Chapter 1055: A Conflict

    Chapter 1055: A Conflict

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    Facing the chance that they might get silver secrets, even those elders from clans with provincial governors became restless as they all stood up.

    Even Lu Dingzhi, the master of Lu Clan who had always been calm became thrilled and stood up at once.

    As Lu Dingzhi served as coins producing supervisor in Goldenrock Subcontinent previously, he didn't have a chance to practice in the Earth-elements Realm. Although he had seen secret pearls sometimes on special occasions, he didn't have one yet. 4 years ago, Lu Dingzhi lost the competition for the provincial governor of Youzhou Province; although he had promoted to an earth knight, he still felt his battle strength was not great enough. He was thinking about looking for a silver secret item in Earth-elements Realm lately. It was really out of his imagination that he could have a chance to gain silver secret item now.

    The moment the red silver cloths were unveiled, the female knights at present immediately fixed their eyes onto the 18 secret pearls. Most of the women had no resistance to beautiful and resplendent gemstones. Of course, female knights didn't lack jewelry; however, the 18 secret pearls were as attractive as irresistible gems to those female knights.

    Watching people's thirsty looks and the slightly chaotic seats, Zhang Tie revealed a big smile as he said, "These items are just used to spice up the atmosphere, if you want to take a closer look at them or touch them, help yourselves. As for those who could take them away, it depends on your luck..."

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, the elders of clans with provincial governors in the front of the auditorium including Lu Dingzhi and Elder Muyu immediately strode towards those secret pearls with flickering eyes. They started to touch, knock and comment those secret pearls one after another.

    At the sight of this, all the other knights, elders and masters of clans and sects rushed over there at the same time.

    Some of them moved so fast that they even knocked down their chairs, causing chaos.

    Even elders and knights had rushed over there, not to mention those juniors of clans and sects.

    As for these disciples, they were too far away from silver secret items. Many people were destined to dream about it for their whole lives. Now that they could have a chance to touch them, of course, they didn't want to miss it.

    However, when those young disciples rushed over there, the 18 secret items had long been surrounded by the elders and knights of clans and sects. Therefore, the young disciples could only stand in the periphery and watched the resplendent secret pearls with admiring looks.

    In a split second, there were only two groups of people who were still seated in the auditorium. One of them was the team of Immortal Fist Position Sect.

    The representatives of Immortal Fist Position Sect could never imagine that the so-called golden eggs that Zhang Tie presented were the precious secret pearls in the Earth-elements Realm. Damn it! It was too terrifying! Even in the opening ceremonies of the top seven sects in Taixia Country, nobody had seen so many secret pearls. The so-called local tyrants were nothing but sh*t in front of Zhang Tie's game.

    The disciples of Immortal Fist Position Sect who said the opening ceremony was too simple and crude blushed at once. Nangong Sheng and two elders on his side became restless too. They also wanted to take a closer look at those secret pearls; however, they felt it was improper. Sitting there, they felt being too special; therefore, they all felt embarrassed.

    The other group of people who didn't move was Zhang Yang and his two sons. Finding that their dad didn't move, Zhang Tie's two nephews didn't move either; they just watched those hot secret pearls with flickering eyes.

    Zhang Yang didn't move because he was shocked by Zhang Tie's game. Among so many people, only Zhang Yang knew that Fire Dragon Hermit was Zhang Tie, his younger brother.

    As Zhang Tie had been escaping for 4 years, Zhang Yang thought that Zhang Tie must be living a poor life; however, at the sight of the 18 secret pearls, Zhang Yang realized that Zhang Tie might live much better than he could imagine in the past 4 years.

    Zhang Yang gazed at Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie also blinked his eyes to his elder brother.

    "Dad, can we take a closer look at those secret pearls?" Until Zhang Chengxu, the second son of Zhang Yang opened his mouth did Zhang Yang make a response, "Erm, fine, fine, we will take a look over there. So many secret pearls almost scared your dad..."

    Zhang Yang whispered to his two sons in order to cover his inactive behavior.

    Of course, even though Zhang Yang was the boss of Jinwu Business Group, he might not be able to force his way in. However, Zhang Yang was not anxious about it because he knew that Zhang Tie could definitely bring more secret pearls than these if he or his sons needed them in the future. With such a rich brother, he didn't need to worry about that at all...

    Zhang Yang was even firmly convinced that Zhang Tie would find a chance to gift one secret pearl to Huaiyuan Palace in later programs. However, Zhang Yang didn't know how Zhang Tie would do that in front of so many knight-level powerhouses without exposing the loophole.

    Zhang Tie looked at those guys of Immortal Fist Position Sect with a smile. He ignored them; instead, he just turned around and walked to the center of the crowd. As for Zhang Tie, those guys of Immortal Fist Position Sect were just seasonings, who were trivial roles. He didn't need to care about them at all. Whatever, those guys couldn't make big trouble.

    Watching Zhang Tie throwing a glance at them before leaving with a smile, Nangong Sheng looked more furious as he felt being belittled. He had not been treated like this for over 100 years since he promoted to a knight and founded the Immortal Fist Position Sect.

    When Zhang Tie came here, those juniors of clans and sects watched Zhang Tie with awestruck and admiring looks. They hurriedly gave a way to Zhang Tie.

    As for these disciples of clans and sects, they had known the opinions of their own elders before coming here. This time, these elders were actually seeking opportunities to have their disciples be enrolled by Fire Dragon Hermit. Previously, Fire Dragon Hermit was just a strange and dignified name; however, since Zhang Tie appeared; especially after he presented so many secret pearls generously, all the juniors at present felt that it was pretty fortunate for them to learn from such an earth knight.

    When Zhang Tie came to the center of the crowd, some knights and elders were speculating which one of them had a silver secret item.

    Any complete secret pearl might contain a silver secret, which might be a weapon or an extremely precious nanobead or space-teleportation equipment.


    "I feel this secret pearl probably contains a silver secret item..." Zhu Elder told the others, "Look, this secret pearl faces the south; its attribute is fire; additionally, this pearl looks as yellow as soil, which is rightly consistent with the south. I feel this secret pearl probably contains a silver secret item..."

    "Ahh, Zhu Elder, you're proficient in Learning of Secret Items ?" One knight asked with an admiring look.

    "No, no, this old man is not proficient in that at all. I just learned a bit from a powerhouse of Five-elements Mentality Sect, just a bit, just a bit!" Zhu Elder replied modestly; however, given his restrained look, he was very satisfied with it. The "Learning of Secret Items" occupied a high position among knights. Those who were proficient in the "Learning of Secret Items" were all something. When one said a knight was proficient in the "Learning of Secret Items", it was like praising a soldier that he could be a general and a woman who could remain young and beautiful forever.

    After hearing the others' praise, Zhu Elder pointed at Lu Dingzhi who was seriously gazing at a secret pearl which was as scarlet as an agate while being covered with sparkling grains, "Look at younger brother Lu, he's really proficient in the "Learning of Secret Items"; does younger brother Lu think that secret pearl contains something?"

    Lu Dingzhi turned around with a smile, "When I served as the coins producing supervisor in Goldenrock Subcontinent, I used to touch various stones. I learned how to identify secret pearls according to their energy from the Financial Ministry of Xuanyuan Hill. Because this secret pearl contains pretty high energy, it might contain a space-teleportation equipment such as nanobead..."

    When Zhang Tie approached them, he heard the words of Zhu Elder and Lu Dingzhi. When he heard Zhu Elder's words, Zhang Tie laughed inside, 'It seems that Zhu Elder has not mastered the essence of the "Learning of Secret Items" of the Five-elements Mentality Sect. The secret pearl that he selects contains nothing. It just has a good look. After hearing Lu Dingzhi's words, Zhang Tie spoke highly of Lu Dingzhi inside, because the secret pearl selected by Lu Dingzhi was picked from the top region of the Weapons Mountain. The secret pearls in that region of Weapons Mountain probably contain a space-teleportation equipment. That was why Mountain Lifting Hermit and the other two earth knights directly sought for space-teleportation equipment on the top of Weapons Mountain in the hieron ruins.'

    'The Learning of Secret Items  from the Financial Ministry of Xuanyuan Hill is really something; no wonder they serve the imperial households; however...it's just so-so...'

    "Ahh, Fire Dragon Hermit..." Watching Zhang Tie coming here, all the knights and elders greeted Zhang Tie with big smiles, which was much more enthusiastic than that at the beginning.

    "Fire Dragon Hermit, your generosity in the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect must become a much-told tale in Northeast Military Region. It's our great honor to attend this opening ceremony..." Qian Elder touched his beard as he said with a big smile. All the surrounding knights nodded.

    If Zhang Tie really brought here some eggs made of pure gold, even if they could really carry the golden eggs away, the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect would also become a joke. However, as these golden eggs were actually secret pearls, it became a much-told tale. That explained the difference between a joke and a much-told tale.

    It was a joke for the poor to chase after girls in a romantic way; however, it was a much-told tale for the rich to chase after girls in a romantic way. Whether it was a joke or a much-told tale, it had nothing to do with one's mentality; it just depended on one's overall strength. Zhang Tie had long thought it through when he was in Blackhot City. Therefore, Zhang Tie prepared such a game. The style of this game was not important; what counted was what were the golden eggs.

    For instance, a shy boy used lichee and other fruits to make a pattern of a bolt penetrating through a heart on the ground so as to affirm his loyalty to a girl and a playboy used diamonds to make the same pattern on the ground so as to affirm his loyalty to a girl; although it was the same pattern, which could confirm that the result was the same...

    In others' eyes, the first one was a joke while the second one was a much-told tale. The difference between a joke and a much-told tale was similar to that between lichee and diamonds. Pitifully, many shy boys didn't understand it.

    "Hahaha, glad that you're happy. As we're all neighbors and this Cui has just come to the Fire Dragon Bounty Territory like moving to a new home, I have to invite my neighbors, relatives and friends for a dinner out of etiquette..." Zhang Tie replied generously.

    Zhang Tie's words won him too much praise, 'What a generous man!'

    "Hermit? Did you get all these secret pearls from Earth-elements Realm?" Elder Muyu asked respectfully.

    Zhang Tie sighed with emotion inside, 'Look at the difference between knights on different levels? How could Elder Muyu know that it's Zhang Tie who talked with him?'

    "These secret pearls came from the Weapons Mountain in a heiron's ruins in the Earth-elements Realm. I gained them when I made an exploration over there!"

    "Ahh, it was said that Fire Dragon Hermit indeed entered a hieron's ruins when you made an exploration in the Earth-elements Realm; it was said that the process was very dangerous. I wonder whether it's the same exploration!" Another knight from Tongzhou Province asked him.

    "Yes, an earth demon knight and a human knight who surrendered to demons attacked us at the crucial moment. As a result, all of us had almost been killed!"

    "Ahh, what about the two earth knights?"

    Zhang Tie replied with a smile frankly, "Hehheh, I killed them both..."

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, many people around him became shocked; however, many people were not sure whether Zhang Tie was telling the truth or not...

    "I wonder about the process of hitting golden eggs. Whether each one of us has a chance to participate in it?" The master of Huge Saber Sect asked. As a new sect, Huge Saber Sect had a weak foundation. The master of Huge Saber Sect had just promoted to a black iron knight a couple of years ago. Therefore, such sects with weak foundations paid special attention to how to gain these secret pearls in case of missing the opportunity.

    "Of course, each one of you has a chance to participate in it. One golden invitation card means an opportunity. All the clans and sects that have received the golden invitation cards could have a try. After a short while, you should draw number twice; the first number determines the order for you to draw lots; the second number determines which secret pearl will you have. Each clan and sect will have a chance; this Cui makes no exception..."

    When they were thinking about Zhang Tie's method, Nangong Sheng's icy sound drifted from outside suddenly.

    "I was told that Fire Dragon Hermit has an excellent battle strength. You even killed an earth-level shadow demon in the Earth-elements Realm. I really admire you. In the grand ceremony, I feel like learning from you here. Will you receive my request..."

    After hearing these words, those who were circling around the secret pearls became silent at once. They had sensed that Immortal Fist Position Sect arrived with an evil intent; however, they could not imagine that Nangong Sheng was here to ruin the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect...

    When he arrived, Nangong Sheng had some worries; after saying these words, he must have been ready for a fight.

    Facing such a challenge, the other party could only have two choices: first, to admit that he couldn't match the challenger on battle skills; second, to accept the challenge. To a certain extent, it was the regulation for opening a sect in Taixia Country. If one wanted to open a sect, he should be ready to accept the challenge from the those on the same level. If not, such a sect would not be widely accepted.

    Zhang Tie and the master of Immortal Fist Position Sect were both earth knights. Although it looked fair, many guests at present faintly frowned. All of them knew that Fire Dragon Hermit had just promoted to an earth knight for a couple of years. It was said that Fire Dragon Hermit killed the earth-level shadow demon in the Earth-elements Realm by accident. The shadow demon wanted to undermine Fire Dragon Hermit in the shape of a severely injured woman. However, it was undermined by Fire Dragon Hermit. Therefore, Fire Dragon Hermit was rewarded with Fire Dragon Bounty Territory. By contrast, Nangong Sheng had promoted to an earth knight for over 3 decades. Evidently, Nangong Sheng wanted to make Fire Dragon Hermit embarrassed.

    'Shameless!' Many knights swore inside.

    However, all those at present knew that Immortal Fist Position Sect was related to Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Therefore, they just waited for Zhang Tie's response silently.

    Even Elder Muyu became silent at this moment. Actually, Huaiyuan Palace also had a good relationship with Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Lan Yunxi was in Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Zhang Taixuan had already predicted this emergency before Huaiyuan Palace's representatives set off. He told Elder Muyu to not interfere with the conflict between Fire Dragon Hermit and Taiyi Fantasy Sect.

    As for the conflict between Fire Dragon Hermit and Taiyi Fantasy Sect, it was said that Fire Dragon Hermit made a bet with Feng Yexiao, the grand elder of Taiyi Fantasy Sect and won an airboat from the latter. After losing their face, of course, Taiyi Fantasy Sect had to do something for the reputation of Taiyi Fantasy Sect.

    Zhang Tie turned around. All the others behind him gave a way to him so that Zhang Tie could directly see the representatives of Immortal Fist Position Sect...

    "Do you want to have a fight with me here?" Zhang Tie asked Nangong Sheng while pointing at his own nose.

    "Yes!" Nangong Sheng said while gritting his teeth. If he didn't launch an attack at this moment, it would be late when the other guests began to "hit golden eggs". By then, all those who gained the benefits would stand on Zhang Tie's side. As a result, nobody would support him. Therefore, Nangong Sheng made a decision to undermine Zhang Tie's power and prestige right away before the others hit the golden eggs.

    Nangong Sheng also knew that Zhang Tie cultivated a marquis-level secret method "Fire Dragon Sutra". However, given that Zhang Tie had only practiced it for a couple of years and had just promoted to an earth knight, he didn't think that it would do any help to Zhang Tie. In his opinion, after practicing a viscount-level secret method for over 30 years, he would never be beaten by a junior who had just promoted to an earth knight.

    'It's hard to find a chance to ruin an opening ceremony of a sect. After missing this opportunity, I would barely find another one.'

    'Additionally, Taiyi Fantasy Sect has promised me a reward for it...'

    Watching Nangong Sheng's expression "I will beat you for sure", Zhang Tie revealed a smile...

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