Chapter 1041: The Mole

    Chapter 1041: The Mole

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    After the assassination occurred at noon, the court in Jinwu City had started to move.

    The grand justice of Jinwu City was an old man in Zhang family who was experienced and capable. Before Zhang Yang delivered the order, those people who knew about Zhang Ping's schedule before he left the city had been "invited" into the court of Jinwu City for inquiry in the name of assisting the investigation and were withheld in the court for the time being.

    After leaving Starlight Castle, Zhang Yang led Zhang Tie to the court.

    Nobody knew what Zhang Yang had talked with this stray warrior called Xia Ping in the room. However, after coming out of the room, evidently, Xia Ping had won the trust of Zhang Yang as he could take the same car with Zhang Yang. It was a bit amazing.

    Since he got on the car, Zhang Tie had felt that the knight-level bodyguard in the front seat was always paying attention to him. Although the knight didn't turn around to gaze at him, Zhang Tie felt that the greater part of his knight's consciousness was on him; it was nothing different than turning around to gaze at him.

    Jinwu Business Group hired 2 knights from Golden Roc Bank, one knight served as Zhang Yang's bodyguard, the other one was responsible for the safety of the all-purpose medicament production base. After Zhang Tie was framed and escaped away, the Heavens Fortune Sect also assigned an experienced and stable knight to protect the Zhang family in Zhang Mansion. Unconsciously, three knights were serving Zhang family.

    Although the knight in the front seat was focusing on Zhang Tie spiritually, Zhang Tie felt that he had not discovered it at all. He just watched Jinwu City through the window by inclining his head.

    It was already dark while the road lamps on the streets had been lit up. The news that Zhang Ping was assassinated had already spread over Jinwu City. Apparently, more patrolling Jinwu guards and criminal hunters were on the streets. Although being in an intense atmosphere, Zhang Tie could still sense the prosperity of Jinwu City on both sides of the streets.

    Jinwu City was small yet chic.

    On both sides of the spacious and tidy streets, there were well-planned buildings, villas and manors that were close to each other. Given the signboards of those buildings, Zhang Tie knew that they were all names of trading companies and offices and hotels with distinctive styles. Although it was already dark, those streets in the downtown were still brightly lit and extremely boisterous. Passers were jostling each other.

    Besides these buildings, Zhang Tie was deeply impressed by the afforestation of the downtown. Over half of the city was covered with green trees, most of which were various fruit trees.

    Both sides of the many streets were brooks. In the lamplight in the evening, the limpid water in the brooks was enshrouded by steam, which looked a bit fantastic.

    In Zhang Tie's lotus-flower eyes, the water temperature under Jinwu City was very high. There was rich and plentiful water spring resource under the ground. It was a huge hot river beneath the ground. After one opened a well in this city, if it met a hot river, the water in the hot river would enter the well and would become a warm spring. The warm spring flows that densely distributed in this city were like the natural heat units in this city. In winter, as long as the volume of runoff was increased, the temperature in Jinwu City would be several degrees higher than that outside the city. With such a good condition, the fruit trees in the all-purpose medicament production base could be high-yielding. Even in winter, some fruit trees could also be planted in some valleys with higher temperature so as to realize self-sufficiency and continuity of the production of the all-purpose medicament.

    Jinwu City was indeed the perfect land for Zhang family to root in Taixia Country for a prosperity.

    Over 10 vehicles were following Zhang Yang's vehicle. Because Zhang Ping was assassinated, there were even some wheeled armored vehicles among them. Such a fleet was especially awe-inspiring on the streets. Wherever this fleet arrived, it would move smoothly across Jinwu City.

    Only after more than 10 minutes, the fleet had entered the gate of the court in Jinwu City.

    The moment Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang got off the vehicle, the superior of the court had hurriedly walked towards them.

    "Are they still there?" Zhang Yang asked.

    "We're interrogating them!" The superior of the court answered briefly and immediately. At the same time, he threw a glimpse at Zhang Tie who was standing on Zhang Yang's side. Although he didn't know Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie knew him. Zhang Tie remembered that he had met this person once in the old mansion of the Zhang family. At that time, this man was on the side of Zhang Yuanshan as his subordinate.

    "Prepare an isolated interrogating room. He will arrange the next steps!" Zhang Yang said as he pointed at Zhang Tie.

    "This is..." The superior of the court looked at Zhang Tie.

    "He saved my father today and is temporarily hired by me; he could find that mole!"

    "Fine, please follow me, I will make the arrangement right away..."

    That person led Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang into the building of the court.

    "How many suspects did you get?" Zhang Tie suddenly asked.

    "87 people in total!"

    "After isolating them independently, bring them into the interrogating room one after another!" Zhang Tie sent the order.

    "Hmm, what else do we need to do?"

    "Nothing more!" Zhang Tie threw a glance at Zhang Yang before saying, "We will soon have a result!"


    A few minutes later, Zhang Tie sat down in a hidden interrogating room of the court. The room was surrounded by iron walls. There was a mirror on each wall. Besides, there were one table, two chairs and one orange-colored fluorite lamp. Zhang Yang and the superior of the court were waiting in another room. According to the rule, the interrogation should be monitored by another person through the mirror, including conversation. However, Zhang Tie requested to interrogate himself.

    After Zhang Tie sat down for half a minute, the first person had been brought in.

    He was a young officer of Jinwu Guards. The officer probably had known the reason for the interrogation and realized that this process was unavoidable; therefore, he didn't intend to resist when being brought in. Whereas, out of his imagination, the one who interrogated him was a stranger.

    The moment the officer entered, those who brought him in had closed the door from outside.

    Zhang Tie watched the officer's eyes as he started to gradually inject his spiritual energy into the officer's consciousness. However, the officer didn't notice it at all.

    Actually, Zhang Tie only needed to ask him a couple of questions, "Have you leaked the schedule of the castellan to anyone else today?"

    After hearing this question, the officer became stunned before shaking his head, "Nope!"

    "Good, you can leave!"

    After entering the room for less than 10 seconds, the officer had left. In less than half a minute, another person entered the interrogating room.


    "Have you leaked the schedule of the castellan to anyone else today?"


    "Good, you can leave!"


    After leaving the room, the second person could directly leave the court as it indicated that he had accomplished the task to coordinate with the investigation. When they left the interrogating room, they were all very curious because they had not imagined that the interrogation could be so simple. What a game! Until these people left the court for a few minutes did they find that they had no impression about what happened, whom they had met and what had they experienced in the interrogating room just now. They only remembered that they entered and exited the interrogating room with a grey metal door. It seemed the part of memory about the interrogation had been deleted.


    In another room, watching those "suspects" accessing to the interrogation room one after another so rapidly, even the superior of the court frowned, 'What's he doing? Judging by reading their face?'

    "Colonel..." The superior of the court watched Zhang Yang.

    "Just wait..." Zhang Yang said in a muffled voice.

    The superior then became silent. Everybody across Jinwu City knew who was the real master of this city.


    Half an hour later, the 52nd person was brought in. He was an elegant young man in a pair of glasses.

    Zhang Tie asked those questions mechanically.

    "Have you leaked the schedule of the castellan to anyone else today?"


    "To whom?"

    "A 137"

    The moment he answered, he immediately widely opened his eyes in a dumbfounded manner and watched Zhang Tie. Closely after that, Zhang Tie disappeared from his chair and appeared on his side. Almost at the same time, Zhang Tie had dislocated his jaw while putting one hand onto his head.

    The moment Zhang Tie touched the one's head, the one had quivered a bit while a wisp of black blood flew out of his mouth corner. At the same time, his face started to turn black; his body also turned soft...

    A few minutes later, Zhang Tie had to move his hand away from his head. Watching the puddle of blood on the ground, Zhang Tie exclaimed inside, "How vicious they are! This man's consciousness has been set with a trick like a landmine spiritually. The moment Zhang Tie asked him about the two questions, the landmine had been triggered. After being triggered, the spiritual energy directly stimulated the central nervous system of the guy and caused the two pieces of muscles in his throat to sharply contract like a conditioned reflex, breaking the trichocyst in the muscles. As a result, the guy was killed...
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