Chapter 1020: Holding Bones in Gold Coffin for the Name

    Chapter 1020: Holding Bones in Gold Coffin for the Name

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    The floating airboat moved very fast. Zhang Tie left the Earth-elements Realm on July 15th by airboat and returned to the Military Province in Taixia Country on the same day.

    Compared to that when Zhang Tie came to the Earth-elements Realm alone three years ago, Zhang Tie returned with glorious honors. The "Phoenix" airboat in the scale of that of commanders of military regions in Taixia Country was already eye-catching, not to mention others.

    Previously, the name of the airboat was "Phoenix". As Zhang Tie felt the name was very vivid, he kept it unchanged.

    The airboat directly spurted out of the gloomy and deep tunnel through air flows from the Earth-elements Ream to the earth's surface like volcanic eruptions.

    Standing alone in the huge crystal cabin of the head of the airboat, Zhang Tie felt like dreaming when he saw the blue sky, the white clouds and the hot sun above his head in a split second.

    After thinking about it carefully, Zhang Tie found that he had spent most of the time in cultivation in the hieron ruins over the past 3-odd years. He just took a round in the first abyss and the Tiewei Mountain and had not been to most of the places in the Earth-elements Realm. However, when he came out of there, he was already an earth knight.

    It seemed that the Earth-elements Realm was really his fortunate land.

    This might be called getting gold-plated.

    At the sight of the blue sky and the white clouds, Zhang Tie felt as free as a bird returning to the sky or a fish returning to water at once.

    Compared to the Earth-elements Realm, the earth's surface was more suitable to human existence.

    As it was on the noon of a day in July, the sunlight shined the crystal dome of the "Phoenix" airboat, providing a sunbath for Zhang Tie...

    Zhang Tie closed his eyes and slowly tasted the vitality brought by the sunshine which had been not seen for a long time.

    At this moment, he heard Liu Xing's footsteps from his back.

    "Hermit, we've returned to the Military Province on the earth's surface. Where are you heading for?"

    "Where can I buy a coffin?" Zhang Tie opened his eyes while a shrewd light flashed across his eyes. He turned around and watched Liu Xing with a faint smile.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's question, Liu Xing became stunned as he thought that he had misheard it, "Coffin?"

    "Yes, the more advanced, the better. It'd better be a gold coffin!"

    After thinking for a second, Liu Xing replied, "We could buy it in any Class A city in Taixia Country!"

    Although gold coffins were rarely seen in other continents, they were usually used by major clans in Taixia Country. Of course, clans which could afford gold coffins would not be afraid of being stolen because they usually arranged people to look after their clan cemeteries.

    "I plan to go to Lianyun Mountain in the east of Qingzhou Province. I will buy a gold coffin in a Class A city on the way!"


    Major General Liu Xing left.

    With a clear destination, the airboat slightly changed its direction above the entrance of the deep and gloomy tunnel and darted towards Qingzhou Province as fast as lightning bolt...

    Even the fastest airships were as slow as snails in front of this airboat.

    'From today on, I also have an airboat as my traffic tool.'


    After standing there for a while and feeling the rapid movement of the airboat in the air, Zhang Tie finally touched his bald head and revealed a smile before returning to his private room on the airboat.

    There was a great learning about the flight of airboat. In order to avoid it from colliding against airships, airboat always flew higher than all the airships. Additionally, airboats would follow different routes strictly in case of collisions between airboats in the air.


    A few days later, the "Phoenix" airboat approached Lianyun Mountain in the east of Qingzhou Province. Zhang Tie saw the white clouds and the mountain peaks in the clouds which looked like islands in the sea.

    Zhang Tie looked at it from above and found that Lianyun Mountain was a bit immortal.

    Zhang Tie came to the control room and guided them to slow down the airboat and hover it above the mountain peak where he buried Fire Dragon Hermit.

    "Here we are. Just hover here..."


    As it was steep here, the airboat couldn't land; it could only hover about 5-6 m above the ground of the cliff of the mountain peak.

    This was an advantage of airboat over airship as the latter could barely complete such a difficult hovering action in the air.

    At this moment, one side hatch door of the airboat was opened when Zhang Tie jumped off the airboat with a gold coffin about 2 m in length by one hand.

    The especially extravagant gold coffin weighed over 3,800 kg. Its surface was covered with Hua dragons and phoenixes. Zhang Tie bought it in a Class A city in Suizhou Province on the way from Military Province to here. Even though he jumped off with such a heavy gold coffin, Zhang Tie could still land lightly like a plume.

    Liu Xing and some guys also jumped off the airboat after Zhang Tie.

    Walking along the cliff, Zhang Tie directly walked towards one side of a pine in the distance. There was a simple mound under that pine, which looked like a grave. However, there was not even a gravestone.

    Zhang Tie came to the front of that mound. Letting out a deep sigh, he waved his arm and blew off the soil and stones on the surface, revealing a pile of white bones.

    "This is my teacher, also the earlier Fire Dragon Hermit. When I came here by accident, I gained the "Fire Dragon Sutra" from him. When my teacher died, he sat crossed legs. I couldn't even find a coffin for him at that time. Therefore, I could only bury him here simply. Today, I'm especially here to put his bones in the gold coffin and bring them back to Fire Dragon Bounty Territory to bury them in a grand way!" Zhang Tie said emotionally. He was not disguising; Zhang Tie really appreciated Fire Dragon Hermit for his gift, which led him to a different world.

    'I benefitted a lot from your "Fire Dragon Sutra". Therefore, I will hold your skeleton by the gold coffin so that I could spread your name to the world in the future. Although I gained this secret method by accident, I still treat you as my teacher. That's our destiny!' Zhang Tie mumbled to the skeleton inside.

    After bringing Fire Dragon Hermit's remains back to Fire Dragon Bounty Territory with Liu Xing and the others, from today on, nobody in the world would doubt about Cui Li's background anymore. Therefore, his status as Cui Li would become legit and he would become the official successor of the earlier Fire Dragon Hermit. Everything was reasonable. This was why Zhang Tie came to the Lianyun Mountain.

    The moment Liu Xing and the others wanted to help Zhang Tie hold the skeleton in the gold coffin, Zhang Tie had stopped them, "I will do that!"

    Zhang Tie put down the gold coffin and carefully picked all the bones of Fire Dragon Hermit one after another. After cleaning the dust over them, he put them into the gold coffin. After doing all this, he covered the gold coffin and returned to the airboat with it.

    "Go to the Fire Dragon Bounty Territory..." Zhang Tie turned domineering the moment he boarded the airboat once again.

    When he realized that he could return to Youzhou Province rapidly, Zhang Tie felt extremely thrilled inside...
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