Chapter 1004: Large Battle Formations

    Chapter 1004: Large Battle Formations

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    1 hour later, over 12,000 human knights flew out of the human battle fortress like bees flying out their beehives. Being dense, they covered the sky.

    Less than one out of a million people living on earth's surface could have a chance to see over 10,000 human knights flying together at the same time.

    When the number of humans reached 10,000, it would be endless. Over 10,000 human knights flying in the sky completely covered the sky...

    Precisely, 12474 human knights participated in the large-scale attack, over 95% of them were black iron knights while the rest ones were earth knights and shadow knights.

    Those knights came from all the countries across each continent. The number of Hua knights from Taixia Country ranked 1st, those from western continent ranked 2nd; there were also many knights in red hair, blue eyes and different skins.

    12474 was a very special figure as it could be divided with no remainder by 81.

    Why? Because the basic number of knights required for 3-in-1 formation was 3. Three 3-in-1 basic formations could form a bigger 3-in-1 formation of 9 members; 3 bigger 3-in-1 formations could form a large 3-in-1 formation of 28 members while 3 large 3-in-1 formations could form a supreme 3-in-1 gold formation of 81 members.

    Like perfect steps, 3,9,27,81 corresponded to four levels of 3-in-1 formation respectively, namely, black iron, bronze, silver and gold.

    12474 knights contained 154 golden 3-in-1 battle formations, each gold 3-in-1 formation became a larger unit of formation of knights at this moment.

    Among the 12474 human knights who flew off at the same time, there were three old friends of Zhang Tie, namely, Filton, Cecilia and Bolam.

    When they flew off, only after throwing a glance at each other, the three knights had connected their knights' consciousness and formed the basic 3-in-1 battle formation in a split second...


    Feng Cangwu whom Zhang Tie had not seen for a long time was also one of them. He looked bearded in a hand-me-down battle armor like an uncle who used to kill time in pubs. Compared to that 3 years ago, his sharpness and dashing spirit had been fully reserved; however, his qi field had become stronger.

    There was a gourd-shaped container on his waistband. Before joining the large-scale battle, he undid that gourd and swigged it quite a while.

    "Leave some to me!" A partner on Feng Cangwu's side shouted. Feng Cangwu then threw that gourd towards that man. After drinking some, he threw it to another knight on his side. The 3rd knight bottomed it up directly as he smacked his lip and sighed with emotions, "Tasty...". Finally, he threw the empty gourd back to Feng Cangwu.

    It was a special all-purpose medicament in the gourd. It was the latest product of Jinwu City, which could activate the effect of the medicament in the shortest period.

    'Come on!' Feng Cangwu roared inside as his battle intention boiled up. Additionally, he opened his knight's consciousness and linked it to that of the other two human knights, forming another basic 3-in-1 battle formation...

    Only in a few seconds, the 12474 human knights had become 4158 basic unit of a 3-in-1 unit. As a result, the core area of Tiewei Mountain was immediately covered with battle clouds.

    In this situation, individual knights only needed to form a 3-in-1 battle formation with two partners.

    The moment the 4158 basic units of 3-in-1 formation came into being, the figure which was covered with golden light had flown off the tower and reached the highest place among those human knights. At the same time, a golden light rushed into the sky from that man. A sharper knight's consciousness descended and covered dozens of square miles immediately. 12474 knights opened their knight's consciousness at the same time. After connecting with the milky way, their knight's consciousness entered a wholly new, complete knight's consciousness like how water drops converged into a stream before entering an ocean...

    A great order appeared...

    3-in-1 black iron battle formations started to form a complete knight's consciousness of a bronze battle formation of 9 members by automatically connecting 2 more black iron battle formations. The bronze battle formation of 9 members would form a complete knight's consciousness of a silver battle formation of 27 members by connecting two more bronze battle formations. The silver battle formation of 27 members would form a complete knight's consciousness of a gold battle formation of 81 members by two more silver battle formations. 154 3-in-1 gold battle formations would finally form an unprecedented powerful knight's consciousness...

    Through the gradual combination of 3-in-1 battle formations, the loose large formation of over 12,000 human knights slowly turned regular like gears being processed.

    At this moment, 12474 human knights shared the same knight's consciousness. Everyone's senses and knight's consciousness had been promoted to a higher level...

    At this moment, black iron knights could sense the consciousness of earth knights; earth knights could sense the consciousness of shadow knights; similarly, shadow knights sensed that they had become heavenly knights. The only heavenly knight became the supreme consciousness of this large battle formation.

    Besides the knight's consciousness, everyone's qi sea faintly connected with each other and could attack and defend together...

    Many light beams rose up from the large battle formation. Each knight was blessed on strength, speed, recovery capability and sacred defense...

    Like a huge golden wheel composed of 154 huge knife flywheels, the entire large battle formation flew towards the demon battle fortress in an overwhelming manner.

    When the large human battle formation reached halfway, they had been blocked by the large demon battle formation.

    The large demon battle formation contained over 14,000 population, more than that of the large demon battle formation. Besides, the large demon battle formation was weird and looming in black mist. It looked like a huge mouth and quagmire which constantly changed its shape as if it was going to devour the universe.

    An ox-headed demon higher than 3 m was standing at the highest point of the large demon battle formation with a burning huge ax in hand and watching the approaching large human battle formation with its fiery bloody eyes.

    "Du Guyi, all the earth-elements crystals here have almost been exploited, this mine will be abandoned in 2 months. Will you insist on such a large-scale battle?"

    The heavenly demon knight uttered a muffled voice which sounded like a thunder.

    "Of course we will. The battle would never come to an end until demons were exterminated!"

    The demon suppression general's thunder-like dignified muffled sound also drifted to the heavenly demon knight from above the large human battle formation.

    After hearing this, the huge ax in the hand of the heavenly demon knight burned fiercer abruptly. At the same time, a bizarre eye light flashed by as the heavenly demon knight suddenly burst out into laughter, "Your Emperor Xuanyuan has disappeared for so many years. He might have long died. Taixia is destined to be chaotic. Do you want to further consume the knights from the Western Continent and the other continents by this chance so that Taixia Country could maintain its absolute advantage over other continents in the chaos?"

    The demon commander's words were really malicious.

    "Gandise, given your words, I have to kill you!" The demon suppression general replied in a calm yet extremely icy voice.

    "Hahaha, I've collected over 100 human knight's heads including that of black iron human knights, earth human knights and shadow human knights, except for a heavenly human knight's head..."


    Over 20,000 human and demon knights collided with each other immediately without any buffering...

    In the sky, over 10,000 thunders sounded at the same time as if stars were born and died in a split second...

    The black mist within 100 square miles was cleaned by the great shock wave caused by the collision. Additionally, the ground in the core of Tiewei Mountain started to shake like the surface of a drum being beaten by a heavy hammer. The ground below the collision area was cracked immediately, causing some thousands of meters long huge trenches. The terrain of a part of the region changed in a split second. All the weak living beings who didn't escape away due to so many corpses here these couple years had drilled into their own caves and dared not expose their heads while trembling all over.

    Over 20,000 human and demon knights collided as if the God was driven mad...

    The large demon battle formation widely opened its mouth and wanted to devour the entire large human battle formation; however, the large human battle formation wanted to cut the large demon battle formation into pieces and grind them.

    Facing such a fierce collision, any individual strength would be trivial. Even heavenly knight would be shattered in such a fierce collision immediately.

    Each trivial strike was caused by a gold battle formation composed of 81 human knights while the fiercest strike gathered the strength of over 10,000 human knights.

    Accordingly, the battle qis of all the knights in the large formations had formed a huge protective battle qi so as to respond to the opponent's strike.

    Similarly, although being protected by such a huge protective battle qi, all the strikes against the large battle formation would be passed to all the knights in the large formation. Even though, those knights who were struck by the opposite large formation would also bear a greater stress and impact than other members of the large formation. After they bore the stress and impact first, the stress and impact would pass to other knights in a degressive state.

    The collision between two large battle formations was like two prehistorical huge beasts colliding with each other. The moment the battle broke out, it had become earthshaking...

    Neither human nor demon knights had noticed that a black little beetle was hiding on a rock in the distance and watching the collision between two large battle formations with a wide open mouth. It was shocked too much that it almost drooled...
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