Chapter 1006: Knocking out the Black Iron Demon Knight

    Chapter 1006: Knocking out the Black Iron Demon Knight

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    The little beetle flew into the deep trench...

    The deep trench was hundreds of meters deep. Like a dried and bleak riverbed, the deep trench was covered with jagged rocks of grotesque shapes and black mist. It had many branch roads. The demon knight just hid here for the time being to recover itself. Honestly, this was a good place for the demon knight.

    Of course, it was also a good place for Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie remembered the location of that demon knight in the deep trench. After flying less than 5 minutes in the deep trench, Zhang Tie found the demon knight.

    The demon knight was hiding in a very secluded cave among some boulders at the bottom of the trench. Oozing sweat and quivering all over faintly, it was dealing with its wounds.

    This was an ox-horn black iron demon knight who had been wounded. Its chest armor had been scorched and was gurgling blood.

    Only after throwing a glance at this guy, Zhang Tie had known that this guy had survived an earth human knight's attack.

    Generally, according to Zhang Tie's observation over the past one month, both human and demon knights had reached a privity in head-on battles and duels--they only fought the opponents of the same level.

    Hua people believed that common soldiers would always fight common soldiers and generals would always fight generals.

    Sometimes, such a privity would be broken. When they could not find opponents of the same level, they might attack those inferior ones.

    Earth human knights who survived the fragments of the large formation might encounter black iron demon knights on the battlefield where they would definitely kill the inferior opponents immediately.

    This poor demon was the one who survived the fragment of the demon's large formation and encountered an earth human knight unfortunately.

    Perhaps, he was not poor but lucky.

    Given the current situation, this guy was indeed very lucky. After breaking off the demon's large formation, he had 1/10 probability to survive the human's large formation. Closely after that, it encountered an earth human knight. It had 1/3 probability to escape from the earth human knight. Overall, this guy could only have 1/30 probability to survive itself. Therefore, this demon knight must have a very good luck.

    However, not so much. Because it met Zhang Tie.

    In this situation, Zhang Tie was definitely a "demon eater".

    After activating a super hiding skill on the little black beetle, the little black beetle was like a light feather in the black mist. When Zhang Tie saw the demon knight, the demon knight didn't see him.

    Sweat dropped off the demon knight's face one after another. The demon knight was lowering its head and applying a black adhesive onto the wounds of its lower abdomen, causing the wounds to release smoke. At the same time, the demon knight gritted its teeth and panted while its muscles on the lower abdomen twitched unconsciously. It seemed that the black adhesive didn't feel good.

    Zhang Tie then drilled out of the gap between rocks on the side of the demon knight and entered in the small space behind the demon knight. After that, Gorath in a black robe appeared behind that demon knight quietly like a ghost out of the void.

    Gorath was affected by a super hiding rune too; it was completely like a lifeless piece of rock.

    When Zhang Tie appeared less than one arm's length behind that demon knight, he was still not discovered by the demon. When it found this place just now, the demon knight had confirmed that nobody was here; therefore, it just concentrated on dealing with its wounds at this moment.

    Zhang Tie just watched this guy mercilessly.

    Through such an angle, Zhang Tie discovered some unusual things on this demon knight.

    This guy's soft armor was very excellent. Over the past 1 month, Zhang Tie had killed and captured about 12 living black iron demon knights. As those black iron knights on the battlefield didn't know whether they could survive, they would not carry surplus items besides soft armors and weapons which could never match that of this guy.

    Besides an excellent knight's soft armor, this guy also carried a space-teleportation equipment. The black adhesive which was used to deal with injuries were taken out of its space-teleportation equipment. It was rare for black iron demon knights to carry any space-teleportation equipment. Very few earth demon knights could have space-teleportation equipment, not to mention black iron knights.

    With his lotus-flower eyes, Zhang Tie saw a hammer-shaped silver secret item swimming in the qi sea of the lower abdomen of this guy.

    Zhang Tie immediately realized that this was not a common demon knight.

    There were major human clans and influential officials; similarly, in the hierarchical pyramid of demon society, there were also major demon clans and bigwigs. Knights from major clans and powerful families definitely have more items to protect themselves on the battlefield.

    After licking his lips, Zhang Tie revealed a merciless smile on his icy and insidious face. At the same time, he reached his weird claw towards the neck of the demon knight...

    When Zhang Tie licked his lips, the demon knight realized that something was wrong. However, it thought that it was not a threat. Until it heard the sound behind him, the demon knight turned around to take a look at his back...

    The demon knight saw a weird claw reaching towards its neck...

    At the sight of the weird claw, the demon knight's pupils shrunk immediately. It seemed wanting to do something or utter an amazed shriek; however, it was too late. That weird claw caught its neck fiercely and pressed its head against the ground ferociously before it uttered any voice and made any response...

    The weird claw was unimaginably powerful. The demon knight felt that its neck and head were under a huge mountain. Closely after that, its head ferociously collided against the ground.

    With a loud sound "bang...", the hard ground cracked. The demon knight's nose slumped at once while its teeth flew out of its mouth. Its head felt like being beaten by a huge, heavy hammer. It felt dizzy as it spurted out blood at once.

    As the demon knight was sitting on the ground to treat its wounds with crossed legs just now, when its head was pressed against the ground, it looked like a little girl who practiced her basic skills of dance. With this gesture, it could barely move at all and felt especially embarrassed.

    "Who're you?" The demon knight roared when it caught sight of the lower hem of a black robe through its eye corners. Pressing its neck, the back robe one was squatting down on its side.

    What it received was a heavy blow on its left ribs, which was barbaric, fierce and straightforward.

    The blow broke 7-8 ribs of the demon knight, causing it to spurt out blood once again. Closely after that, Zhang Tie punched its right ribs, breaking some more ribs and causing it to spurt out more blood. After then, Zhang Tie punched at the middle of the demon knight's back. Finally, he punched at the back side of the demon knight's head...

    The demon knight wanted to struggle; however, under Zhang Tie's great stress, he had no chance to struggle at all.

    Each time Zhang Tie punched at it, this narrow space would feel like being beaten by a huge steam forging hammer as the earth would faintly shake. The demon knight was also like a tube of toothpaste. Each time Zhang Tie squeezed toothpaste out of the tube, he would cause the demon knight to spurt out blood...

    Besides uttering "Who're you?", the demon knight didn't utter any voice until he became completely faint.

    Zhang Tie then clapped his hands and stood up. It was much easier for people to kill a tiger than catching it alive; similarly, it was much more difficult for Zhang Tie to knock out a black iron demon knight than directly killing it. Thanks to his over one month's "precious experience", it only took Zhang Tie less than a minute to knock out this prey alive.

    Until being knocked out by Zhang Tie, that demon knight still maintained that hilarious basic gesture of dance and became feeble all over. Besides a puddle of blood, there were only teeth on the ground.

    After throwing a glance at this guy on the ground, Zhang Tie revealed a faint smile. After that, he sent this guy into Castle of Black Iron as a raw material for bloody sacrifice. Zhang Tie didn't care what items did this guy carry as Heller would find all of them wherever they were hidden in its body.

    The bangs didn't stop in the sky. It indicated that the large-scale battle was ongoing. After a weird eye light flashed by, Zhang Tie licked his lips once again...
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