Chapter 1061: Enrolling Apprentices

    Chapter 1061: Enrolling Apprentices

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    When these knights flew back to Xuantian City, they found it was still a bit chaotic in Xuantian City. Because the black clouds and lightning bolts within hundreds of square miles just now were too terrifying. So many people in Xuantian City felt very oppressive and scared at the sight of such a sheer terror. Therefore, the chaos was unavoidable...

    After all, less than one of one million commoners might have not seen the supreme realm of integrating one's battle skill with the universe. Even if they had seen that, they might not believe that it was caused by Zhang Tie's fist position.

    Not only commoners in Xuantian City, even the juniors of the major clans in Xuantian Courtyard wondered what happened.

    However, seeing that their elders and masters and the knights had flown back, these people finally became relaxed.

    The moment Zhang Tie landed, he had called Liu Xing who was maintaining order in Xuantian Courtyard.

    "Pass my order, the abnormal climate just now was caused by an earth knight when he integrated his battle skill with the universe. If anyone who bewilders others with rebellious words, deal with him according to the law!"

    'Caused by an earth knight when he integrated his battle skill with the universe?' Fire Lieutenant Liu Xing immediately stood at attention and chested out, "Yes, sir...".

    Zhang Tie then glanced round Xuantian Courtyard before asking, "Where are the disciples of Immortal Fist Position Sect?"

    "A few minutes ago, those disciples of Immortal Fist Position Sect had left in a flurried way silently..."

    "Well, hurry up, pass my order!" Zhang Tie waved his hand. It was not strange that disciples of Immortal Fist Position Sect had left. They might have already known the result of the fight between Cui Li and Nangong Sheng through the remote-sensing crystal. Now that the master and elders of Immortal Fist Position Sect had left, what were they here for? Ridicule? Of course, they'd better go.


    When the knights came back, it became sunny once again. The order in Xuantian City and Xuantian Courtyard also recovered soon.

    Of course, the result of the fight between Zhang Tie and Nangong Sheng the master of Immortal Fist Position Sect was also exposed to the public. After knowing this result; especially that the abnormal climate was aroused by Fire Dragon Hermit, the entire Xuantian City including Xuantian Courtyard boiled. More people being related to Zhang Tie such as those candidates of local representatives, the master and disciples of Wang Clan became excited. All of them became jubilant and looked more energetic than they were in the morning...


    "Have you seen that the beautiful girl in an imperial robe on the side of Fire Dragon Hermit is the princess from Lord Guangnan's Mansion? Even Lord Guangnan's airboat has arrived in the sky outside the city. Look at that white one. It seems that Fire Dragon Hermit is going to be the son-in-law of Lord Guangnan. With Lord Guangnan as his reliance and background, it's really ridiculous that Nangong Sheng wanted to ruin Fire Dragon Hermit's opening ceremony..."

    "Yup, it's said that even the grand elder and some knights of Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace have come to congratulate Fire Dragon Hermit without even receiving the golden invitation letter..."

    "What? You don't know Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace...piss off...brat..."


    Only after a short while, the gossip had spread over the entire Xuantian Courtyard, even Xuantian City. As a knight, of course, Bai Suxian could hear all the discussions in Xuantian Courtyard. However, Bai Suxian was not angry about that; instead, she looked pretty happy. She almost followed Zhang Tie everywhere like his wife.

    Because those knights had flown off to watch the fight in the air, although it was lunch time, none of the juniors of the clans and sects in Xuantian Courtyard dared move their chopsticks. Therefore, the moment Zhang Tie came back, he directly waved his hand to have people enjoy the meal first.

    Even knights had to eat; especially on this occasion, it was improper for guests to attend the opening ceremony without eating food.

    All the disciples of various clans and sects gathered in one courtyard; elders and masters of clans and sects would gather in another courtyard. Some female knights who didn't like such a boisterous scene such as Guo Hongyi were arranged to have food in a tranquil place.

    If Nangong Sheng didn't come, the so-called opening ceremony just served as a venue for Zhang Tie to meet and chat with the other neighbors; after that, he would enroll his first apprentice in the public, which represented that Iron-Dragon Sect would have an official order in inheritance. To enroll apprentices was the most important link of the opening ceremony of a sect. After completing this link, the opening ceremony would almost come to an end.

    Because of Nangong Sheng, Zhang Tie spent over 4 hours in fighting him. Therefore, the important ritual of enrolling apprentices in the opening ceremony could only start in the afternoon after all the guests were full.

    Nobody complained about it at all. Zhang Tie's performance in the fight made his ritual of enrolling apprentices especially solemn in the afternoon.

    At this moment, even idiots knew that it was a great progress for one to be the first apprentice of Fire Dragon Hermit.

    Generally, the first apprentice of the master of one sect, especially an earth knight would probably promote to be a black iron knight in the future. The first apprentice of each sect was concerned about the reputation of their master and sect. Therefore, they would gain more instruction from their masters. As a result, they would have a greater role in their sect.

    As the first apprentice of Fire Dragon Hermit, a master in fist skill with a deep background, as long as he was not too stupid or lazy, he would definitely promote to a black iron knight in the future.

    A black iron knight who cultivated "Fire Dragon Sutra" would not be ignored by major clans like Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace.

    However, Fire Dragon Hermit didn't reveal any information about enrolling his apprentices in advance, those elders and masters of those major clans at present felt anxious inside.

    The most important purpose that elders and masters of major clans and sects took their junior disciples to the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect was to try their luck. The instruction of an earth knight could only be enjoyed by very few clan elites among top clans in Taixia Country.

    However, each of the major clans across Taixia Country had thousands of immediate disciples. Tianlu Palace might have hundreds of thousands of disciples. Without such a background, how could they dominate one region and be qualified as a major clan? Even so, very few of these clan disciples could receive the instruction of elders and knights in the sect. Therefore, when one knight-level powerhouse was going to open a sect or enroll apprentices, it would be very boisterous.

    Sects and major clans were natural allies in Taixia Country.

    If the master was an earth knight who cultivated marquis-level secret method, he was destined to have a bright future. His apprentices would gain a lot of benefits from him and would finally become the reliance of the clan.

    With the bounty land covering over 1 million square miles and 10 cities, this master was definitely rich. His apprentices would never lack cultivation resources before promoting to knights.

    As he could understand the essence of a fist skill on the battlefield and enter the master-level realm, it also meant that this master had a much better comprehension about battle skills than commoners. After being instructed by such a master, his apprentices would take a shortcut for sure. It was definitely the greatest luck for those juniors to be enrolled by such a master as his apprentices.

    What was more, Fire Dragon Hermit was alone, who was not troubled by family affairs like the masters of some sects and clans or knights. Even if those with families could enroll apprentices, they would spend limited time in their apprentices. It meant that Fire Dragon Hermit would spend most of his time in developing the undertaking of Iron-Dragon Sect and instructing his apprentices.

    Honestly, few masters as excellent as Fire Dragon Hermit could be found across Taixia Country, not to mention the remote Northeast Military Region.

    Actually, there were almost no idiots in this world. What one person could understand would be understood by others too. Therefore, in the afternoon, before Fire Dragon Hermit enrolled his apprentices officially, everybody in Xuantian Courtyard of Iron-Dragon Sect even in Xuantian City wanted to know who was the first apprentice of him. Therefore, it became quiet in a split second.

    When the apprentice enrollment ritual started in the afternoon, Zhang Tie sat on a seat made of pure gold in a very dignified manner in the venue with 2 boys on each of his side. The 4 boys in ceremonial Hua robes looked innocent with a tray made of pure silver in hand. There was a red silk cloth in each tray. On each red silk cloth, there was a different item. From left to right, they were respectively a huge wolf-hair brush made of pure gold, golden cinnabar, a group of tea cups and a tea pot made of pure gold.

    Many people of Wang Clan were standing behind the four boys. The guests were seated on two sides of Zhang Tie in front of him. Closely after that, the young disciples of these clans would enter the venue in groups to congratulate Zhang Tie. Those being favored by Zhang Tie would become his apprentices...

    The process of enrolling apprentices in the opening ceremony of one sect was similar to the allusion of bring the painted dragon to live by putting in the pupils of its eyes and implied good luck and happiness. Therefore, it was called putting in dragons...
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