Chapter 1045: An Earthshaking Case

    Chapter 1045: An Earthshaking Case

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    The fighters of Bi'an Camp being affiliated to the Zhongzhou Provincial Court directly jumped off the airboat. Some of them started their action from the center of Pingsha Valley; some surrounded Pingsha Valley from outside, causing Pingsha Valley to become chaotic at once...

    The rising battle qi totems of the fighters of Bi'an Camp indicated that someone had started to resist arrest. The two parties had started a battle.

    "We're Zhongzhou Provincial Court and investigating a case. Everybody, put your hands above heads and lie on the ground. Anyone who dares resist arrest will be killed..."

    The moment a team of brave fighters of Bi'an Camp landed in the periphery of Pingsha Valley, they had gathered immediately before rushing into a small manor in front of them.

    There was a bamboo grove outside the manor. Right in the bamboo grove, there were some fortresses and bartizans which were used to protect the manor. After hearing the battle calls of the fighters of Bi'an Camp, the strings of the crossbows in the fortresses and bartizans sounded immediately while a row of bolts was shot towards these fighters...

    The fighters of Bi'an Camp had long prepared for the counterattack. Each one in front rows was holding a 1.7-m high heavy shield. The bolts hit the towers, causing clatters. Facing the bolts, the team of fighters rushed towards the fortresses and bartizans.

    All the 30 fighters in the team had released their battle qi totems. They were at least LV 6 fighters while the team leader was a LV 10 strong fighter. The rising battle qi totems could warn the other teams. If these battle qi totems disappeared, it indicated that this team had been exterminated by powerful opponents.

    When the bolts were triggered one after another, jarring whistles drifted from the fortresses and the bartizans at the same time. These whistles also served as early warnings. At the same time, urgent bell tones were drifted from a castle in the distance.

    With the urgent bell tones, more battle qi totems appeared and more battle calls and roars could be heard in Pingsha Valley.


    "Shoot..." The team leader shouted. Closely after that, two fighters of Bi'an Camp advanced by rolls with crossbows in hands with the cover of shields. The moment they stood up, they had seized the opportunity. They loosed their grips and hit two bowmen in one bartizan at once, spurting out blood respectively. One of the two bowmen even fell off the bartizan.

    As fortresses and bartizans were covering each other, the moment the bartizan was unpinned, the team leader immediately rushed towards one fortress ahead of his team members.

    The LV 10 fighter released his battle qi to destroy or hit away those bolts that were shot towards him and protected his full body by his battle qi. When he arrived at the fortress, he immediately sprung up over 10 m high. After rolling in the air as flexible as a snake, he grabbed one seam between bricks by one hand. Closely after that, he quivered all over and shrunk his body before rolling into the fortress through the embrasure on the fortress.

    One bowman who was carrying a crossbow at the embrasure could not imagine that one person could enter the embrasure. After being slightly stunned, he had been stomped onto his chest by the team leader of Bi'an Camp. As a result, that bowman's chest bones were collapsed as he spurted out blood. Closely after that, he was kicked off against the wall inside the fortress and died at once.

    Two bowmen in the fortress immediately dropped off their crossbows and rushed towards the LV 10 team leader. However, before they approached him, two battle qis had been released and exploded their heads directly, spraying their blood and white brains over the walls.

    "We're Zhongzhou Provincial Court and investigating a case. Anyone who dares resist arrest will be killed..." The team leader shouted as he rushed downstairs. Hearing the sounds upstairs, two ragged-looking people immediately rushed upstairs. As a result, the 3 people encountered in the middle of the staircase. Hearing the cry of this team leader, the two people on duty immediately rushed towards him. One of them even released a virtual image of a black spider on his back which indicated that he was a LV 6 fighter.

    Now that they dared launch a counterattack, the team leader had nothing more to say. Undoubtedly, the two people's heads were shattered into pieces at once.

    When this team leader opened the gate of the fortress from inside, the other team members had just arrived at the foot of the fortress.

    "Next target, break in the manor..." The Class 10 team leader rushed towards the manor, followed by the other team members.

    At this moment, a majestic voice as loud as that of a huge bell or drum drifted from the sky and spread over Pingsha Valley in a split second, causing fine ripples in the pond.

    This voice came from the chief justice of Zhongzhou Provincial Court. After the alarm bell in Pingsha Valley rang, the chief justice uttered as it was unnecessary for him to hide himself anymore.

    "I'm Meng Haishan, the chief justice of Zhongzhou Provincial Court. We're Zhongzhou Provincial Court and investigating a case. Put your hands above heads and lie on the ground. Anyone who dares resist arrest will be killed..."

    After hearing this voice, all the fighters of Bi'an Camp became spirited as they continued to push resolutely forward.

    As the courtyard wall of this manor was only 3 m higher, of course, it could not resist the team members of Bi'an Camp who were surging forward like fierce lions. The moment some team members in the front collided against the wall with their heavy shields, the part of the wall had been collapsed. All the team members rushed in at once.

    The voice and the urgent alarms caused the courtyard to become chaotic. Even so, someone was still rushing towards this team of Bi'an Camp with weapons; however, they were killed in a split second.

    Only in a few minutes, the team had broken through the outer courtyard and entered the inner courtyard...

    There was a pool in the inner courtyard. When the team members passed by the pool...

    With a crash, a weird black shadow jumped out of the pool. Closely after that, he waved his hand and shot out a lot of fine needles towards the team members.

    The fighters of Bi'an Camp wore light metal armors and protective facial masks. Most of the fine needles couldn't break through their armors; however, some of them shot into three fighters' bodies through the seams between pieces of armors, causing them to fall onto the ground with a muffled sound...

    At the same time, before the person who jumped out of the water finished his second round of strike, two powerful bolts had penetrated through his body, causing him to fall into the water once again. As a result, his blood changed the color of the pool.

    The moment the facial masks of the three fighters who were falling on the ground were unveiled, the three fighters' faces had completely turned black while bleeding through their eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth. They had died.

    "Watch out, there're hidden forces in the manor. Their weapons are highly toxic..." The team leader roared, "Shields ahead, press forward in protective formation, kill those sons of bitches..."


    Almost at the same time, all the teams of Bi'an Camp on the ground had broken through the bartizans and fortresses in the periphery and started to suffer from a casualty. However, hidden forces were covering Pingsha Valley. It was absolutely a killers' nestle. Black shadows might jump out of every place like water, underground, trees, parterres, grasses and rockeries and attack the subordinate elites of Zhongzhou Provincial Court at the risk of their lives at any time. As a result, the subordinate elites of Zhongzhou Provincial Court started to bleed and sacrifice...

    Everybody started to believe in the intelligence given by Youzhou Province. There was indeed a big problem in Pingsha Valley. It was really shocking for Zhongzhou Province, one of the 9 immortal provinces in Taixia Country to have such a hidden evil force. What an earthshaking case...

    As long as the judicial system of Taixia Country investigated cases, even the top seven sects dared not resist them and hurt any one of them. Because it was equal to revolt. However, in this remote Pingsha Valley, after the Zhongzhou Provincial Court expressed their identity, the people here were driven mad and dared attack their subordinate elites at the risk of their lives.

    It was more like deepening into a hostile country instead of being in Zhongzhou Province.

    The Pingsha Valley was filled with battle calls and blood...


    Outside a castle in Pingsha Valley, three teams of fighters of Bi'an Camp encountered a 30-m higher fortress being installed with steam city-defense equipment which covered over 200 square meters.

    The gate of this fortress had been closed from inside, which could not even be moved by a LV 10 fighter's battle qi. The entire fortress had no entrance but some observation windows that were set for steam city-defense facilities. Some fighters of Bi'an Camp had been shot down by the bolts.

    After realizing that they could not break through this fortress in a short period, a team leader gritted as he made a hand gesture to the other team members. Closely after that, he took out a metal cylinder and pulled its fuse towards the sky, shooting a red smoke into the sky, which then blew up and turned especially attractive...

    In less than 10 seconds, a shrill shriek drifted from the sky, "Lie down..."

    After receiving this order, the 3 teams of fighters of Bi'an Camp hurriedly lay down and rolled away from this fortress.

    At this moment, a powerful battle qi wave drifted from the sky. The battle qi strike of the heavenly knight dived downwards the fortress in the shape of a whale.

    With a bang, the fortress which blocked the way of the 3 teams of fighters of Bi'an Camp was instantly broken apart like a walnut being hit by an iron hammer. The reinforced concrete flew in all directions with broken bricks, machinery parts and bloody limbs. As a result, the 30 m higher fortress became only a few meters higher...


    The knights from Zhongzhou Provincial Court became the decisive force of the Court in Pingsha Valley. Although the hidden forces like assassinators and killers in Pingsha Valley killed a lot of fighters of Bi'an Camp, they were finally mopped up by the knight-level powerhouses together with those firm fortresses...
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