Chapter 1007: Angling

    Chapter 1007: Angling

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    After a few minutes, the little black beetle flew out of the deep trench and returned to the original place. After watching the battlefield in the distance for about half a minute, the little black beetle flew off towards the distance along the earth's surface...

    In an air territory being far away from the two large battle formations in the distance, two battle qi tornadoes rushed into the sky, which indicated that the two earth knights were fighting.

    After one month's observation, Zhang Tie found that over 90% of combats between earth human knights and earth demon knights in the core of Tiewei Mountain would come to an end by one party being defeated instead of being annihilated although the combats broke out every day. He found that the weaker party would always rapidly return to the sphere of influence of its own battle fortress when it realized that it couldn't bear the opposite's attack anymore or felt that the opponent had an overwhelming advantage at the beginning in case of being killed in the shortest period.

    Those who could tangle with each other for a long time were always earth knights who had almost the same battle strength. Such combats would always be very fierce or very splendid. As the two parties had almost the same battle strength, it was more difficult for one party to kill the other.

    Over the past 1 month, Zhang Tie had fought earth demon knights 5 times; however, he only found 2 chances to kill earth demon knights. As to the other 3 combats, they escaped the moment they found that they were in disadvantageous positions. 2 of the 5 earth demon knights didn't even spare any chance for a close combat to Zhang Tie. The moment they found that Zhang Tie was approaching them, they had escaped rapidly. Facing such cunning earth demon knights, Zhang Tie became speechless.

    Compared to the other knights, Zhang Tie's fatality rate had reached about 40% when fighting earth demon knights. What an amazing figure!

    After killing two earth demon knights, Zhang Tie had lit 17 scales of his water chakra.


    The little beetle landed on a remote boulder below the battlefield of the two battle qi tornadoes and watched the combat between the earth human knight and the earth demon knight and the collisions between the two large formations in the distance.

    Of course, Zhang Tie expected that humans could take the advantageous position in the collisions between the two large formations. As for the duel between the earth human knight and the earth demon knight, Zhang Tie actually hoped that the earth demon knight could take the advantageous position so that the earth human knight could return to the sphere of the effect of the human's battle fortress.

    If the earth human knight took the advantageous position, the earth demon knight would return to the sphere of the effect of the demon's battle fortress. If so, Zhang Tie would not gain any benefit from this combat.

    In this situation, if Zhang Tie incarnated as Gorath and rushed forward, the earth demon knight would escape right away when it realized that it was going to be attacked by two earth human knights. If so, Zhang Tie would not gain any benefits at all.

    It was definitely a technology for Zhang Tie to hunt earth demon knights in Tiewei Mountain.


    As time went by, the fierce collisions between humans and demons continued. Humans and demons were constantly ground and devoured by the opposite large formation after breaking off their own large formation. Independent humans and demons also grew in population. At the same time, the combats around the large formations grew fiercer.

    In Zhang Tie's eyes, if the two large formations were far-ancient fierce beasts, he was a cunning jager who was waiting for fish and shrimps being pushed to the sandy beach by sea waves and tidewater.

    2 hours later, Zhang Tie finally gained a chance as the result of the combat between the two earth knights had become clear.

    As was expected by Zhang Tie, when the earth human knight felt that he could not bear it anymore, he chose to evacuate; however, the earth demon knight kept chasing after him as it intended to kill him before he reached the protective sphere of the human's battle fortress.

    The two light beams flew away one after another. The little black beetle also flew off and chased after the two earth knights rapidly. When the little black beetle passed by a hidden mine, it entered the mine immediately and incarnated into the grim Gorath almost at the same time.

    Gorath's lotus-flower eyes flickered and firmly targeted at the earth demon knight in the sky.

    The two earth knights soon entered the black mist out of the effect of the large formations. Commoners would not be able to see them anymore, except for Zhang Tie who could still see the earth demon knight even in the black mist.

    Zhang Tie flew rapidly along the earth's surface. From a height, due to the super hiding rune effect, Zhang Tie's body almost integrated with the earth. When he entered the black mist, he instantly rushed into the sky and accelerated his speed after the earth demon knight.


    After 20 minutes, Zhang Tie found that the earth human knight had entered the protective sphere of the human's battle fortress. Due to the large-scale battle today, in order to prevent demons from raiding the base of humans, earth and shadow human knights were patrolling in the periphery of the battle fortress. At the sight of the earth human knight, a team of human knights instantly accelerated towards him...

    At the sight of the team of human knights, the earth demon knight immediately turned around and evacuated.

    Although being over 40 miles away, Zhang Tie could still see what was happening in front of him even in the dense black mist.

    Watching the earth demon knight turning around and flying towards him, Zhang Tie immediately stopped.

    A whim occurred to his mind--I will let the earth demon knight chase after me rather than chasing after it. It would be easier for me to gain benefits from it. There's an old Hua saying, if you want to gain something, you have to give it to others at first.

    After thinking about it for a second, Zhang Tie felt that this whim was feasible.

    After releasing his battle qi, he shattered his own black robe and made his hair disordered. After that, he found some ashes from Castle of Black Iron and daubed some on his face. Furthermore, he told Heller to collect some blood of the demon knight and spray blood over his body. Besides, he made his qi as an earth knight look unstable.

    Only after a short while, Zhang Tie had looked utterly different.

    At first sight, Gorath immediately became an earth human knight who had escaped from the battlefield in a pretty embarrassed manner. Additionally, he seemed to have suffered severe wounds; plus the solemn and insidious poker face, his look was very persuasive.

    After all, the role Gorath was used to sacrifice and be his scapegoat. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't have any stress to do anything in this role.

    Zhang Tie could even do more excessive things in order to angle an earth demon knight, not to mention an embarrassed makeover. Zhang Tie would not even lose hair by doing that; therefore, he didn't have any mental stress.

    After doing all this, Zhang Tie flew towards the earth demon knight.


    After a few minutes, Gorath, with an unstable and "embarrassed" qi as an earth knight, encountered the earth demon knight in the sky.

    After passing by the black mist, the two parties discovered the opponent almost at the same time from less 600 m away.

    After changing his face, Gorath turned around and escaped at once. That earth demon knight responded in a split second. With a fleer, it hurriedly caught up with Gorath.

    When they encountered, the earth demon knight was rightly on the way that Gorath returned to the human's battle fortress; therefore, Gorath would not return to the human's battle fortress anymore. He could only seek for another way to evacuate. After noticing that Gorath was "severely wounded", of course, the demon knight would not abandon such a good chance as it accelerated immediately.

    As Gorath was "severely wounded", he could not fly rapidly. Only after 20 minutes, he had been blocked by the earth demon knight using magnet tactic in a remote mountain being far away from the core battlefield.

    Only after a few strikes in the sky, Gorath who was "severely wounded" had "spat" out blood. At the same time, its face turned pale as he dove into a deserted mine in the mountain in a flurried way.

    "With demon god on my side, where you're escaping to?" The demon knight fleered as it followed Gorath into the mine.

    After entering thousands of meters inside the mine, the demon knight had already caught up with Gorath. Additionally, it rapidly approached Gorath with the help of the narrow space in the mine and started the most dangerous and fatal close combat. It wanted to kill the "severely wounded" Gorath rapidly through close combat.

    After responding to the earth demon knight's strike a few minutes in an "embarrassed" manner, "severely wounded" Gorath frankly bore a strike from the earth demon knight with his protective battle qi. After that, when the earth demon knight attacked him, Gorath finally got a chance to catch the demon knight's ankle. Through this movement, the demon knight felt an "inseparable deep love".

    The demon knight thought that Gorath's protective battle qi had been collapsed. The moment it prepared to break the human knight's head by one kick, it found that the opponent suddenly changed into an utterly different person--his collapsed protective battle qi reappeared with full energy; at the same time, the human knight caught its ankle when his qi turned as stable as a mountain at once.

    Before the earth demon knight realized what happened, Gorath who had held the demon knight's ankle had turned berserk like a tyrannosaurus. He lifted the earth demon knight and crashed it against the ground in the mine like using a knife to break a cucumber.

    With a "bang", a huge pit appeared on the ground in the mine.

    With an earthquake, soil and rocks in the mine fell down. Through this strike, the earth demon knight was almost knocked out by Gorath. However, before it realized what happened, the weird claw lifted it up and slammed it onto the ground ferociously once again...

    In the next 10 minutes, the earthquake in the mine didn't stop at all...

    10 minutes later, the earthquake in the mine finally stopped. After a few more minutes, Zhang Tie came out of the mine still in an embarrassed way like being severely wounded.

    He lurked on the ground below the necessary flight route through which human knights returned to the battle fortress...

    Only after 1 hour later, another earth demon knights followed an earth human knight here.

    The opposite scene might happen on the other side of the battlefield; however, the scene that earth human knight was chased by an earth demon knight could only be seen here.

    As both parties had enough knights, earth demon knights and earth human knights could only have 50% possibility to win the duel. From Zhang Tie's position, he could see more earth human knights being chased by earth demon knights.

    At the sight of the two knights in the sky, Zhang Tie felt pretty thrilled.

    As was told by Donder, a sustainable money-making mode was definitely more profitable than a disposable money-making mode...

    'Mode!' What a motherf*cking good thing!

    Zhang Tie felt that he had absolutely understood the essence of Donder's words.


    After 40 minutes, another earth demon knight followed after "severely wounded" Gorath into the deserted mine.

    Ten more minutes later, Gorath came out of the mine once again...
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