9 Chapter 9 - Pursui

    "What was that?" He asked looking at Skyla.

    "I don't know, why do all the big explosions have to be my fault?" She asked innocently.

    "Um, because they pretty much always are," he added helpfully.

    "Only like two or three times...not always!" She insisted. "But this time it really wasn't my fault. Yeah, I lit some things on fire and trashed all the blood samples on the way out, but I only sealed the door that we closed after us.  I didn't blow anything up. Completely not my fault."

    "Well, in this case, I'd actually have given you points for an explosion, but if you don't want credit for it fine." Kip retorted shrugging.  "However, I think we have company," He said pointing over Skyla's shoulder.

    "Do you have a rope? "She asked suddenly.

    "Of course, I have a rope!" he said fetching it from his pack handing it to Skyla.

    She quickly looped it around him, then she turned around facing backward and coiled it around herself. "Hold on. I will slow them down!"

    "Yogi, can you go any faster?" Kip thought to the giant black bear.

    Yogi responded with Affirmative, but then a picture of black bear cubs tumbling off their mothers back.

    "You are probably right, just keep going, and thanks a bunch Yogi. I'll owe you big time when this is over." Sending images of HUGE Fishes to the bear.

    Yogi seemed to like the last picture but responded with a view of a bear family, including an image of him and his sister.

    "Yes, family for sure!" He replied to Yogi.

    His sister meanwhile was busy knocking over trees and sending rocks barreling at their pursuers to attack and defend against incoming fireballs simultaneously.

    "How are they so strong? Can you hold them off for long?" Kip asked surprised as it wasn't easy to keep up with a bear even if it wasn't going all out, and still have the energy to send attacks.

    "They consumed dozens of beasts and humans blood essence to forcibly evolve themselves. However, while it makes them stronger, it also twists them.  The more they intake, the less and less human they become," she added.

    "You didn't kill Banner then?" He asked.

    "I tried, but he was stronger than I thought and had some type of metallic skin evolution. I smashed him through a rock wall, and he still got up. He also appears to be a pyrokinetic as well. I am not sure if I will be able to hold them all off for long," she added with a grunt as she pulled down a huge tree that smashed into the ground directly on top of one of their pursuers.

    Damn, he knew his sister was strong, but she is holding off many crazy evolved bastards by herself.  What can I do to help? He probably couldn't cloak them all for more than very short duration, which wouldn't be long enough to get away. Mostly because their pursuers could easily guess their destination, even if they disappeared suddenly, they would merely race ahead and wait in ambush.  Of course, that is when he saw a large claw print on the path ahead of them, and couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. "I have an idea, hold them off as long as you can!" He said to his sister.  Then he directed at Yogi.  "Please roar as loud as you can. You know like if you were sending out a challenge to another predator in your area?"

    Yogi sent what was clearly of Confusion, then an image of the "King of the Forest" chomping them in two.

    While the images were hugely comical, Kip refused to get distracted.  "Yes exactly, that is what we want. Trust me, big guy!"

    Yogi still possibly unsure, sent out a bellowing roar, that while it wasn't quite as impressive as the 100-meter tall killing machine. Well, it was still pretty spine chilling.

    The Girl in front of him nearly dropped his mother off the front of Yogi at the sound of it.

    "Are you okay? Kip asked concerned. "Do you need me to hold her?"

    "I am good, and I will do my job and hold her. It's the least I can do for you rescuing me. Sorry, none of my powers are useful at the moment," she responded.

    "It's okay, thanks for holding her. And by the way, it is going to get a bit scarier here shortly, but don't worry," he said to both the girl and his sister.

    As if on cue an even louder bellowing roar resounded through the forest as "The King" charged towards them.  The earth sky and forest trembled all at once.

    "Is that what I think it is?" Skyla suddenly asked through panting gasps of exhaustion.

    "Yep!" Kip replied smugly.

    "And you called it on purpose?! That thing is responsible for the destruction of multiple compounds and probably hundreds of thousands of humans!" she added as if he had lost his mind.

    While he hadn't known all those details, he only responded: "Yep, it's what I'm counting on...well the human slaying part, not the compound part."

    "Okay, when I say go, Yogi, you keep going forward but feel free to adjust your path if any humans flee along the same line of our escape. Skyla, you stop what you are doing, and everybody better hold on tight!" Kip quickly explained.

    Their pursuit for some odd reason still hadn't slowed and doggedly kept up with them.  Couldn't the bad guys hear the huge predator quick closing in on them? How dumb were they?

    Yogi had to slow down a bit as the ground was shaking too much, yet it also impeded their pursuit, so they were not overrun. Whom for some reason hadn't scattered like rabbits like he would have done in their place. Maybe Skyla had pissed them off more than Kip thought? He thought she did have the tendency to do that, so he almost completely understood.

    Just then a massive shape loomed above the trees to the right of the path, and a considerable claw descended towards the road just behind them.

    "GO!" Kip yelled as using all of his energy extended his "Absolute Cloaking" ability to cover Yogi, his Mom, Sister, and the Girl.  It almost made him pass out from the effort, but he had to hold!

    He also excluded Yogi and sent images of blood, the lab, tortured animals, his pursuers, and REVENGE as loud as he could towards the colossal form dominating the skyline.

    The "King" looked confused for a moment, then simultaneously belted out an earth-quaking roar and a mind-searing thought of RAGE that staggered both Kip and Yogi.  Then well, it freaked the 'f' out. It became a blender of teeth, claws, and fury reaching down with its massive snout to eat two of those pursuing them whole.  A microsecond later it had already grabbed another one with one its front claws then reared back suddenly smashing a clawed rear foot down to flatten three more.

    "How was something so large, so fast?" Skyla thought as she sat dumbfounded facing backward no longer attempting to ward off their attackers. Not that she needed to as they had 'much' more significant problems to worry about now!

    The "King" then whipped its tail around leveling a near acre of forest and crashing through multiple other blood stealing bastards and into where Skyla had last seen Banner.

    Then they were around a bend and could only hear the maelstrom of death, rather than witnessing it firsthand. The stamping, smashing, roaring, and screams that hopefully marked the demise of all of those bastards were now the only things that chased them through the forest. She looked at her brother who was sweating profusely from the effort of keeping them cloaked strangely thinking how much more mature he looked. Despite them only not seeing each other for a month he had grown so much in such a small amount of time. "Just a little longer Kip, you can do it." She encouraged rubbing his shoulders from behind.

    Kip meanwhile felt like he was going to die. Like his soul was being drained or he had just sprinted a hundred miles without eating anything for a week, and yet, even so, he refused to quit. Kip could still hear the sound of "The King" causing all kind of mayhem behind them, so he knew it was too early to give up. The RAGE he had felt from the beast, although it was currently directed at their pursuit, he knew it could quickly change targets at any time.  He could still feel the anger and near insanity of the Monster.  Its hatred of humanity was so profound that he almost lost himself within that same hate. Since Yogi hadn't thrown them off and mauled them yet, he assumed that he had fought it off as well.  Finally, what was probably only a few minutes later even if it had felt more like an eternity, silence other than the sounds of their flight, permeated the night. As if every beast of the forest had retreated to their homes not wanting to draw the attention of the 100-meter tall killing machine that had performed destruction this evening on a geological scale. The next thing Kip knew he was falling...then blackness...then nothing.
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