Chapter 1026: Being Always Together

    Chapter 1026: Being Always Together

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    Zhang Tie's memory returned to Hidden Dragon Island where he met Lv Shasha for the first time.

    When he saw Lv Shasha for the first time, she was crying and said that she missed her home and her mother so much while Du Yuhan was comforting her.

    In Zhang Tie's memory, Lv Shasha was always the most shy and sensitive one among his junior sister apprentices. As there was a bit misunderstanding between him and her, this bashful junior sister apprentice was even afraid of him for quite a long time. Although being together with a lot of junior sister apprentices, Lv Shasha still dared not see Zhang Tie face-to-face each time...

    He met Lv Shasha and the other junior sister apprentices in Jinwu Castle of Hidden Dragon Island last time. At that time, he and his junior sister apprentices were all drunk. After performing a fist position and a swordsmanship and reciting a poem, Zhang Tie broke his double fish swords by battle qi as his "unique" gift to these junior sister apprentices...

    From then on, Zhang Tie didn't use double swords anymore.

    That night, he drank too much. In his memory, Lv Shasha, Du Yuhan and Qu Liangying were all drunk. Many junior sister apprentices even cried...

    That was the most beautiful and memorable night.

    That night was very special.

    The ever youth, the passionate, innocent, nice and simple emotions, those which were described and undescribed all turned into merry laughter and tears. After that night, all these had vanished in the battle flames of the holy war. After that, Zhang Tie went to the Selnes Theater of Operations being far away from Hidden Dragon Island and didn't see these junior sister apprentices anymore...

    A few years ago, when he returned to Youzhou Province, he heard that most of these junior sister apprentices had married others. Some of them like Guo Miaolu were still in hard-working cultivation as they wanted to further increase their battle strength...

    Zhang Tie didn't bother those who had got married. As for those who were still in hard-working cultivation, Zhang Tie told Huaiyuan Palace to look after them stealthily. Zhang Tie didn't go to see them either. Something had better be buried deep in mind.

    It was really out of his imagination that Zhang Tie could meet a junior sister apprentice in a bookstore of Xuantian City after many years later.

    Lv Shasha was still as beautiful as before; however, she was more mature. The former innocent maiden had already become a young lady although she was still as reserved as before. That little boy's eyes and face was very similar to that of Lv Shasha. At the sight of the little boy, Zhang Tie knew that he's Lv Shasha's son.

    Zhang Tie became a bit absent-minded as he had mixed moods inside...

    The reason that Lv Shasha gazed at Zhang Tie with her widely opened eyes was that she had not imagined that a tough man could be interested in the comic book Legend of Black Iron Hero ; additionally, that large bamboo rain hat on Zhang Tie's head looked a bit weird.

    'Is this man a lunatic?'

    Before Zhang Tie withdrew his hand, Lv Shasha had already withdrawn her hand rapidly with a disgusted and terrified look. After that, she turned around and told her son, "Xiaozhi, let's take a look in other bookstore!"

    When Lv Shasha said this, she pulled her son back a bit stealthily in case of stirring up Zhang Tie.

    "No, mom, I will read Legend of Black Iron Hero. We've been in many bookstores and they were all out of stock..."


    Zhang Tie revealed an embarrassed smile. As an earth knight, if the news that he quarreled with a little boy for a comic book in a bookstore was spread over, it would shock many people. Therefore, he took that comic book and gave it to that boy, "Here you go. I will read this version. I was just wondering that this novel had a comic book just now..."

    As Zhang Tie said, he took the novel...

    "Xiaozhi, say thanks to the uncle..."

    "Thank you, uncle!" The boy called Zhang Tie in an innocent way when he received the comic book with a big smile.

    "Ahh, you're welcome, you're welcome..."

    Lv Shasha was still as reserved as before. Only after a brief dialogue with Zhang Tie, she had pulled her son away.

    Zhang Tie was a bit thrilled. He wanted to say something; however, when he thought up his current status, he could only rub his face and see Lv Shasha off.

    After dropping a gold coin, Zhang Tie took that novel and walked out of the bookstore.

    Outside the bookstore, Lv Shasha and her son entered a black limo while a driver opened the door for them. At the sight of Zhang Tie coming out of the bookstore, the boy even waved his hand towards Zhang Tie.

    'The origin of the license plate of the black limo is Xuantian City; it seems that Lv Shasha married someone in Xuantian City.'

    A whim occurred to Zhang Tie's mind when a tracing feather shot out of his forehead and attached to the black limo.

    The limo ran away leaving smoke...

    Outside the bookstore, Zhang Tie skimmed over the novel. With his current spiritual energy, he could absolutely skim over 100 lines in one second. He could read one page and keep it deep in his mind as fast as taking a photo.

    The main character of the novel was him. The story started from Blackhot City. The contents and framework of the novel were mainly based on his article "The Inscriptions on the Gravestone of the Despicable". Of course, there were artistic creations, processing and modifications.

    After turning over 20 pages, Zhang Tie noticed a plot which he had not experienced--It was already dark when Zhang Tie finished his part-time job and was going back home. Suddenly, Zhang Tie saw a poor beggar lying on the roadside nearby the railway station of Blackhot City due to hunger. Out of sympathy, the kind youth bought a loaf of bread for the beggar from the nearby bakery. He had not imagined that the beggar was a powerhouse who just traveled across the human world with a cynical mind. After having the loaf of bread gifted by the youth, the beggar gifted a secret method to the youth and taught him how to use the unique secret disguising method. As a result, the youth immediately mastered the senior skills to change his looks...

    When Zhang Tie read this plot, he could almost confirm it right away that the contents in this novel were not fully written by Mr. Jingan. This plot could only be fabricated by Donder because Zhang Tie's disguising skills were taught by Donder. Besides Donder, nobody else knew it; neither did Zhang Tie say it to others.

    As an evidence, the image of Hua Boss Tang of a grocery in the novel was too excellent, he was handsome, generous and wise. In the novel, Boss Tang could be the model of all the middle-aged men. According to the description, Boss Tang was absolutely a philosopher who enjoyed the average life and the beacon light and first teacher of Zhan Tie. Damn! What made Zhang Tie speechless was that Boss Tang was not horny at all, 'A female boss in Blackhot City even courted him by spending money on him, f*ck...'

    The plots about Zhang Tie at home were not fully fabricated out of the void, because only Zhang Tie's elder brother knew some details.

    Zhang Tie understood it at once, 'It must be my elder brother and Donder who joined hands to clarify my innocence using Legend of Black Iron Hero .'

    'It's definitely an unprecedented masterpiece for beautifying my personal image. All the storytellers across Taixia Country have become my pluggers. As long as I paid them some money, I would have numerous fans and adorers in Taixia Country. If the Supreme Court in Taixia Country doesn't cancel off my arrest order, Taixia government will lose many people's support and have to bear too much stress and condemnation.

    The  Legend of Black Iron Hero and the Inscriptions on the Gravestone of the Despicable  once being coordinated with each other would resist numerous soldiers for Zhang Clan and Huaiyuan Palace.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could be as hot as the sun at high noon across Taixia Country after becoming a murderer.

    'You must be kidding me.'

    Although it looked ridiculous, it was real.

    Over the past 4 years, although Zhang Tie was not at home and didn't even contact his family members, his family members and friends were always on his side. They were trying their best to clarify his innocence so that he could return to the public.

    On the roadside, Zhang Tie spent less than 10 minutes in reading the entire story, regardless of the amazed looks of the passers-by.

    The end of the story was about the merciless situation. After fighting hundreds of millions of demonized puppets to the end in Waii Subcontinent, Zhang Tie came to Taixia Country. After being outstanding in the competition for the provincial governor of Youzhou Province for Zhang Taixuan and inflicting the Heavens Reaching Church, he was framed by demons and Heavens Reaching Church. Although he survived the trap with his own ability, he had to escape everywhere with the fabricated crime as a touching, tragical hero...

    Such an end was very outraged. However, in the spirit of law worshiped by Taixia Country, the order of arrest issued by the Supreme Court of Taixia Country was irrevocable. Therefore, the end of this story tested the result of the wrestle between conscience and the spirit of the law in Taixia Country. Whether did you believe that the hero was still the hero or the dubious evidence was still effective?

    After putting this novel which was of special meaning to him into his coat and sensing the current location of that limo, Zhang Tie strode towards the direction where the limo was leaving for...


    Over 10 minutes later, Zhang Tie came to a tranquil and spacious avenue in the south of Xuantian City. After throwing some glances at the signboard "Sun Mansion", Zhang Tie strode away before arousing the attention of the guards.

    It should be a major clan in Xuantian City. The small limo was right in the courtyard of Sun Mansion.

    "Many people from all walks of life come to Xuantian city lately, as a young madam and young master have just come back from outside, you'd better be vigilant in case of any followers..."

    "Yes, sir, Steward Sun. It's said that master wants the young master to learn from Fire Dragon Hermit. Young master is wise, he will definitely be recruited..."

    "Such a major event has nothing to do with you. Watch out your mouth..." Steward Sun reproached a guard...

    Although it was over 100 m away, the dialogue between some people at the gate of Sun Mansion still drifted into Zhang Tie's ears...


    After hearing this, Zhang Tie felt a bit weird as he returned to his foothold in Xuantian City...
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