Chapter 1008: I Come, I See and I Fight

    Chapter 1008: I Come, I See and I Fight

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    After over 10 hours' fierce collisions, the two large battle formations finally left the main battlefield slowly like two fierce beasts who licked their wounds, leaving dust over the sky...


    "Ahh...that's not real..."

    A black iron demon knight uttered the last scream in the mine before being stomped by Zhang Tie's foot as it passed out while rolling up its eyes after being mistreated a few minutes.

    The black iron demon knight whose battle strength was close to the demon general in Waii Subcontinent was the last one of those who were induced by Zhang Tie into the mine. Before entering this mine, it was domineering; however, its body had been covered by Gorath's footprints at this moment.

    As Gorath was a disguised role who didn't need to take any responsibility for what he did, at the sight of this guy, Gorath immediately changed his qi into the level of black iron knights and looked like being severely wounded and embarrassed. Like those demon knights being knocked over by Zhang Tie, at the sight of the "severely wounded" human knight escaping away, it immediately caught up with him. Closely after that, the injured rabbit turned into a berserk tyrannosaurus and what waited for it was a tragedy...

    Undoubtedly, this was a "good mode". Only after half a day, Zhang Tie had gained the same achievement that he had achieved in one month since he came to this theater of operations, namely knocking over 4 earth demon knights and 3 black iron earth demon knights. What an amazing military exploit!

    Without this large-scale battle between two large formations, this "good mode" might not work at all; in this special state"good mode", Gorath's perfect performing skills and Zhang Tie's powerful battle strength led to such a bumper day.

    At the sight of Gorath, all those demon knights realized that he was a fish escaping from the huge net on the battlefield. If it were another time and scene, the effect could never be as good as this one.

    Zhang Tie didn't enjoy himself to the full. After knocking out the last black iron demon knight and throwing it into Castle of Black Iron, he flew out of the mine once again. He looked up and saw the human's large battle formation slowly moving towards the battle fortress from afar.

    The human knights who had broken off the large formation also evacuated with the human's large formation from the main battlefield. So did the demon's large formation and those demon knights who had broken off their large battle formation.

    The black mist was covered by black mist once again. The earth's underfoot also stopped its quake. The human and demon knights who were fighting just now also separated from each other.

    'Is it over?"

    Zhang Tie became a bit disappointed.

    Such a highly spirited collision between humans and demons in the Earth-elements Realm would happen once a few months. Zhang Tie had not imagined that it could come to an end so fast. If it could last a few days, Zhang Tie believed that he would make greater achievements.

    However, it had to come to an end. Because over 800 human and demon knights had died in this large-scale battle.

    The loss of over 800 knights was terrifying; additionally, all the knights died very miserably as most of them were directly ground by the opposite large battle formation after breaking off their own large formation less than half a minute. Even earth knights were as trivial as dust in such a large-scale battle, not to mention common black iron knights.

    According to Zhang Tie's observation and estimation, although human's large battle formation had been in the advantageous position since the beginning of the battle, over 300 human knights who broke off the large battle formation and were devoured by the demon's large battle formation immediately. Demons suffered a greater loss as they lost 1/3 more knights than humans.

    Given the losses of both parties, humans seemed to win the battle; however, demon knights were more than human knights at the beginning. Comparatively, humans didn't gain too much advantage at all.

    The summit confrontation between different species was similar to the duels between major countries or rogues. In many situations, the result of such a large-scale battle didn't rely on the number of population, but on which party was fiercer. If one party didn't have a strong will, they would not block their enemy; if they were not determined to lose people and blood, they would lose more people and blood.

    Watching the human knight's large battle formation and those dauntless independent human knights slowly approaching him from the distance, Zhang Tie suspended over the deserted mine in silent tribute a short while for those human knights who sacrificed today. After that, before the large battle formation reached above his head, Zhang Tie returned to the deserted mine in case of being noticed by high-rank human knights.

    When the human's large battle formation approached the deserted mine, a little black beetle flew out of the mine towards the battlefield...

    Zhang Tie thought about picking some extra gains from the battlefield. After all, it was a rare chance.

    Half an hour later, after the two large formations evacuated the battlefield, those who were responsible for picking extra gains on the battlefield arrived.

    Auxiliary human troops and a lot of spider demons and ox-headed demons were dispatched to the battlefield.

    Their jobs basically contained the following three points.

    First, discover wounded knights on their side who had lost action capability on the battlefield and save them.

    Second, if they found the opposite knights who had lost their action capability, they would kill them immediately.

    Third, pick equipments and items of the late knights on the battlefield.

    Most of the late knights were directly and immediately ground in the collisions of the two large formations, who might carry extremely rare space-teleportation equipment even senior cultivation methods. After these knights were killed, their belongings would fall onto the battlefield. If one party didn't pick and scramble them, it indicated that they gifted these precious items to the opponent. Therefore, both parties would not give up picking these rarities. Even if there were no rarities on the battlefield, as knight's weapons had basically broken through the bottleneck of black iron effect, each one of which would worth hundreds of thousands of gold coins at least. Therefore, neither party would abandon them.

    The combats of auxiliary battle fighters were just aftermath of this large-scale battle in the core theater of operations. However, the combats were still very miserable for these knights below knight level. In each combat, they had to face a life or death situation. In the aftermath of each large-scale battle, the number of human fighters below knight level who sacrificed and left their blood on the battlefield would not be fewer than that of human knights who lost their lives in the collisions of the two large battle formations.

    When low-level fighters from both parties entered the battlefield which had been watered by numerous knights' blood, the dense black mist was full of saber and sword lights and killing intents once again...

    2 hours later, the little black beetle had circled around the battlefield. Although he didn't see any human knight and demon knight, he saw many combats between human and demon fighters below knight level.

    After realizing that he would gain no extra benefit and was not qualified to be the babysitter of human fighters on the battlefield, the little black beetle returned to the deep trench where he knocked out the first black iron demon knight today. In a hidden place in the deep trench, he returned to Castle of Black Iron.


    In Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie's original body opened his eyes while the little black beetle kept flying around his head.

    "Well, you must be tired. Go take a rest. If you want to take an all-purpose medicament, go find Aziz!" Zhang Tie waved his hand towards the little black beetle. After receiving the order, the little black beetle immediately flew off the palace tree jubilantly for Aziz. During the period when it was in Castle of Black Iron, this little black beetle had already become the loyal fan of all-purpose medicament in Castle of Black Iron. It would have some drops of all-purpose medicament each day.

    "After fighting for so many days, Castle Lord should have a rest!" Heller walked over here and said with a solemn look as he pointed at the wounds on Zhang Tie's body.

    After hearing Heller's suggestion, Zhang Tie lowered his head and took a look at his wounds before taking deep breaths consecutively, "If you didn't warn me, I almost forgot about it!"

    Without any disguise, Zhang Tie's body had been covered with real wounds. His black robe had been wet by his blood and sweat.

    The over 40 wounds, internal and external, large and small were caused by those earth demon knights who were trapped by him in the mine. There were 3 wounds on his face. The two severest wounds were on his leg and left armpit respectively, from where he could even see his bones. Average earth knights might have lain down, except for Zhang Tie.

    Those earth demon knights that Zhang Tie met today were all above average. Two of them were very tricky. Even though they were trapped by Zhang Tie, they still made Zhang Tie suffer a great loss.

    The reason that Zhang Tie could bear so many wounds till now lay in the great power of his emperor-level method. What counted most was the super anti-strike capability and super recovery ability that was granted by the small tree and the unyielding belief in his mind.

    After having close combats with some earth demon knights constantly, Zhang Tie had some new gnosis about his own battle skills. Therefore, Zhang Tie's achievements were far more than absorbing the water elements from the water chakras of some earth demon knights today; he had made the most important step forward in his self-awareness.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie confirmed that he had already become a trump earth knight who had killed over 5 earth demon knights although he had not won others' approval.

    A trump earth knight would have an absolutely different gnosis than common earth knights.

    The combats today represented his spirit of iron and blood. Although he didn't join the large human battle formation, he had killed the most demon knights alone. He had bled no less than that of the other human knights. Additionally, the large-scale battle in the sky made him highly spirited as a human knight.

    If Zhang Tie still didn't bleed or get injured in the fiercest and most miserable battle between humans and demons as a shrewd onlooker, it would be a regret in his life.

    Zhang Tie faintly felt proud of himself about his wounds and achievements...

    Even though he was framed as a murderer and couldn't expose his real status to the public, Zhang Tie's firm belief as a human knight still didn't collapse whenever and wherever he was!

    'I come, I see and I fight...'

    This was Zhang Tie's firm belief in the holy war as a human knight!
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