Chapter 1051: The Background of Bloody Sea

    Chapter 1051: The Background of Bloody Sea

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    "Elder Zhu..." Elder Muyu and Elder Qian stopped talking and greeted Elder Zhu when they saw elder Zhu and the youngsters of Zhu Clan walking towards them.

    "I've not imagined that Elder Muyu and Elder Qian have arrived ahead of me!" Elder Zhu revealed a faint smile as he waved his hand, letting the youngsters of Zhu Clan take seats over there. He then walked towards this circle.

    The lowest level and rank in the circle was a knight and elder from the three provinces. Although each of them was followed by many clan disciples, those clan disciples were not qualified to join the fun in this circle.

    "I was told that Huaiyuan Palace provided the intelligence about the demon's nestle in Pingsha Valley." Elder Zhu put it straight the moment he came over here.

    After hearing this news, all the surrounding knights became shocked. All of them watched Elder Muyu with unbelievable looks, including Elder Qian. Although they were caring about what happened in Zhongzhou Province these couple days, they had not imagined that the intelligence in Pingsha Valley of Zhongzhou Province was passed from Huaiyuan Palace, Youzhou Province.

    However, Elder Muyu was not too amazed. Because this news should be exposed to the public sooner or later. Even though Elder Zhu didn't ask him about that, he would also disseminate this news at a proper moment today because this news was closely related to the interests of Huaiyuan Palace. Now that Elder Zhu asked him about that at this moment, it implied that Zhu Clan had long guessed that Huaiyuan Palace would release this news on its own initiative; additionally, if Zhu elder asked Elder Muyu about it, it could indirectly raise Zhu Clan's position in Northeast Military Region.

    Yanzhou Province was not only one of the 36 upper provinces in Taixia Country, but also the most prosperous place in Northeast Military Region. Additionally, it was the core province the Northeast Military Region and the station of the Northeast Military Region Headquarters. As Yanzhou had a higher position than other provinces, of course, the provincial governor of Yanzhou Province was closer to the commander of Northeast Military Region and it was reasonable for Zhu Clan to know this news earlier than the other clans.

    The clan elders were all very shrewd. In this occasion, they would not utter without consideration. Although this occasion seemed casual, the moment the influential figures of major clans gathered here, it would become an invisible arena full of competitions. Seriously, it was like a diplomatic reception among countries on other continents and subcontinents. Actually, even luxurious diplomatic receptions on many subcontinents couldn't gather so many major clans.

    Elder Muyu nodded and admitted Elder Zhu's words directly, "The intelligence in Pingsha Valley of Zhongzhou Province was indeed revealed to Supreme Court in Xuanyuan Hill by Huaiyuan Palace!"

    "Huaiyuan Palace is in Youzhou Province; how could it get hang of the secrets in Zhongzhou Province?" Elder Qian asked, which resonated with the other knights and clan elders.

    They were all shocked by Huaiyuan Palace's overall strength. How could Huaiyuan Palace's tentacles reach Zhongzhou Province, which was far away from Youzhou Province? It was unimaginable!

    "All of you must have known that the castellan of Jinwu City was almost assassinated one day before the event in Zhongzhou Province!" Elder Muyu looked around as he knew immediately what they were thinking about, "Zhang Ping, the castellan of Jinwu City is the father of Elder Mushen of Huaiyuan Palace. When the assassinator launched a raid, Zhang Ping was saved by a hero who was passing Jinwu City and survived that assassination. Later on, Jinwu City carried out a large-scale search and caught one accomplice with the help of the hero. Through interrogation with torture, Huaiyuan Palace got the background of the assassinator. The culprit of that assassination was the very force that framed Elder Mushen in Fuhai City 4 years ago. They might have colluded with demons; additionally, they have a base in Pingsha Valley in Zhongzhou Province. After receiving this intelligence, Huaiyuan Palace reported it to the Supreme Court at once. With the arrangement of the Supreme Court, the Zhongzhou Provincial Court assigned a lot of powerhouses to raid Pingsha Valley in the same evening, arousing the chaotic situation in Zhongzhou Province..."

    Elder Muyu's words were not completely true; however, the fake part would not be known by anyone else except for Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang. Even Huaiyuan Palace believed that it was the truth, not to mention others.

    After hearing Elder Muyu's words, everyone became suddenly enlightened. None of them could imagine that the culprit of this tragedy in Zhongzhou Province could be involved with the tragedy in Fuhai City 4 years ago. The details made people faintly scared.

    "Thankfully, the key intelligence provided by Huaiyuan Palace enabled Zhongzhou Provincial Court to launch a raid and destroy the layout of the culprit in Zhongzhou Province timely; otherwise, when the opponent prepared to launch an attack, the corps of over 100,000 LV 9 bloody fighters might cause much greater trouble in Zhongzhou Province!" Elder Zhu also nodded with a solemn look as he continued, "The knight-level powerhouses from Zhongzhou Provincial Court killed over 40,000 LV 9 bloody figures underground Pingsha Valley and in its surroundings; although the Bi'an Camp of Zhongzhou Provincial Court suffered a loss of over 4500 people, it was fortunate that the knight-level powerhouses of Zhongzhou Provincial Court could kill 1/3 of the corps of bloody figures in the nestle of bloody figures in Pingsha Valley. Besides, Zhongzhou Provincial Court found an arsenal under Pingsha Valley which had not been used yet. The weapons inside could easily arm all the bloody figures to the teeth..."

    Of course, it was a great meritorious deed to inflict a great loss to the enemies in their nestle. If hundreds of thousands of LV 9 fierce murderers suddenly appeared in any province; even if these people could not break in a Class A city, the surroundings outside the Class A city would be scared too much. Many villages would deteriorate into slaughterhouses everyday; the provinces would also be destroyed rapidly...

    That was what Zhongzhou Province was suffering now. All the LV 9 bloody figures had separated. Additionally, many bloody figures had run out of Longxi Prefecture and were committing murder and arson everywhere, causing great chaos. Like a virus in a human body, it's growing more and more destructive in Zhongzhou Province. Zhongzhou Province and two neighboring provinces had assigned all of their local corps. However, it was impossible for them to suppress the chaos in Zhongzhou Province in a few days.

    Lately, the Supreme Court had offered a reward, many bounty hunters in provinces and prefectures of Taixia Country had poured into Zhongzhou Province...

    "Elder Zhu, I was told that the corps of those bloody figures came from a bizarre place beneath Pingsha Valley. Is it called Bloody Sea?" A knight of a clan in Yanzhou Province asked a question which all the others at present were concerned about, "I'm really curious about the Bloody Sea."

    Not every knight in Taixia Country had heard about Bloody Sea. As the secret methods of Bloody Soul Temple were involved with the interests of the top 7 sects in Taixia Country, very few people knew about Bloody Sea.

    However, now that the tragedy had happened, the secret method could never be concealed anymore; therefore, Zhu Elder started to introduce it to the public after being silent for a few seconds.

    "Bloody Sea is the No. 1 secret method of Bloody Soul Temple. According to the legend, the Blood Sea of Bloody Soul Temple could enable knights who were dying or suffering fatal wounds to gain new lives only by squeezing one blood drop into Bloody Sea. After gaining the new lives, they would have the battle strength of a black iron knight the moment they woke up. Additionally, their soul and spiritual energy would never die. As long as the Bloody Sea was established, it almost indicated that the knights of Bloody Soul Temple became eternal. As Bloody Sea violated the universal laws too much, Bloody Soul Temple failed to build it even in 100 years. Additionally, the intelligence was exposed; therefore Bloody Soul Temple was exterminated together with the building method of Bloody Sea by the top seven sects in Taixia Country!"

    "Ahh, do you mean that the Bloody Sea has been built by someone?"

    "The Bloody Sea beneath Pingsha Valley was a simplified or incomplete version as this Bloody Sea could only produce LV 9 fighers instead of knights. Now that Bloody Soul Temple couldn't make it in 100 years, not to mention others. However, this simplified Bloody Sea was special. It might have combined with the parent puppet worms of demons. Through autopsy, they found the trace of combining with demon's puppet worms in the brains of those bloody figures according to the message from Zhongzhou Province. That's the most terrifying point..."

    Hearing this intelligence, all the others became silent.

    Zhu Elder watched Elder Muyu with a solemn look as he said, "According to the remaining information of Bloody Soul Temple, Bloody Demon Imitation Method and Bloody Sea both originated from Bloody Soul Temple and were closely related with each other. The one who could build Bloody Sea must have mastered the Bloody Demon Imitation Method in advance!"

    "Elder Mushen, through this event, we know that Elder Mushen was evidently wronged. The one who framed Elder Mushen and mastered Bloody Demon Imitation Method must be on the side of the Heavens Reaching Church which colluded with demons. Previously, we were not sure whether this man indeed existed; however, this time, the Bloody Sea beneath Pingsha Valley could definitely prove that that culprit indeed exists; additionally, he is a member of Heavens Reaching Church. As Elder Mushen inflicted a great loss to the Heavens Reaching Church in Youzhou Province, he incurred the hatred of Heavens Reaching Church; therefore, the remnants of Heavens Reaching Church framed Elder Mushen's family a couple of times. We wonder what the Supreme Court would explain it to Elder Mushen and Huaiyuan Palace?"
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