Chapter 1054: Shocking Golden Eggs

    Chapter 1054: Shocking Golden Eggs

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    After hearing the words "tiny head", "tiny mouth" and "worm in my maw", Elder Mo Qi of Immortal Fist Position Sect felt that Zhang Tie was standing in front of him, bowing his body and touching his head by hand genially.

    Although Zhang Tie's words sounded like "praise", Elder Mo Qi of Immortal Fist Position Sect blushed in a split second; especially the "painful" looks of the surrounding people made Elder Mo Qi feel like being a clown in the venue...

    "Fire Dragon Hermit, you..." Elder Mo Qi stood up as he watched Zhang Tie with a blush. He wanted to lose his temper; however, he found that he had no reason or excuse to do that. Therefore, he almost had "internal injuries". Whatever, Elder Mo Qi was evidently "smaller" than Fire Dragon Hermit on both figures and knight ranks.

    "What, do you want to say something, Elder Mo Qi?" Zhang Tie watched Elder Mo Qi with a smile.

    Elder Mo Qi threw a glance at Nangong Sheng on his side.

    "Sit down!" Nangong Sheng moved his facial muscles while uttering a hoarse voice, "After traveling a long way here, we're guests. We will see what game is Fire Dragon Hermit going to play with us. As those at present are all elders and masters of clans and sects; all of us have rich experiences. I think that Fire Dragon Hermit is definitely not joking with us. It's not late if Fire Dragon Hermit really dares make a joke with the heroes in the three provinces of Northeast Military Region!"

    Nangong Sheng would like to see how Zhang Tie would lose his face. In his opinion, all the influential figures at present had rich experiences; although there was not a fixed pattern for the opening ceremony of sects in Taixia Country, it had better be solemn. However, Zhang Tie was going to play a game such as hitting golden eggs for a prize like how those pedlars would always do, wasn't it a joke? Nangong Sheng just wanted to watch Zhang Tie make a fool of himself. When the others felt unhappy about the game, Nangong Sheng would seize the opportunity to make difficulties for Zhang Tie. By then, fewer people would like to stand on Zhang Tie's side.

    Of course, Zhang Tie knew what Nangong Sheng was thinking about. Hearing Nangong Sheng's words, Zhang Tie revealed a faint smile. Instead of looking at the mincing Nangong Sheng, he asked Elder Mo Qi with an amazed look, "Elder Mo Qi, who's that well-dressed actor..."

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, all the others almost burst out into laughter. With eccentric looks, they felt that Fire Dragon Hermit was really talkative. His words made Nangong Sheng unable to lose his temper...

    'Well-dressed actor?' After hearing that comment, Nangong Sheng's face turned blue at once. Feeling suffocated, his hand on the long beard became stiff. Before Elder Mo Qi opened his mouth, Nangong Sheng had replied Zhang Tie, "I'm Nangong Sheng, the master of Immortal Fist Position Sect in Yanzhou Province!"

    "Ha, it's Master Nangong of Immortal Fist Position Sect. Sorry, sorry. Now that Master Nangong wants to take a look at the game, I will show it to you!" After saying that, Zhang Tie clapped his hands twice. After receiving Zhang Tie's order, the servants of Wang Clan immediately pushed rows of four-wheeled carts into the venue, 4 people for 1 cart.

    The servants of Wang Clan were very careful. The round items had been fixed on the carts. Each item was higher than 1 m while being covered with a red silk cloth.

    Watching these items being pushed into the venue of the opening ceremony, all those at present were dumbfounded as they exchanged glances with each other. At the same time, they whispered, 'Does Fire Dragon Hermit really want us to hit golden eggs like what those pedlars would always do? This...this...is too hilarious...'

    All those at present were prestigious. Those knight-level elders were thinking, 'Am I going to join the fun on the stage if Fire Dragon Hermit really wants to play such a naive trick?'

    Nangong Sheng revealed a faint sneer as he swore inside, 'Naive! I've heard that Fire Dragon Hermit was born in a small family, which had no deep background; it was at most a rural well-off family. He's rustic and gained "Fire Dragon Sutra" by accident. Look at what he shows us, what a child's play...'

    "Elder Muyu, what do you think Fire Dragon Hermit is going to do?"

    Zhu Elder asked Elder Muyu in a secret way. Lately, Zhu Clan and Zhang Clan was going to unite by marriage; Zhu Dabiao the grandson of the provincial governor of Yanzhou Province was going to marry the granddaughter of Elder Muray of Huaiyuan Palace; additionally, Zhang Yang, the representative of Zhang Clan in Jinwu City would also marry a female junior of Zhu Elder. Because of this relationship, the elders of the two clans were closer to each other and the provincial governor of Yanzhou Province was going to write a letter to Xuanyuan Hill to ask for reversing Zhang Tie's case after the event broke out in Zhongzhou Province.

    It was normal for major clans to unite by marriage in Taixia Country. Even though they were not for pure interests, such marriages could serve as a lubricant for the relationship between two major clans. As they were of the same family, it would be much more convenient for them to communicate with each other on many occasions. It was just a beginning. As for major clans which had hundreds of thousands of people even over 1 million people, if they confirmed to deepen the relationship between two parties, over 10 pairs even over 100 pairs of juniors from the two clans might get married. Through marriage between two clans, the relationship between two clans might be deepened; additionally, the genes of two clans were valued by the clan elders, which after being combined could make their posterity more excellent.

    "I find Fire Dragon Hermit is not rude. I want to see what game is he going to play. As we're old enough and don't want to move; but we can let our juniors to warm up on the stage..."

    "Hoho, I agree with you, Elder Muyu..."

    At this moment, many knights and elders were communicating with each other in a secret way; however, apparently, they didn't move their mouths at all; instead, they just watched Zhang Tie very elegantly; meanwhile, they were guessing what was inside the "golden eggs".

    There were 18 carts in total. After all of them were pushed inside, they formed a circle in the center of the venue. After putting them in the right places, the servants of Wang Clan left. Each cart was only accompanied by one servant who was ready to unveil the silk cloth by pulling the rope on it. Zhang Tie stood in the center of the venue as he said, "This Cui has just come back from the Earth-elements Realm. I've got nothing good but some specialties in Earth-elements Realm. I'd like to share it with you for fun. Given its limited quantity, I could not take care of every single one of you at present. Here are 18 golden eggs. All the clans and sects could have a chance to draw lots for a prize. There's a number on each golden egg. Therefore, you could only hit the golden egg with the specific number that you will draw. Try your best to hit them. Even if you don't want to hit them for the time being, you could bring them back home for a decoration like a fengshui. As we're all neighbors, you will gradually know the temperament of this Cui. I dare not say that I'm a gentleman; however, I've not done anything that harmed others to benefit myself or went against reason and nature..."

    After saying that, Zhang Tie waved his hand, telling the servants of Wang Clan to pull off the red silk cloths on those balls in different sizes, unveiling the golden eggs, which left everyone at present dumbfounded...

    18 "golden eggs" were all colorful secret pearls in different sizes. These secret pearls radiated brilliant lights which were similar to that of gold and jade. Under the morning sunlight, they looked pretty brilliant being similar to the effect of the reflection of cat's eye gems. The 18 secret pearls were in different colors. The moment the silk cloths were unveiled, they had given out brilliant lights, which included red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple lights. As a result, it became colorful within 100 square meters which froze the curious or contemptuous looks of the people at present...

    Being buried in the Earth-elements Realm hundreds of millions of years, these secret pearls could barely be exposed under sunlight. However, under sunlight, each secret bead was as resplendent as beautiful gemstones...

    With a sound of "Huala", Zhu Elder stood up at once as he watched those "Golden Eggs" with widely opened eyes. With an unbelievable look, his voice began to quiver, "These...these are...secret pearls in Earth-elements Realm which might contain silver secret items..."

    "Hoho, Zhu Elder is really knowledgeable, these are indeed secret pearls that this Cui brought from Earth-elements Realm. I will gift some of them to you today so as to bring good lucks for the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect. Thanks for coming here..." Zhang Tie said with a calm look.

    'What? Secret pearls?' The moment Zhang Tie finished his words, all the other knights, elders and masters of clans and sects had sprung up, causing a sound "Huala". They just wanted to see how secret pearls looked like.

    At least half of knights in Taixia Country, especially black iron knights had never seen secret pearls. As for the rest knights, even though they had seen secret pearls, they might have not seen so many secret pearls at the same time.

    However, everybody was clear what secret pearls meant. They all knew that there might be a precious silver secret item in a secret pearl...

    Those at present had not even heard that anyone could provide so many secret pearls at the same time.
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