Chapter 1042: Counterattack

    Chapter 1042: Counterattack

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    This guy's teeth also contained a trichocyst, which was used to commit suicide on his own initiative when in an emergency. However, the trichocyst in his throat was broken negatively. Zhang Tie had not heard about such a means before. What a rigorous and terrifying killers' organization!

    Actually, before coming here, Zhang Tie had another idea. He felt that he might find more clues from this killers' organization. Given the rigorous arrangement of this killers' organization, Zhang Tie found it was almost impossible to find the culprit through this killers' organization. Because each member of this killers' organization must have contained two trichocysts in both throat and teeth, it was very difficult for him to make a major breakthrough from this killers' organization.

    However, each coin had two sides. From another perspective, now that this killers' organization was so rigorous and meticulous, it was impossible for the culprit to establish such an organization without great efforts. If this killers' organization was destroyed, it would also inflict a heavy loss and shock to the culprit. It was almost like breaking one hand of the culprit.

    Only after a few minutes, the young man had turned into a puddle of stinky blood besides a pair of glasses, the remains of his clothes, some silver coins and gold coins...

    This guy was an office secretary in the castellan's mansion. He had been in Jinwu City for over 1 year. This guy didn't do anything illegal in this term. He just received the order from his superior through his remote-sensing crystal lately. After reading this guy's memory, Zhang Tie only knew that this guy's code was 624 in the killers' organization. All the others in his memory were about his normal work and living trifles in Jinwu City and the scene when he contacted the two killers today...

    Even though this guy contacted the two killers, they used the disposable contact code. It was not available for Zhang Tie at all. After contacting the two killers, this guy also destroyed his remote-sensing communication device.

    Although this guy died, Zhang Tie didn't leave the interrogating room at once. After staying in the room for more than 10 minutes quietly, he opened the gate and exited.

    Even the guards outside the door wondered why this guy was interrogated so long.

    After leaving the interrogating room, Zhang Tie directly closed the door in case anyone else caught sight of the scene inside.

    Zhang Yang and the superior of the court of Jinwu City walked over here right away.

    Zhang Yang looked a bit solemn, "How about the result?"

    Zhang Tie threw a glance at Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang then followed him in the interrogating room.

    The moment Zhang Yang entered the room, he had smelt the stink and caught sight of the puddle of blood on the ground. Zhang Tie briefly explained the situation to Zhang Yang.

    "I've found out the mole. However, as was imagined by you, elder brother, I couldn't get anything valuable from this guy. The opponent has made a more rigorous arrangement than us!"

    "What else should we do now?"

    "It doesn't matter that we couldn't get any intelligence from this guy. As long as the others thought that we've got what we wanted, it would be enough. Elder brother, you can release the news about the killers' organization right now." Zhang Tie threw a glance at Zhang Yang's hand and noticed three senior remote-sensing finger rings, one of them must come from Huaiyuan Palace given its art craftsmanship. This finger ring could be used to contact Huaiyuan Palace. As for the left two finger rings, one of them could be used to contact the Heavens Forture Sect.

    "Because of your case, Huaiyuan Palace could establish a direct relationship with the supreme court of Xuanyuan Hill. I've not imagined that this relationship could be used by us for our own benefit!" Zhang Yang revealed a self-mocking smile before closing his eyes.

    Zhang Tie knew that Zhang Yang was contacting Huaiyuan Palace and the Heavens Fortune Sect. Therefore, he just waited for him on one side. Zhang Tie could communicate with Huaiyuan Palace and Heavens Fortune Sect in the blink of an eye. However, his elder brother's spiritual energy was much weaker than his; his elder brother didn't have the multitasking ability, therefore, he had to concentrate on using the senior remote-sensing crystals.

    Until 2 minutes later, Zhang Yang opened his eyes as he said, "I've already passed the news to them. Huaiyuan Palace will report the news to the Supreme Court of Xuanyuan Hill right away. Zhongzhou Province is one of the top nine immortal provinces in Taixia Country. The Supreme Court of Taixia Country is very powerful in Zhongzhou Province, which could never be matched by others local forces. If Supreme Court made a rapid response, the airboat of powerhouses of the Supreme Court would arrive at Pingsha Valley in Longxi Prefecture before dawn!"

    "What about the Heavens Fortune Sect?"

    "I'm afraid that Heavens Fortune Sect will not have enough time to join the action. However, now that they know that the culprit has a base in Zhongzhou Province, they will definitely dispatch powerhouses to Zhongzhou Province to seek for clues. Top sects like Heavens Fortunes Sect only cares about the overall situation in the world, even though this event is not directly involved with Heavens Fortune Sect, it might be involved with demons and dark forces in Taixia Country; therefore, Heavens Fortune Sect will not just stand aside. According to the customs of Heavens Fortune Sect, they would definitely coordinate with the powerhouses of other 6 top sects in Taixia Country to make an investigation in Zhongzhou Province..."

    "We could only do this much!" Zhang Tie nodded. Watching his elder brother's finger rings, he suddenly remembered something, "Elder brother, do you have any space-teleportation equipment?"

    Zhang Yang revealed a bitter smile, "No, it could not be bought easily. Besides that one of Zhang Taixuan and that of you which you gained from Master Jiang, I'm afraid that nobody else could have one in Huaiyuan Palace. Over these years, no matter how much would I pay, I still couldn't get one!"

    "If so, elder brother, take this one!" Zhang Tie fumbled in his clothes and directly took out of the portable space-teleportation item that he gained from the demon baron in the hieron ruins before giving it to Zhang Yang. This item had been renovated into a pendant on a necklace. Like an identity plate of a fighter, it could be put into the pocket or worn around the neck instead of being too eye-catching. This portable space-teleportation item was even better than that one which Zhang Tie gained from the demon general. It could almost be regarded as a small superb artwork among space-teleportation items.

    At the sight of the identity plate, Zhang Yang widely opened his eyes, "Is this a space-teleportation item..."

    "Of course..."

    As Zhang Tie had shocked Zhang Yang too much today, he didn't want to shock his elder brother anymore. He put this item in Castle of Black Iron previously; if he directly took it out of the void, he was afraid that his elder brother would suffer a heart attack. As one space-teleportation item could not be held in another space-teleportation item under normal circumstance, Zhang Tie pretended to put his hand into his pocket.

    Zhang Tie noticed that his elder brother's hand was quivering when he took the space-teleportation item.

    "Elder brother, like how you use a remote-sensing crystal device, you can inject your spiritual energy into this space-teleportation item and use it freely!" Zhang Tie warned his elder brother.

    After taking the space-teleportation item, Zhang Yang became stunned for a few seconds as if he was sensing the usage of this item.

    This space-teleportation item was empty inside. It was much larger than that of demon general, which was less than 30 cubic meters. There was only one remote-sensing crystal finger ring inside it. Zhang Tie brought the finger ring from Earth-elements Realm. He brought back over 10 pairs of remote-sensing crystal finger rings from the Earth-elements Realm. As these items were rarely seen on the earth's surface, it was very difficult for Huaiyuan Palace to get one pair; however, in Lion Fortress, with sufficient merit points, an earth knight could easily exchange for them. Remote-sensing crystal finger rings could be regarded as a "local specialty" in Earth-elements Realm.

    The moment Zhang Yang injected his spiritual energy into this space-teleportation item, he had realized that it was very precious. He took out that remote-sensing crystal finger ring out of the void and watched Zhang Tie with an excited look. He didn't know what to say.

    "Elder brother, come on. We're brothers. Don't be that excited only for one item!"

    Zhang Yang could only let out a deep sigh as he found that he could never see through his younger brother at all. Although Jinwu Business Group had been vigorous in both scale and power, compared to the casual attitude when Zhang Tie took out a space-teleportation item, Zhang Yang felt that what he had done for Jinwu Business Group was nothing at all. When he thought about another identity of Zhang Tie, Zhang Yang felt more absurd. He was having a hard time imagining the look of the elders of Huaiyuan Palace when they learned that Zhang Tie had promoted to an earth knight.

    "I really wonder what you've experienced these years. How could you take out a space-teleportation item so easily?"

    "Heh heh, I'm too lucky..." Zhang Tie touched his nose as he revealed a smile. Space-teleportation items were very precious for others; however, it was nothing serious for Zhang Tie. After gifting one space-teleportation item to his elder brother and Lan Yunxi respectively, he still had some space-teleportation items such as the Xuanwu Secret Warehouse, Castle of Black Iron, those nanobeads and that one he gained from Master Jiang. Zhang Tie should be the richest one in Taixia Country given the quantity of space-teleportation items that he had.

    "Do you want to take a look at home?"

    "Is it convenient for me to go back home in this identity?" Previously, Zhang Tie prepared to go back home in incarnation; now that he met his elder brother, he didn't need to use that method anymore.

    "You're now the savior of our father and the benefactor of Zhang family. There's no problem for you to pay a visit to our family members and receive the reward from Zhang family. When I came here, our dad and mom even told me to appreciate you with a great reward."

    "Well, I will go back then. I will wait for the news from the Supreme Court of Taixia Country at home..."

    When he realized that he could go back home soon, Zhang Tie became thrilled at once...
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