Chapter 1027: Being as Boisterous as a Marketplace

    Chapter 1027: Being as Boisterous as a Marketplace

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    Zhang Tie's foothold was in an official manor of Xuantian City. The moment Zhang Tie reached the periphery of that official manor, he had been startled by what he saw.

    The periphery of that official manor had been crowded with limos and beautiful carriages. Both sides of the greater part of a street were crowded with people with various gifts.

    "Oh, ministry councilor Liu, nice to meet you..."

    "Is that Boss Qu..."

    "Wuh, and landlord Gao..."

    Although there were many people outside the official manor, they just waited there patiently and greeted and chatted with those familiar ones beside them in a low voice. Although they were standing outside the official manor, they were still followed by their bodyguards and stewards who were lifting many cases, large or small, which almost occupied half of the avenue outside the official manor.

    "It's said that the mayor's steward is also queuing up ahead of us?" A person in brilliant silk gown in front of Zhang Tie was whispering to another guy who was queuing up.

    "Even idiots would come, if not in the official uniform of Taixia Country and have been dispatched away from Xuantian City, I'm afraid that Lord Mayor has long been waiting here himself!"

    "Yea, Fire Dragon Hermit is a qualified earth knight. It's said that he has made great meritorious deeds in the Earth-elements Realm and has even killed over 2 earth-level demon knights. He's very prestigious..."

    "Have you seen the red airboat in the official manor? It's said that Fire Dragon Hermit won it from a shadow knight elder of Taiyi Fantasy Sect through a bet. Unbelievable..."

    "But I was told that Fire Dragon Hermit had killed almost 4 earth-level demon knights in the Earth-elements Realm..."

    "Two of them didn't leave any evidence; therefore, they could not be counted in Fire Dragon Hermit's meritorious deeds. However, all the others had witnessed that..."

    "According to your news, Fire Dragon Hermit should be the No. 1 powerhouse in Youzhou Province, more powerful than provincial governor..."

    "Hush, watch out your words..."

    Zhang Tie heard many whispers like this. The moment Zhang Tie wanted to push into the gate of the official manor, some bodyguards beside a fat ministry councilor instantly turned around and watched Zhang Tie with unpleasant looks before reproaching him, "Bro, don't you know about queuing up when you want to pay a formal visit to Fire Dragon Hermit?"

    'F*ck, this daddy has to queue up to return to my own residence?'

    Zhang Tie watched those people dozens of meters in front of him and found that he could not explain it to these people clearly; therefore, he directly took off his bamboo hat and revealed his signboard "bald head" before shouting, "Liu Xing!"

    The moment Zhang Tie shouted, those in front of him turned around and watched him at the same time.

    "Be quiet before the manor of Fire Dragon Hermit!" An old man turned around and gave Zhang Tie a lesson like an experienced elder.

    The moment the old man finished his words, the gate of the official manor was in an uproar while those queuing up in front of the gate hurriedly dodged away. At the same time, a team of black armored fighters rushed out of the gate and opened a way for Zhang Tie by force.

    Those who were queuing up outside the gate of the official manor hurriedly gave a way to the team of fighters with big smiles.

    It was said that those fighters were all brave warriors from the top four armies in Taixia Country who had experienced bloody battles in the Earth-elements Realm. They were also Fire Dragon Hermit's entourage. Of course, those who were waiting outside the official manor dared not stir up them.

    Under the amazed looks of so many people, the team of black armored fighters opened a way from the crowd and came all the way to Zhang Tie's front. The team leader was Liu Xing.

    "Fire Dragon Hermit!"

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, Liu Xing hurriedly gave a bow to Zhang Tie.

    After hearing Liu Xing's words, everybody else at present widely opened their mouths like being filled with some duck eggs. The entire street was pretty quiet; especially those bodyguards and that old man who reproached Zhang Tie just now whose faces had blushed too much while they were quivering all over due to fear.

    "What's wrong with these people?" Zhang Tie asked Liu Xing.

    "They come from all the cities in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory. After knowing that Fire Dragon Bounty Hermit is living here, these people have sent requests to pay formal visits to Fire Dragon Bounty Hermit. As hermit is traveling outside these days, they just waited here!" Liu Xing answered.

    Zhang Tie nodded silently as he directly came onto the steps of the gate of the official manor in the welcome of those black-armored fighters.

    This official manor was the former official reception mansion of Xuantian City, which was especially used to receive dignitaries from other places. The Department of Protocol of Xuantian City was also in this manor. The official manor was in the best location of Xuantian City; there was an airport in the official manor. The entire official manor was like a luxurious showplace in the city. It contained pavilions, terraces, venues, independent courts and hotels. Therefore, after coming to Xuantian City, Zhang Tie chose this place as his residence. Additionally, he chose this place to hold the opening ceremony of his Iron-Dragon Sect. As this place belonged to him, he had the right to dispose of it freely.

    Standing on the steps of the gate, Zhang Tie looked at those people who were waiting outside the official manor. Those people then hurriedly bowed towards Zhang Tie. Nobody at present could straighten up. Zhang Tie found that there were over 1,000 people outside his official manor.

    Given these people's clothes and demeanors, Zhang Tie knew that they were major clans and landlords in the 10 cities of Fire Dragon Bounty Territory. Of course, in front of an earth knight, the so-called landlords and major clans were as trivial as ants, because there was a sharp difference between them and Zhang Tie in power, position, battle strength and wealth.

    However, killing was not the only element in this world because development is closely related to these people. After all, this world was composed of many commoners. Knights were just a small part of people on the top of the pyramid.

    Zhang Tie's figure was as sturdy and tall as the Mighty Miracle God. Standing on the steps, he looked very dignified.

    "Who among you excels at civil engineering, especially building palaces?" Zhang Tie put it straight.

    Soon after Zhang Tie finished his words, a swarthy and rich middle-aged man at his 50s raised his hand at once when the others were still confused about Zhang Tie's intention.


    "Fire Dragon Hermit, I'm Lu Yishan, the biggest shareholder of Threerocks Engineering Group in Dashang City, Gaoping Prefecture, Yanzhou Province. Threerocks Engineering Group has a long history and remarkable reputation. Being founded by my ancestor, it's qualified to build a Class I City in Taixia Country. We're good at civil engineering, especially building palaces!" Lu Yishan answered calmly although in a faintly quivering tone.

    "Hmm, not bad, come here!" Zhang Tie waved his hand towards Lu Yishan.

    In the admiring eye light, Lu Yishan held his breath and walked to Zhang Tie's side calmly and bowed towards Zhang Tie once again before standing respectfully on a place two steps lower than that of Zhang Tie on the latter's side.

    As a result, Lu Yishan became outstanding among those visitors outside the official manor at once.

    Seeing Lu Yishan standing on Zhang Tie's side, some representatives of engineering groups of some major clans felt pretty regretful. They had not imagined that they could miss such a good chance to approach Fire Dragon Hermit only after being faintly hesitated.

    When those guys were hesitating whether would they raise their hands now, Zhang Tie opened his mouth once again.

    "Who has an alcohol brewage plant among you?"

    This time, 3 people raised their hands at once.

    Even in this age, alcohol also had special functions. Besides being used as fuel for sports cars such as Faerie-dragon T9, alcohol could also be used in medical services and food processing, etc.. Therefore, it was reasonable for some clans in the 10 cities in Fire Dragon Territory to run alcohol brewage plant.

    "Well, you three, come over here!" Zhang Tie called the three people to approach to him.

    In the others' admiring looks, the three well-dressed people came to the steps below Zhang Tie.

    "Who could produce machines?" Zhang Tie tossed out another question.

    This time, 5 people raised their hands. Zhang Tie let all of them move to his side...

    "Which clan is most disgusting?"

    After hearing this question, all the others exchanged glances with each other. This time, nobody raised hands. At the same time, everybody moved their eyes onto an emaciated old man in a black robe unconsciously. The old man was standing in the crowd with a cold look; two servants were standing on his side with gift packages; although it was bustling in the surroundings, there was open land beside him.

    Noticing that everybody else was looking at him, the old man hesitated. Finally, he raised his hand.

    "Fine, you, come here!"

    Under the amazed eyes, the old man moved to a step beside Zhang Tie. Standing alone on the other side of Zhang Tie, he looked unsocial.

    "Which clan have the most servants and worship kindness in accordance with strict disciplines as well as enjoy the good reputation among the public?"

    This time, people became hesitated once again. Many people wanted to raise their hands; however, after looking around and measuring their own deeds, they finally didn't raise their hands, except one person who gritted his teeth and raised his hand bravely.

    "Who're you?"

    "Hermit, this humble man is Wang Chongde, the master of Wang Clan, Yushun Palace in Ningan City. Wang Clan is known for its strict disciplines. Although being not that famous, we warn our disciples and servants to behave meticulously every day. We would reflect our home disciplines three times a day since young. All of us protect living beings and never kill any animals. Wang Clan provides free porridge in Ningan City all the year round at the request of our ancestors. As long as Wang Clan have food to eat, we will keep providing free porridge all the year round. Therefore, after hearing Hermit's question, I recommend myself shamelessly. If Hermit thinks that I'm improper, please forgive me!" The one who raised his hand said in a flurried way.

    "Since how many years has your clan provided free porridge in Ningan City?"

    "Starting from this humble man's great-grandfather, Wang Clan has provided free porridge for 71 years, 8 months and 21 days ceaselessly in Ningan City, regardless of the weather!"

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter which could almost be heard across the city, "Good, Wang Clan of Yushun Palace. A kind family must have a good fortune. This hermit will bring a good fortune to your clan today so as to satisfy the God's will. Listen, now that Wang Clan could provide free porridge over 70 years constantly, 7 disciples of Wang Clan could enter my Iron-Dragon Sect. If they're talented, they could receive all the contents of my secret method Fire Dragon Hermit !

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, the master of Wang Clan immediately knelt down on the ground and forcefully kowtowed towards Zhang Tie, "I, Wang Chongde, thanks to the great favor of Fire Dragon Hermit on behalf of the ancestors of Wang Clan!"

    When he raised his head once again, Wang Chongde's forehead and eyes both turned red. Being extremely thrilled, he quivered all over.

    "Hmm, come over here!"

    Wang Chognde then picked himself up and patted dust off his clothes. Closely after that, he walked to Zhang Tie's side very respectfully.

    At this moment, all the others threw their shocked eyes at Wang Chongde.

    Nobody could imagine that Wang Clan, Yushun Palace in Ningan City could have such a special treatment like a carp leaping into the dragon's gate.

    However, the master of Wang Clan was right. Many people at present had heard about Wang Clan's disciplines. They all knew that he was telling the truth. Therefore, they couldn't find any fault with him.

    "The others could leave!" Zhang Tie swung his sleeves as he led those people whom he had selected into his official manor...
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