Chapter 1009: 1 Change Earth Knight Realm

    Chapter 1009: 1 Change Earth Knight Realm

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    Heller seemed to have sensed Zhang Tie's pride; he threw a glance at Zhang Tie before speaking slowly, "Castle Lord, your battle style was too valiant and risky. However, if you met any earth demon knight who had a greater battle strength or mastered some special secret method, Castle Lord might be severely inflicted in a split second!"

    "Such a large-scale battle is rarely seen. After the earth-element crystals in Tiewei Mountain were fully exploited after 3 months, such a large-scale battle would be barely seen in a short period!" Zhang Tie replied with a sigh, "Given the situations from all aspects over the past one month, I feel that this might be the last large-scale battle between humans and demons in the core of Tiewei Mountain. The confrontation between tens of thousands of human knights and demon knights might soon come to an end! I didn't come to the Earth-elements Realm in vain after participating in such a large-scale battle. If I did not risk my life and get injured today, I would even feel sorry for myself!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's answer, Heller could only reveal a bitter smile, "Fortunately, Castle Lord has made a great achievement today. However, there's an old Hua saying that where there is life, there is hope. Based on your current resources, as long as you could make progress step by step steadily, you will promote to a heavenly knight sooner or later. If you were in a rush for quick results, you might face the reverse outcome!"

    "Okay, I will keep it in mind!" Zhang Tie knew that Heller really cared about him; therefore, he accepted Heller's suggestion modestly, "Oh, you mentioned that some demon knight mastered some secret method which could severely inflict me. What's that secret method?"

    "Battle Qi Automatic Explosion!" Heller revealed the name of the secret method. Zhang Tie didn't ask how did Heller know it. Whatever, he knew that Heller would not cheat him, "Castle Lord is used to catching the wrist or ankle of demon knights, however, if you met a demon knight who had mastered battle qi automatic explosion, Castle Lord was actually holding a very dangerous alchemist bomb!"

    'F*ck, how could there be such an abnormal skill?'

    Zhang Tie took in a deep breath. He could only admit that he was unfortunate if he met a demon knight who mastered battle qi automatic explosion. Whatever, he could not give up the most effective battle pattern due to the existence of such a demon knight.

    Whereas, Heller's words made Zhang Tie vigilant. He should make preparations in case that he really met such a demon knight; otherwise, he didn't even have time to use his shield, a silver secret item. That would be too miserable...

    "Fine, I will make preparations!" Zhang Tie replied as he took out a vial of senior recovery medicament and drank it up. At the same time, he walked towards his own room, "After experiencing hardships and avoiding from a shadow demon knight's chase for so many days, I'm a bit tired. I will sleep a few days..."

    With his preliminary recovery body, in many situations, Zhang Tie only needed to have a sound sleep. However, he was really a bit tired at this moment...

    Watching Zhang Tie's fatigued figure after relaxing himself, Heller let out a sigh inside, Over the past one more month, Zhang Tie had indeed exerted his utmost efforts. Each day, Zhang Tie was in high-intensity combats or agnostic state.

    After destroying that secret base of demons, Zhang Tie spent about 10 days in escaping from the chase of a shadow demon knight who carried a soul-chasing butterfly and excelled at chasing others with the help of Castle of Black Iron and his super great incarnation capability by leading it to an underground magma sea. After coming back from the magma sea, he caught sight of such a large-scale battle between human knights and demon knights. Although being not in the human's large formation, Zhang Tie's combats were also hard and fierce.

    In order to prevent those demon knights who had been trapped from escaping away, Zhang Tie would always show his weakness. After that, he would find a chance to catch one wrist of the demon knights and started the most dangerous close combats with the demon knights. The severest wounds on Zhang Tie's body were left in such close combats.

    Given Zhang Tie's dauntless spirit, Heller found that Zhang Tie was anxious about strengthening his battle strength and returning to the earth's surface because he missed his wife, his parents and his children. Some of those children were in Taixia Country, some were in the remote Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Sometimes, perhaps Zhang Tie didn't find that he usually called those people's names unconsciously in dreams. After waking up, Zhang Tie would recover his composure as if nothing had happened. He gradually strengthened his abilities through exercises and battles.

    As for Zhang Tie, during these years since he left Waii Subcontinent, what he felt most pitiful was that he didn't stay on his wives' side when they delivered babies. He didn't fulfill his obligation as a father.

    Zhang Tie was not a cool man. He was not too ambitious or enterprising; his intelligence was not outstanding either. From a certain perspective, Zhang Tie was just a commoner who was a bit ambitious and kind-hearted. He was a bit obscene in his younghood and always bore his family in mind after growing up. However, the God selected him as the owner of Castle of Black Iron. Did it indicate anything?

    With this question, Heller walked out of the palace tree and came to the mountain slope. Looking up at the changing colorful clouds in Castle of Black Iron, he asked himself, 'Is this the will of the God?'

    At this moment, the light in Castle of Black Iron gradually turned dim as the night fell.

    The clouds rolled and changed their colors as if they were responding to Heller's question silently.


    Zhang Tie stayed in his room for about 10 days.

    After waking up, he sat in his room with crossed legs and started to digest the water elements that he refined from those earth demon knights so as to form his own water chakra. After feeling a bit tired, he would drink a lot of all-purpose medicament, which made him drunk and fall asleep once again.

    10 days later, Zhang Tie's wounds had been fully recovered; additionally, he had lit 36 scales of his earth knight's crystal plate and entered 1 change earth knight realm, namely, he completed his first round of overall strengthening after promoting to an earth human knight...
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