Chapter 1060: A Myriad of Stars Surround the Moon

    Chapter 1060: A Myriad of Stars Surround the Moon

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    Suspending in the air, Zhang Tie just watched how the two elders of Immortal Fist Position Sect flew towards Nangong Sheng, doing massage, setting fractures or pouring medicament into his mouth. Not until a few minutes later did Nangong Sheng flew back into the air with the two elders once again in a wobbly way...

    "Master Nangong, will we continue?" Zhang Tie asked kindly.

    Nangong Sheng looked pale and very embarrassed. This defeat was a strike on his body and spirit at the same time; additionally, he had to sustain the series of aftermaths, "I...I admit that I've lost it. I cannot match you on fist skills...From today on...my Immortal Fist Position Sect will stay far away from Iron-Dragon Sect..."

    After finishing his words, Nangong Sheng swayed a couple of times in the sky like being collapsed as if he was going to fall off...

    "Master Nangong, I have no animosity with you. You must be clear about the reason for the fight today. As one of the top seven major sects in Taixia Country, Taiyi Fantasy Sect is too narrow-minded!" Zhang Tie let out a sigh after winning the fight, "Bue I have to appreciate Master Nangong, without comparing notes with you, I would not have an insight and breakthrough. I remember that Immortal Fist Position Sect's territory is in Fengtang Prefecture, Yanzhou Province. From today on, Iron-Dragon Sect would never open branches in Fengtang Prefecture and those prefectures neighboring Fengtang Prefecture. Don't worry, Master Nangong!"

    According to the agreement between Nangong Sheng and Zhang Tie, after Zhang Tie won this fight, if Iron-Dragon Sect really wanted to open branches in Fengtang Prefecture and the prefectures neighboring Fengtang Prefecture in Yanzhou Province, Immortal Fist Position Sect could only bear it. As a result, Immortal Fist Position Sect would be severely weakened, even be forced to go bankrupt or move its base. Given the interests of Immortal Fist Position Sect and Nangong Sheng's reputation, Zhang Tie's promise was pretty righteous. Nobody would blame him anymore.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's promise, the two elders of Immortal Fist Position Sect beside Nangong Sheng watched Zhang Tie with a complex eye light.

    Watching the airboats of Lord Guangnan's Mansion and Tianlu Palace suspending in the distance, Nangong Sheng felt disappointed at once as he mumbled inside, 'What a figure! Strong Punch; sharp insight; close relationship with people from big forces; profound background; being open-minded and treat people kindly. What the hell am I thinking about? How could I fight such a person? How do I dream about driving such a person away from Northeast Military Region? I'm absolutely going beyond my depth.'

    "Through this fight, I Nangong Sheng know that there're always people who are better than me. Fire Dragon Hermit's fist skill, battle skill and moral standing are really convincing!" Nangong Sheng cupped his hands towards Zhang Tie with a bashful look, "I really can't stay in the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect anymore, but on the other day, Immortal Fist Position Sect would definitely send a gift to you. Wish Iron-Dragon Sect be forever in accordance with the laws. This humble man will...leave..."

    After saying that, Nangong Sheng immediately turned around and flew towards Yanzhou Province before receiving Zhang Tie's reply. The two elders of Immortal Fist Position Sect also cupped their hands towards Zhang Tie before following up Nangong Sheng.

    Watching Nanggong Sheng's lonely back, Zhang Tie didn't know what to say. He just let out a sigh inside, "This world really could not run according to one's will. Nangong Sheng has opened Immortal Fist Position Sect for 100 years and enjoyed a great prestige in Immortal Fist Position Sect for a long time. Additionally, he had reached a supreme realm in his fist, he mistook that the world was running around him. He deserved this failure. If Nangong Sheng could learn from this failure, it might not be bad for him and the development of Immortal Fist Position Sect.

    Watching Nangong Sheng's back, Zhang Tie reminded himself, 'I should never feel complacent in any time. All of a sudden, he sniffed a fragrance while a tender and fragrant body was thrown into his cradle as she said coquettishly, "Brother Cui, you scared this humble slave too much. I thought you were dead..."

    Bai Suxian said as she patted her plump breasts under her imperial robe as if she was going to attract Zhang Tie's eyes back to her.

    'What a spirit!' Zhang Tie swore inside.

    Besides Bai Suxian, all the surrounding knights flew towards Zhang Tie too.

    Those onlookers had already heard the conversation between Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian. As for knights, even though it was a long distance, they could still hear the contents of the talk as long as it was in the normal sound, Zhang Tie's promise to Immortal Fist Position Sect won many people's admiration. They all felt that Zhang Tie was generous and open-minded instead of being domineering and vicious. As Zhang Tie had power, relationship and was open-minded, he could definitely be a reliable friend.

    Therefore, the others were more awe-stricken and intimate to Zhang Tie.

    "Younger brother Cui Li, I've not imagined that you could reach such a supreme realm in fist skill. You really widen my horizon. Previously, this elder brother wanted to congratulate your Iron-Dragon Sect, I've not imagined that you could realize a sublimation in your fist skill after such a fight. Younger brother Cui, your supreme realm of integrating with the universe was too terrifying. You're definitely a master in fist skill in Taixia Country. Two happy events came one after another..." Zhang Anguo the elder of Tianlu Palace said with a big smile as he flew towards here with the other knights of Tianlu Palace.

    Those who followed Zhang Anguo here were all knights of Tianlu Palace whom Zhang Tie had met in Earth-elements Realm, including Zhang Shuzhen and Zhang Anshi who had a conflict with Zhang Tie. At this moment, the two people watched Zhang Tie with more complex and shocked looks. Only after a few years, the black iron knight who explored the hieron ruins with them had already promoted to an earth knight with such a terrifying battle strength. They found a sharp difference between them and Cui Li. As a result, they felt more complex.

    In the knight's world, those with great battle strength would win respect. When they heard their elder call Cui Li "Younger brother", all the others of Tianlu Palace at present had realized that they were "juniors". Therefore, they didn't know what to say...

    "Haha, it's Elder Brother Anguo, I've not imagined that my small opening ceremony in Northeast Military Region could arouse your attention, sorry, sorry..."

    As Zhang Tie replied, he ran his spiritual energy to drive away the thick clouds over hundreds of square miles. After realizing that Bai Suxian was still leaning against him and the ambiguous and weird looks of the surrounding people, Zhang Tie coughed twice as he patted Bai Suxian's shoulder to remind her to retain a good public image.

    Pouting her tiny mouth, Bai Suxian moved a bit away from Zhang Tie with an unpleasant look.

    "Younger brother Cui Li, do you think that I'm not qualified to be your friend?" Zhang Anguo immediately looked solemn as if he became angry as he continued, "If not, why not Younger brother send a golden invitation letter to us?"

    "Hehheh, erm...that's a bit embarrassing. Because Tianlu Palace in Youzhou Province is too far away from here. I would feel embarrassed if elder brother traveled so long for such a trivial thing, therefore..." Zhang Tie patted his bald head as he continued, "It's all my fault, I will have a drink with elder brother and the old friends of Tianlu Palace today..."

    Zhang Anguo recovered a big smile, "That's my younger brother..."

    After looking around the surrounding knights, Zhang Tie waved his hand immediately, "It's over. Let's go back to Xuantian City. Whatever, we have to eat. After a few hours' fight, this Cui also feel a bit hungry. If I made you hungry in my opening ceremony, it would be a joke. Let's go back and enjoy the food and drinks first..."

    All the others burst out into laughter. Many of them had been ready to flatter Zhang Tie. It seemed that the 3 people of Immortal Fist Position Sect had not been here before.

    All the knights directly flew towards Xuantian City, including Bai Suxian and knights of Tianlu Palace, leaving their airboats alone.

    After such a short while, the thick clouds like that of a doomsday had fully dispersed. The sunshine cast onto the ground once again. All the knights clicked their tongues in wonder.

    "Master, this humble lady misses you so much..."

    In flight, Zhang Tie heard Bai Suxian's sound which was transmitted to him in a secret way. Heart racing, he threw a glance at the sister who looked as adorable as a lily as he immediately caught Bai Suxian's hand and flew forward together with her. Bai Suxian also caught his hand tightly as she revealed a sweet smile to him...

    When Zhang Tie caught Bai Suxian's hand, he could evidently feel that 3 pairs of eyes were gazing at their hands behind them. Zhang Tie looked back.

    The first eye light came from the old guy who was following Bai Suxian closely. The old guy was also an earth knight; however, Zhang Tie couldn't see through his battle strength.

    The second eye light came from Zhang Shuzhen, the female knight from Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace. When in the hieron ruins, Zhang Shuzhen had met Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian. However, the two people had not messed with each other yet at that time. Seeing Bai Suxian hooking up with Zhang Tie, Zhang Shuzhen's eyes were full of surprise. Finding Zhang Tie looking back, she hurriedly avoided from his eye light.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that the third eye light came from Guo Hongyi...

    Finding Zhang Tie looking at her, Guo Hongyi's eye light became hurry-scurry at once. Closely after that, she moved her eyes away with an arrogant look. At the same time, she uttered a faintly cold harrumph through her nostrils...

    Zhang Tie really didn't understand woman. After noticing Guo Hongyi's demeanor, Zhang Tie became amazed, 'Are you kidding me? This mature woman of Guo Clan from Threespring Prefecture likes the type of Cui Li...'
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