Chapter 1017: Winning a Bet

    Chapter 1017: Winning a Bet

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    "You mean you promoted to an earth knight in a couple of years by a secret method?"

    "Of course, besides me, nobody else in the world could master that secret method!"

    "What's that secret method?"

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "My secret method has nothing to do with your Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Although Taiyi Fantasy Sect is powerful, it has nothing to do with me, either. I will not tell you about that, so what?"

    Feng Yexiao replied with a sneer in an extremely domineering manner as if he had seen through everything, "Do you think that the secret methods that could help knights rapidly form chakras are as many as white cabbages? Taiyi Fantasy Sect was the head of the top seven clans in Taixia Country. We have billions of books, including various classics, many of which were the only one from far-ancient times and couldn't even be found in Xuanyuan Hill. Besides, our sect converges elites and powerhouses from all walks of life. Thousands of knights, elders and savants are spending their whole lives in studying classics. I've joined Taiyi Fantasy Sect for so many years, besides the purgatory samsara of Zhao Yuan the Alchemist Monster, I've not heard any other secret method that could help knights promote to a higher level in a couple of years. Besides Taiyi Fantasy Sect, the other clans in Taixia Country had not heard about it either. Do you think that you could get rid of the relation between you and Zhao Yuan only by a few words? You're too naive!"

    Zhang Tie's heart pounded, 'These high-level knights are really tricky. Soon after I promoted to an earth knight, Guan Qianchong and this old guy in front had guessed the relation between Zhao Yuan the Alchemist Monster and I. If not having trump cards, I really could not pass them.'

    However, the more confirmative Feng Yexiao was, the happier Zhang Tie was. Because he planned to cheat this old guy in the same method that he used to cheat Guan Qianchong.

    'This old guy is just coming on to me.'

    Although Zhang Tie felt thrilled inside, he still looked outraged and disdainful. He just spoke louder unconsciously so that everyone at present could hear it clearly, "You're narrow-minded. What a frog could see in the well is nothing different than what one million of frogs could see in the same well. How dare you say that one million frogs could see the whole world? Hahahaha, Taiyi Fantasy Sect is just so so..." When Zhang Tie spoke, a familiar qi had come to the outside of the tower of brilliance. Zhang Tie was afraid that someone had noticed the mogul in the Lion Fortress when he confronted with this elder of Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Feeling the familiar qi, Zhang Tie became more decisive, "This Cui has to drink with my friends, I don't have time to argue with you. I will lose hundreds of thousands of gold coins per second. Given that you're elder than me, I will not care about your rude words..."

    As Zhang Tie said, he directly walked towards the gate.

    "Do you think that you could leave so easily?" Feng Yexiao narrowed his eyes like watching a mantis which wanted to stop a vehicle by its arm.

    "I will try." Zhang Tie's face turned solemn at once as he strode one more step forward.

    Feng Yexiao stretched out one arm and stopped Zhang Tie like an overwhelming mountain.

    Zhang Tie directly collided against Feng Yexiao's arm.

    In the next second, the entire tower of brilliance was shocked. Those onlookers didn't even see clearly what happened as they just felt the lobby turned darker at once while an extremely huge virtual image of fire dragon appeared in the lobby. With a powerful qi of earth knight, it covered everyone at present...

    Being covered by the virtual image of the fire dragon, all the common black iron knights felt their hearts pounding.

    Earth knights were absolutely overwhelming in front of black iron knights in realms.

    When the fire dragon roared, it flapped its wings, causing a powerful battle qi full of battle will to sweep over...

    The huge virtual image of fire dragon filled the entire tower of brilliance. Its eyes were like two suns. The moment it closed its eyes, the lobby would be in the dark; the moment it opened its eyes, the lobby would be filled with a powerful battle qi that could tear off everything.

    When the lobby turned bright and dark alternatively, thunders drifted from Zhang Tie and Feng Yexiao constantly. Most of the people at present could not see clearly their movements until it came to an end...

    The light in the lobby recovered to normal at once.

    Zhang Tie had moved a few steps back with full of battle will. The huge and magnificent virtual image of fire dragon as long as hundreds of meters were above his head. The fire dragon was gazing at Feng Yexiao in a brutal manner as if it was going to dive and charge at Feng Yexiao at any time...

    Careful ones had found that Feng Yexiao had moved one step back with a great dumbfounded look.

    Those disciples of Taiyi Fantasy Sect behind Feng Yexiao had already pulled out their weapons and pointed at Zhang Tie in some 3-in-1 battle formations.

    One more person appeared between Feng Yexiao and Zhang Tie. Although being urbane, this one's qi was not weaker than that of Feng Yexiao. He even had a greater killing intent.

    He was Guan Qianchong, the High Chancellor of Black Armor Army.

    Besides Zhang Tie and Feng Yexiao, none of the others in the lobby discovered how did Guan Qianchong enter and stop Cui Li and Feng Yexiao.

    "Brother Feng, don't you know the regulation in Lion Fortress? Why do you fight a junior here?" Guan Qianchong asked in a calm look; however, he was blaming Feng Yexiao faintly.

    After hearing Guan Qianchong's question, Feng Yexiao revealed a faint smile as he restrained his look, "This old man has found that someone might be related to the Alchemist Monster. I stopped him and asked him to clarify it to me in case that he escaped."

    "Who's that? Does Brother Feng doubt that Cui Li is related to the Alchemist Monster?" Guan Qianchong asked with a dumbfounded look purposefully, "But why? Cui Li has killed the earth-level shadow demon knight and made great military exploits in Tiewei Mountain, how come he's related to the Alchemist Monster?"

    "If he's not related to the Alchemist Monster, how could he promote to an earth knight in a couple of years? I doubt that Cui Li is the apprentice of Zhao Yuan the Alchemist Monster!" Feng Yexiao looked at Zhang Tie as he firmly believed in his judgment.

    'F*ck, he hit it.'

    Zhang Tie was really shocked by this old guy's precise judgment. However, only Zhang Tie himself knew the truth. 'At this moment, even if Zhao Yuan the Alchemist Monster was here, he would not be sure that I'm his apprentice. Therefore, I don't care what others think about me.'

    Guan Qianchong turned around and blinked his eyes towards Cui Li. Apparently, he looked solemn, "Cui Li, what do you explain the Elder Feng?"

    Watching Guan Qianchong blinking his eyes towards him, Zhang Tie almost burst out into laughter, 'Although others don't know about my ability, Guan Qianchong who has suffered a loss from me knows how I could promote to an earth knight in such a short period. If Guan Qianchong doesn't explain to Feng Yexiao at this moment, he's sparing a chance for me to make another bet with Feng Yexiao!'

    'It seems that these high-rank military officers in Lion Fortress dislike Guan Qianchong. Guan Qianchong must want to have me punish this old guy severely. What am I waiting for?'

    Although being very thrilled inside, Zhang Tie still explained what happened just now to Guan Qianchong in an outraged way. Closely after that, he watched Feng Yexiao with a furious look, "How can you say that what you doubt is real? If one day you doubt that Emperor Xuanyuan is a demon, will Emperor Xuanyuan transfer the throne to someone of Taiyi Fantasy Sect?"

    "Taiyi Fantasy Sect has a deep animosity with the Alchemist Monster. He killed the deputy head of Taiyi Fantasy Sect. It's of great significance, which could not be bamboozled easily!" Feng Yexiao gazed at Zhang Tie before revealing a sneer once again, "Even though you survived today, you could not survive tomorrow!"

    "Hahaha, what a domineering Taiyi Fantasy Sect..." Zhang Tie glared at Feng Yexiao, "Now that you say there's no other secret method in the world that could help people promote to an earth knight rapidly, dare you to bet with me?"

    "How?" Feng Yexiao replied with a sneer as he didn't believe that a lonely earth knight like Zhang Tie could have any marvelous secret method. 'Taiyi Fantasy Sect has spent hundreds of years in searching for it in vain; how could a common earth knight have one so easily? Is that secret method as popular as white cabbage?'

    "Gamble our lives!" Zhang Tie said generously, "If I could prove that there's another secret method that could help knights form my water chakra rapidly, I would be the winner and you should commit suicide in front of me so as to verify that I'm innocent. If not, I would chop off my head. Dare you bet with me? Dare Taiyi Fantasy Sect bet with me?" Zhang Tie's voice sounded aggressive.

    Feng Yexiao revealed a shrewd eye light. Even though he hesitated a bit inside, under the eyes of the onlookers, he could only accept Zhang Tie's proposal; otherwise, Taiyi Fantasy Sect would be mocked by the rest of the world and Feng Yexiao would be a rustic who only seek for oral benefits. What happened inside the Lion Fortress would spread over all the human countries in the blink of an eye. Neither could Feng Yexiao nor Taiyi Fantasy risk it.

    Watching Zhang Tie's excited look, Feng Yexiao was more confirmative that Zhang Tie was afraid of being found out. It was absolutely a small trick in his eyes.

    "Why not?" Feng Yexiao answered Zhang Tie at once.

    "The holy war has broken out. As knights in Taixia Country, you should cooperate with each other to fight demons. One of you is an earth knight who has made great military exploits, the other is a shadow knight who's going to promote to a heavenly knight. It's improper for you to bet with your lives in Lion Fortress. Now that you two want to make a bet, why not change a wager?" Guan Qianchong suggested as he threw a glance at Cui Li in a secret manner, "Brat, if you have a shadow knight commit suicide in the public, you will not stay in Taixia Country anymore. Feng Yexiao's floating airboat in the Earth-elements Realm is not bad, there are only a few floating airboats in Taiyi Fantasy Sect, why not bet with him using your bounty land?"

    Zhang Tie smirked as he said, "Alright, I will take the suggestion of High Chancellor Guan. It's said that the airboat of Elder Feng is not bad. I will bet with you using my bounty land, namely 10 cities and over 700 square miles' land. You can use your airboat as the wager. Dare you bet with me?"

    When Zhang Tie said, he directly took out the certificates of his bounty land from his portable space-teleportation equipment.

    "It's just an airboat. I'd like to see your ability!" Feng Yexiao sneered.

    "Are you betting here?" Guan Qianchong asked. Apparently, Guan Qianchong was inquiring about the two people's opinions; actually, he was on Zhang Tie's side.

    "My secret method could not be exposed to the public. If Feng Yexiao wants to bet with me, only he has the access to see it. High Chancellor Guan could prepare a room for us and be the notary on the spot!" Zhang Tie understood Guan Qianchong's meaning at once.

    "Brother Feng, what do you feel about it?" Guan Qianchong turned around and asked Feng Yexiao.

    "Fair enough!" Feng Yexiao put it straight. No matter how many onlookers there were, he didn't believe that Cui Li could play any trick in front of him. Additionally, he wanted to know how Cui Li explain it to him when his trick was exposed.

    "Find a secret cultivation room for us!" Guan Qianchong ordered a manager of the tower of brilliance who was standing in the distance.

    Feng Yexiao turned around and told his followers behind him, "Stay in the lobby for a short while!"

    Only after a few seconds, a manager in military uniform of logistics department of Lion Fortress walked towards them and gave a salute to Guan Qianchong, "High Chancellor Guan, the room is ready!"

    "Please!" Guan Qianchong told Zhang Tie and Feng Yexiao.

    After exchanging a glance with each other, Zhang Tie and Feng Yexiao followed the logistical military officer silently away from the lobby towards the staircase.

    When Zhang Tie left, the silent lobby suddenly became boisterous.

    "Ahh, did you see how Cui Li fought the elder of Taiyi Fantasy Sect?"

    "That's too fast..."

    "Splendid, splendid, Cui Li from Yongzhou Province is indeed a tough guy who's not afraid of bigwigs..."

    "What's the virtual image of Cui Li? How could be so fierce?"

    "Fire dragon, an immortal beast..."

    "Could there be a secret method that could match Purgatory Samsara Method?"

    "We will know it after a while!"

    The knights in the lobby started hot discussions, making it as boisterous as a marketplace.

    The sudden collision and the gamble between an earth knight and a shadow knight could not be usually seen at all...

    In the tower of brilliance, some knights had already taken out their remote-sensing crystals to summon their partners here to watch the fun.


    Under the guidance of the military officer in the tower of brilliance, Zhang Tie, Feng Yexiao and Guan Qianchong soon came to a secret room above the lobby. Closely after that, the military officer left, leaving Zhang Tie, Feng Yexiao and Guan Qianchong in the room.

    Zhang Tie then grinned up at Feng Yexiao, "Elder Feng, do you have water-element crystals?"

    "Yes, why?"

    "Lend me one. I will show you my secret method with your water-element crystal in case that you doubt that there's something wrong with my water-element crystal and I have to perform it once again."

    Feng Yexiao looked at Zhang Tie and Guan Qianchong before revealing a sneer and having one quality water-element crystal in his hand. Closely after that, he threw the crystal towards Zhang Tie.

    Although Guan Qianchong had long known the result, he still looked solemn at this moment as if it was his first time to watch it. 'The High Chancellor of Black Armor Army is indeed vicious.'

    "High Chancellor Guan, can we start?"

    "Brother Feng, what do you think? Shall we start?"

    "Let's start. I want to take a look at his trick. Besides the Purgatory Samsara Method, I really wonder about another secret method that could help people form their chakra rapidly!"

    Holding the water-element crystal, Zhang Tie let out a sigh inside, 'I might not have such a good chance anymore in the future.'


    Over 1 hour later, more knights arrived at the lobby to watch the fun.

    When many people were guessing and discussing the result of the gamble, Cui Li went downstairs in his tall and sturdy figure and symbolic bald head while bursting out into candid laughter.

    "Elder Feng, I will take the airboat of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, This Cui has not taken an airboat yet. Thanks a lot!"

    Cui Li went downstairs with a spirited look. After throwing a glance at those knights in the lobby, Zhang Tie directly walked out silently.

    After Cui Li left for a few seconds, Feng Yexiao went downstairs with a pale and extremely bad look...

    Needless to say, everybody had known the result.

    'Cui Li has won the elder of Taiyi Fantasy Sect?'

    Many people were greatly shocked inside.

    What was more shocking was the meaning of Cui Li's victory, which indicated that Cui Li mastered a secret method which could even match the Purgatory Samsara Method.

    On the same day, this news had been spread over all the major clans in Taixia Country and all the subcontinents even the Western Continent being far away from Taixia Country by those fighters in the Lion Fortress in different manners.


    This time, the name Cui Li shocked the Lion Fortress completely...


    One hour later, Du Guyi the demon suppression general had heard about this gamble in the Lion Fortress.

    "Cui Li... from Yongzhou Province...the same person!"

    "I've just been told that Cui Li had killed a demon knight and saved some fighters of our Feathers Army when exploring the hieron ruins with Mountain Lifting Hermit a few years ago. Those fighters being saved told me that Cui Li was very dauntless and fierce in combats and killed demon knights like how a mad guy slaughtered dogs!" The one who passed the latest news to the demon suppression general continued.

    "Not bad!" The demon suppression general replied.

    Those who were familiar with the demon suppression general knew that he didn't praise people easily. Now that he praised Cui Li, it indicated that Cui Li had really aroused his attention.

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