Chapter 1040: Drive Tigers to Kill Wolves

    Chapter 1040: Drive Tigers to Kill Wolves

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    "You could find that mole?" Zhang Yang became spirited after hearing Zhang Tie's words.

    Zhang Tie nodded.

    Zhang Yang became a bit thrilled. Since he saw Zhang Tie once again, he had become reassured inside. However, when he imagined how the two dauntless assassins attacked his dad today, he frowned once again and became a bit hesitated, "Referring to the firm mind of the two assassins at the last moment, the one who passed the intelligence must be a dauntless person too. The moment he finds that he's targeted, he will commit suicide and become a puddle of blood in the blink of an eye even if you could find him. I'm afraid that we could not get anything from him..."

    Zhang Tie replied with a smile. Of course, Zhang Tie had thought about this situation. 'Actually, it's not important whether this person will commit suicide or not. In killers' organizations, such people who's responsible for passing intelligence don't know too much. What's more, I could find him; additionally, I've already got some intelligence. As long as we could make outsiders feel that we've caught this guy and got much intelligence from him through torture!"

    "You mean..." Zhang Yang was a bit clear.

    "The two assassins came from Zhongzhou Province. They are members of the same killers' organization. They only have codes instead of names. One's code is 137; the other's code is 224. The base of the killer's organization is located in Pinsha Valley, Longxi Prefecture, Zhongzhou Province, one of the top 9 immortal provinces in Taixia Country. As long as Jinwu Business Group expose this intelligence to the public and imply that this assassination is related to the culprit who framed me 4 years ago, the powerhouses from the supreme court and the 7 major sects in Taixia Country would charge at that place and turn it upside down. Someone would definitely move ahead of us..."

    "Drive tigers to kill wolves!"

    "Yes, drive trigers to kill wolves!"

    Over these years, the biggest pending criminal case that shocked the entire Taixia Country was the tragedy in Fuhai City. With Zhang Tie's escape and the release of the article in Mountain of Brightness, the tragedy in Fuhai City gradually fermented over the past 4 years. As a result, more and more people knew Zhang Tie's name; the influence of the case was also growing greater. Across Taixia Country, the supreme court, the local major sects and clans and numerous knights were paying attention to this case all the time. Because this event was weird and was involved with demons, the Heavens Reaching Church, the Bloody Soul Temple which had already been eliminated and an increasingly popular young knight in Taixia Country, any intelligence about this case would attract the attention of all parties; especially the identity of the culprit of this tragedy, which made many people restless. As long as there was any clue, the parties in Taixia Country would definitely charge at it like hungry tigers.

    "The power of Jinwu Business Group and Zhang family could not reach as far as Zhongzhou Province. Even if we could, our power is limited!" Zhang Tie watched Zhang Yang as he said firmly, "However, it doesn't matter; because Zhang family is not the only one which wants to find that culprit and remove him!"

    "As long as we release the news, the killers' organization in Pingsha Valley, Longxi Prefecture, Zhongzhou Province will be uprooted and eliminated. This is how we Zhang family revenge them!" Zhang Yang narrowed his eyes with a killing qi.

    Zhang Tie nodded as he said, "After the supreme court and the seven major sects in Taixia Country launched an attack towards the base, they would get more things by clues if they're lucky. We only need to wait for that..."

    "Even your crime might be redressed!"

    "It depends. However, at least, we could tell the culprit through this means that Zhang family is not weak, even if we cannot defeat him. If he wants to hurt us, he has to pay for that no matter how considerate he is. The price of framing me is to expose himself and make all parties in Taixia Country vigilant; the price of assassinating our dad is to eliminate the killers' organization. After failing twice, even though that culprit has not been discovered, he has to consider the outcome for the next failure."

    Zhang Yang pounded one punch onto one palm, causing a bang in the room before saying, "Zhang family could expose the intelligence to Heavens Fortune Sect and have Huaiyuan Palace report it to the supreme court of Xuanyuan Hill. We can expose it tonight and take the enemy by surprise..."

    Zhang Tie nodded, "The faster, the better!"

    Zhang Yang tightly pursed his mouth, revealing two firm wrinkles on his face.

    After exchanging a glance with each other, the two brothers burst out into laughter. Through the brief talk, the two brothers both felt the opponent has changed a lot and turned mature. They could carry more burdens and could understand each other much better...

    Especially Zhang Yang, who sighed with emotions when he found that Zhang Tie could inflict heavy losses on the powerful enemy, influence the overall situation in Taixia Country and defuse Zhang family's crisis by making such a plan of driving tigers to kill wolves.

    Before coming to the Starlight Castle, Zhang Yang still felt gloomy inside; however, only after meeting Zhang Tie a short while, he had already been much clearer about what to do next.

    Zhang Yang didn't know how Zhang Tie knew the backgrounds and identities of the two assassins. Now that Zhang Tie didn't explain it to him, Zhang Yang didn't ask him about that. Since Zhang Tie gave that marvelous fruit to him, Zhang Yang had known that his younger brother had too many secrets. Therefore, Zhang Yang would not feel strange no matter what happened to Zhang Tie.

    "Compared to that 4 years ago, Zhang Tie, you've changed a lot. I really wonder what you've experienced in the past 4 years..." Zhang Yang sighed with emotion, "Dad and mom are worried about you every day. When I see you, I know that your life is definitely out of our imagination!"

    "Elder brother, you've changed a lot too. You look more like a master of a major clan. Even your bodyguard is a knight."

    "I cannot make it without you. That knight-level bodyguard is hired from Golden Roc Bank." Zhang Yang revealed a faintly bitter yet relaxed smile. He put one hand onto Zhang Tie's shoulder forcefully and said, "It's good that you could come back. Your case might be redressed. The atmosphere in Youzhou Province is not as intense as that a few years ago. As long as you don't appear in the original look, you could stay in Youzhou Province safe and sound. Nobody could hurt you. If you do not feel free and want to take a walk in Chaosang Subcontinent, I can make arrangements for your schedule. After your order for arrest was revoked, you would come back aboveboard..."

    After hearing his elder brother's words, Zhang Tie thought a few seconds before replying in a euphemistic tone, "Elder brother, I'm already...already an earth knight!"

    'Earth knight?'

    Zhang Yang goggled at Zhang Tie. Even though he was experienced and always behaved calmly, he still felt vacant in mind after hearing this news.

    When Zhang Tie promoted to a black iron knight in Waii Subcontinent, the news had shocked the entire subcontinent. Even in Taixia Country, an earth knight was already a powerhouse on the same level as the provincial governor and Cheji General. Who could imagine that Zhang Tie had already promoted to an earth knight after escaping for 4 years? The fact was that there were very few earth knights in Youzhou Province.

    Zhang Yang almost thought that he misheard it.

    Zhang Tie's following words shocked Zhang Yang so much that he almost passed out.

    "I have another identity, Fire Dragon Hermit!"

    "Fire...Fire Dragon Hermit..." Zhang Yang stammered. Zhang Yang had already received the golden invitation card from Iron-Dragon Sect. As Zhang Yang was not a knight, when he received the invitation card, he felt a bit arrogant as he thought that it indicated that he himself had a greater influence due to the rising position and influence of Jinwu Business Group. It was really out of his imagination that Fire Dragon Hermit was Zhang Tie.

    After being stunned a short while, Zhang Yang recalled something as he stammered, "Isn't Fire Dragon Hermit as strong as an iron tower like a Mighty Miracle God? Additionally, Fire Dragon Hermit is cultivating the famous "Fire Dragon Sutra", how come you...you..."

    Watching his elder brother's dumbfounded look, Zhang Tie rubbed his face. Although his voice sounded normal, it was ethereal in Zhang Yang's ears. Zhang Tie replied, "I've awakened an immortal bloodline. I could change my figure and look freely. Additionally, I've mastered a secret method. I could simulate "Fire Dragon Sutra". Only elder brother knows these secrets. Remember to keep these secrets even to our family members and Huaiyuan Palace. If you expose these secrets to them, you might hurt them..."

    Unconsciously, Zhang Tie had applied a secret skill in his Soul Forbidden Method in his sound. After Zhang Yang heard that, these secrets would turn into information fragments and lie in the depth of Zhang Yang's consciousness forever. Even if Zhang Yang met another powerhouse who mastered the Soul Forbidden Method, the secrets in the depth of his consciousness could not be dug out either; unless the opponent was also a supreme dominator with greater spiritual energy than that of Zhang Tie and was much more proficient in Soul Forbidden Method. In that way, the opponent might discover the encrypted information fragments, extracting them and recovering them. However, it was almost impossible.

    'In the worst scenario, even if there was such a person who could gain the secrets from my elder brother, he only knows that I've awakened a unique immortal bloodline which could change my own look and figure. He could never imagine that I could simulate "Fire Dragon Sutra" through "King Roc Sutra"; instead, he could at most think that I'm cultivating a marvelous secret method. As for the effect of "King Roc Sutra", only the cultivator himself knows it.'

    The two secrets were very important for Zhang Tie; however, it was not the most important. Even though they were exposed, they would not cause any fatal outcome. Actually, Zhang Tie had too many secrets. In the current stage, the secrets which could really put the cat among the pigeons was Castle of Black Iron, his "King Roc Sutra", "Purgatory Samsara", his profession "Supreme Dominator" and the fact that he had "the Great Wilderness Sutra".

    The two secrets would definitely arouse a great disturbance no matter who had them, except for Zhang Tie. Because Zhang Tie had too many secrets. By contrast, the two secrets became relatively not that important.

    Even though, Zhang Tie had also considered a lot before exposing a small part of his secrets to Zhang Yang. Now that he had returned to Youzhou Province, he had to contact Zhang family. As Zhang Yang was his brother, it would not bring him any trouble by exposing his another identity to Zhang Yang; instead, it would have a lot of benefits. With the help of Zhang Yang, many things would become more convenient. Additionally, neither doubts nor jokes would be aroused.

    Zhang Yang watched Zhang Tie for 5 minutes before recovering his composure. However, he still didn't believe in what he heard. He felt that his heart was still racing.

    As Zhang Tie's secrets were too shocking to be believed, Zhang Yang couldn't believe in that as if he was listening to a story.

    "Erm...erm, your pupil changing immortal bloodline...I know that...is this another immortal bloodline..."

    "Seriously, pupil changing immortal bloodline is just a part of this immortal bloodline. This is a body changing immortal bloodline, the real immortal bloodline; that's it..." Zhang Tie replied as he activated his body changing bloodline and started to change his skin, skeleton, muscles, hair, tendons and meridians in front of Zhang Yang. Only after 10 more seconds, Zhang Tie had recovered the look to when he saved Zhang Ping at the city gate. The strange figure and look had nothing to do with Zhang Tie; however, the clothes became proper.

    Watching Zhang Tie changing his figure and look, Zhang Yang couldn't stand panting heavily as his face blushed. At the same time, he clenched his fist and put it onto his chest. He felt breathless as if there was a big stone on his chest. After quite a while did he recover his composure. After that, he let out a deep sigh and revealed a bitter smile, "If you have any more secrets, don't display them in front of me anymore. I'm afraid that my heart cannot stand that! I only heard that shadow demons could do that, I've not imagined that human could also awaken such a bloodline. What a marvelous ability...It only appears in the fairy tales..."

    "Humans share 99% of genes with demons. Perhaps, everybody had such an ability in far-ancient times..." Zhang Tie said in his original voice.

    "Your voice..." Zhang Yang wanted to say it was a loophole; however, before he finished his words, Zhang Tie had uttered once again.

    "How about now?"

    Zhang Tie's voice turned strange at once. Zhang Yang became speechless. After looking at Zhang Tie seriously quite a while, Zhang Yang finally recovered his composure and loosed his fist, "Let's go now. We need to catch that mole as soon as possible!"


    "How long do you need?"

    "I only need to have a brief talk with each of them..."

    "And, what's the name of your current look??

    "Just call me Xia Ping!"

    "Xia Ping!"

    A few seconds later, right under the gaze of the knight-level bodyguard 50 m away, Zhang Yang pushed open the door and exited it, followed by Zhang Tie with a glassy-eyed look...
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