Chapter 1018: Friends

    Chapter 1018: Friends

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    10 hours later, Zhang Tie met Filton, Bolam and Cecilia once again in a knights' bar of Lion Fortress.

    Being different like before, when Zhang Tie entered the knight's bar once again, he heard a lot whispers from those knights in the bar.

    "This guy is Cui Li..."

    "He's an earth knight!"

    "It's said that he's mastered a secret method which could help him form his chakra rapidly and as effectively as Purgatory Samsara Method. He even won the bet between the grand elder of Taiyi Fantasy Sect and him..."

    "What kind of secret method could help a knight form his chakra rapidly?"

    Among whispers, some knights' eyes flickered when they watched Zhang Tie.

    Although all the whispers had drifted into Zhang Tie's ears, Zhang Tie seemed to have not heard that. After noticing Filton, Bolam and Cecilia, Zhang Tie directly walked towards them.

    All the three people looked at Zhang Tie in a weird way. None of them had imagined that Zhang Tie could be a popular figure once again after returning to the Lion Fortress for only a few hours. After hearing what happened in the tower of brilliance, none of them could believe that Zhang Tie collided with a shadow knight and finally won the bet between him and the shadow knight and gained an airboat from the first sect in Taixia Country as a compensation.

    "Wait, I know what you're going to say. I made it by good fortune!" Before Filton uttered, Zhang Tie had opened his mouth. After that, Zhang Tie took a seat and told the waiter to serve him a glass of watermelon liquor.

    "We've got the new watermelon liquor. It has a special taste. Do you want to have a try?" The waiter recommended Zhang Tie politely.

    "Sure, I will have a try!" Zhang Tie replied casually. Whatever, the current watermelon liquor has already had the worst taste, Zhang Tie didn't think that it could be worse.

    The waiter walked away politely and prepared the new liquor for Zhang Tie.

    "Whenever I see you, I feel you have made rapid progress like an utterly different person. Is your secret method that sharp?" Filton finally asked Zhang Tie after bearing it quite a while.

    "It's indeed a bit sharp; however, I mastered that secret method accidentally. The others could not fully master it at all. Additionally, a large number of element crystals are required to form my chakra rapidly!"

    After winning the bet between him and Feng Yexiao, Zhang Tie had to expose the secret that he mastered a secret method that could help him form his chakra rapidly. Therefore, Zhang Tie had long worked out the countermeasures. After the secret was exposed, he could avoid from being doubted about having any relation with the Alchemist Monster; additionally, as long as he insisted on that the others could not learn this secret method or only very few people could master a part of it, everything was still within his control. In this way, the negative effect of the secret method could be reduced. Additionally, with one more trump card in others' eyes, he could do other things easily.

    Of course, the other knights could not absorb elements crystals 10-20 times that of average speed like him; however, as long as they could meet proper conditions, they would increase their cultivation speed by a couple of times. Therefore, this secret method became a bestseller of Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie had not worked out a method to package "mental arithmetic by abacus" into "mental multitasking sutra" and prevent learners from leaking his secret in case that those who knew "mental arithmetic by abacus" could connect Zhang Tie with Cui Li.

    "What do you mean by that the others could not fully master this secret method?" Bolam asked Zhang Tie as he was a bit slomon knights who always lacked elements crystals, this secret method might not be very attractive; however, it had a special meaning for major clans and sects which could provide sufficient earth-element crystals. That was to say, as long as some major clans and sects could master this secret method, they could cultivate two times more earth knights in the same period.

    The spiritual energy of Bolam, Filton and Cecilia were just average. Spiritual energy was the most difficult cultivation item for knights. Therefore, after knowing that it required them at least one more times' spiritual energy to cultivate that secret method, the three people's curiosities died out.

    After looking at Bolam's broken arm, Zhang Tie took out that vial of regeneration medicament from his portable space-teleportation equipment before pushing it in front of Bolam.

    "Ahh, regeneration medicament?" Filton knew what was inside it the moment he caught sight of the crystal case.

    "Bolam, Cecilia, just take this vial of regeneration medicament as my gift for you. When you get married in the Western Continent, a bridegroom with two arms would look more handsome than a bridegroom with only one arm..." Zhang Tie said generously.

    "This...this is too expensive..." Watching the crystal case in front of him, Bolam hesitated a bit as he shook his head.

    After staying in the Lion Fortress for a few years, of course, they knew how valuable was this vial of regeneration medicament. Even though they had just participated in the large-scale battle in Tiewei Mountain at the risk of their lives, the total meritorious points that the three human knights made in the large-scale battle couldn't afford this vial of regeneration medicament at all, which at least required 1 earth demon knight or more than 6 black iron demon knights.

    "Am I your friend?" Zhang Tie turned solemn at once.

    "Of course!" Bolam nodded.

    "Cut the crap then!" Zhang Tie directly pushed the crystal case in front of Bolam in an overbearing manner.

    Bolam's lips quivered as his eyes turned wet at once...

    "Take it..." Cecilia uttered as she took the crystal case on her own initiative.

    "Look, even Cecilia is more straightforward than you. If you feel sorry, f*ck those demons ferociously for me when you return to the Western Continent!"

    "Yes, f*ck those demons ferociously!" Filton patted the table.

    The waiter served Zhang Tie a glass of new watermelon liquor.

    "Come on, let's cheer up for this re-encounter. I hope that we could also have a chance to f*ck demons together in the future so as to live up to the name of knight!" Zhang Tie raised his glass, "For the name of knight!"

    "For the name of knight!" Filton, Bolam and Cecilia raised their glasses at the same time.

    "Nice toast. For the name of knight!" The other knights beside them also cheered up as they raised their glasses.

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "Boss, all the knights' consumptions tonight are on me..."

    After all, he was going to leave the Lion Fortress, Zhang Tie wouldn't be able to use those consumption points in his identity plate anymore; therefore, he just behaved generously.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's exclamation, almost everybody else raised their glasses and cheered up at the same time, causing the bar to become boisterous immediately.

    "For the name of knight..."

    Under everyone's exclamation, Zhang Tie bottomed up that glass of watermelon liquor...

    The moment Zhang Tie tasted the liquor, he had sensed a familiar smell.

    It was similar to a beer, which reminded him of that beautiful girl with a big braid, the crazy period in Blapei and those flying beer foams.

    This liquor contained the flavor of "inferior" essential-energy aura yeast that Zhang Tie gifted to Hanna. After being added with the "inferior" essential-energy aura yeast, the watermelon liquor tasted a bit different. This sort of liquor would be beneficial to the human body if people always drank it. At least it was much better than the original watermelon liquor.

    The familiar taste startled Zhang Tie slightly as he became a bit absent-minded...

    "What's wrong?" Filton asked.

    "Nothing, I just feel that this liquor tastes a bit special..." Zhang Tie smacked his lips.

    "Bolam and I also feel that this watermelon liquor tastes a bit like beer; additionally, there're some bubbles inside it. It should be a new liquor!" Filton commented.

    Zhang Tie smiled as he waved his hand and fetched the waiter.

    "Where did you get this liquor from? It tastes good!" Zhang Tie asked casually.

    "A few months ago, People of Heavens Fortune Sect came to the Lion Fortress. It was said that they presented a secret recipe and helped Lion Fortress modify the technology of watermelon liquor. The new watermelon liquor indeed tastes much better than the previous one; additionally, after drinking it, people will feel very comfortable. Now, it's a popular liquor in the Lion Fortress..."

    'Heavens Fortune Sect?'

    After thinking about it for a second, Zhang Tie understood it right away. Hanna was in Norman Empire. Marshal Lin Changjiang of Norman Empire was a member of Heavens Fortune Sect; therefore, Hanna's family even the exiled imperial households of Norman Empire in Taixia Country had already relied on the Heavens Fortune Sect.

    Zhang Tie remembered that Filis the royal prince of Norman Empire told him that Norman Empire built a city called Bloody Dragon City in Guizhou Province in Taixia Country. Filis' two brothers were in the Bloody Dragon City.

    After thinking about it carefully, Zhang Tie felt that it was reasonable. The exiled imperial households in Waii Subcontinent could not even match mushrooms in Taixia Country. Of course, the members of the exiled imperial households of Norman Empire would rely on the Heavens Fortune Sect.

    It was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that he could know the news about his friends in Waii Subcontinent. After knowing that Hanna's family had a reliance, Zhang Tie was very satisfied inside. He felt that fate was really marvelous...

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