Chapter 1001: The Backbone

    Chapter 1001: The Backbone

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    When the first high-power white phosphorous gel bomb was ignited, Zhang Tie had caught sight of the flame although he was over 70 miles away. When he arrived here, he saw Liu Xing being cornered by the LV 10 wing demon and those spider demons...

    Actually, Zhang Tie could save Liu Xing right away; however, he wanted to take a look at Liu Xing's performance for the time being.

    It was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that this frail-looking major general could be still dauntless and righteous in the dilemma. Additionally, Liu Xing was very smart who killed 3 demons at the critical moment.

    When Zhang Tie found that Liu Xing had determined to die together with a LV 9 spider demon, he finally gave a favor to Liu Xing.

    In front of an earth knight, some LV 9 spider demons and one LV 10 wing demon were as weak as ants.

    Zhang Tie indeed appreciated Liu Xing's performance. However, Zhang Tie was more interested in the high-power white phosphorous gel bomb that Liu Xing had just thrown out.

    Under the gaze of Liu Xing, Zhang Tie walked to the burning charcoal-like spider demon. Squatting down, he checked its corpse carefully.

    The hard shell of the spider demon had been carbonized; however, its bloody flesh was still burning.

    Zhang Tie put his hand into the flames and broke off an atrophied leg of the spider demon. Taking it, he watched the leg burning into ash before patting his hands and stood up.

    Major General Liu Xing was really shocked when he saw the leg burning in the hand of this gloomy and eccentric knight in a black robe without causing any harm to him.

    "White phosphorous gel bomb?" Gorath uttered a strange, hoarse and icy voice-like sound caused by the frictions between broken ice cubes and glass.

    "Hmm...rght!" Liu Xing stealthily swallowed his saliva. After answering Zhang Tie's question, he didn't say anything else.

    Zhang Tie felt that he was a bit intense and vigilant under the gas-defense respiratory mask. Therefore, Zhang Tie nodded inside, 'Although being saved, Liu Xing still didn't reveal any secret that he knew about white phosphorous gel bomb. He still remained vigilant like qualified soldiers of Taixia Country would act in the dangerous moment.

    "I've not imagined that Taixia has already produced small-sized white phosphorous gel bombs."

    After hearing this, Liu Xing remained silent.

    Zhang Tie was really surprised about it. In Selnes Theater of Operations, if each human fighter could be matched with such a mini white-phosphorous gel bomb, they could defeat that LV 9 demon corps and those demonized puppets corps. At that time, the main task of airship troops of allied human forces was to give a big blow to the super demon corps by white phosphorous gel bombs. Pitifully, until the Selnes Theater of Operations was collapsed, humans' airship troop could not make this dream come true. Only in the Upton Battle did that super demon corps suffer a great loss from the strike of human airship troops by white phosphorous gel bombs for the first time.

    However, the white phosphorous gel bombs being dropped from airships were very huge. Each of them would weigh hundreds of kilograms at least. Since white phosphorous gel bombs were invented, minimization of white phosphorous gel bombs was always a problem, which could not be solved by human countries since the end of last holy war. A few years ago, when Zhang Tie was in Youzhou Province, he didn't hear that the troops of Northeast Military Region were equipped with such a minimized weapon. It was really out of Zhang Tie's imagination that Taixia Country had already invented such a minimized weapon only in a few years and applied them in small-scale combats in Earth-elements Realm. Whereas, given the current situation, these minimized white phosphorous gel bombs could not be produced on a large scale yet; troops could only be equipped with a limited number of such a minimized weapon. Therefore, Liu Xing only carried one minimized white phosphorous gel bomb and used it at the critical moment.

    Such a portable white phosphorous gel bomb was not very harmful to fighters above LV 9; however, it posed a great threat to fighters below LV 9. On the battlefield, as long as each human fighter carried about 3 portable white phosphorous gel bombs, they could definitely defeat the super demon corps even though one of ten human fighters would be killed.

    Facing the super demon corps of 10,000 population led by the demon general in Waii Subcontinent, all the human countries across Waii Subcontinent only needed to compose an allied elite force of about 3 million people and match them with 9 million minimized white phosphorous gel bombs as well as bearing over 30% loss, they would be able to crack down the super demon corps in an all-round manner.

    Zhang Tie who had experienced the battle in Selnes Theater of Operations understood the significance of this minimized white phosphorous gel bomb pretty well. From a certain perspective, if this portable weapon could realize a mass production, Taixia force would be able to maintain the strategic balance with the demon corps in the frontline once again; instead of being fully passive.

    Although he was still wanted in Taixia Country, Zhang Tie sincerely felt happy about Taixia Country. The technical breakthrough in portable white phosphorous gel bomb was even more important than having 10 more heavenly human knights. Because such portable weapons could save numerous human lives on the battlefields in the future.

    Since the holy war broke out, none of the news that Zhang Tie heard about the holy war was good. All of them were about how demons occupied new lands and humans collapsed. The minimization of white phosphorous gel bomb was the most thrilling news that Zhang Tie had heard.


    "May I know...your name, senior?" After being silent for a short while, Liu Xing asked Zhang Tie on his own initiative when he saw Zhang Tie's flickering eyes in a weird manner.

    "You don't need to know my name!" After disguising as Gorath, Zhang Tie maintained the weird and distant personality of Gorath. After throwing a distant glance at Liu Xing, he said, "I saved you this time; I'm afraid that you will not have such a good luck next time. I've just flown all the way here from that direction and didn't find any demon fighters. If you want to leave, you'd better choose that way!"

    "Thanks!" Liu Xing replied hardly.

    "I like hard bones. Brat, take this, wish you good luck!" Zhang Tie said as he threw a vial of senior recovery medicament towards Liu Xing. Closely after that, he flew off and disappeared into the black mist.

    Actually, Zhang Tie didn't leave far away from Liu Xing. After flying about 15 miles away, when he confirmed that Liu Xing's faint light observation instrument could not observe him anymore, he stopped and watched Liu Xing on the ground.

    Although Liu Xing couldn't see Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie could see him clearly by his lotus-flower eyes.

    Generally, Zhang Tie was sympathetic; however, he was not a Yes Man, except for the current situation. He didn't want to see this Hua fighter called Liu Xing being killed; therefore, he prepared to escort him back to the Black Armor Battlefortress safely. Whereas, the status Gorath was not suitable to do that; therefore, he could only protect Liu Xing in the dark.

    In Waii Subcontinent, Zhang Tie's comrade-in-arms called Liu Xing had already died. In the Earth-elements Realm, Zhang Tie didn't want to see another dauntless Liu Xing as young as the late one being killed once again. Zhang Tie would feel a bit reassured unconsciously when he saw this Liu Xing survive himself.

    Under the silent gaze of Zhang Tie, Liu Xing hesitated a bit on the ground for a short while before taking the vial of senior recovery medicament that Zhang Tie had gifted him. With the effect of the senior medicament, only after resting for less than 2 minutes, Liu Xing had already rapidly returned to the place where the first white phosphorous gel bomb was ignited.

    Zhang Tie knew that a Hua fighter was lying there forever. Although the Hua fighter's body had burned into ash, his spirit was still as firm as the torch that he incarnated in at the last moment of his life. It was the blazing in the dark ceaselessly.

    When Zhang Tie saw the first flame, he had accelerated towards there; however, it was still too late. He only saw the most brilliant scene of the Hua fighter at the end of his life, which deeply moved Zhang Tie and reminded him of his days in Iron Blood Camp.

    Without such dauntless men, Taixia Country and Hua people would not be prosperous anymore.

    Although that late Hua fighter was sharply different than Zhang Tie in both battle strength and social status, Zhang Tie respected him pretty much. As Zhang Tie had experienced numerous combats and grown up from a commoner, he had an emotional resonance with this human fighter. In many situations, emotional resonance surpassed classes and social statuses. Zhang Tie saw a soul, a battle soul which belonged to the proudest and bravest fighter. Such a soul was the backbone of humans.

    Only in Lion Fortress, over 100,000 Hua fighters were assuming battle auxiliary tasks. Additionally, they were on shifts yearly. Although these people were far weaker than human knights on battle strength, through the baptism of the most brutal combats in the Earth-elements Realm, those who could survive back would become the backbones in Hua armies.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie finally understood why the ruling party of the military of Taixia Country dispatched so many human fighters to assume battle auxiliary tasks in the Earth-elements Realm.

    Under the silent gaze of Zhang Tie, Liu Xing came to the front of the ash and took off his gas-defense respiratory mask. His face had been covered with tears...

    Kneeling down in front of the ash, Liu Xing looked for a nameplate in the ash. Closely after that, he cupped the ash into his bag. After that, he put away the nameplate and carried his bag once again before wearing his gas-defense respiratory mask. After doing all this, he ran towards the direction that Zhang Tie had told him while gritting his teeth...
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