Chapter 1037: Concerns and Surprises

    Chapter 1037: Concerns and Surprises

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    Only after 2 hours, Zhang Yang had received the news and arrived at home in Jinwu City...

    At this moment, Zhang family was living in the inner city, the core of Jinwu City, which covered over 1 million square meters. Being protected by castles and high city walls and set off by mountains, rivers and gardens, Zhang family had already looked like a real major clan.

    Over 20,000 Jinwu guards were protecting the inner city. The camp of Jinwu Guards was close to the inner city which could be mobilized at any time. The moment the Jinwu guards heard the news that Zhang Ping was assassinated, they had turned as ferocious as furious beasts. The entire camp started to move. Even the inside of Jinwu City had started a curfew. Squads of fully-armored patrols appeared in the streets across the city at once, causing an abrupt intense atmosphere in the city.

    Zhang Yang's airboat directly landed at the airport in the inner city. The moment the airboat landed, Zhang Yang had got off it with a solemn look. Those who had long been waiting over there hurriedly moved forward and followed after Zhang Yang towards the inner mansion.

    "How's my father?" Zhang Yang hurriedly strode as he asked a steward.

    "Master is fine. He was just a bit startled and was playing with some young masters in the mansion..." As Zhang Yang strode very fast, the steward almost trotted so as to catch up with him.

    After hearing this, Zhang Yang looked a bit better, 'If dad could still play with his grandsons, it means that he's fine.'

    "Have you closed the city gate?" Zhang Yang asked after throwing a glance at the other man in the uniform of Jinwu Guards on his side.

    "Castellan told us to not treat it too seriously in case of influencing the trades in Jinwu City. He ordered us to not close the city gate..." The military officer answered.

    After hearing this reply, Zhang Yang slightly frowned. Closely after that, he relieved his frown. Because he knew that was how his dad always behaved. Although being a castellan, he still felt like being a boss of the rice brew store as before in Blackhot City. He would always consider the interests of his family; instead of his own hardships and safety.

    When Zhang Yang entered the inner courtyard, all the male and female servants hurriedly stood aside as they bowed and greeted him.

    After returning home, a knight dispatched by Golden Roc Bank to protect Zhang Yang stayed outside. Zhang Yang himself entered home.

    After such a major event occurred, all the family members almost gathered in the lobby of the main mansion, including Zhang Tie's wives.

    Zhang Yang saw his dad putting two 2-3-year-old babies on his legs and letting them climb over there while his mother was talking with Linda, Beverly and Fiona on one side with red eyes.

    At the sight of Zhang Yang, those in the lobby almost stood up at the same time, except for Zhang Yang's parents.

    Over these years, as Zhang Tie was not at home, Zhang Yang was responsible for the entire Zhang family and looked more like the master of a family.

    "Papa..." A juvenile called Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang nodded. This juvenile was Zhang Chengan.

    Born in 890 of Black Iron Calendar, Zhang Chengan already looked like a 13-year-old strong juvenile while his look was more similar to that of Zhang Yang. As the eldest son of the 3rd generation of Zhang family, he had a lot of younger brothers and sisters; Zhang Chengan was calm and steady since young. Although he was young, he already looked a bit mature.

    "Dad, are you fine?" Zhang Yang sat down in front of Zhang Ping. After looking at Zhang Ping from his head to toe, Zhang Yang became completely reassured.

    "I'm fine, of course, I'm fine..." Zhang Ping replied as he strengthened his legs with a big smile, making it a sliding board for the two babies. Although Linda and Beverly wanted to cradle the babies away, they were stopped by Zhang Ping.

    "I will let Liu Knight stay with you!"

    "No need. You always do business outside. If not being protected by a knight, the entire family would be worried about you. In Huaiyuan Palace, knights are all clan elders. Heavenly Fortune Sect has already arranged a knight to protect our home, it's already very eye-catching. Many people outside have been blaming me about that. If the castellan of Jinwu City was followed by a clan elder-level powerhouse, what the others of Huaiyuan Palace would think about me?" Zhang Ping turned his head and told Zhang Yang with a serious look.


    Zhang Ping stopped Zhang Yang. Although Zhang Yang was decisive and more influential outside, he had to be docile at home in front of Zhang Ping.

    Zhang Ping let out a deep sigh, "As you two brothers have established such a great undertaking in Taixia Country; the entire Zhang family is growing vigorous; Chengan and the other grandsons and granddaughters are growing more and more excellent. I'm already satisfied to help you brothers look after the family. Previously, when I made one gold coin a month in the factory of Blackhot City, who could imagine that I, Zhang Ping could live such a wealthy life. Even if I could not come back alive, I wouldn't feel regretful at all..."

    After hearing Zhang Ping's words, Zhang Tie's mom dropped off her tears once again, "I've told your dad to not be the castellan of Jinwu City anymore. It's too dangerous..."

    "Woman! If those people really wanted to harm us; unless our Zhang family members stayed in the inner city for the rest of our lives, they would find a chance to do that sooner or later. It has nothing to do with my status. Jinwu City is the undertaking of our family. If our family became so timid in our own city, wouldn't it be a laughingstock?" Zhang Ping blamed Zhang Yang's mom. Although Zhang Yang's mom was always reasonable, facing such a big event, she didn't dispute with Zhang Ping anymore as she knew that Zhang Ping was right.

    After saying that, Zhang Ping turned around and watched Zhang Yang, "I know my own ability. It's my upper limit to give a favor to this family as the castellan of Jinwu City. It's also what I could do for you brothers now. Don't make this event a fuss. After a few days, I will continue to do my job instead of dropping the official affairs in Jinwu City..."

    Zhang Yang revealed a smile, "I know, I will arrange the other things!"

    "Let's have a dinner. Coincidentally, Chengan came back today. We could have a meal together..." Zhang Ping said as he cradled the two babies and stood up.


    At the table, Zhang Yang didn't mention this event anymore. He even asked about Zhang Chengan's studies in Youzhou Provincial School.

    Youzhou Provincial School was not the supreme official school across Youzhou Province. Its teachers were the most excellent ones in Youzhou Province, who were top talents in all aspects. Additionally, Knight-level elders or guests from clans in Youzhou Province always went to give lessons over there. Even Huaiyuan Palace, the clan of the provincial governor of Youzhou Province could not afford such excellent teachers. As Taixia Country paid attention to education very much, all the provincial schools would gather elites in all industries. As a result, both major clans and common families could share the quality education. Given comprehensive teaching capability, provincial schools definitely ranked first. However, some major clan's private schools could also match provincial schools.

    Except for one point, namely, human relationship. Most of the disciples in private schools only shared one family name, including someone from other clans who had relationships with this clan or from collateral bloodlines. By contrast, surnames were not limited in official schools. One official school could have disciples from both major clans and common families. Even though those disciples from common families who graduated from official schools might become prefectural or provincial governors in the future, not to mention those from major clans. The original intention of official school was to select officials from commoners so as to balance the influence of local major clans.

    Almost half of the learners in Youzhou Provincial School came from major clans across Youzhou Province according to the quota; the other half were the local excellent juveniles in Youzhou Province through public selection.

    Zhang Chengan had already learned in Youzhou Provincial School for 3 years.

    Of course, provincial schools were different than that of those major sects in Taixia Country because they were on two routes.

    Coincidentally, Zhang Chengan attended the practicum of Youzhou Provincial School today. When he passed by Jinwu City and felt it was intense all over, Zhang Chengan asked people about what happened inside. When he heard that his grandpa was assassinated, he hurriedly ran back home to pay a visit to Zhang Ping.

    "After having a meal, go back immediately. Don't behave special in Youzhou Provincial School because of your status!" Zhang Yang told his son.

    "Don't worry, papa, I've not mentioned about my status at school yet. Besides some teachers at school, most of the classmates only know that I come from Yanghe Prefecture. Additionally, I asked for 6 hours' leave from the teacher. As my grandpa is fine, I'm reassured. I will go back soon..." Zhang Chengan replied seriously.

    After hearing his words, Zhang Ping nodded as he felt that his son had been docile, "What practicum are you having in Jinwu City?"

    "It's about airship and geography which will last 1.5 months. We will circle around Youzhou Province by airship and learn how to manipulate airship and the terrain, distribution of natural resources, layout of cities and military geography..."

    Hearing Zhang Chengan's answers, Zhang Ping nodded as he sighed with emotions, "Read and travel. Good method. Take a ride in the sky and learn whatever you see. You will learn both how to manipulate airships in the air and the knowledge on the ground. Such a good education condition could only be available in Taixia Country. When in Blackhot City, I remember that your Uncle Tie would rush towards school with a schoolbag while gnawing a roasted sweat potato. At that time, our home was far away from school, in order to save some copper coins, your Uncle Tie didn't even take a bus. The so-called practicum at school was just some simple items on the processing tables. Occasionally, he had to plow the land! As you've got such a good educational resource, you have to treasure it and study hard..."

    "I've kept your words in mind, grandpa!" Zhang Chengan nodded.

    When Zhang Ping talked about Zhang Tie, the atmosphere at the table became gloomy at once. The moment Zhang Tie's mom controlled her tears, her eyes had turned red once again, "Zhang Tie is still in the Earth-elements Realm?"

    Zhang Yang nodded.

    "I wonder whether Guoguo is fine in Earth-elements Realm. It's said that it's dark all the year round over there. It's full of dangers. Being covered with magma and mutated beasts, it was as perilous as the hell. These babies have not seen their papa yet although they could already speak like Chenglei at their age..." Zhang Tie's mom said with a worried look.

    Linda, Beverly and Fiona slowed down their chopsticks. Although the table was full of delicious food, they didn't feel like eating anymore...

    "Dad, mom, younger sisters-in-law, don't worry, as long as Jinwu Business Group still exists, I'm sure that Zhang Tie will come back aboveboard soon. I've already contacted the side of Xuanyuan Hill. There's already a hope..." Zhang Yang replied in a muffled voice.

    After hearing Zhang Yang's news, the entire Zhang family became spirited.

    Although Zhang Ping's accident made Zhang family scared, the moment they heard that Zhang Tie might come back aboveboard, the entire family became reassured as nothing else was more important than Zhang Tie's case.

    Zhang Yang was the helmsman of this family and helped Zhang family tide over the ocean by dodging away from reefs and rapids. However, the entire family, including Zhang Yang knew that Zhang Tie was the key stand of this family. As long as Zhang Tie was at home, the entire family would be filled with cheers and would not worry about any difficulty...


    Although the event that Zhang Ping was assassinated was severe, the 3rd generation of Zhang family were all kids. Additionally, Zhang Yang and Zhang Tie were all in the prime of their lives. If they wanted, they could deliver over 100 sons. Therefore, nobody would think about harming Zhang Chengan.

    After supper, Zhang Yang arranged a bodyguard to escort Zhang Chengan away from the city.

    The moment Zhang Chengan left, Donder the manager of Golden Roc Bank in Jinwu City had arrived.

    After caring about Zhang Ping, Donder came to the study with Zhang Yang for a secret talk.

    The moment Donder left, Elder Muen of Huaiyuan Palace had arrived with a great batch of powerhouses from the Court of Youzhou Province and Huaiyuan Palace. The moment they arrived, these powerhouses had scattered in Jinwu City for clues...

    After talking with Elder Muen secretly, Zhang Yang arranged Elder Muen to settle down in the inner city for the time being. After that, a trusted subordinate of Zhang Ping found a chance to whisper to Zhang Ping...

    The moment Zhang Ping heard that, his eyes flickered as he asked, "Where's he?"

    "We've already arranged him in the Starlight Castle..."

    "I will take a look over there..."
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