Chapter 1005: The Most Brutal Battle

    Chapter 1005: The Most Brutal Battle

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    Like two powerful and fierce beasts colliding with each other, neither of them could devour the other completely; however, as long as they collided with each other, it would be earthshaking and cause blood and flesh to spray everywhere.

    The large formations of humans and demons were like two powerful and fierce beasts who usually fought and collided with each other. Although neither of them could devour the other, both of them would be injured and bleed...

    The large demon battle formation suffered the first wound.

    After many times' fierce collisions, the first piece of bloody flesh was torn off from the demon's large battle formation.

    Through fierce strikes of humans' large battle formation, the bigger unit of 81 demon knights was separated from the demon's large battle formation and was cut off the connection with the overall knight's consciousness and battle qi of the demon's large battle formation...

    In this situation, being separated from the large battle formation was as fatal as jumping off a train which was at its full speed on the bridge.

    Before the 81 demon knights escaped in all directions, the strike of human's large battle formation had arrived...

    When a dazzling light flashed by, over half of the 81 demon knights became bloody flesh and powder and fell off the sky. The remaining demons of the gold battle formation escaped rapidly in all directions like flies. However, the 154 knife flywheels of human's large battle formation quickly spun and swept over. Wherever they reached, at least one or a few demon knights would lose their lives in the blink of an eye.

    Those who were killed were even earth knights.

    In a split second, only less than 10 of the 81 demon knights could escape away from the extrusion and collision of the human's large battle formation...

    Zhang Tie was dumbfounded by what he saw.

    In this battle, collective strength had been fully exerted. Even Zhang Tie could not survive the strike which the human's large battle formation launched towards the separated gold battle formation of 81 demon knights.

    The aftermath of that strike caused an earthquake and a huge deep pit whose diameter was about 100 m. Facing such a destructive blow which gathered the strength of over 10,000 human knights, even shadow knights would be killed immediately, not to mention earth knights.

    Such a battle was too brutal even for knights.

    All the knights in Waii Subcontinent would be exterminated immediately facing such a large battle formation. Certainly, the large-scale collisions between humans and demons could only be seen in Earth-elements Realm. Due to its amazing formidable force, the casualty was amazing too. What a terrifying consumption!

    After the first piece of bloody flesh broke off the demon's large battle formation, two pieces of bloody flesh almost broke off their own large formations at the same time.

    The demon's large formation was like a grim quagmire and huge mouth. The moment the gold battle formation of 81 human knights broke off, dozens of them had been devoured by the huge mouth of demon's battle formation like animals being mired in the swamp. The other human knights of the gold battle formation escaped in all directions while the slower ones were devoured by the demon's large formation which constantly changed its shape.

    Finally, only less than 20 of the 81 human knights escaped away successfully.

    The 81 demons who broke off the demon's large formation didn't have a better fate than the last batch of demon knights who had broken off their large formation. Because they were completely surrounded by the human's large formation. Like a piece of meat falling into the meat grinder, before the 81 demon knights escaped out of the human's large formation, they had been ground into pieces by the meat grinder.

    Watching such a collision on the ground, Zhang Tie felt an unprecedented shock inside.

    Those human knights being devoured by the demon's large formation might be dignified and unrivaled on the earth's surface; however, their fates were only determined in a few seconds in the Earth-elements Realm the moment their unit was separated from the large formation. They were as hopeless and despairing as common fighters facing such a fatal blow.

    This was the most brutal side of the holy war. Even knights became as trivial as grass facing such a large-scale battle formation.

    Watching such a fierce collision, Zhang Tie understood that why those people in the core of Tiewei Mountain directly ignored the hundreds of battle qi smokes and tornadoes. Because those combats were just appetizers of this large-scale battle.

    In the large-scale battle where dozens of knights would be exterminated in a split second, those battles participated by hundreds of knights were just necessary touches of both parties, through which, both parties could keep up the proper pressure against the opposite.

    The battle continued. Those human knights who survived themselves after breaking off from the large battle formation didn't escape. After leaving the effect of the two large formations, they gritted their teeth and continued to chase demons who had broken off their own large formation.

    This large-scale battle was expanding. The two large formations were the core of this battle. As more and more knights broke off, more and more skirmishes broke out surrounding the core while battle qi smokes and tornadoes rushed into the sky one after another.

    The entire core of Tiewei Mountain was shaking and covered with brilliant battle qis. Even clouds and mist were broken apart. What a hell!

    Watching such a battle, as a member of human knights, Zhang Tie gradually felt hotter inside.


    At this moment, a figure flew towards him while hiding its full-body battle qi. It tumbled and immediately fell into a pitch dark underground trench which was hundreds of meters in depth being not far away from Zhang Tie.

    Before entering the trench, the figure spurted out blood.

    At the sight of this guy, Zhang Tie became thrilled. It was a black iron demon knight, who had been severely wounded. It seemed that it wanted to hide here for the time being.

    'Hehhehheh, this father was thinking about having some fun; now that you are here...'

    After blinking its eyes, the little black beetle took a look at the battlefield in the far, then the deep trench in front of him before flying towards that underground deep trench...
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