Chapter 1000: Saving Liu Xing

    Chapter 1000: Saving Liu Xing

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    The LV 10 wing demon blew the black object into pieces from 10 m away. However, the object just broke apart like a rock without any phosphorous flame...

    Of course, a high-power white phosphorous gel bomb would burn up even if it was broken.

    Actually, it was not the real high-power white phosphorous gel bomb; but a common piece of stone, which attracted the attention of all the spider demons and the wing demon.

    When the stone broke apart in the air, a LV 8 spider demon being closest to this human fighter burned up as it uttered a shrill miserable shriek like wild beast's whine.

    The human fighter successfully made a feint to the east but attacked in the west. He solved a LV 8 spider demon who was closest to him.

    When the LV 8 spider demon burnt up, all the surrounding spider demons were startled and hurriedly jumped away, causing a chaos, the human fighter had already stabbed his assault sword into another LV 7 greyish-blue spider demon and pulverized its body.

    The flaming LV 8 spider demon jumped and screamed like a lunatic. Its eyes were destroyed in the shortest period by the high-temperature flames. As a result, it could not identify the direction anymore. Being driven mad in pain, it made the team of spider demons chaotic. However, that human fighter took advantage of this chaotic situation and killed another LV 7 spider demon with the cover of this spider demon.

    At this moment, LV 9 spider demons and that LV 10 wing demon struck the flaming spider demon's body with their battle spikes and battle qi and ended its pain in the shortest period and had it become a burning firewood on the ground.

    In the blink of an eye, the human fighter had been cornered to the cliff once again with more wounds and burning traces on his camouflage soft armor. However, three more demon spiders were killed.

    Pitifully, the human knight let out a sigh inside, 'LV 9 spider demons responded too fast. Additionally, they were a bit farther than me just now. If I were a bit closer to them, I might have killed one LV 9 spider demon with my high-power white phosphorous gel bomb at the risk of suffering more wounds...'

    'Even now, it's not a poor military exploit, I've killed 3 more demons. Before death, I should have a chance to kill a LV 9 spider demon.'

    In the gas-defense respiratory mask, the human knight gazed at a LV 9 spider demon while a beautiful and warm face occurred to his mind, 'Xiaoyue likes me?'

    The human fighter didn't know whether he should cry or smile after knowing that news under this circumstance. However, when he remembered the figure which had turned into a burning torch, the human fighter felt faintly painful inside.

    'Dahai, I'm sorry, I'm afraid that I will not have a chance to see Xiaoyue anymore.'


    "Kill him..." The LV 10 wing demon roared as it felt being teased by this human fighter.

    At the same time, the wing demon released its battle qi towards the human fighter together with the attacks of all the surrounding spider demons...


    In the last moment, the human knight fiercely smashed his remote-sensing crystal onto the cliff behind him. Closely after that, he rushed towards that LV 9 spider demon at the risk of his life...

    If there was no accident, in a few seconds, some more corpses would appear here, including a human corpse. By then, the combat would come to an end.

    However, there was an accident, Gorath appeared above the battlefield with an icy and gloomy look...

    Without any omen, Gorath pointed at that wing demon while his battle qi flew out of his finger and charged at that wing demon in the shape of a wild wolf. All of a sudden, the LV 10 wing demon's body was shattered while its flesh and blood sprayed over. Closely after that, the wild wolf charged at those spider demons one after another like tearing and biting weak preys. After it circled around the human fighter, the last 7-8 spider demons cracked one after another orderly like crackers being lit in the legend; as a result, their flesh and blood covered the battlefield.

    The blood from the sky and plasma from those spider demons covered the human fighter's body. The human fighter still rushed forward as he couldn't stop himself due to the inertia. When he stopped, he turned around and couldn't see any alive spider demon anymore besides a large area of blood and fragmented pieces of spider demons. All the spider demons and the wing demon who had dominated the battlefield had been exterminated in a split second.

    The wild wolf-shaped battle qi gradually dispersed; instead, a figure in a black robe slowly descended with an icy and terrifying qi.

    At the sight of that knight in a black robe, the human fighter's heart pounded as his throat felt dry. He couldn't utter a voice because he was really shocked by the power of the wild wolf-shaped battle qi. He had seen the battle qi strikes in the shape of living beings; however, he had not seen such a vivid, agile living being. It was like a real living being, which was both spiritual and extremely powerful...

    Given the icy qi of the knight in a black robe, the human fighter could not identify whether this gloomy knight was a black iron knight or an earth knight; however, no matter what, the knight in the black robe could easily kill the human fighter like how he killed those demons just now if he wanted.

    "Thanks...for saving my life, senior!" The human knight uttered hardly as he cupped his hands towards the knight in a black robe.

    After saying that, the human fighter felt that knight in the black robe raised his head and threw a glance at him. Although being dozens of meters away, Zhang Tie's blood almost froze when he saw clearly the face of the human fighter.

    Although this human fighter wore his gas-defense respiratory mask, his face as a Hua fighter could still be clearly seen by Zhang Tie through his lotus-flower eyes.

    It was over 3 years ago when he saw this face last time. Zhang Tie remembered that this person led him to his knight's tower and introduced Lion Fortress to him when he entered the Lion Fortress for the first time.

    --Liu Xing, Xing means stars, stars in the sky!

    This was how this man introduced himself at that time.

    Zhang Tie was familiar with this name as he was the second "Liu Xing" that Zhang Tie knew.

    Three years ago, Liu Xing was a logistics major general in the think tank of the Lion Fortress; it was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that he could join the most unsafe troop which was responsible for auxiliary combats in the Earth-elements Realm...
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