Chapter 1053: An Uninvited Guest

    Chapter 1053: An Uninvited Guest

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    "Nangong Sheng, Strong Cloud Hermit, also the master of Immortal Fist Position Sect is well known in Yanzhou Province. A Wang disciple told me that an elder of Immortal Fist Position Sect said something before getting off the airship..."

    "What did he say?"

    "The elder said that even Immortal Fist Position Sect and Strong Cloud Hermit did not have an airboat, how could Fire Dragon Hermit have the qualification to own an airboat? When Strong Cloud Hermit heard it, he just replied with a cold muffled voice. Additionally, through my observation, I found that the master and two knight-level elders of Immortal Fist Position Sect looked not good, Hermit, you need to pay attention to them..."

    "Which secret method does Strong Cloud Hermit cultivate? Is he very powerful?"

    "Strong Cloud Hermit founded Immortal Fist Position Sect in Yanzhou Province 100 years ago. He promoted to an earth knight 30 years ago. It's said that Strong Cloud Hermit cultivates Strong Cloud Sutra, a viscount-level secret method and Thunder-like Immortal Fist Position..."

    Zhang Tie was sitting in an old-fashioned wooden armchair in a brilliant robe made of boa silk in a room away from the venue in Xuantian Courtyard. At the same time, he touched his bald head and listened to the report about the information in the venue from Wang Chongde, the master of Wang Clan.


    It was said that "Xia Ping" had disappeared after receiving the reward of millions of gold coins from Jinwu Business Group.

    After Xia Ping disappeared, Zhang Tie returned to Xuantian City silently and prepared for the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect. At the same time, he paid close attention to the situation in Zhongzhou Province.

    Previously, Zhang Tie thought that Pingsha Valley was just a nestle of a killers' organization. He didn't know that there was a time bomb under the ground of Pingsha Valley. The culprit and those b*stards of Heavens Reaching Church were overconfident. They thought that their killers would not leak any intelligence even if they failed the task; however, they could never imagine that their killers could meet a freak who had almost reached the supreme realm of Soul Forbidden Method, a secret method of Bloody Soul Temple.

    'It seems that the God really favors me. The secret method of Bloody Soul Temple that I cultivate could expose the Bloody Sea of Bloody Soul Temple in Zhongzhou Province. Even I've not imagined about the series of chain reactions.'

    'However, there's one point that I could confirm, namely, the Supreme Court of Taixia Country might soon revoke the order for arresting me according to the intelligence that my elder brother got from Xuanyuan Hill lately. It also means that the identity of Zhang Tie might return to Youzhou Province aboveboard only in a few days.'

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could hear this good news so fast.

    Previously, Zhang Tie made great efforts to prepare the identity of Fire Dragon Hermit for reuniting with his family members in Youzhou Province. However, he had not imagined that soon after he returned to Youzhou Province, the series of events had brought a chance to reverse his case.

    After what happened lately, Zhang Tie felt that the secular world was like a pot of assorted porridge, which contained many ingredients. Everyone was trying their best to add something in this pot so that the assorted porridge could become more similar to the flavor that they favored. However, the fact was that nobody could figure out the flavor of the assorted porridge as many people added ingredients to the pot. Nobody could have the assorted porridge to taste absolutely as same as that they wanted.

    Only knights were qualified to add ingredients into this pot.

    'I cannot acquire the flavor of the assorted porridge; if not, I will not be wronged and have to escape.'

    'Neither could the culprit and those b*stards of Heavens Reaching Church. If not, they would not have exposed the secrets in Pingsha Valley after assigning some killers to assassinate my dad.'

    'Even Emperor Xuanyuan couldn't do it; if not, he would never f*cking disappear for so many years.'

    'Even Elzida the great prophet couldn't do it...'

    'Heavens Fortune Sect couldn't do it either...'

    'Even weirdos and freaks like me couldn't do it, not to mention Strong Cloud Hermit, the master of the damn Immortal Fist Position Sect.'

    'It took him 7 decades to promote to an earth knight by cultivating a viscount-level secret method. He has just promoted to an earth knight for about 30 years, at most the 6 changes realm viscount-level earth knight. I'm afraid that he has not even joined the large-scale battle between human knights and demon knights in the Earth-elements Realm. He's just a bit better than a passer-by in front of me. How dare he cause me trouble? Does he really treat himself as something?'

    'Is he here to enliven the atmosphere for the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect? I swear to God, I've not employed such a performer!'

    Zhang Tie yawned. After receiving 10 batches of candidates of local representatives of the 10 cities in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory, he felt a bit bored even though each batch of people cost him only a couple of minutes.

    "That's fine, don't care about that. The elder of Immortal Fist Position Sect purposefully said that so that the Wang disciple could report it to me!" Zhang Tie waved his hand like chasing off a fly, "Is there any relation between Immortal Fist Position Sect and Taiyi Fantasy Sect?"

    After hearing this question, Wang Chongde, the master of Wang Clan threw an amazed and awe-stricken glance at Zhang Tie. Although Zhang Tie always looked indifferent, his question cut to the heart of the matter. Actually, Wang Chongde had considered about this question for a long while. He had even carefully negotiated it with some elders of Wang Clan. However, he had not imagined that the Fire Dragon Hermit could cut to the core so fast.

    "Immortal Fist Position Sect is closely related to Taiyi Fantasy Sect. When Nangong Sheng, the Strong Cloud Hermit promoted to an earth knight and held a chakra rotating ceremony in the territory of Immortal Fist Position Sect, the elders of Taiyi Fantasy Sect even traveled a great distance to congratulate him with a lavish gift. From then on, Immortal Fist Position Sect had laid its foundation in Youzhou Province and Northeast Military Region. It's said that one son of Nangong Sheng is a disciple of Taiyi Fantasy Sect..."

    'I see, he's assuming the authority of Taiyi Fantasy Sect as his own so as to show off the prestige of Immortal Fist Position Sect.'

    Zhang Tie understood it right away, 'Nangong Sheng might have already known that Taiyi Fantasy Sect lost the bet the moment my airboat arrived at Fire Dragon Bounty Territory. Perhaps, Taiyi Fantasy Sect have contacted him and told him to do something; additionally, my Fire Dragon Bounty Territory is in the territory of Northeast Military Region and I'm going to open a sect here; therefore, Strong Cloud Hermit arrived with most of his elites with bad looks.

    'Hoho, interesting!'

    "Have all the guests on the name-list arrived?"

    "Yes, Immortal Fist Position Sect's representatives were the last one to arrive!" The master of Wang Clan replied respectfully.

    After hearing it, Zhang Tie stood up from his armchair as he said, "Let's go. I will meet the heroes and powerhouses in the three provinces of Northeast Military Region in the venue!"

    "Ahh..." The master of Wang Clan became faintly startled as he suggested, "But the lucky time has not arrived. It's still 20 minutes left!"

    "Never mind. Honestly, the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect is to actually invite some people to have a dinner and know each other like how a store opens. By the way, we will see who's on which side and whether there're good business partners. Now that all of them have arrived, I don't have to stay here, let's go..." Zhang Tie said as he exited the room.

    The master of Wang Clan trotted after Zhang Tie as he asked, "What...what about those gifts?"

    "Push them out now so as to enliven the atmosphere. When a store opened, the boss would always carry out a promotion such as drawing lots for a prize or hitting gold eggs for a prize. Now that Iron-Dragon Sect is going to open, we have to be more boisterous than a new store. We need to warm up the atmosphere, hahaha..."

    After hearing these words, Wang Chongde became silent. Because only Fire Dragon Hermit could do that. After knowing what were those gifts, Wang Chongde was too shocked to utter any word for quite a while. What was more, those gifts were used to enliven the atmosphere in the venue. He had not ever heard anyone who could be so luxurious in an opening ceremony across Taixia Country, not to mention within Northeast Military Territory.


    In the venue, Zhang Yang was faintly frowning and listening to a disciple of Immortal Fist Position Sect speaking loudly and proudly in the far.

    Zhang Yang's seat was next to those of Huaiyuan Palace. He came here with his two sons, Zhang Chengxu and Zhang Chengze, who were a bit younger than Zhang Chengan. However, it was time for them to broaden their horizon. According to the agreement between him and Zhang Tie, Zhang Yang brought the two boys here.

    In the venue, there were many kids at the age of Zhang Chengxu and Zhang Chengze. All the clans' representatives were clear in mind that it was a rare opportunity for them to gain the guidance of an earth knight, even the major clans within Northeast Military Territory.

    The seats of Immortal Fist Position Sect were beside those of Huaiyuan Palace, which were the most eye-catching ones in the venue. This indicated that Iron-Dragon Sect paid special tribute to Immortal Fist Position Sect.

    However, Strong Cloud Hermit's team members didn't pay respect to Iron-Dragon Sect at all. Some disciples of Iron-Dragon Sect were talking about something with those disciples of the surrounding clans. Hearing their talks, Zhang Yang frowned.

    However, the master and the two elders of Immortal Fist Position Sect fully ignored their disciples' words as if they had not heard that.

    "Isn't there any good place for Iron-Dragon Sect to hold an opening ceremony? How could they choose the formal official mansion of Xuantian City? That's too simple and crude..."

    "Yea, of course, the so-called opening ceremony of a sect should be held in a magnificent palace. I remember that the Immortal Fist Palace where the opening ceremony of Immortal Fist Position Sect was held was really magnificent..."

    "I was told that the servants here were even borrowed from other clans. That's too hilarious!"

    "Haven't you found that Fire Dragon Hermit only invited the heroes in the three provinces within Northeast Military Territory? There's not even a knight outside Northeast Military Territory. It seems that Fire Dragon Hermit has been used to live alone. How could he have no friends and relatives to help him in such an important situation? None of the knights from other provinces came here to congratulate him..."

    "3 decades ago, when my master promoted to an earth knight and held his chakra rotating ceremony, all the elders of Taiyi Fantasy Sect had arrived..."

    "Yes, it's said that Fire Dragon Hermit has just promoted to an earth knight a couple of years ago..."

    Not only Zhang Yang had heard the talks of the disciples of Immortal Fist Position Sect, but even those knight-level powerhouses in the venue had also heard that. Hearing the talks, the disciples of Wang Clan didn't look good while those guests further confirmed their speculation, namely Immortal Fist Position Sect's representatives came with evil intent. They might want to stir up trouble here. Many people at present had thought that it should be related with Taiyi Fantasy Sect...

    When the other guests were concerned about that, a louder and longer report sounded from all directions...

    "Fire Dragon Hermit...is coming..."

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