Chapter 1043: The Softest Place

    Chapter 1043: The Softest Place

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    After the negotiation in the room, the two brothers immediately left the court and returned to Zhang mansion.

    As Zhang Ping's savior, it was very reasonable for Zhang Tie to go to Zhang mansion in others' eyes. Additionally, given the series of behaviors since Zhang Yang brought Zhang Tie into the court, the others could only think that Zhang Ping wanted to recruit this unknown stray warrior for Jinwu Business Group.

    The atmosphere in Jinwu City was still intense. Across Jinwu City, besides Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang, nobody knew that the news of assassination attempt had been passed to the Supreme Court of Taixia Country and the Heavens Fortune Sect. Actually, this intense atmosphere was specially designed for outsiders. Not only this, when Zhang Yang left the interrogating room, he sent an order to a guard--From now on, lock the door of the interrogating room; you two stand outside it. Nobody is allowed in without my consent; additionally, the court should step up efforts to search for the accomplices and suspects in Jinwu City; remember to bring more relevant people into the court for investigation...

    After making such an arrangement, besides Zhang Yang and Zhang Tie, nobody else knew that the real suspect had already been dead, including the others members in the court.

    Zhang Yang made such an arrangement in order to puzzle the enemy and strive for more time for the Supreme Court's action in Zhongzhou Province. If there were other moles of the opponent in Jinwu City, seeing such an intense atmosphere in Jinwu City, they could only think that Jinwu City had not gained any key information at all. Therefore, they would relax their vigilance.

    'During the past 4 years, the culprit didn't make any action. Why did he dare move at this moment? What reason makes him think that he could raise winds and waves once again?'

    Zhang Tie had been thinking about this since he left the court for Zhang mansion in the inner city.

    Wise people would know that the autumn was coming when he saw a leaf falling off the tree. Zhang Tie faintly felt that this was not a good omen.

    Four years ago, few people knew that Emperor Xuanyuan was missing. However, a few days ago, this news had been spread over Taixia Country. Even commoners in the teahouses of Fire Dragon Bounty Territory had known that. Although they didn't discuss it in the public; privately, there were various discussions about this event. Everybody was faintly worried about it. As a result, this concern had started to grow in all areas.

    The prices of grains within Northeast Military Territory which always remained stable had started to rise slightly in late months. The prices of bulk commodities such as steel and cement which were used to build cities and battlefortress slightly rose in Youzhou Province. Even prices of medicaments and weapons started to grow in Youzhou Province. The all-purpose medicament produced by Jinwu Business Group became urgently demanded. Additionally, people surrounding Class A cities started to pour in Class A cities at a faster speed.

    All this reminded Zhang Tie of the scene when the holy war broke out in Waii Subcontinent. They were similar in many aspects. Even optimistic people had to be meticulous about this special scene.

    Under this intense atmosphere, the assassination targeting at Zhang family happened. That invisible culprit started to move once again...

    When the car entered the heavily guarded inner city of Jinwu City, at the sight of the prosperous scenery of Zhang family, Zhang Tie forgot about this question. He recovered his composure and prepared to meet his family members in the identity of Xia Ping.


    In Zhang family's grand mansion, Zhang Tie met his family members.

    What happened today had the entire family reunite with each other. Although being a bit late, they had not gone to bed yet; instead, they were just chatting with Zhang Tie's parents and waiting for Zhang Yang.

    In the parlor, Zhang Tie saw his father, his mother, his eldest sister-in-law, Linda, Fiona, Beverly, Aimei and Aixue...

    There was a 3-year old kid beside each of the six women, 3 boys and 3 girls in total. All of them were cute and tender. They all looked similar to Zhang Tie. Linda and Fiona gave birth to two more girls who were like angels; Beverly, Aimei and Aixue gave birth to a boy respectively. As Aimei and Aixue were twins, their sons also looked like twins.

    Since Zhang Tie was framed and escaped away, Zhang Chenglei, Zhang Chengting and Zhang Chengpei had left Youzhou Province and joined Heavens Fortune Sect. They were enrolled as apprentices by a grand elder of Heavens Fortune Sect. Therefore, they could only go back home once at the end of each year. Although Linda, Beverly and Fiona were not willing to do that, they could only send their kids away after Zhang Tie was framed and left home.

    Thankfully, after sending away the 3 boys, they had 5 more younger boys and girls. Therefore, they didn't feel too sad.

    Although 4 years had passed, Linda, Beverly and Fiona remained unchanged on both looks and figures. Not only that, they looked more beautiful. After becoming mothers, Aimei and Aixue looked more like mature ladies of high society.

    Although with two more wrinkles at her eye corners, Zhang Tie's mom looked good.

    After looking at his family members and ensuring that they were all good, Zhang Tie became reassured at once.

    At the sight of the stranger on Zhang Yang's side, all the others in the parlor paid more attention to Zhang Tie. As Zhang Tie had changed his figure and look completely, even his parents and wives could not identify him.

    After taking in a deep breath, Zhang Yang pointed at Zhang Tie as he slowed his tone, "Dad, this is Xia Ping, he saved you at the city gate today..."

    "Ahh, you saved me..." Zhang Tie's dad immediately stood up with an excited look.

    It was a bit chaotic at the city gate at that moment, Zhang Tie's dad was circled by some bodyguards as he didn't have a great battle strength himself. In the last moment, he only felt that he survived the hell. The moment he felt a sharp cold wind approaching him, he had seen a golden light around him, which directly blocked the sharp wind, causing a sound "bang". He didn't know what happened concretely at that moment at all. He even didn't see clearly the faces of the last assassinator and the one who saved his life before being taken away by two bodyguards by car.

    When Zhang Tie's dad stood up, all the other family members followed him up too.

    "I was just traveling across Taixia Country. After hearing that Jinwu City is well-known for its all-purpose medicament and its prosperity, I just wanted to come here. It was out of my imagination that I could save castellan by accident...ahem...ahem...it's nothing serious, castellan...don't need to be so serious!"

    Although he had long prepared for it, Zhang Tie still felt very uncomfortable when he expressed it. He almost forgot what to say. It was reasonable for the son to save his father. The moment his father wanted to appreciate him, Zhang Tie felt embarrassed.

    "Although it's nothing serious for you, without your help, we Zhang family couldn't imagine about the outcome!" Zhang Tie's mom told Zhang Yang with a solemn look, "As this hero had saved your father, we should try our best to satisfy all of his demands. We have to appreciate him with a great reward. He's our savior!"

    "Yes, mom, I know!" Zhang Yang nodded.

    "Hero, thank you for saving my father-in-law!" Zhang Tie's eldest sister-in-law bowed towards Zhang Tie solemnly.

    The others elder sisters-in-law and his wives all extended their thanks to Zhang Tie solemnly.

    After that, Zhang Tie just sat on a chair seriously and chatted with his family members politely.

    At this moment, some kids staggered all the way from their moms' sides to Zhang Tie. They surrounded him and pulled his clothes.

    All the family members were startled by what they saw.

    "It seems that the hero indeed has karma with my family. My grandchildren are not willing to be intimate to strangers in normal times. It's my first time to see them approaching a person whom they saw for the first time..." Zhang Tie's mom said with a smile.

    "Heh heh, I also feel that these little guys are very cute..." Zhang Tie didn't know how to answer his mom. Although his look had changed, he shared the bloodline with these kids. The five little guys must have sensed it. Therefore, they approached him.

    At the sight of this scene, Zhang Yang looked a bit sophisticated. However, he didn't say anything.

    "Papa..." The moment Zhang Tie smirked, a little girl who was pulling his clothes had looked up and called him with big black spirited eyes.

    After hearing this, Zhang Tie's heart raced while the entire family became quiet. Closely after that, they all felt a bit embarrassed. The smiles of Linda and the other 4 wives of Zhang Tie faded away at once.

    Zhang Tie's mom let out a sigh, "Linda, it's too late, you'd better take them to bed..."

    Until he saw Linda take the 5 kids away did Zhang Tie move his eyes away from those kids. When they left, the 5 little guys even looked back at Zhang Tie unwillingly. The little girl's eyes were even filled with tears. Even Linda, Beverly, Fiona, Aimei and Aixue felt like crying...

    "Sorry to make you embarrassed, hero. My grandchildren are poor. Although we don't lack food and clothes, they have not seen their father yet since they were born. As they're growing elder, they ask their mothers about the whereabouts of their father every day..." Zhang Tie's mom said gloomily.

    After hearing this, Zhang Tie clenched his fist while the softest place in his body ached...


    That night, Zhang Tie lived in an independent courtyard in the inner city that Zhang family especially prepared for guests. Zhang Yang sent him here.

    After leaving his family members, Zhang Tie had been silent. Zhang Yang could sense Zhang Tie's mood; therefore, he didn't speak either until they came to Zhang Tie's courtyard. Zhang Tie then forced a bitter smile while telling his elder brother in a secret way, "Elder brother, don't think too much about my case. The Supreme Court of Taixia Country will not slap their own face in a short period. I'm already very satisfied to see you..."

    Zhang Yang nodded with a solemn look as he didn't know how to comfort Zhang Tie.

    If someone told Zhang Yang that money was not omnipotent in Blackhot City, Zhang Yang would definitely spit his saliva onto that one's face. Because at that moment, money was omnipotent for Zhang Yang. If he had money, he would have a house, social status, power and everything else. However, today, Zhang Yang finally understood that money was really not omnipotent although it was very important. In Taixia Country, many things could not be solved with money.

    After talking with Zhang Tie a short while, Zhang Yang left the courtyard with a complexed mood.


    At midnight, Zhang Tie became restless. In a coat, he stood in the attic of the courtyard and listened to the cricket chirps at the window...

    'The little guys should have fallen asleep!'

    When he imagined about the cute looks of the little guys, Zhang Tie felt warm inside once again.

    Zhang Tie was not a cold-hearted man; after hearing "Papa...", he felt soft and warm all over. Even being an earth knight, if he owed something to the most important person in his life and made the lives of his most beloved ones incomplete, it was meaningless for an earth knight to be unrivaled in battle strength and shock the entire province.

    Zhang Tie looked at the direction of Zhongzhou Province while a whim occurred to his mind...

    'Will I gain a chance to redress my case in that direction?'

    Zhang Tie didn't know that what happened in Zhongzhou Province a few hours later would bring him the chance and shock the world, causing a great chaos in Taixia Country...
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