Chapter 1024: The New Look of Fire Dragon Bounty Territory (II)

    Chapter 1024: The New Look of Fire Dragon Bounty Territory (II)

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    When Boss Liu and the lad returned to Yuean Hotel by tricycle, the day had just broken.

    At this moment, the guests in Yuean Hotel started to get up and have breakfast. As a result, the hotel gradually became boisterous.

    Boss Liu took out the roll of white cloth which was given by Boss Zhao as he thought inside, 'It's just a matter of signature. Although it sounds fresh, it's not a big deal. Although the biggest shareholder of Rongshengxiang was a butcher, he's generous. It's actually not bad if he could become a local representative. In the future, I might gain some advantage from him.'

    According to Boss Zhao, many butchers and hotel bosses in Xuantian City supported the biggest shareholder Qian. He had also collected many signatures from the farmsteads in the rural areas outside the city. It was said that the biggest shareholder Qian had already gained over 6,000 signatures.

    After the selection for local representatives started a few days ago, it had already become more and more interesting. Many dignitaries, rich men and influential figures in many industries had started to canvass.

    It might be the same in other cities.

    Boss Liu remembered Boss Zhao's request. After taking out the roll of white cloth, he told all the lads and his wife to sign their names on it, including the two women who came here to give a favor to them in the kitchen. Those who didn't sign their names would press down their fingerprints on it. After dealing with it, Boss Liu put away the white cloth and started to arrange the affairs in the hotel.

    He would give the roll of white cloth full of names to Boss Zhao tomorrow.

    Soon after 9 am, almost all the guests in the hotel had already gotten up. The hotel was also selling breakfasts such as steamed stuffed bun, noodles, peanuts, porridge, rich puddings, assorted cold or hot foods and pot-stewed meat. Many idlers would come here to have breakfast, morning tea and listen to storytelling by the way.

    By 9:30, the dining hall in the hotel had been covered with people. Many of them were especially here to listen to storytelling. Many old people came here with their grandsons.

    The moment the angular storyteller in cyan gown sat down at the only table on the stage by raising his robe and had a mouth of tea water, the entire dining hall became quiet. Even those kids stopped uttering as they watched the storyteller with widely opened black eyes.

    With a sound of "Shua", the storyteller unfolded the paper fan with plum blossoms on it suddenly and waved it. Even the lads who were responsible for adding tea water for the guests in the dining hall trod slightly as they pricked up their ears.

    The storyteller was telling "The Legend of Black Iron Hero". The moment this book was published 3 years ago, it had become popular across Taixia Country. As a storyteller, if he cannot tell "The Legend of Black Iron Hero", he would be shameful of telling others that he was a storyteller.

    "Zhang Tie experienced a bloody battle in Selnes Theater of Operations and was framed by the moles of demons in the allied human forces. Selnes Eagle broke its wings and almost lost his life. Finally, the entire Selnes Theater of Operations collapsed. Zhang Tie couldn't bear it alone; therefore, he had to evacuate towards the south as he fought the vanguard of the demons corps. Tens of millions of demonized puppets were as dense as a tide, which would destroy cities and countries wherever they were. Any humans in front of them would be eaten; any god in front of them would be slaughtered. They were like tens of millions of wild beasts with bloody eyes which could devour everything. Wherever they passed by would become barren land. They rolled over the entire north region of Waii Subcontinent and surged all the way towards Norman Empire..." The storyteller said as he opened his foldable fan and waved it. Along with his tone, facial expressions and movements, the storyteller attracted everyone's attention in a split second. From then on, the entire dining hall was filled with his sound. All the audience in the dining hall were immersed in the dramatic plots...

    Many audiences had not realized that two hours had already passed...

    When the storyteller patted the judge's gravel on the table, everybody at present was shocked...

    "Right then, a boom as loud as millions of muffled thunders sounded. The entire land then started to shake like screening rice shaff by quivering the winnowing fan, causing sand and rocks to jump. Tens of millions of demonized puppets at the foot of Nein City of Norman Empire were all vacant as they thought that it was an earthquake. Zhang Tie was fighting three powerhouses of Three-eye Association on the city gate and would soon be in a crisis. All of a sudden, the city wall started to shake heavily and almost fell down. The 3 powerhouses of Three-eye Association were shocked. Seizing this opportunity, Zhang Tie broke off the encirclement and jumped onto the top of the city gate which was over 20 m high and looked in the distance..."

    At this moment, the storyteller stood up and put his hand over his forehead as if he was looking in the distance.

    "Zhang Tie looked in the distance as his heart raced. My god, a white line in the far like a rolling cloud sea as higher as 100 m was surging towards Nein City in an overwhelming manner. Dear guests, what do you think that white line is..."

    "Do you remember that there's a marshal called Lin Changjiang in Norman Empire? He's also a member of Hua people of Taixia Country. Speaking of Lin Changjiang, he's really excellent. His real status was a talented apprentice of Heavens Fortune Sect in Taixia Country. Dozens of years ago, he came to Waii Subcontinent at the order of the sect and made preparations for resisting demons. After coming to Norman Empire, Lin Changjiang had been responsible for building the largest irrigation project in the north of Norman Empire--the Imperial Dam. The white line over 400 miles away from Nein City was the flood that was poured down from the Imperial Dam of Norman Empire. How much water? 80 billion cubic meters. Do you know what does that figure mean? It's irresistible. 80 billion cubic meters of water could inflict the entire Miyun Prefecture..."

    "Nein City was the graveyard of the tens of millions of demonized puppets in Marshal Lin Changjiang's plan. Heavens Fortune Sect was good at fortune telling. As long as dozens of years ago, they had known that Nein City would be collapsed by tens of millions of demonized puppets in this holy war. Therefore, Marshal Lin Changjiang built a dam in the upper reach of Nein City so as to store water and prepare for today's trick..."

    After hearing this, all the audience who had been immersed in the story exclaimed one after another.

    "At that moment, Marshal Lin Changjiang didn't know that Zhang Tie was fighting demonized puppets at the foot of Nein City. Neither did Zhang Tie know Marshal Lin Changjiang's trick. After hearing the abnormal sounds in the distance, the three powerhouses of Three-eye Association who fought Zhang Tie just now also jumped onto higher places and looked in the distance. When they figured out what happened, they were all scared too much and exerted their full efforts to escape away. They just hated that they were born with just two legs. The white line was surging towards Nein City like tens of thousands of galloping horses. In the blink of an eye, it had covered everything and destroyed everything in Nein City in an overwhelming way. It was even much more powerful and irresistible than the greatest knights..."

    "Tens of millions of demonized puppets were collapsed at once. They escaped in all directions only to survive themselves in this overwhelming flood. In such a critical situation, everyone else would almost lose their lives, except for Zhang Tie. Watching the over 100 m higher huge waves, Zhang Tie burst out into laughter as he shouted, "The god helps me!"

    "After saying that, Zhang Tie sprung up from the top of the city gate and stepped onto the top of the surging waves like how he saved a beauty in Hidden Dragon Island as a Yaksha. On the top of the huge waves, he just overlooked the embarrassed looks of the tens of millions of demonized puppets like a yaksha cruising the ocean and a dragon swimming in the sea!"

    "In water, the demonized puppets were like sh*t; how could they defeat Zhang Tie in that situation? Zhang Tie walked on waves as freely walking on the plain ground. As long as he waved his longsword, he would send demonized puppets' heads flying away. Stepping on the huge waves like Nezha, Zhang Tie soon caught up with the three powerhouses of Three-eye Association. Only after waving his sword twice, he had sent two heads flying off..."

    "However, he missed the third one. Zhang Tie didn't think too much about that at that moment. He just continued to kill those demonized puppets who were struggling on the waves and made a cool massacre. Zhang Tie didn't imagine that the one who escaped could bring him a great meritorious deed in the future..."

    "There's a poem for this accident--The rolling waves were covered with blood; the young hero behaved dauntlessly like a Chinese dragon; the heavens fortune broke through tens of millions demonized puppets; the yaksha stepped on huge waves across Nein City..." After finishing the poem, the storyteller patted the judge's gravel, causing another sound "Pah" as he continued, "If you want to know what happened later, please listen to it tomorrow!"

    The moment they heard the word "tomorrow", the dining hall was filled with regrets and complaints.

    "Ahh, it's just come to the climax..."

    "Continue, continue..."

    Someone shouted while the storyteller cupped his hands and bowed towards all directions, "Dear guests, this old man is too thirsty and become breathless. I could barely continue. If you want to listen to my story, please come here tomorrow. Finally, this old man will make an advertisement for Boss Feng--8 pm tonight, Boss Feng will have the top 8 prostitutes in Xuantian City play a "Mudan Pavilion" in Pear Fragrance Garden. What's more, Pear Fragrance Garden will be free tonight. You only need to select Boss Feng to be the local representative of Xuantian City!"

    After saying that, the storyteller walked off the stage and bade a farewell to Boss Liu before leaving...

    In the dining hall, nobody had noticed that a tower-like tough guy in a cloak was standing in the corner of the dining hall on the 2nd floor and watching the storyteller leaving with a dumbfounded look. At the same time, the tough man mumbled inside, 'What the hell! When did this daddy kill a demon in Nein City?'
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