Chapter 1011: A Surprise

    Chapter 1011: A Surprise

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    There were a big garden and a spacious grassland outside the palace tree. Zhang Tie pointed at an open place and teleported the bloody sacrifice furnace out of his portable Xuanwu Secret Warehouse of Bloody Soul Temple onto the lawn. The 30-m higher joss whose upper body was anthropomorphic while its lower body was winding round a huge furnace in the shape of a snake. Its raw material was like red copper.

    According to common sense, space-teleportation equipment could not be superposed. A space-teleportation equipment could not be put into another space-teleportation equipment, except for Castle of Black Iron. All the portable space-teleportation equipment could freely access to Castle of Black Iron.

    From this perspective, Zhang Tie felt that Castle of Black Iron was not only a space-teleportation equipment, but it was also more like a special space.

    As the joss, the altar and the furnace were connected with each other, Zhang Tie regarded this joss as a huge machine.

    In the hieron's ruins, Zhang Tie had completely figured out the usage of this bloody sacrifice furnace and some special, hidden tricks on the bloody sacrifice furnace. Of course, he took the whole set of the machine when he left the hieron ruins.

    In the beginning, Zhang Tie thought the bloody sacrifice furnace below the joss was like the pool of chaos, which would digest everything of the demons being sacrificed, leaving nothing at all. After studying it carefully, Zhang Tie found a hidden space covering dozens of cuber meters behind the base of the bloody sacrifice furnace, which was used to contain remains of living beings being sacrificed.

    Those living beings being sacrificed and burned would leave some dark purple remains which were not ash but a finer material which Zhang Tie could barely figure out. One demon could only leave at most one handful of that remains.

    Heller said it was the original impurity and raw material of living beings, which could not be found anywhere else besides in the bloody sacrifice furnace. This sort of impurity and raw material might be the most senior and special fertilizer that humans could find, it's the tunic of all the plants.

    2/3 of the hidden space of the bloody sacrifice furnace had been filled with this dark purple material.

    After hearing that this material was effective to plants, when he left the hieron ruins, out of curiosity, Zhang Tie moved some of the material out of the hidden space and buried it under the two parasol trees outside the palace tree.

    Before Aziz, Agan and Edward brought those demon knights here, Zhang Tie and Heller went to see the two parasol trees.

    Outside the palace tree, over 100 parasol trees were standing on both sides of a corridor. Zhang Tie remembered that he buried the fertilizer under two common parasol trees. When he approached the two rows of parasol trees, Zhang Tie immediately found the two parasol trees.

    Previously, the two parasol trees were nothing different than other trees; however, now, they were much larger than their neighboring trees. With luxuriant foliage, the two parasol trees looked especially sturdy. What was weirder was that the edge of their leaves turned extraordinarily bright purple. By contrast, the two parasol trees looked evidently taller and sturdier than their surrounding trees.

    "Ahh, have the two parasol trees mutated?" Zhang Tie became startled by the two exceptional parasol trees. He had not imagined that the two parasol trees could become so distinctive only after a few months.

    "No, they were not mutated. The species of the parasol trees have not changed. They just grow too well!"

    "Why the leaves of the two parasol trees are different than that of others?"

    "Because the two parasol trees have absorbed the nutrients in the fertilizer. It indicates that Castle Lord has buried too many fertilizers at the beginning. After the leaves turn bright purple, they could produce something special by the process of photosynthesis. As a result, the two parasol trees would grow healthier and more special. Like human beings, glands of different people would secrete different levels of substances. Meanwhile, the substances secreted by glands of human beings would also directly participate in and influence the physiological activities and life existence levels of human beings. It was similar to plants!" Heller explained.

    "According to your explanation, if I buried those fertilizers under other plants, the other plants would also grow pretty well. Although the species of the plant doesn't change, its state of existence turns better!"

    "Yes!" Heller nodded.

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "It turns out that we could gain better fertilizers for our farmland. What a surprise!"

    "Castle Lord, it would be too wasteful if you bury this fertilizer in the farmland. Because this material could be used for more advanced things!"

    "More advanced things?"

    "For instance, some special medicines or senior tea trees. Castle Lord, do you remember that you brought some tea seeds into Castle of Black Iron when you returned to Coiling Dragon Mountain, the hometown of Cui Li last time?"

    "Yes, I do!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    After having Castle of Black Iron, wherever he arrived, Zhang Tie had been used to bring new plant species into Castle of Black Iron, good or not. Last time, when he returned to Cui Li's hometown, he teleported some tea seed into Castle of Black Iron.

    "Those tea seeds are just quality ones from Coiling Dragon Mountain. They're not too expensive. After Castle Lord brought them into Castle of Black Iron, I've already had them mutate once. They became more unique. If Castle Lord took those mutated tea seeds out of Castle of Black Iron and cultivated them with this special fertilizer, this mutated tea leaf would definitely be distinctive in Taixia Country!"

    After hearing Heller's words, Zhang Tie became stunned. He had not imagined that Heller could breed a new tea leaf in Castle of Black Iron.

    Tea leaf was one of the most important commodities and living necessities in Taixia Country. Hua people in Taixia Country and rich people in other subcontinents both regarded drinking tea as a most elegant entertainment. Tea leaf trading was a very profitable business...

    Zhang Tie remembered that Barley the Fattie fetched some tea leaves which were treasured by them pretty much. When in Waii Subcontinent, elders of Huaiyuan Palace and mushrooms in Blackhot City were all the fans of tea leaves.

    Tea leaves like wild spring in Taixia Country would be even treasured by elders of Huaiyuan Palace. They would not waste any of them.

    When Zhang Tie was digesting Heller's words, Aziz, Agan and Edward had pushed those demon knights out...

    At the sight of the exotic scenery in Castle of Black Iron, those black iron demon knights who had been knocked out and locked in the dungeon of Castle of Black Iron for a few days were all shocked or dumbfounded; they didn't know why they were here and was confused about their location.

    The colorful cloud and exotic scenery over the immortal mountain, the palace tree and the bloody sacrifice furnace were all out of their imaginations.

    Whatever, these guys would become fertilizers soon, Zhang Tie didn't care what they saw before they were killed.

    Heller's words made Zhang Tie's heart race. He felt that those trivial fertilizers might play a big role on the earth's surface...


    6 black iron demon knights were pushed here by wheelbarrows. They were the achievements that Zhang Tie had made over the past one month.

    All of these guys wore restrictive equipment which were produced by Edward. The same restrictive equipment could make earth knights as tame as muppets, not to mention these black iron knights. After wearing the restrictive equipment, they immediately became fish on the chopping board.

    Most of these black iron knights didn't have any response at the sight of the bloody sacrifice furnace except one of them, the very one who carried a space-teleportation equipment. At the sight of the bloody sacrifice furnace, it looked pretty scared. Closely after that, he twisted his body out of excitement as if it had known about his fate...
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