiratory mask, the runner's eyes turned bloody while his mouth corners were bleeding. However, he still insisted on running while gritting his teeth. Under this circumstance, he only had a firm belief--he would never drop his comrade-in-arms; he would live or die together with his comrade-in-arms...

    As human fighters of Taixia Country, they were not afraid of fighting demons to death in the Earth-elements Realm!

    The LV 9 spider demons were moving so fast and swiftly that they soon narrowed the distance to 50 m. At such a high speed, it would only take them a few minutes to catch up with the two human fighters.

    "Put me down..." The severely wounded fighter's voice suddenly turned calm. When he uttered, he had already stabbed the sharp tip of the assault sword into his neck, causing blood to flow off, which immediately made his camouflage soft armor's collar wet, "When I count 3...if you don't put me down, I will commit suicide...1..."

    "We can both escape away..." The runner had already exerted his utmost speed as he tightly carried the severely wounded one. At the same time, his sweat ran down like raindrops, his wounds were torn open once again, spraying blood all over while the main artery in the back of his neck started to bulge like that of a running battle horse. Each step forward, the main artery would pulse one time...

    He didn't give up; instead, he just kept challenging his upper limit while gritting his teeth.

    "If you put me down, you could have a narrow chance to escape; if you carry me, neither of us would survive...2..." The sword tip deepened into his neck while his blood dropped into the gaps on the runner's soft armor with the warmth of the bromance...


    The runner's heart raced as he felt the irresistible will and decisiveness of the one on his back. When his comrade-in-arms uttered "3", the runner felt his comrade-in-arms increased his strength on his sword. The runner immediately put down that severely wounded fighter.

    "Xiaoyue likes you. If you could survive back, take care of her and say sorry to her on behalf of her brother!"

    After leaving such a will, the severely wounded human fighter decisively turned around and rushed towards those LV 9 spider demons...


    When he rushed towards those spider demons, he released his LV 9 battle qi totem for the first time. It was an awe-inspiring proud bloody scorpion with its tail raising in the air. He jumped high and flew over some LV 7 and LV 8 spider demons all the way towards a LV 9 spider demon.

    The LV 9 spider demon's battle spike directly penetrated through his body. Thankfully, he faintly twisted his body when the spike touched his body, causing it to miss his heart.

    After drawing a sword qi in the air, he chopped off the head of the LV 9 spider demon by his matt assault sword and had it sent flying off, spurting out blood higher than 1 m...

    With a battle spike below his heart, the severely wounded human fighter continued to collide the second LV 9 spider demon. This spider demon's battle spike stabbed into the fighter's chest once again; however, the fighter's matt assault sword precisely stabbed into the spider demon's heart. Both parties roared at the same time; meanwhile, they stirred their own weapons in the opponent's body. As a result, the spider demon fell down; the severely wounded fighter spurted out blood which covered the crystal mirror of his gas-defense respiratory mask.

    The proud bloody scorpion started to lose its balance. The fighter's one leg turned weak and he knelt down.

    At this moment, the 3rd spider demon rushed over here with a grim look.

    Although his sight became blurry while his vision was also reduced by the bloody mirror of his gas-defense respiratory mask; however, the human fighter didn't fall down. He just watched this LV 9 spider demon rushing towards him with a disdainful look...

    This time, the 3rd spider demon's battle spike directly penetrated through the fighter's throat and neck. The fighter didn't dodge away; instead, he pushed his body forward while stretching out his arms. He faced the sharp battle spike of the spider demon with his neck on his own initiative.

    The battle spike penetrated through the fighter's throat and neck; however, this fighter hugged the LV 9 spider demon and detonated an explosive device on his body...

    A white phosphorous munition rose up. In a split second, the two bodies started to burn heavily. At the same time, the LV 9 spider demon uttered an earthshaking miserable scream...


    When the runner heard the last sound, he turned around and saw the fierce unyielding torches.

    With hot tears flooding out of his eyes, the runner became stimulated and kept dashing forward at a higher speed...

    High-power white phosphorous gel bomb was one of the necessary equipment of all the human fighters who were responsible for auxiliary combats. Compared to the white phosphorous gel bombs used in airships, such high-power white phosphorous gel bombs were smaller and more destructive. The original intention of such a bomb was to deter demon fighters; however, in many situations, it was used by common fighters to commit suicide on the battlefield of Earth-elements Realm.

    As for Hua fighters, they could only fight demons to death instead of being captives.


    In only a few minutes, the screaming spider demons had been burned into charcoal lying on the ground while the escaping human fighter was in a dilemma once again.

    The flames attracted a LV 10 wing demon who was flying in a low height. A LV 10 wing demon plus a lot of spider demons, they soon cornered this LV 9 human fighter.


    Standing still against the edge of the cliff, that human fighter panted heavily while his assault sword was still dropping blood. Only in a couple of minutes, he had a few more wounds, two of which were on his back, from where his bones could even be seen. A LV 8 spider demon's corpse had lain in front of him. 7-8 spider demons surrounded him in a fan shape over 10 m away. That LV 10 wing demon was flapping its wings and gazing at him with its brutal and bloody eyes like targeting at a prey which could not escape any longer.

    "You cannot escape. As long as you surrender to us. You will have the best treatment. You could survive on and live better!" The LV 10 wing demon uttered its hoarse voice. At the same time, it threw a fearsome glance at the object on the human fighter's waist which looked like a bitter gourd.

    The human fighter held a short sword by one hand and tightly held that bitter gourd-shaped object by the other hand.

    The bitter-gourd shaped object was a high-power white phosphorous gel bomb. The LV 10 wing demon could hurt this human fighter by its battle qi, this human fighter could also throw this white phosphorous gel bomb at the wing demon and threaten it.

    The outcome of being struck by human's high-power white phosphorous gel bomb had been presented by that charcoal-like corpse of that spider demon.

    As the LV 10 wing demon was smart, it didn't want to lose its own life in front of this human fighter who was almost dead; instead, it intended to adopt a safer method to deal with this human fighter. If it could capture a Hua fighter alive, his military exploit would be greater than that of killing a Hua fighter.

    "F*ck you!" The human fighter replied to the wing demon.

    At the same time, the human fighter rushed a few steps forward and threw a black item towards the wing demon...

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