Chapter 1057: Thunder-like Booms

    Chapter 1057: Thunder-like Booms

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    "When the fist starts, the clouds move!" Elder Muyu exclaimed out of amazement.

    Nobody could imagine that Nangong Sheng had entered such a supreme realm in his thunder-like immortal fist. He could even have a contact with the universe.

    It was definitely the peak level of this battle skill.

    Only earth knights who had formed their earth chakra could reach the supreme realm of integrating with the universe of their battle skill. Black iron knights could only long for this realm yet couldn't realize it at all. Actually, very few earth knights could reach this supreme realm. At least Zhang Tie had not seen any earth knight displaying such a great ability before Nangong Sheng.

    "Our master of the sect has cultivated Thunder-like Immortal Fist for 100 years. After promoting to an earth knight, he practiced it for over 10 more years with his full efforts. He's already entered the supreme realm of Thunder-like Immortal Fist and could integrate with the universe. Speaking of fist skills, only our master could reach the supreme realm of integrating with the universe within Northeast Military Region..." Elder Mo Qi said pleasantly after throwing a glance at the surrounding onlookers...

    Watching the dense black clouds caused by Nangong Sheng's battle qi tornado above the valley, all the knights in the surrounding changed their faces; even Zhang Tie looked unprecedentedly solemn.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that Nangong Sheng could be so powerful, 'It seems that Nangong Sheng had prepared well for this fight.'

    At this moment, Zhang Tie realized that he was overconfident. In this world, not everybody in the role of "clown" and "bad guys" had to set off you. In many cases, because these kind of people were always heartless and as persistent as wolves, they could always make their full efforts to reach their targets. They treated everybody viciously, including themselves. They had a strong mind and could bear loneliness and pains that the others couldn't bear. Therefore, this kind of people could always gain the achievements that many "positive roles" and "good person" couldn't. They always had special talents.

    In cultivation, one's achievements had nothing to do with morality; it was only related to sweats and efforts.

    However, even though he was shocked, Zhang Tie immediately lit his battle intent like a wildfire. At this moment, facing Nangong Sheng, Zhang Tie instantly felt being as oppressive as facing Glaze when in Blackhot City. This long-lost feeling of oppression enabled Zhang Tie's blood veins to go berserk. He felt his battle qi was going to boil up.

    It was pretty lucky for a person to meet such a powerful opponent.

    "Good, when the fist starts, the clouds move; the God really favors me..." Zhang Tie laughed while a thick battle qi tornado rushed into the sky, "Master Nangong is the first earth knight that I met who could reach the realm of integrating his battle skill with the universe. If I was beaten by your fist position, I would declare that the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect became ineffective. You can just treat it as a cheerful party in Xuantian City. If this Cui could beat you on fist skills, I would reopen my Iron-Dragon Sect!"

    It was Zhang Tie's first time to call Nangong Sheng master because he really respected Nangong Sheng and the realm that Nangong Sheng entered.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, all the onlookers became visibly moved. Nobody could imagine that Fire Dragon Hermit could be so generous facing such a powerful enemy. As a result, they felt that Fire Dragon Hermit was even more heroic than themselves.

    Fire Dragon Hermit was a real man!

    Zhang Tie's reply made all the onlookers' blood boiled.

    Nangong Sheng quivered his eyebrows as he was also shocked by Zhang Tie's masculinity and felt moved inside. Although he came here to ruin the opening ceremony, he also held Zhang Tie in high respect after hearing the latter's reply, "Fine, if you win, from today on, my Immortal Fist Position Sect will stay far away from your Iron-Dragon Sect!"

    "Fine, that's what man should do!" Zhang Tie burst out into laughter as he made a strange starting gesture.

    Zhang Tie put his two fists against each other before his chest. The others didn't know what this starting gesture meant. Only Zhang Tie knew that it was called introspection gesture.

    Nangong Sheng had reached the supreme realm of integrating his fist skill with the universe. However, Zhang Tie had not reached that realm yet. Conversely, he could only retrospect himself by his fist, 'What does the extreme strength mean? What does the movement in accordance with universal laws mean? What does life mean? What does death mean? What does success mean? What does failure mean? What is the spirit of a fist?'


    Zhang Tie made a starting gesture with a solemn look. Meanwhile, he closed his eyes.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's starting gesture, Nangong Sheng's eyes shined too.

    In the next 2 minutes, the air in the valley seemed to be frozen. Neither Zhang Tie nor Nangong Sheng moved. However, their battle qi tornadoes were wrestling and roaring, which shocked the entire Xuantian City in the distance...

    The black clouds above the valley grew thicker. All of a sudden, a drop of rain fell off from thousands of meters high...

    When the drop of rain reached a few meters above Zhang Tie's head, it suddenly froze like being caught by a hand. At the same time, Zhang Tie opened his sparkling eyes...

    Meanwhile, Nangong Sheng also moved. He strode towards Zhang Tie; Zhang Tie also strode towards him. Although they were dozens of meters away from each other, they soon approached each other in one step. Closely after that, their punches collided with each other face-to-face...

    With a boom, tens of thunder-like booms sounded over the valley while the 10-m high boulder under their feet vanished in a split second while thousands of spalls shot in all directions. Many neighboring boulders directly became powders. At the same time, a strong shock wave swept over several square miles. Even a 10-cm thick small tree which grew up in a riprap hundred of meters away was broken and sent flying dozens of meters away like having been split by a huge ax.

    The fast flying spalls were even more destructive than the ammunition fired by powerful steam centrifugal cannons. Many spalls directly hit the protective battle qis of those onlooking knights over 500 m away, causing sound "Tsi"; additionally, the protective battle qis of the onlooking knights rocked. Feeling those powerful spalls, those onlooking knights changed their faces once again. Needless to say, most of the onlooking knights hurriedly moved 200 m away; only a few knights stayed within the range of 500 m...

    The wind and cloud in the valley grew intense abruptly, causing ceaseless thunders...


    At the same time, an extremely brilliant airboat passed through the airspace of Yanzhou Province towards Xuantian City. Bai Suxian in an imperial robe as beautiful as a fairy was standing at the prow of the airboat. Not only that, she was losing her temper to an old man by stomping her feet to the ground and putting her hands on both sides of her waist.

    "If I'm late and couldn't catch up with Brother Cui's opening ceremony, it's all your fault; it's all your fault; go back to your Lord Guangnan's Mansion..."

    The old man revealed a bitter smile as he explained to Bai Suxian in a humble way, "Miss, we have to pass through the airspace of Yongzhou Province and Mozhou Province; but we don't know that the Class A cities in these provinces are under martial law. Even their airspace has been blocked and airboats should be checked. Even if we could pass through the checks smoothly with the brand of Lord Guangnan's Mansion, we have to waste some time on the way..."

    "Whatever, it's your fault..."

    "Yes, it's all this old slave's fault!" The old man revealed a benign smile. However, in a split second, he looked icy and aggressive, "If anyone who dared speak ill of Miss and made Miss unhappy, this old slave would make him unhappy for the rest of his life. As this old slave watched Miss grow up, I would never make you feel bad..."

    Soon after he finished his words, the old man who called himself this old slave suddenly felt something. He looked through the left porthole in the prow. Right over dozens of miles away, a same purple airboat caught up with them and flew towards Xuantian City shoulder to shoulder.

    "Yi? Tianlu Palace's airboat..."

    The old man immediately recognized the background of the airboat through the bow-shaped clan's emblem on the airboat.

    Hearing Tianlu Palace's airboat, Bai Suxian immediately recalled something. Like being stepped onto her tail, she sprung up at once as she gritted her teeth and said, "Fly ahead of it, don't let the foxtrel of Tianlu Palace arrive before us. The elders of Tianlu Palace have too many evil ideas. Do they think that I don't know that..."


    The fight between two earth knights on fist skills made the onlookers dazzled.

    Zhang Tie and Nangong Sheng punched each other as fast as lightning bolts and as slow as two giants lifting mountains, which was really earthshaking.

    However, the speed of earth knight's movements was relative. After entering the realm of fists, in commoners' eyes, their fast movements were like slow motions. However, when they really slowed down their speed, others would feel that they were moving super fast. If not the constant shock waves and thunder-like booms in the valley, almost nobody could observe that the two people were colliding with each other...

    Among the onlookers, perhaps less than 10 people could see clearly how Zhang Tie fought Nangong Sheng.

    These knights who could see clearly how the two knights fought were very amazed.

    Nangong Sheng's cultivation base on his fist skill had entered the supreme realm of integrating with the universe; what was more shocking was that Fire Dragon Hermit whose fist skill was not outstanding could also enter a fantastic realm of his fist skill. In about half an hour, Fire Dragon Hermit and Nangong Sheng almost drew. If not having a sharp eyesight and a powerful knight's consciousness, they could almost not find the trivial difference between Fire Dragon Hermit and Nangong Sheng in fist skills...
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