Chapter 1033: The Iron of Iron-Dragon Sect (II)

    Chapter 1033: The Iron of Iron-Dragon Sect (II)

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    After listening to Zhang Tie's introduction of the working principle of the dual-drive engine, all the 5 people in the room became silent.

    Of course, this engine was an unprecedented invention in the eyes of them; however, they didn't understand why Fire Dragon Hermit invented it. This engine was specially designed for high-power fuels such as gasoline; however, in this age, the 5 people had not heard of any fuel in Taixia Country which could fully replace gasoline before the Catastrophe.

    As Zhang Tie looked very interested in it, even Sun Qiming didn't dare displease him by telling him that this engine would not be available even if it was invented.

    "Am I clear?" Zhang Tie asked them.

    After exchanging a glance with each other, the 5 people shook their heads at the same time before replying, "Clear!"

    "Can you make it?"

    They nodded at the same time again.

    "Great, I will give this design drawing to you. There's a differential gearbox under this design drawing. As you've understood it, I will not make a further introduction about it!" Zhang Tie pointed at Sun Qiming as he continued, "4 months later, I need 100 sets of prototypes and differential gearboxes. Additionally, I want to see a plant which could produce at least 100,000 sets of engines and differential gearboxes a year 4 months later. Here are the gold checks of 3 million gold coins!"

    3 million gold coins were enough to build a plant which could produce 100,000 sets of engines a year.

    As Zhang Tie said, he took out a pile of gold checks from Castle of Black Iron and handed it to Sun Qiming. Additionally, he told the other 4 people in a domineering way, "You should follow his order for the next 4 months and assist him to do it well! I don't like to force people to do anything; if anyone of you is not willing to do that, you could exit right away. Is there anyone?"

    Who would dare to refuse Fire Dragon Hermit at this moment? The other 4 people hurriedly determined their minds to help Sun Qiming accomplish this task so as to live up to Hermit's trust.

    "Fine, now that all of you have agreed, if you cannot make it on time, I will punish you. If you could make it on time, I'll make sure that you gain a lot of awards!"


    The 4 people hurriedly nodded, except for Sun Qiming who slightly frowned as if he still hesitated. Even Clan head Yan had thrown a glance at Sun Qiming; however, he seemed to have not seen that warning at all.

    "Do you have any problem?" Zhang Tie asked Sun Qiming.

    "I will definitely exert my full efforts to finish the task assigned by Hermit; however, there's one thing that I have to warn Hermit--as this dual-drive engine doesn't have a proper fuel, even if we could produce it, we'd barely use it; perhaps Hermit has other plans that are out of our commoners' imaginations..." Sun Qiming said meticulously.

    "Don't worry about that. I have my consideration!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile as he continued, "You should finish this task in a low-key manner. Am I clear?"


    "You can leave!"

    The 5 people bowed and moved backward. Until they exited the parlor did they turn around and leave under the guidance of Liu Xing.

    Sitting on the old-fashioned wooden armchair, Zhang Tie watched their backs as he touched his bald head.

    'If Li Tao could accomplish the task on time, the alcohol production base would go online in 3 months. After that, it would produce over 40,000 tons of alcohol a month. By then, the engine production plant would go online too.'

    The iron of Iron-dragon Sect was the same iron of Zhang Tie  1  and steel.

    The change brought by Iron-dragon Sect would enable commoners to fight on the battlefield in the holy war. The power of iron and steam would present itself in a wholly new manner in front of the public.

    Because of iron and steam, even commoners below LV 6 could become a major force that contended with the super demon corps, instead of being slaughtered by the latter.

    What counted most, the reappearance of a propeller-driven airplane in this age would enable humans to wrestle with wing demons besides knights. It could be imagined that when the flames of war extended to Taixia Country, with the help of propeller-driven airplanes, Taixia Country would never repeat the tragedy of human airship troop above Selnes Theater of Operations--numerous fighters sprayed their blood in the sky as they could only watch the sky where the wing demons were indulging in wanton massacre.

    Although there were airboats and knights in Taixia Country, the limited quantities of airboats and knights determined that these kinds of high-end forces and resources could only control limited areas. Actually, battles between commoners and demons accounted the most of the holy war.

    It seemed that Zhang Tie had predicted the iron and steam storm that would start from Fire Dragon Bounty Territory and finally spread over the entire Taixia Country...


    After a short while, when Zhang Tie was working out his layout in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory, the fourth batch of people was brought into the parlor by Liu Xing.

    The 4th batch of people was actually only one old man as slim as a bamboo pole, who was the representative of the most boring clan in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory.

    Of course, the most boring clan was most estranged from the other clans in the Fire Dragon Bounty Territory. Now that this clan could still survive itself, it indicated that this clan had its own bottom line and had its own way to survive itself. Additionally, now that this clan could dispatch a representative to wait outside the official manor, it indicated that this clan understood the ways of people; at least, they held in awe and veneration toward power and force.

    Fire Dragon Bounty Territory indeed required such a clan.

    "Fire Dragon Hermit, this humble man is Gu Hongyi, the clan elder of Introspection Palace in Snowpine City!"

    The moment the old man as slim as a bamboo pole entered the parlor, he had bowed deeply towards Zhang Tie.

    Not all the clan elders were knights. In many common clans, seniors or able ones could also be the clan elders. Undoubtedly, Gu Hongyi was an able man. Given his age, he should have a high seniority in Gu Clan. Now that Gu Clan could dispatch him to Xuantian City, it indicated that he was an able man.

    "Take a seat!"

    After saying thanks to Zhang Tie, Gu Hongyi straightened up and sat on the chair with a restrained and solemn look, being different than that of the earlier three batches of people.

    "Why is your Gu Clan unpopular in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory?" Zhang Tie put it straight.

    After hearing such a straightforward question, Gu Hongyi didn't look embarrassed; instead, he replied frankly, "My elder brother Gu Hongsheng has been serving as an around-the-clock imperial censor for 34 years. He's upright. Over these years, each time he came back to see relatives and offer sacrifice to predecessors, he would investigate local major clans openly and secretly. Whenever he found any disciples or clansmen making illegal things, he would impeach them. Therefore, many local officials from the major clans in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory had been impeached by my elder brother; some of them were caned by my elder brother; some of them were even dismissed. Therefore, our Gu Clan has a poor human relationship in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory!"

    After hearing this reason, Zhang Tie was shocked too much.

    Actually, Zhang Tie was once impeached by an around-the-clock imperial censor in the imperial censorate of Taixia Country; therefore, he disliked around-the-clock imperial censors. It was out of his imagination that there was an imperial censor's clan in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory.

    When he thought that an around-the-clock imperial censor would break out his occupational disease by collecting the illegal behaviors of the local major clans and impeaching them the moment he returned home each year, Zhang Tie would almost collapse mentally. An around-the-clock censor's impeachment to local clans would at least reach military region and be accepted by the commander of the military region. Now that these local landlords had established human relationships, they could never barely establish any relationship with the commander of the military region. Therefore, they could only suffer from the punishment by the commander.

    "Now that your Gu Clan is so unpopular, what if the disciples of Gu Clan is found illegal?" Zhang Tie asked.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's question, Gu Hongyi replied with a proud look, "All the disciples of Gu Clan could recite "The Laws of Taixia Country" at the age of 12. Therefore, disciples of Gu Clan would never do anything illegal, neither would our disciples be found illegal!"

    'Treating "The Laws of Taixia Country" as domestic disciplines and family rules? Recite them at 12 years old? When he recalled "The Laws of Taixia Country" which was as thick as a brick, Zhang Tie could only stay silent and tribute for the disciples of Gu Clan, 'What a weirdo clan!'

    "What does Gu Clan survive on in Snowpine City?"

    "Gu Clan has over 6 million square meters of quality arable land in Snowpine City, some bookstores and a printing plant. Disciples of Gu Clan could be farmers and teachers, many of them work as lawyers in the courts of different cities and provinces..."

    The lawyers of courts in Taixia Country were different than those in other continents and subcontinents. To put it straightforwardly, lawyers in Taixia Country were equal to the counsels of officials in the courts. Because officials in the courts could not recite all the articles of "The Laws of Taixia Country". In many situations, these officials needed a legal advisor who was familiar with "The Laws of Taixia Country".

    There were also lawyers in Jinwu Business Group. In Taixia Country, anyone who was familiar with "The Laws of Taixia Country" would be able to be a lawyer, which was a special occupation in Taixia Country.

    "I want Gu Clan to do one thing for me!"

    "May I know what that thing is?" Gu Hongyi asked meticulously.

    "The cities in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory would carry out local representatives autonomy from then on; however, the local representatives could not behave freely. Gu Clan will be responsible for the supervision of local representatives of the 10 cities in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory!" Zhang Tie said generously. Previously, Zhang Tie just wanted Gu Clan to be his ear and eye as another information channel. However, after knowing that Gu Clan was such a weirdo clan, Zhang Tie directly handed the major task of supervising the local representatives to Gu Clan.

    "Hermit, you're completely pushing Gu Clan to the opposite of local representatives in all cities of Fire Dragon Bounty Territory!"

    "Aren't you Gu Clan already in such a condition?"

    "Gu Clan can agree with you but on a condition!"

    It was Zhang Tie's first time to see someone who dared bargain with him in the parlor. Therefore, he felt fresh and asked, "Go ahead!"

    "Hermit, please take one Gu disciple as your apprentice!" Gu Hongyi replied after gritting his teeth.

    "Hahaha, you're really audacious. Your Gu Clan is the first clan who dares propose a request to me today! I wonder why do you want your clan disciples to cultivate battle skills. Didn't you say that Gu Clan disciples just do farm works, be teachers and lawyers?

    "As the holy war has broken out, we have to prepare for it. It would always be good if one of Gu disciple could survive himself in the chaotic world for the sake of the continuation of the clan!"

    "What if I don't agree with you?"

    Gu Hongyi then stretched his long neck and replied, "Although Gu Clan is not powerful, we always observe laws and regulations; it's difficult for Hermit to find Gu Clan trouble! Whatever, Gu Clan doesn't have even one friend in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory. Even if Hermit dislikes Gu Clan, our clan will not be in a worse situation."

    According to Gu Hongyi's words, if Zhang Tie disagreed with him, Gu Clan would not follow Zhang Tie's order.

    What a Gu Clan!

    "Hahaha, interesting, interesting..." Zhang Tie burst out into laughter as he said, "Now that Gu Clan treats it as a business, I will establish this trade with you. You can go back and have one of your qualified disciples to be my apprentice..."

    Gu Hongyi stood up and bowed deeply towards Zhang Tie, "Thanks, Fire Dragon Hermit!"


    After Gu Hongyi left, Wang Chongde, the master of Wang Clan, Yushun Palace from Ningan City entered.

    After chatting with Wang Chongde for a few minutes with a pleasant look and learning about Wang Clan's situation, Zhang Tie handed a task to Wang Clan.

    "On August 18, I will hold the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect in the official manor. By then many guests would arrive. Previously there were some official servants in the official manor; I don't like them. When I arrived here, I've told them to leave. As the kindest clan in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory, Wang Clan has many servants and good family rules; you dispatch a batch of servants to the official manor and have them receive the guests from all walks of life in the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect!"

    This was evidently a good opportunity for Wang Clan to be well-known in the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect, because those guests in the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect were all heroes and elites from all industries, who were all influential figures.

    The moment Zhang Tie finished his words, Wang Chongde had sprung up as he replied in a quivering voice out of excitement with a blush, "Wang Clan...will exert our full efforts to live up to the Hermit's trust..."


    After the 5 batches of people left the official manor, the entire Fire Dragon Bounty Territory started to run like gears...

    However, Zhang Tie disappeared once again weirdly after making arrangements. Nobody knew where Zhang Tie was...

    Actually, Zhang Tie had long been anxious to return home...
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