Chapter 1002: Demon Suppression General

    Chapter 1002: Demon Suppression General

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    Zhang Tie flew over some bushes from over 50 m high in the air like a black spirit. At the same time, four spider demons who were hiding in the bush were split into halves like watermelons silently, spraying their blood over the ground.

    When Zhang Tie killed these spider demons, Liu Xing was meticulously passing a valley and didn't know that the four spider demons hiding over 7 miles away in front of him had just been killed...

    After 2 days, Liu Xing had reached the 1st loop of Tiewei Mountain and entered the core region of Tiewei Mountain with the protection of Zhang Tie in the dark.

    In the past 2 days, Zhang Tie had killed 7 waves of spider demons on the route of Liu Xing within 20 miles, totally 86 spider demons; additionally, he captured 4 alive wing demons. A stone for two birds.

    As long as he could kill 360 spider demons, he would gain a new fruit of source of spider demons, with which, Zhang Tie's essence would grow by 1/12; the energy and potential of each surging point would increase by 1/12 which was equal to lighting another 82 surging points; besides, his endurance, physical strength, spiritual energy and life expectancy would increase by 1/12 respectively; namely, his battle strength would increase by 1/12.

    From a perspective, the effect of a fruit of source was greater than absorbing the energy and earth elements of some earth demon knights. It was almost like promoting to 1 change earth knight.

    Of course, Zhang Tie would not give up gaining such a fruit.

    The 4 alive wing demons were thrown into Castle of Black Iron. Previously, these wing demons were useless to Zhang Tie and Zhang Tie would kill them as soon as possible. However, after Zhang Tie gained the bloody sacrifice furnace, these wing demons became rare raw material for bloody sacrifice. As long as it was not discovered by others, these wing demons would help him a lot in the future.

    Not only wing demons, but any demon that could be teleported into Castle of Black Iron alive and didn't lead to any fruit also would help him a lot. Although the others regarded the core region of Tiewei Mountain as a very dangerous place, Zhang Tie treated it as a treasury of demons. Purgatory Samsara Method, small tree, plus bloody sacrifice furnace could squeeze each demon's value.


    After killing the last spider demons, when Zhang Tie flew over the last ridge in a few minutes, he immediately suspended in the air as the horizon in front of him became open.

    In the skyline, Zhang Tie saw a floating human battle fortress. Some human knights were patrolling in the sky in front of the battle fortress.

    He had already officially entered the core region of Tiewei Mountain. In the distance, he saw hundreds of colorful battle qi smokes and tornadoes raging in the sky, thick or slim. They looked like flickering lightning bolts in the black mist in the skyline. Those battle qi smokes and tornadoes meant that at least hundreds of human knights and demon knights were fighting in the sky above the plain!

    Although human knights and demon knights were fighting fiercely in the distance, the battle fortress looked relatively calm. Hundreds of colorful battle qi smokes and tornadoes looked like ornaments in the skyline, which didn't make people in the floating battle fortress intense at least in Zhang Tie's eyes, 'Is that a skirmish?'

    Zhang Tie looked back with his flickering lotus-flower eyes and caught sight of Liu Xing.

    After passing that valley, Liu Xing accelerated his movements. He might know that a human base was not far from him.

    The low-level spider demons that Zhang Tie killed just now might be the closest to the human stronghold. After entering the patrol region of human knights, Liu Xing would not easily meet any demon fighters.

    'Well, I have to leave. In the future, Major General Liu Xing have to seek blessings for himself!

    Licking his lips, Zhang Tie looked at the distance for a short while. After that, he dodged from human knight's patrol route and flew towards the hundreds of battle qi smokes and tornadoes...


    1 month later, in the God's Will Battlefortress of Tiewei Mountain, a tall and sturdy old man in a brilliant golden battle armor and a long bloody marshal's cape was watching the looming demon battle fortress in the black mist in the distance while leaning on a huge sword in the highest tower in the floating battle fortress.

    A huge construction site was below the God's Will Battlefortress. There was a big entrance on the construction site which led to the underground mining area of Tiewei Mountain. At this moment, tens of thousands of logistics personnel of Lion Fortress were busy packing the earth-element crystals and transporting them into the God's Will Battlefortress. The entire God's Will Battlefortress was like a fierce beast safeguarding its own nestle. Lying here quietly, it sharpened its claws and teeth and gazed at the demon battle fortress in the distance with hostility.

    The demon battle fortress was another fierce beast which gazed at the human battle fortress with hostility too.

    In less than 400 miles' linear distance, hundreds of battle qi smokes and tornadoes rose and swung in the air and adorned the gloomy sky in the Earth-elements Realm.

    Knight-level powerhouses would die every day between the two battle fortresses, human or demon. In wider space behind the two battle fortresses, more human and demon fighters were fighting constantly on the ground. Some demon knights reached the back of the human battle fortress; similarly, human knights also reached the back of the demon battle fortress. Skirmishes occurred everywhere. People or demons would bleed and die in each second.

    The old man in golden armor watched the demon battle fortress in the distance calmly while his eyes were like ancient wells. A vertical wrinkle between his eyebrows turned clear. Common vertical wrinkles would be slightly curved and slim; however, his vertical wrinkle was as straight as a sword. It separated his forehead from the middle and reached his ophryon; additionally, the vertical wrinkle was bloody like having been soaked in blood. It looked as aggressive and shocking as dense black clouds.

    According to the legend, when the old man came to Xuanyuan Hill at a young age for the first time and met Shui Yuecang, the No. 1 fortune teller in Taixia Country, Shui Yuecang let out a deep sigh after watching his look seriously, "The vertical wrinkle between your eyebrows is as straight as a sword. It separates your forehead from the middle and penetrates through your ophryon. It goes against your wife, son, father and mother. Given your look, before you came to this world, your father had died. Your mother died due to difficult labor. In the future, you will barely have a wife who could accompany you for the rest of your life. However, the place between your eyebrows is wide like a sea and high like a mountain, which indicates that you will have a great power and majesty in the future with a strong will. It's a rare demon suppression vertical wrinkle that could not be seen in 100 years. Besides going against your family members, it also goes against your enemy. In the future, you will definitely have a military power. You're born to be a defender. You will hold the entire Taixia Country in awe. Although you're born to have no parents, what you will do in the future will enable numerous people to have parents when they're born. Although you have no wife, you will make thousands of families harmonious and happy. Although you have no child, you will be regarded as the father by numerous people. As you will protect the safety of all the living beings in the world in the future as a general at the risk of losing your life, I have to bow to you on behalf of the civilians in Taixia Country and all the living beings in the world..."

    Although it was his first time to meet Shui Cangyue, the No. 1 fortune teller in Taixia Country, Shui Cangyue had bowed to him on his own initiative.

    After meeting Shui Cangyue a few years ago, the second holy war broke out. This man joined the army as a LV 8 fighter. Additionally, he requested to enter the Earth-elements Realm where the casualty was the highest.

    Since he entered the Earth-elements Realm, this man had not left the Earth-elements Realm over the past 200 years and became the legendary human in the Earth-elements Realm.

    Through lasting numerous combats, the LV 8 human fighter had become a powerful heavenly knight and ruled the Lion Fortress as Demon Suppression General. Being on an equal footing with the generals of the top four armies in Taixia Country, he had become the pillar of the military of Taixia Country.

    Numerous proud and fierce human fighters had entered the Earth-elements Realm; however, they all behaved like docile lambs in front of him, including the knight-level commanders of the top four armies of Taixia Country and the nobles and royal households from the other continents.

    This man said all the human knights entering the core region of Tiewei Mountain should follow his order. Even the elder who led the team of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, one of the seven major sects in Taixia Country dared not enter the core region of Tiewei Mountain.

    This man was called Du Guyi.

    Many human knights didn't see as many demons as those whom he had killed over the past 200 years in their whole lives. This man himself could not even remember how many demons he had killed. Perhaps, only demons knew how many demons this man had killed. Besides being despairing, demons hated him very much.

    --Anyone who could kill Gu Duyi will be rewarded as a Lord!

    This was the value of Gu Duyi's head on demon's side.


    Gu Duyi watched the skyline and faintly frowned. Meanwhile, his killing qi formed into black snowflakes and drifted down from his side, which was a special phenomenon of a heavenly knight. Nobody knew what this heavenly knight who had stayed in the Earth-elements Realm over 200 years and experienced two holy wars was thinking about at this moment.

    A breeze blew over with some moisture while a knight in blue battle armor appeared in the looming vapor. After shaking for a second like a shadow in the water, it walked out of the vapor and stood behind Gu Duyi quietly while cupping his hands.


    "How's it going?" The demon suppression general just asked calmly without turning around.

    "There was indeed a great chaos in the back of demon battle fortress a few days ago. A human knight destroyed a secret base in the rear end of demon battle fortress and killed over 5 demon knights, including one earth demon knight and many demon fighters below LV 15. After suffering such a big loss, the demon battle fortress was shocked and dispatched a shadow demon to chase after the trouble-maker..."

    "Who's that ballsy?"

    "I have no idea!" The man behind Gu Duyi answered honestly as he didn't feel embarrassed at all, "But I'm sure that one is not a member of us!"

    Gu Duyi suddenly narrowed his eyes while the black snowflakes on his side froze in the air...
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