Chapter 1023: The New Look of Fire Dragon Bounty Territory (I)

    Chapter 1023: The New Look of Fire Dragon Bounty Territory (I)

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    After coming to the Fire Dragon Bounty Territory, Zhang Tie spent 2 days in finishing the formalities with the land resources administration of the Northeast Military Region and left border piles around the Fire Dragon Bounty Territory. From then on, Fire Dragon Bounty Territory became Zhang Tie's private territory.

    Being in the southwest of Yangui Mountain in Taixia Country, Fire Dragon Bounty Territory covered 1.34 million square miles and neighbored Youzhou Province, Tongzhou Province and Yanzhou Province in the territory of the Northeast Military Territory of Taixia Country. There were 18.76 million people who could move freely and 10 cities in the bounty territory.

    3 of the 10 cities were in Miyun Prefecture in Youzhou Province, namely Tianxuan City, Xinlu City and Langyun City respectively. Tianxuan City was a Class II Level B city, which was the largest one in the three cities with more population; Xinlu City was a Class II Level C city; Langyun City was a Class III Level B city.

    4 of the rest 7 cities were in Xingyuan Prefecture in the territory of Tongzhou Province, respectively Anning City, Xuesong City, Yande City and Qinghe City; all of them were Class II Level C cities.

    Dashang City, Wugong City and Dongyang City in Gaoping Prefecture of Yanzhou Province where the hub of the Northeast Military Region was located in, were divided into Fire Dragon Bounty Territory. Dashang City and Wugong City were Class II Level B cities while Dongyang City was Class II Level A city.

    As Tianxuan City was in Youzhou Province and was one of the only two Class II Level A cities in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory, Zhang Tie directly chose the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect in Tianxuan City.

    Zhang Tie entrusted the official post of Northeast Military Region to deliver his golden invitation cards on August 1; on the same day, two notices had been posted in Tianxuan City, XinLu City, Langyun City, Anning City, Xuesong City, Yande City, Qinghe City, Dashang City, Wugong City and Dongyang City on the same day.

    The first notice was--Cui Li, the owner of Fire Dragon Bounty Territory establishes Iron-Dragon Sect and will recruit apprentices in the Fire Dragon Bounty Territory.

    The second notice was--all the cities in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory will select local representatives. From then on, all the cities, districts, counties, towns and villages in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory will be autonomously managed by the delegations on all levels.

    After the two notices were posted for 1 day, the entire Fire Dragon Bounty Territory had been boisterous. Not only that, but the two notices in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory also spread over the all the prefectures in three neighboring provinces as fast as the wind.

    Local representatives autonomy had existed in Taixia Country since far-ancient times. The so-called democratic parliament and the other forms of organizations in other continents were actually borrowing the intelligence of Taixia Country although they looked advanced. This sort of organization had existed in Taixia Country for thousands of years. However, as Fire Dragon Bounty Territory was almost as large as a prefecture in a province, the selection of local representatives became unusual.

    The cities in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory were previously administered by the government of Taixia Country. Each city in the territory had a mayor and administrative agencies on different levels which were dispatched from the royal government of Taixia Country. However, after this territory was rewarded to Cui Li and was renamed by him, its property had changed; the officials on different levels could almost be ignored as the existence of agencies and officials in the entire Fire Dragon Bounty Territory would completely determine the owner's willingness, except for the taxation and judicial agencies. The selection of local representatives indicated the willingness of the owner of this territory clearly.

    The so-called local representatives were composed of local dignitaries.

    According to the notice, each city of Fire Dragon Bounty Territory would organize a local representatives association which contained 21 members. Any legal resident in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory would be qualified to be a candidate and be received and finally appointed by the Cui Li, the owner of this territory as long as he or she could gain 3000 people's support in terms of signature, regardless of gender and age.

    Once local representatives associations were established, each city would have 21 local representatives, who would wield the scepter of the city and be as powerful as the mayor.

    The moment this news was spread, all the dignitary clans in the cities of Fire Dragon Bounty Territory became active at once. If one of their clans could become a local representative, their clan would gain both fame and wealth. Of course, all the clans were drooling about it.

    What was more eye-catching was the news that Cui Li, the Fire Dragon Hermit, also the owner of Fire Dragon Bounty Hermit was going to recruit apprentices.

    The news that Cui Li the Fire Dragon Hermit cultivated the marquis-level secret method "Fire Dragon Sutra" had already been spread over. If anyone could join the Iron-Dragon Sect and become Fire Dragon Hermit's direct apprentice, he or she would rely on an earth knight who had a private bounty territory and might learn a powerful marquis-level secret method. Such a good news was nothing different than a shortcut towards the fame and wealth. Therefore, this news shocked the neighboring regions at once. Across the Northeast Military Region, even major clans with knights were moved by this news, not to mention commoners.

    After Cui Li delivered his golden invitation cards and notices, Tianxuan City which was not eye-catching in the Northeast Military Region immediately became the focus of the entire Northeast Military Region. As a result, more and more airships and people arrived at Tianxuan City abruptly...


    On the early morning of August 6th, the couple of Boss Liu of Yuean Hotel in the south of Tianxuan City got up before daybreak.

    Yuean Hotel covered about 700 square meters. With a 4-storey building and two courtyards, it contained more than 30 guestrooms. Although being limited in area and ranked medium among the hotels in Tianxuan City, it was the achievement of the couple after over 20 years' hard work. Therefore, the couple always did many things in the hotel themselves.

    Starting from August 2nd, the business of the hotel suddenly became flourishing. The hotel, the greater part of rooms of which were usually vacant was full in only a couple of days. Not only the couple, but even the lads in the hotel also became busy.

    "Those who have been living in Heavens No. 1 and No. 2 since yesterday are rich fighters from Yanzhou Province. They are a bit picky nicky. As they don't care about price, you'd better buy some good ingredients from the marketplace..." Boss Liu's wife told boss Liu seriously when he was going to buy ingredients from the marketplace with his lads in the early morning.

    "Cooks are a bit busy, you'd better pay more attention to them!" Boss Liu also warned his wife.

    "I see. I've invited Aunt Liu in our neighborhood and my youngest aunt from Zhao family to give us a hand in the kitchen today. They're diligent; they will arrive soon. You can leave now!"

    After hearing that his wife had made an arrangement in the kitchen, Boss Liu sat in the back of a tricycle as he told a lad to leave.

    Those who came to buy ingredients in the marketplace so early were mostly bosses of hotels and restaurants and stewards and lads of major clans in the city.

    After buying various fresh vegetables and fruits, Boss Liu caught sight of a hunted snow deer. It might be hunted last night as its flesh was fresh and tender. When he thought of those rich guests from Yanzhou Province, he shared the snow deer with Boss Zhou of another hotel after reaching an agreement. After weighing it, he loaded it in his tricycle.

    After finishing all this in half an hour, Boss Liu came to the old storefront of Rongshengxiang and took the fresh beef and mutton.

    As Boss Liu often visited here, at the sight of Boss Liu, the lad of Rongshengxiang immediately carried the beef and mutton into his tricycle without being requested by Boss Liu.

    The moment the basket of beef and mutton were loaded, the vehicle sunk faintly.

    It was a bit too much today!

    Boss Liu mumbled inside as he told the fatty Boss Zhao inside Rongshengxiang, "Boss Zhao, the meat today looks too much. Yuean Hotel doesn't need so much meat today. Because it's too hot, they might go bad tomorrow!"

    "Hahaha, it's not too much, it's not too much. Just take it. I will give you 20% off..." Boss Zhao replied with a smile.

    After hearing the reply of Boss Zhao who was known as miserly, Boss Liu became dubious. After checking those beef and mutton once again, he found that they were all fresh and qualified. He then mumbled inside, 'How does this miser turn so good today?'

    At this moment, Boss Zhao walked towards him with a big smile as he took out a roll of white cloth and said, "Hehhehheh, Boss Liu, don't think too much. The biggest shareholder Qian of Rongshengxiang is collecting the signatures these days. He said that Rongshengxiang was holding preferential activities these days to the old guests. As long as Boss Liu do us a favor by signing your name here and take it back to have your lads sign their names or press their fingerprints one after another, in the next 1 month, Boss Liu will enjoy the same discount..."

    After hearing Boss Zhao's words, Boss Liu widely opened his eyes with an amazed look, "Ahh, the biggest shareholder Qian is competing for the local representative of Xuantian City?"

    In the hotel, by listening to the discussions of guests from all walks of life, Boss Liu knew all the big events that happened in Youzhou Province and Taixia Country. Boss Liu knew that Fire Dragon Bounty Territory was going to select local representatives almost the moment the notice was released.

    "Our biggest shareholder Qian is also an influential figure in Xuantian City. He has over 10 pastures, farmsteads and slaughterhouses; 1/3 of meat in Tianxuan City are supplied by our biggest shareholder Qian. Now that the others could attend the selection for local representatives, our biggest shareholder Qian could also attend it!" Boss Liu immediately became solemn at the sight of Boss Liu's amazed look, "Does Boss Liu feel that we're humble and look down upon our butchers?"

    Boss Liu hurriedly revealed a smile, "You're thinking too much. I just wonder that biggest shareholder Qian has over 4,000 staff. He only needs to request all of his staff to sign their names for him. He doesn't need ours at all!"

    "Hahaha, the more supporters there are, the more glorious our biggest shareholder Qian will be. It's said that Boss Feng in Tianxuan City is also competing for local representative; additionally, she has collected over 5,000 signatures. Although our biggest shareholder Qian was a butcher, he has contributed a lot to Tianxuan City these years such as paving roads and building bridges. Whatever, he could at least match a prostitute..."

    Boss Feng was another legendary female hero in Xuantian City. As the top prostitute in the 27 brothels across Xuantian City, her fame in the "entertainment circle" could match that of the biggest shareholder Qian in "catering industry" in Xuantian City.
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