Chapter 1015: A Bright Future and A Good Reputation

    Chapter 1015: A Bright Future and A Good Reputation

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    After departing for 3 years, the four people felt like having a lot of words to say; however, they didn't know from where to start.

    As for the fact that Zhang Tie had promoted to an earth knight, although Filton, Cecilia and Bolam felt amazed, they thought it was reasonable. Because when Zhang Tie stayed with them in the hieron ruins, his performance was far better than them. Even Mountain Lifting Hermit praised him. Additionally, Zhang Tie had killed Old Monster Qi in the hieron ruins. Although only Zhang Tie himself knew the reason, it was not too overwhelming for a black iron knight who had killed an earth knight to promote to an earth knight.

    Zhang Tie explained to them what he had experienced in the hieron ruins which shocked them too much.

    After a short dialogue, Zhang Tie suddenly asked, "Oh, how about other guys in our team since they left the hieron ruins?"

    "Mountain Lifting Hermit has returned to the earth's surface. It's said that he needed rehabilitation. As he has been severely wounded, he would barely recover in a short period. The couple of Lu Zhongming and Lin Huanxi gained a silver secret item in the Weapons Mountain. They might have returned to the earth's surface. As for the others, after coming back to the Lion Fortress, they all minded their own businesses and barely connected with us. Some of them have returned to the earth's surface, some are still wandering in the Earth-elements Realm. Oh, do you remember Yang Zhenjun, the elder of Yang Clan in Military Province in Taixia Country?" Filton's voice suddenly turned depressed as he revealed a sad look, "Half a year ago, in the large-scale collision between human knights and demon knights in Tiewei Mountain, he was killed. After breaking off from the human's large formation, he was covered by the dense strikes of the demon's large formation, leaving nothing at all..."

    This Yang elder didn't leave a deep impression in Zhang Tie's mind. In Zhang Tie's memory, Yang Zhenjun looked a bit old and was always solemn; however, he did things very carefully. Zhang Tie just had a nodding acquaintance with him. Yang Zhenjun also intended to find a silver secret item for Yang Clan in the heiron ruins so as to increase Yang Clan's overall strength.

    After hearing that a familiar person was killed in Tiewei Mountain, Zhang Tie felt sad inside too.

    This Yang elder might have not gained anything in the hieron's ruins; however, he sacrificed in the later large-scale battle between human knights and demon knights in Tiewei Mountain.

    Zhang Tie knew that clans which only had a few cities like Yang clan might merely have a couple of knights. After losing one black iron elder, their clan's overall battle strength would be weakened greatly, which definitely impacted the destiny of their clan. The sacrifice of Taixia Country in the holy war was composed of the sacrifices of thousands of clans like the Yang clan. At this moment, although the Lion Fortress was celebrating the victory of the large-scale battle between humans and demons in the core of Tiewei Mountain, many clans which had sacrificed their clan knights were pretty sad on the earth's surface.

    Finding that Zhang Tie was losing his smile, Filton shifted to another topic, "Oh, where are you going?"

    "I'm going to the tower of brilliance to submit my military exploits!" Zhang Tie replied as he threw a glance at Bolam's broken right arm silently.

    "After you submit your military exploits in the tower of brilliance, let's meet in the knight's bar. After experiencing this large-scale battle, we three are ready to leave Lion Fortress for the Western Continent. We've received the remote-sensing news from the Grims Republic yesterday. After confirming that I'm still alive, the national defense department summoned me back. Our republic is preparing to establish some new corps. I will be responsible for a new corps. In the following few years, the warfare in the Western Continent might be very intense. A batch of knights with rich battle experience was required to stabilize the battle situation over there!"

    Many knights came to Earth-elements Realm and Lion Fortress from the Western Continent out of specific purposes. Common fighters in the Western Continent might not have a chance to see the most brutal combats between humans and demons. However, as knights who ruled the entire corps, they had to have a clear understanding about that. The moment the large-scale battle in Tiewei Mountain came to an end, these knights who survived the battle would become bestsellers. In the next a few years, the battle situation on the earth's surface might be intense. Therefore, a lot of knights were recruited back from the Earth-elements Realm to the Western Continent and other subcontinents. At the same time, another batch of newbies would arrive at the Earth-elements Realm for training. Therefore, the Lion Fortress served as the frontline of humans in the Earth-elements Realm and the furnace for training human knights.

    The holy war had just broken out; it would last long.

    When Filton told Zhang Tie, Cecilia suddenly pressed her hand onto her finger ring as her face slowly turned weird even a bit bad.

    "What's wrong?" Bolam asked her out of concern.

    "I've just received a remote-sensing news from my clan. My father wants me to return to Francia Empire as soon as possible..." Cecilia answered bitterly as she threw an embarrassed glance at Bolam, "If we go back now, what about your hand..."

    Bolam revealed a smile, "Never mind, I will go back with you. Hopefully, your clan doesn't blame you for bringing back a disabled knight. As for the regeneration medicament, let's talk about it later..."

    "I'm preparing for returning to the earth's surface too. Now that we all prepare to leave, let's go back and prepare our belongings first. See you later!" Zhang Tie said.


    Zhang Tie patted Bolam's right shoulder as he nodded and accelerated towards the tower of brilliance.

    Until Zhang Tie walked away did Filton muttered as he watched Zhang Tie's back, "I've not imagined that... Cui Li...has promoted to an earth knight. If he was in the Western Continent, he had been a commander of a theater of operations and we would have to follow his order..."

    "Even in Taixia Country, an earth knight could also become a provincial governor. It's said that he was rewarded with a large area of land..."

    "Bolam, are you jealous?" Filton watched Bolam in a joking manner.

    Bolam shook his head solemnly, "No, I might be jealous of others; however, Cui Li is a real noble knight. I cannot envy a person with noble morality. I just feel happy for him and treat him as my role model!"


    The tower of brilliance was very boisterous. After the large-scale battle in Tiewei Mountain came to an end, a lot of Class II garrison knights returned to the Lion Fortress, making the lobby of the tower of brilliance bustling.

    Being different than the first time when he came here, this time, the moment Zhang Tie entered the lobby of the tower of brilliance, he had been recognized by a lot of knights whom he had met in the Black Armor Battlefortress.

    "Look, he's Cui Li..."

    "Did he kill that earth shadow demon?"



    "Is this Cui Li the extremely righteous one in Yongzhou Province?"


    "Over 700 square miles' bounty land and 10 cities. What a great reward! With such rich resources, an earth knight would be able to establish a powerful clan immediately!"

    Besides various eye lights, Zhang Tie heard many whispers.

    Some eye lights were awe-stricken, some were admirable; of course, some were jealous too. What a great reward! As this great reward was selected from a lot of blocks, especially in Taixia Country, of course, some would envy him.

    At the sight of that familiar old man, Zhang Tie revealed a smile as he walked over there.

    Hearing those discussions, Zhang Tie felt happy inside. He knew that he had reached his target. Cui Li, at this moment, was not a trivial figure in the Lion Fortress anymore. After being famous across the Lion Fortress, he would have a very good reputation among all the human knights. The good reputation was what he demanded urgently.

    "I've not imagined that you could come back!" That old man looked at Zhang Tie from head to toe as he continued, "I thought you've been to other places away from the periphery of Tiewei Mountain after leaving Black Armor Battlefortress, have you made any military exploit?"

    "As the others are fighting demons in the frontline, how could I leave?" Zhang Tie replied with a smile as he teleported his identity plate, a pair of horns of an ox-headed demon and a protective scale of an iron-armored black iron demon from Castle of Black Iron onto the counter.

    Watching Zhang Tie's military exploits, many onlookers took in a deep breath as they had not imagined that Cui Li could kill another earth demon knight, plus that earth shadow demon, Cui Li had killed two earth demon knights in the large-scale battle in Tiewei Mountain.

    'Powerhouse! What a powerhosue!'

    Those people who were looking at Zhang Tie with jealous eye lights just now felt their hearts racing at once as they immediately changed their eye lights. Those with a good reputation would definitely not be average. Cui Li definitely killed that earth shadow demon by his real battle strength and intelligence.

    "Ahh, another earth demon knight..."

    At the sight of the color of the pair of ox horns which indicated the identity of the ox-headed demon, the old man immediately charged at it. After looking over it in his hand and picking that protective scale of an iron-armored demon, the old man constantly nodded and praised, "Not bad, not bad, two more demons, I find that I like you more and more..."

    "Don't, this Cui has a normal gender orientation. If you were a watery young sister, I could consider it!"

    "Hahaha..." The old man burst out into laughter as he said, "You can exchange for more meritorious points this time. What else do you want? If you want something, I can give you a discount..."

    "I remember that the meritorious points for killing an earth knight could be exchanged for one vial of regeneration medicament?"

    "That's true. Do you want one?"

    "Give me one!" Zhang Tie smiled.

    "It's a good choice by preparing a vial of regeneration medicament in case of accidents!" The old man commented. After that, he told Zhang Tie to wait for a short while before walking into the room behind him. After half a minute, he came out with a crystal case, "Here you go, this is the regeneration medicament. It's very precious. When you don't use it, you'd better seal it in the crystal case. If not, its effect would decline sharply..."

    "I see, thanks!" Zhang Tie put away the crystal case in his portable space-teleportation equipment. The moment he wanted to leave, he heard a louder uproar. Zhang Tie turned around and saw Feng Yexiao entered the lobby with his team members of Taiyi Fantasy Sect. As a shadow knight, Feng Yexiao had a powerful qi field. The moment he entered, he had started to look around with his sharp eyes. As a result, all the knights gave a way to Feng Yexiao automatically...

    "Brat, hurry up, go..." The old man behind him warned Zhang Tie in a low voice rapidly...

    After hearing this old man's warning, Zhang Tie became faintly stunned, 'Hurry up? Go? Why?'

    Although Feng Yexiao had a very powerful qi field, Zhang Tie only had Lan Yunxi in his eyes.

    Lan Yunxi was walking in the team quietly as brilliant as before. Besides Zhang Tie, many knights in the lobby were looking Lan Yunxi up and down silently.

    As many people were looking at Lan Yunxi, Zhang Tie's movement became less eye-catching.

    When Zhang Tie gazed at Lan Yunxi for a few seconds, Feng Yexiao immediately moved his sharp eye light onto Zhang Tie...
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