Chapter 1035: An Assassination

    Chapter 1035: An Assassination

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    All of Zhang Ping's words drifted into Zhang Tie's ears.

    'Beautifying city wall?'

    Although it sounded staggering, Zhang Tie knew that his father could make it.

    "A few days ago, I heard many business groups who came to Jinwu City complain that the city wall of Jinwu City was too high and as aggressive as a battlefortress. How about planting some creepers on it? When the creepers covered over the city wall, it would look a bit green and not that terrifying anymore..."

    After saying that, Zhang Ping turned around and asked a military officer on his side as he knew that the city wall was designed for some special military purpose, "Will the creepers weaken the effect of the city-defense equipment?"

    "Creepers could reach about 15 m in height at most; however, the lowest city-defense equipment of Jinwu City are above 30 m in height; additionally, as creepers would grow closely along the city wall, it could not hide any enemy. Therefore, it's acceptable to grow creepers at the foot of the city wall!" The military officer answered respectfully.

    "That's good. We will plant creepers then!" Zhang Ping became very happy.

    Hearing his dad's voice from a few meters away, Zhang Tie let out a sigh inside.

    When Zhang Ping talked about creepers, his tone and facial expression reminded Zhang Tie of the scene when his dad whitewashed the fencing of the backyard of their house with him when in Blackhot City. 'Perhaps, dad has already treated Jinwu City as his own home; therefore, as a castellan, he would always do things himself.

    'Zhang family's understakings have expanded greatly; however, dad still remains unchanged.'

    'If dad is more considerable, he should ask about the military officer's opinion before making a decision. Only in this way could he behave as authoritative as a castellan. However, dad did it conversely. He expressed his opinion of planting creepers first before asking about the military officer's opinion. Although it looks normal, what if the military officer opposes him? Whether dad will adopt his opinion or not? If dad doesn't adopt his opinion, he will feel domineering; if dad adopts his opinion, his authority and influence will be gradually weakened in others' eyes.'

    'Of course, my dad is not domineering. If that military officer opposes him, I'm sure that my dad will adopt the military officer's opinion and work out another method. He won't even notice the utterly different influences of the two sequences at all.'

    Although it was too meticulous, it was the essence of becoming an officer and making oneself authoritative in front of the subordinates.

    'Actually, my dad could only be a factory director or manager at most. It might be his upper limit to be a castellan. However, in Youzhou Province, with the protection of Huaiyuan Palace and the management of my elder brother, my dad could be a qualified castellan pleasantly in my territory.'

    'After 4 years, dad remains unchanged. He's just got nobler with a better look. Being always escorted and taken care of by a lot of people, he really looks like an ambitious old man.'

    Zhang Tie didn't expect his father to be too prestigious; he had felt much better at the sight of his father's current situation.

    After taking a look at the city wall and inspecting the situation outside the city wall for a while, Zhang Ping whispered to some guys on his side before going to the parking lot.

    Many people had stopped outside the city gate and watched these "big figures" of Jinwu City out of curiosity. The two teams of fighters at the city gate were maintaining the order. Zhang Tie was also watching his dad in the crowd. Although having mixed moods inside, Zhang Tie looked nothing special but curious like the others.

    Zhang Ping and the other guys on his side were talking as they walked towards the parking lot...

    Right then, Zhang Tie felt a berserk qi in the crowd; closely after that, he felt a killing qi.

    If not being a knight who had a super great knight's consciousness, he could almost not find anything wrong in the crowd.


    "Go die..." Right in the crowd, a man who looked like a common pedlar suddenly pulled out his dagger and charged at Zhang Ping as fast as a lightning bolt.

    "Protect the castellan..."

    Although that man moved fast, Zhang Ping's bodyguards were not weak. Almost the moment the assassin jumped out, one bodyguard had already discovered him. The bodyguard immediately sprung up and rushed towards that killer. When that assassin was dozens of meters away from Zhang Ping, he had been blocked.

    Right in the city gate, two powerful battle qis collided against each other, causing a bang.

    The moment the two powerhouses crashed, those near them were immediately affected. Being affected by their battle qis, some innocent people were instantly blown off by the impact wave of the battle qis and crashed onto the wall inside the city gate, uttering miserable shrieks...

    After suffering such an accident, the city gate was in chaos at once. Most of the onlookers became a bit flurried and started to escape in all directions. At the same time, the two teams of guards at the city gate rapidly formed a flesh wall around Zhang Ping almost the moment someone shouted, "Protect the castellan" and isolated Zhang Ping from those flurried commoners.

    Zhang Tie slightly changed his face; however, he did not panic. With the protection of those guards, he accelerated towards his vehicle. The military officer whom Zhang Ping was talking with directly rushed towards the battlefield and wanted to arrest the assassin as fast as possible.

    The city gate sounded the alarm at the same time...

    The moment Zhang Ping wanted to get on his vehicle, a person in the flurried crowd who was close to the vehicle opened his mouth while numerous lights flew towards Zhang Ping.

    Besides moving extremely fast, the lights were very powerful. Even though two powerhouses on Zhang Ping's side had already released their protective battle qi to cover Zhang Ping, the lights directly broke their protective battle qi and came to Zhang Ping's front in a split second...

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