Chapter 1036: Saving His Father

    Chapter 1036: Saving His Father

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    At this moment, all the bodyguards at present changed their faces...

    This was the trump card!

    The assassin who exclaimed just now was just to attract the others' eyes, the real fatal strike was over here.

    It was already unpredictable that an assassin could shoot out hidden weapons from his mouth; what was more terrifying was that the hidden weapon was not common as it could penetrate through the protective battle qis of the two bodyguards on Zhang Ping's side and covered Zhang Ping's upper body immediately.

    At that moment, Zhang Tie felt a chilly qi approaching him after penetrating through his two bodyguards. His heart pounded...

    It happened so suddenly that nobody could respond to it. As a result, the tragedy was going to happen.





    Along with ceaseless metallic collisions which sounded like how raindrops beat leaves of Japanese banana trees, a gold light flashed around Zhang Ping, which almost covered Zhang Ping completely like a golden armor. After clattering the golden light, those lights immediately changed their directions and shot towards the top of the city gate...

    Before that person who shot hidden weapons towards Zhang Ping responded, Zhang Tie had already appeared on his side and stretched his hand towards his neck.

    One of Zhang Ping's bodyguards also darted towards here with a roar.

    After glaring at Zhang Tie for the last moment in a lifeless way, that assassin's face turned as pitch as ink at once while a wisp of black blood flew out of his mouth corners. Closely after that, his body crumpled. Zhang Tie held his neck without using any strength...

    Actually, before assassin's neck was gripped by Zhang Tie, he was already dead.

    After seeing that assassin was killed, the other assassin who was in the disadvantageous position made a response to it right away. His face also turned black almost at the same time. Closely after that, he was punched by one of Zhang Ping's bodyguards and was sent flying over 20 m away. After falling onto the ground, he couldn't get up anymore.

    The entire process lasted less than 10 seconds since the first assassin launched the attack.

    Zhang Tie knew that the combat was already over.

    In Zhang Tie's perceptions, there were only two killing qis within hundreds of meters. Unless one above earth knight was lurking somewhere and preparing to launch another attack, nothing could escape from Zhang Tie's perceptions. However, if a shadow knight wanted to kill Zhang Ping, the two assassins became unnecessary as a blow of a shadow knight could solve all the forces beside Zhang Ping. Therefore, the combat had come to an end.

    Until then did the golden light surrounding Zhang Ping break off and fall onto the ground while rotating. They were just a handful of gold coins.

    Zhang Tie didn't move, he just gripped the assassin's neck and watched the assassin's face which was turning black and decomposing with a slight frown...

    The assassin's brain rotted first. Zhang Tie just tried his utmost to collect the remaining information from the decomposing brain of the assassin.

    It was chaotic in the surroundings. Zhang Tie heard heavy footsteps. After hearing the alerts from the city gate, the fighters on the top of the city gate rushed off towards here...

    Zhang Tie's dad looked a bit pale. After throwing a glance at those gold coins on his side before moving his eyes onto Zhang Tie whose look was strange to him. Closely after that, he was pushed onto the vehicle with the protection of his bodyguards.

    The moment Zhang Ping and one bodyguard got on the vehicle, the vehicle had accelerated into the city. Although Zhang Ping got off the vehicle just now, the driver was still in it. The driver who had received professional training would drive Zhang Ping away from the dangerous place as fast as possible according to the emergency plan.

    "Hmm..." With a muffled sound, a bodyguard beside Zhang Ping rapidly cut off his right palm by a dagger.

    When the lights shot towards Zhang Ping, this bodyguard stretched his right palm to catch them; however, a light penetrated through his protective battle qi along with his palm, leaving a needle-sized bloody point on his palm. However, only after a few seconds, his palm had started to turn black and rot. After sensing the overbearing toxicity of the hidden weapon, the bodyguard immediately made a decision to cut off his right palm.

    After falling onto the ground, the broken right palm gradually turned into a puddle of black water.

    Zhang Tie also loosed his grip. After that, the assassin's body started to turn soft and smoke. Additionally, his face started to melt. The moment he crumpled on the ground, a puddle of stinky black water had flown out of his body.

    Zhang Tie raised his head and found that the chaotic crowd had been driven away only after such a short while. Meanwhile, a great batch of city guards of Jinwu City had already surrounded him and targeted at him with their long spears and crossbows.

    Two bodyguards and some military officials on Zhang Ping's side also goggled at him with fully vigilant and intense eye light.

    It was one bodyguard on Zhang Ping's side who stopped the others from attacking Zhang Tie. Because that bodyguard faintly remembered that the golden light that covered Zhang Ping flew off Zhang Tie's sleeve.

    The golden light was actually caused by the flying gold coins. Although that assassin who shot his hidden weapons out of his mouth was irresistible and terrifying, Zhang Tie's move was really an exceptional art, which was already out of the realm of hidden weapons. It was more like an immortal, fabulous realm--although being launched a bit later, they blocked all the flying needles; additionally, they suspended around Zhang Ping. In the urgent moment, they protected Zhang Ping like an armor...

    The others used hidden weapons to kill people; however, this one saved people with hidden weapons. Nobody had ever heard about this before even in Taixia Country, not to mention having ever seen it.

    After throwing a glance at the people surrounding him, Zhang Tie took in a deep breath before saying, "I'm just a passer-by..."

    Although revealing a smile, Zhang Tie felt colder inside than before. If he didn't come to Jinwu City out of a whim, his dad might have already...

    When Zhang Tie thought about the potential result, he became scared. Besides, a killing qi surged in his mind.

    "Tough man, please wait a moment in Jinwu City and coordinate with the aspect of Jinwu City for the investigation. If you've nothing to do with the assassination, Jinwu City will pay you a great reward!" The bodyguard cupped his hands towards Zhang Tie with a solemn look while the others were gazing at Zhang Tie's hands and sleeves...

    Facing such an event, Zhang Tie also knew that Jinwu City would not easily let him go. After throwing a glance at those people who were ready to charge at him at any time, Zhang Tie became faintly hesitated before slowly nodding his head...


    In less than half an hour, the event that Zhang Ping was assassinated by powerhouses in Jinwu City had already spread over the entire city, even across Youzhou Province. Numerous people were shocked inside...
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