Chapter 1039: Reunion of Brothers

    Chapter 1039: Reunion of Brothers

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    Zhang Yang stopped less than 20 steps away from Zhang Tie's room. At the sight of Zhang Yang, two fighters at the door chested out and looked forward.

    If not Zhang Yang was sure that he was healthy, he almost thought that he got a phonism.

    However, Zhang Yang knew that it was not phonism, but a secret voice transmission skill used by knights. Now that the one in the room knew that he had arrived from so far away by ears and could talk with him in secret voice transmission skill without being discovered by his knight bodyguard, it meant that the one's overall strength had surpassed the knight bodyguard on his side.

    Zhang Yang's heart raced. When he stopped, the two followers also stopped as they watched him with curious looks.

    In a split second, Zhang Yang had considered well some things.

    "Is that man inside the room?"

    "Yes, he's still inside and waiting for colonel!" The military officer on Zhang Yang's side replied.

    In Jinwu Business Group and Jinwu City, besides stewards and servants of Zhang family who called Zhang Yang first young master, all the others called him colonel--the colonel of Jinwu Business Group.

    "Let the two guards at the door leave. After I enter it, keep people 50 m away!" Zhang Yang said with a glassy-eyed look.

    After hearing this order, the two people beside Zhang Yang became startled.

    "Colonel, this person is unidentified. Additionally, he excels at using a hidden weapon. His battle strength is also above battle general. I'm afraid that..."

    One person became worried about Zhang Yang's safety.

    "Don't worry about that..." Zhang Yang threw a glance at that military officer. The military officer then became silent. As Zhang Yang had been prestigious in Jinwu Business Group these years, nobody across Jinwu Business Group dared doubt his command. After hearing Zhang Yang's words, the knight bodyguard also became silent. He just nodded and expressed that he would wait for Zhang Yang from 50 m away after Zhang Yang entered the room.

    This knight bodyguard came from Golden Roc Bank. He would immediately follow Zhang Yang's order like fulfilling a contract within his responsibilities.

    When Zhang Yang walked over there, the two guards left the door too. As a result, nobody was within 50 m.

    When Zhang Yang pushed open the door, a whim occurred to his mind, 'What if the one inside the room is not Zhang Tie, but another plot?'

    However, Zhang Yang immediately revealed a smile, 'Based on the superb voice-transmission skill of this person, even if he was not Zhang Tie, he could raid me and probably kill me immediately the moment I entered the room even with a knight bodyguard on my side; instead of having to play such a trick.'

    After taking a deep breath, Zhang Yang pushed open the door as he saw a figure standing at the window. After hearing the sound behind him, Zhang Tie turned around, revealing his original look and frame to Zhang Yang, although his clothes looked a bit loose...

    Zhang Tie recovered his original look by activating his body-changing immortal bloodline; however, he didn't change his clothes.

    Of course, clothes were not important at this moment.

    Zhang Yang was a bit thrilled as he didn't care about the details of the clothes. However, after staying so many years in Taixia Country, he had already known that seeing was not always believing. If not, his younger brother Zhang Tie would not be trapped by the tragedy in Fuhai City.

    Zhang Tie watched Zhang Yang too. After 4 years, Zhang Yang had changed a lot in Zhang Tie's eyes. He looked more mature and dignified. Additionally, Zhang Yang had been LV 10.

    "Elder brother..." Zhang Tie shouted.

    "What did I do when I came to your school for the first time after you entered No. 7 Male Middle School in Blackhot City?"

    After hearing elder brother's question and noticing the vigilance in his excited eyes, Zhang Tie became stunned. Closely after that, Zhang Tie grinned, 'How could anyone know that secret besides an elder brother and me.'

    Honestly, it was a scandal. That year, Zhang Tie had spermatorrhea. Additionally, he wrote down many diaries about how much he liked Miss Daina. As a result, the bed sheet with the stains of sperm being exposed to the sun at the attic always attracted his elder brother's mocks. What was more, his elder brother found his diary from below his bed and knew his secrets. As his elder brother was also young at that time, he went to see the look of the woman whose name Zhang Tie had written many times in his diary when he picked up Zhang Tie at his school.

    After recalling what happened at that time, Zhang Tie signed with emotions, "Elder brother, when you went to my school for the time, you let me understand how stupid it was for a bashful juvenile to write diaries."

    Since his elder brother went to school, Zhang Tie had been mocked so many times by his elder brother. For a long time, he felt too bashful to raise his head and was a bit furious about his elder brother; however, his elder brother didn't tell this to their parents. He even solemnly told Zhang Tie to not write his secrets on the paper as it was not a good habit. After irritating Zhang Tie, Zhang Yang also felt a bit regretful. He even bought a lot of snacks for Zhang Tie. Therefore, this conflict then became an anecdote and secret between the two brothers at their young age. From then on, Zhang Tie burned all of his diaries and didn't write it anymore.

    After Zhang Tie answered it briefly, Zhang Yang had run towards Zhang Tie and hugged him tightly.

    When they departed from each other, Zhang Yang's eyes turned red. He looked at Zhang Tie carefully from head to toe. After that, he punched Zhang Tie's chest before moving two steps backward and recovering his solemn look.

    "It's too dangerous. You should not come back!"

    This room had been inlaid with a special alchemical device, which could prevent the sound from leaking out of the room like a single-way glass. Even knights could barely eavesdrop their talk from outside the room. However, the sound outside the room could be heard from inside. Therefore, Zhang Yang was not worried that their talk would be exposed to the public.

    Of course, people in Jinwu Business Group and Jinwu City could identify Zhang Tie's original look, neither would Zhang Tie enter the city in his original look. Additionally, Zhang Yang had heard about the look of the person who saved his father outside the city gate. Therefore, Zhang Yang thought that Zhang Tie just used that look to hide his real identity during these years' escape. therefore, he didn't ask Zhang Tie about the disguised look at all.

    "If I did not come back in time, my dad would be in danger today..." Zhang Tie let out a sigh as he pointed at a chair in the room to let Zhang Yang sit down.

    "You know that someone was going to kill our father; therefore, you came back especially?"

    Of course, Zhang Yang thought so.

    Zhang Tie forced a bitter smile as he shook his head with a solemn look and said, "After this event, I was also scared too much. If I didn't pass by there accidentally and hear that the castellan was coming, the result of this event would be unpredictable. Previously, I just wanted to take a look at our family members stealthily. I've not imagined that I could meet this event. Our parents usually said that a good act would be well rewarded, as our mother always did meritorious deeds, the God might give Zhang family a favor so that dad could survive the dangers!"

    Before coming here, Zhang Yang was still guessing about the identity of the hidden weapon powerhouse who saved his father at the critical moment and whether it was another plot. However, after meeting Zhang Tie, all the doubts had been cleared. Even though Zhang Tie had not shown his talents in using hidden weapons, his identity as a knight and his great military exploits in the past had already made people very confident about him. Therefore, Zhang Yang only wondered about the culprit of the assassination.

    Jinwu City was searching for the clues behind the killers. Zhang Yang was also thinking about the major clans that had commercial competitions and conflicts of interests with Zhang Clan and preparing for the revenge. Now that they could assign dauntless killers to hurt Zhang family, Zhang Yang could also assign more dauntless killers to hurt their families. In the future, Jinwu Business Group would have endless dauntless fighters.

    After Zhang Yang told Zhang Tie about his guesses, Zhang Tie shook his head, "Not these clans, the culprit of this assassination is definitely not any of those clans in Taixia Country who have commercial competitions and conflicts of interests with Zhang Clan and Jinwu Business Group, but the very one who framed me in Fuhai City!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Zhang Yang became shocked. He had also thought about this point before. However, after 4 years' peaceful period, those people who framed Zhang Tie almost became the target for all in Taixia Country. The imperial court, local major clans, seven top sects and dark forces were all focusing on this event. Those people dared not expose themselves at all. Zhang Yang thought that those people dared not offend Zhang Clan anymore; therefore, he didn't owe the assassination to those people. After knowing Zhang Tie's firm attitude, Zhang Yang realized the severity of this event.

    "Do you have any clue?"

    "Yup, I've caught the tail of the culprit. The culprit is very powerful. He colludes with demons. Even the entire Zhang family and Huaiyuan Palace could not hurt him at all!"

    Zhang Yang turned gloomy too. He gritted his teeth as a killing qi flashed across his face. He watched Zhang Tie with a firm expression, "No matter what, it never ends. That one targets at you, then papa; our Zhang family will definitely fight him to death. As you've caught the tail of the culprit, what are you going to do then?"

    "I could not defeat the culprit previously; however, the culprit would be beaten like a rat crossing the road wherever he appeared in Taixia Country. Even though he's a shadow knight, he should also behave meticulously. Additionally, he must have a lot of opponents!" Zhang Tie revealed a faintly solemn look, "We don't need to fight them face-to-face. We only need to make use of the resources on our side!"


    "Now that two killers could appear at the city gate, there must be a mole in Jinwu City. Only after receiving the news of their mole could they arrive at the city gate on time and make preparations for the attack. We'd better check those people who knew about dad's schedule 1 hour before the assassination."

    "Jinwu Guards have been on it!" Zhang Yang replied in a gloomy voice. There were powerhouses and talents in this aspect among Zhang Yang's subordinates. Almost the moment they heard about the news that Zhang Ping was assassinated, they had known that Zhang Ping's schedule was leaked in advance. There must be a mole of the killers inside the city, who must be very familiar with the trace of Zhang Tie's dad. Therefore, they could make a timely arrangement.

    "Jinwu Guards have been investigating them. After you were framed and escaped away, I've been paying attention to the safety of our family members these years; especially the schedule of our father, which was always arranged by security officers. Dad's inspection outside the city gate was temporary. Before the event, less than 100 people knew the concrete schedule of our dad. If those killers really have a mole inside the city, it's definitely among those people..."

    "Can we put all of them under house arrest?" Zhang Tie asked.

    Zhang Yang nodded as he replied without any hesitation, "Yes, we can. 2/3 of these people are staff in the castellan's mansion of Jinwu City, less than 1/3 of them were from the other places across Taixia Country, who gradually joined the system of Jinwu City and Jinwu Business Group with the expansion of Jinwu Business Group and Jinwu City. It's just a matter of word to have them coordinate with us for the investigation."

    "Can we isolate these people independently..." Zhang Tie revealed a cold look.

    Zhang Yang faintly frowned as he replied, "As there're so many people, the mole must have paid special attention to keep his secrets. Even if we isolated them independently, we might not get any intelligence. If we torture them one after another, I'm afraid..."

    "Just put them under house arrest. As long as the mole is among them, I could find him..." Zhang Tie said in a profound way...
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