Chapter 1012: A Top Secret

    Chapter 1012: A Top Secret

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    Besides recovering wounds, the bloody sacrifice furnace could also help people break through the bottleneck of their secret method and battle skills; especially the second function, which was very useful for everybody.

    As of now, the most profound battle skills that Zhang Tie cultivated were those secret battle skills in the Fire Dragon Sutra. Those demon knights being knocked out and caught alive became Zhang Tie's precious resources to break through the bottleneck of his secret method and battle skills.

    Watching these sacrifices being pushed out, Zhang Tie didn't waste time. Without communicating with those demon knights who were destined to be fertilizers, he directly came to the front of the altar and started the bloody sacrifice furnace right away. He intended to promote to a higher level in those battle skills of the Fire Dragon Sutra through the bloody sacrifice.

    After Zhang Tie started it, the vent of the bloody sacrifice furnace was opened while the terrifying black flames appeared in the furnace. The fierce flames seemed to be cold; however, they could burn everything. With the atmosphere of hell, the flames were like changing demon's claws, which wanted to devour all the living beings. In a terrifying atmosphere, the vent was like an open gate of the hell.

    Even though those demon knights didn't know what they were pushed here for, at the sight of the open bloody sacrifice furnace, they realized that they were destined to die miserably.

    However, they couldn't resist at all; neither did their struggle work. They couldn't even scream because they wore a muzzle.

    This method was always used for those untamed dangerous wild beasts.

    Those demon knights could only twist their bodies and struggle in vain while "wailing" mournfully.

    The first black iron demon knight was poured into the bloody sacrifice furnace like a rubbish by Edward. The moment it entered the black flame, it had disappeared. At the sight of this scene, all the other black iron demon knights were scared.

    The 2nd one, the 3rd one and the 4th one...

    Zhang Tie noticed that one of these demon knights was especially thrilled. When it was carried onto Edward's wheelbarrow by Agan and Aziz, it started to struggle while the vessels on its neck bulged. It turned its head and goggled at Zhang Tie without even blinking its eyes while uttering a voice, "Wuhwuhwuhwuh" as if it wanted to say something to Zhang Tie...

    The earlier demon knights would exert their full efforts to struggle when being thrown into the bloody sacrifice furnace; however, they would not gaze at Zhang Tie in this way. Even though this demon knight was pushed forward, it still turned its head and kept gazing at Zhang Tie as if it had many words to say...

    Zhang Tie realized that this demon knight might want to say something to him.

    Therefore, he raised his hand when Edward pushed the wheelbarrow to the front of the bloody sacrifice furnace.

    Edward stopped at once as he looked at Zhang Tie.

    "Open its muzzle, I want to know what it wants to say!" Zhang Tie issued the order.

    After throwing a glance at that demon knight, Edward stretched out his hand and opened the demon knight's muzzle.

    The muzzle looked a bit evil as was like a metal corncob with a base. The base sealed the demon knight's mouth while that metal corncob directly stabbed into the demon knight's mouth, making it unable to bite people.

    The moment the muzzle was opened, the demon knight had started to cough heavily while drooling...

    "I...I'm...a member of Augulas Clan...you...you cannot kill me..." The demon knight hurriedly revealed its status before wiping off its saliva as if it wanted to "frighten" Zhang Tie...

    Zhang Tie replied with a sneer, 'What motherf*cking Augulas Clan, is there anything to do with me? This guy wants to frighten me with this status? How naive it is!'

    After throwing another glance at the demon knight, Zhang Tie waved his hand and said, "Push it in..."

    Edward then kept pushing that guy towards the vent of the bloody sacrifice furnace...

    "Wait..." The demon knight shrieked at the crucial moment while its face completely twisted. It wanted to seize all the chances to survive on, "I'm useful for you if you keep me alive. Augulas Clan will trade with you for me..."

    'What motherf*cking trade!' Zhang Tie ignored it, so did Edward. When the wheelbarrow became vertical in front of the vent, that guy added, "I know who colludes with us among the Class I Hua officials in Taixia Country..."

    Before its life disappeared in the black flame, the demon knight screamed with a terrifying expression...

    After hearing the last sentence, Zhang Tie raised his hand to stop Edward.

    When a shrewd eye light flashed by, Zhang Tie asked, "What did you say?"

    "I know who colludes with us among the Class I Hua officials in Taixia Country..." That demon knight hurriedly added as if he was afraid of losing the last chance to speak.

    Zhang Tie had not seen any demon who was afraid of death; however, it was the instinct of all the intelligent lives by avoiding harms and going after gains so as to survive themselves. This law was even suitable for demons. Previously, Zhang Tie had not seen any demon who was afraid of death; whereas, it didn't mean that no demon was afraid of death. Especially those demons, who had been used to privileges, drinks and beauties since young, was more afraid of death and treasured their lives more. This was the common point between humans and demons.

    At the critical moments, the most righteous ones were usually small figures; by contrast, those big figures only thought about surviving themselves. Such events had happened many times in the history of Hua people. A demon was acting it in front of Zhang Tie now. This phenomenon would not disappear in the future...

    Zhang Tie rolled his eyes before revealing a sneer, "Your joke is too awkward. Even if someone in the Class I officials of Taixia Country colludes with demons, how do you know such a top secret as a trivial black iron knight? If you want to survive longer by telling a lie in front of me, you have made a mistake. You have one minute to prove that you're more useful to me when you're alive than dead..." After saying that, Zhang Tie told Edward with a glassy-eyed look, "If I don't let you stop 1 minute later, continue to throw this guy into the bloody sacrifice furnace!"

    "Yes, Castle Lord!"

    Zhang Tie only spared 1 minute for it to survive itself. After swallowing its saliva twice forcefully, the demon knight immediately poured out a long paragraph.

    "Augulas Clan is a prince's clan which has a time-honored history. I'm a direct descendant of Augulas Clan. I'm the clan head of Augulas Clan; namely, the famous Augulas Prince is my grandpa. My grandpa participated in discussing the major events of demons as a whole. Before the 3rd holy war broke out, I had already promoted to a black iron knight. One day, I heard my grandpa chatting with an ambassador from the Demon God's Hieron in the study. That ambassador told my grandpa that someone in the top 9 Hua chancellors in Taixia Country had been cooperating with us. Additionally, that guy had gained 1/4 of the remains of the Supreme Bloody Soul Sutra, the No. 1 treasure in the original Bloody Soul Temple of Hua people in Taixia Country from us. Oh, that guy seemed to be very interested in the Bloody Demon Imitation Method on the remains of the Supreme Bloody Soul Sutra..."

    The demon knight poured all of them without a breath. Hearing these words, Zhang Tie looked as glassy-eyed as before; however, his heart had raced.

    When the demon knight mentioned the "Bloody Demon Imitation Method", Zhang Tie felt being struck by a lightning bolt.

    The one who wanted to kill Zhang Tie by framing him, causing him to escape all the way here had mastered the so-called Bloody Demon Imitation Method.

    Zhang Tie fiercely gazed at this demon knight as he wanted to check whether this guy intended to induce him by the "Bloody Demon Imitation Method" on purpose. However, closely after that, Zhang Tie became clear-minded. Because Zhang Tie maintained the look of Gorath at this moment, even after staying in Castle of Black Iron for a few days, this guy could never know that he was Zhang Tie. Therefore, this guy didn't mean to induce him with the "Bloody Demon Imitation Method"...

    'Someone of the nine chancellors in Taixia Country has betrayed humans and cooperated with demons? What does he want to do? In that high position, if he wants to surrender to demons, he could easily bring a catastrophe to numerous people.'

    'Additionally, since that man has mastered the bloody demon imitation method, he probably is the very person who framed me.'

    'One of the nine chancellors of Taixia Country is a lackey of demons. The one who framed me is one of the nine chancellors of Taixia Country? If it's real...' Zhang Tie couldn't help shivering all over due to excitement, causing goosebumps all over...

    Zhang Tie meditated it and almost forgot about time. When time was out, Edward was going to pour that guy into the bloody sacrifice furnace. Watching the pitch-dark flame in the bloody sacrifice furnace, the demon knight howled mournfully and almost cried its heart out.

    "Stop!" Zhang Tie uttered and finally saved that guy.

    "Do you know who's that chancellor?" Zhang Tie asked with a calm look.

    "No, I don't. The ambassador from the Demon God's Hieron didn't mention it. I heard about that by accident..." That guy hurriedly stammered after surviving itself.

    "What's your name?"


    'Aquino, what the f*ck! It sounds so obscene!'

    After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie's eyes flickered as he threw another glance at that demon knight and told Edward, "Take it away, it's still useful to me. Continue to put it behind bars. Treat it a bit better!"

    "Yes, sir!"

    Edward replied and directly pushed the demon knight away.

    This was a major event. Before Zhang Tie accomplished his bloody sacrifice, he had frowned and asked Heller who was standing a few meters away with a serious look, "Was he telling the truth?"

    Heller replied with a solemn look or a glassy-eyed look, "I cannot answer you; neither could I make any judgment about it. Given the space-teleportation equipment which could even match that of the demon general in Waii Subcontinent and many senior items in the space-teleportation equipment, this guy definitely comes from a major clan among demons. Average black iron demon knights could never carry any space-teleportation equipment; especially on the battlefield. Therefore, its background should be real. When it spoke, although I couldn't judge whether its words were real or not, given the levels of the secretions of its glands and indicators such as heartbeat, heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature, it could pass the test of lie detector which was invented by humans before the Catastrophe. However, lie detector does not always work as it will also become ineffective to people who are used to tell lies and have special psychological quality..."

    Heller's answer was completely within Zhang Tie's imagination. Although Heller's words sounded meaningless, Zhang Tie had got the answer.

    'Nobody knew that this demon knight would be captured alive by me. Additionally, this demon knight doesn't know that I'm Zhang Tie. Therefore, it's impossible for him to prepare those words. At the life or death situation, if that guy called Aquino could still survive himself by telling such a lie, it's really a talent.'

    'Lie detector? Even I don't know about that thing, not to mention the demon knight. Additionally, given its look, I don't think this guy's psychological quality is powerful enough.'

    'Therefore, that guy was probably telling the truth.'

    'Pitifully, the mind reading skill in the Soul Forbidden Method is ineffective to demon knights; otherwise, I would know whether that guy was telling the truth or not right away.'

    Out of instinct, Zhang Tie felt that the demon knight might be useful to him in the future; No matter what, Zhang Tie didn't believe that it could escape away from him in Castle of Black Iron.

    "One of nine chancellors in Taixia Country, a shadow knight..." Zhang Tie radiated a shrewd eye light as he felt thrilled unconsciously...

    This clue was very important for Zhang Tie. If he could prove that the demon knight didn't tell him a lie, Zhang Tie could be rehabilitated and the truth of the tragedy in Fuhai City would be exposed to the public. After escaping 3 years, Zhang Tie finally got the most valuable information.

    However, it was very difficult for him to prove this information. Because none of the nine chancellors in Taixia Country were easily treated. Their overall strength, their powerful clans and their supreme powers were as formidable as overwhelming mountains.


    "Castle Lord, there's one more, will we continue?" Aziz asked when he received no command from Zhang Tie.


    Zhang Tie took a deep breath as he told Aziz, Agan and Edward to continue.

    The last black iron demon knight was glaring at Aquino. Although it couldn't speak, its eye light had killed Aquino many times. If it could move, this demon knight might have long charged at Aquino and broke Aquino's neck by its teeth. However, facing the hell-like flames in the bloody sacrifice furnace, this demon knight also started to struggle...

    The struggle was useless. No demon knight could resist in this situation.

    The black flame soon devoured this demon knight. Closely after that, the joss's eyes turned bright. According to Zhang Tie's will, it covered Zhang Tie with its red light...

    Right in the exceptional warmth brought by the red light, Zhang felt unprecedented vacant while those battle skills of Fire Dragon Sutra automatically evolved in Zhang Tie's mind and grew increasingly smoother...

    The bottlenecks of the battle skills leading to higher levels were broken in a split second...

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