Chapter 1047: An Earthshaking Change

    Chapter 1047: An Earthshaking Change

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    After entering the grim secret underground tunnel less than 2000 m, they had entered a bubble-shaped underground space...

    Anyone who entered this underground space for the first time might be scared by what they saw. Everything inside here was so terrifying that commoners could not imagine it at all.

    It was a bloody pool; precisely, a bloody, stinky sea, which covered over 10 square miles.

    This bloody pool was surrounded by senior crystals above Class V and some huge gold bricks. Like the banks of the bloody pool, these crystals and gold bricks were carved with runes on their surfaces. As crystals gathered the energy from everywhere, those bizarre runes flickered looming red light. At first sight, those runes looked like bloody eyes, which were gazing at the bloody sea while an invisible energy covered the entire bloody sea like a huge net...

    Although there was no wind, the bloody waves moved and lapped against the banks being composed of crystals and gold ceaselessly.

    Over 100,000 terrifying, semi-transparent flesh balls were floating in the bloody waves. Looking down from a height, those floating bloody balls would look like roes. Being close to each other, they covered the entire bloody sea.

    In those floating semi-transparent flesh balls, there were humans who shrunk their bodies by hugging their own legs like fetuses in female wombs.

    However, those inside the flesh balls were all as large as adults.

    In the center of the bloody sea, there was a bloody 9-storey crystal tower being covered with exotic runes. A furious sound was reverberating above the tower, "Why, why the forces of Zhongzhou Provincial Court would raid Pingsha Valley at this critical moment? You destroyed my efforts. Why? Only in a few days, the fighters in the bloody pool will become fully mature and will sweep Longxi Prefecture and topple over the entire Zhongzhou Province. Why? Why now? Who leaked the news?..." Being full of killing qi and unpleasant feeling, this sound was almost like a roar.

    The reply came from another person. Compared to the first voice which sounded furious and unwilling, the second voice was full of panic; it was even trembling, "Master...per...perhaps there's some problem with the killers that we assigned to Youzhou Province to assassinate the castellan of Jinwu City. Yesterday, our informer passed the message that they've done that..."

    "Impossible. Our assassinators would commit suicide immediately soon after they finished their task whether it succeeded or not. Their body and spirit will disappear at once. Even if the moles of B department in Youzhou Province could be controlled. Nobody could trace us from them..." The first one still roared.

    At the same time, they heard heavy earthquakes and loud sounds from the secret tunnels above the bloody sea.

    Hearing that, Steward Qi with a long grim face kneeling on the top of the crystal tower quivered all over due to fear as he said, "Ma...master...Meng...Meng Haishan, the chief justice of Zhongzhou Provincial Court...arrives. The gate above the secret tunnel could not prevent an earth knight for a long time...please ma...make a decision at once..."

    The one being called master by Steward Qi was Wen Haoyun. Wen Haoyun looked younger than 30 years old. With a narrow and long face, his cheeks collapsed inside; in a brilliant boa silk robe, his eyes looked brutal and sharp.

    Although being furious apparently, Wen Haoyun felt flurried inside too. He also heard the sound above him. Watching the trembling body of Steward Qi kneeling on the top of the tower, Wen Haoyun recovered his composure. After taking a deep breath, he narrowed his eyes and told Steward Qi, "You're right. We have to make a quick decision. Although the fighters in the bloody sea have not been fully mature and would have some side effects after being awakened in advance, they're already available. Although it's not the right moment to activate them, it's much better than allowing those guys of the Zhongzhou Provincial Court to strangle the efforts of the archbishop here..."

    "Master...do you want to wake...wake up these fighters?"

    "Yes, but before doing this, you need to do one more thing for me..."

    "Ahh, go ahead..." Steward Qi raised his head.

    "Over these years, you've spent too many efforts for the great undertaking of the archbishop. At this moment, wish you could forgive me..." After saying that, Wen Haoyun shot out a battle qi from his finger and blew up the head of Steward Qi. After that, the headless corpse of Steward Qi fell into the bloody sea and melted in a split second.

    After doing that, the earthquakes and sounds were closer to him. Wen Haoyun immediately sent a message by his remote-sensing crystal finger ring. After receiving the reply, the finger ring disappeared at once.

    Closely after that, he took off all of his clothes. Those clothes disappeared at once too. He then threw a final glance at the bizarre crystal ball on the top of the tower which almost turned fully red before breaking his finger by teeth, dropping his fresh blood onto the crystal ball. When his fresh blood spread in the crystal ball, the bloody sea slowly boiled. He then smashed the crystal ball. Closely after that, a disguising mask appeared in his hand. After putting on the disguising mask, Wen Haoyun jumped into the bloody sea at once...

    The moment his body entered the bloody sea, many sounds "puff" could be heard in the bloody sea. Those figures tore apart those flesh balls and stood up. They looked around the bloody sea with distant looks. Only after a few seconds, their distant looks had disappeared; instead, bloody and brutal looks appeared on their faces...

    So many bloody figures jumped onto the bloody sea like frogs that had just been hatched. After standing on the ground in the bloody foot for the first time and adapting to the environment for a few seconds, those bloody, naked fighters had started to run faster and faster while uttering strange roars. Some of them even ran on the walls of the mountain cave which were vertical to the ground by both hand and foot. Like fierce beasts, they rushed towards the other tunnel...

    When running, all of them released LV 9 fighters' battle qi totems.

    This underground space was connected to 3 tunnels, each of which led to a place in Pingsha Valley or its surroundings. As the proverb went, the wily hare had three holes. Now that this plan was so important, there should not only be one tunnel that led to this bloody sea.

    More and more fighters were hatched out of the bloody sea. In each second, many people would break out of the flesh balls and landed from all directions. Only after adapting to the environment for a few seconds, the army of bloody fighters would run towards the other two tunnels.

    As these bloody fighters were running faster and forcefully, the entire underground space was filled with thunder-like footsteps.

    Nobody had noticed that Wen Haoyun was one of those bloody fighters.

    At this moment, the safest method for Wen Haoyun to leave Pingsha Valley was to disguise himself as one of the bloody fighters. Even if there was a heavenly knight, he could not identify Wen Haoyun from over 100,000 bloody fighters. As long as he didn't display his battle strength above LV 9, he would become safe among the bloody fighters. Additionally, he could command the other bloody fighters to move.


    After Meng Haishan broke one more alloy gate which was harder than that of bank vault by barbarous force, the galloping footsteps and the roars of those wild beasts became very clear for some knights with acute senses.

    Hearing these sounds, all the knights changed their faces at once, including Meng Haishan.

    As knights, they could identify that those sounds were running footsteps; additionally, those footsteps grew louder, causing greater earthquakes. The frequency, strength and the distance between two feet of each people reminded the knights of the most elite troops in top four armies in Taixia Country.

    How could there be so many elite fighters in the underground space?

    "Ahh, what is below us? Is there a corps?" A knight asked with a terrified look.

    "Tell Bi'an Camp on the earth's surface to prepare for the coming battle. Notice all the cities in Longxi Prefecture to be in the emergency state..." Meng Haishan roared as he released his battle qi tornado immediately. The virtual image of his cultivation method was blue surging waves.


    2 minutes later, with a roar "Open", the last obstacle was broken, exposing everything in the underground space to them.

    The bloody sea made all of them widely open their eyes.

    "Bloody Sea..." Meng Haishan almost screamed even though he was always calm.

    Many bloody fighters were still walking out of the bloody sea; however, over 2/3 of the flesh balls in the bloody sea had been empty. At the sight of these knights, hundreds of bloody fighters immediately charged at them without any fear...

    "Kill them all..."

    The chief justice of Zhongzhou Provincial Court roared.

    At the same time, numerous naked bloody fighters had rushed out of the mountain caves and ran towards the surrounding regions after crossing Pingsha Valley like water that spilled out of a water vat.


    Almost at the same time, a man with a light golden face in Xuanyuan Hill rubbed a remote-sensing crystal finger ring while a gloomy look flashed across his eyes. He threw a glance at the east direction of Xuanyuan Hill where the Zhongzhou Province was located through the window.

    "Lord, minister of civil and administrative affairs is waiting for you..." An officer in a purple robe appeared outside the gate and reported to him respectfully.

    After the gloomy look disappeared in this man's eyes, the man turned around in a normal look.

    "Please show me the way..." The man replied kindly.

    "Lord, please follow me..."
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