11 Do You Want to Give it A Try?

    Upon sensing the weird glances from the people that were surrounding him, Liu Zilang knew that he had to say something at this very moment.

    So, he scratched his head and said, "To be honest, I used to play CSGO for a period of time and I suppose that counts as some foundation."

    Everybody continued to stare at Liu Zilang, and their eyes were filled with obvious disbelief.

    Liu Zilang was aware that he could not go on. Hence, he quickly switched to another topic, and made it intentionally loud as he said, "F*ck! Whose the one that has set the highest record in the Asia server? I just randomly broke it."

    "Is this it? This is considered a record?"

    "That's easy! It's way too easy!"

    While Liu Zilang talked, he shook his head as well.

    However, the ones who heard Liu Zilang were not just Chen Zhifei and the other two. Even the expression on the ones who were surrounding them changed too.

    Chen Zhifei looked right at Liu Zilang and asked with a strange expression in his eyes, "You've played CSGO before... So you must've heard of Lech the Great God?"

    "Lech the Great God? Sounds familiar?"

    Liu Zilang blanked out. As he stroked his chin, he suddenly clapped his hand and responded, "Oh! Are you talking about Li Muqiu?"

    "Yes, he's the record keeper for this!" Chen Zhifei nodded his head seriously.

    Liu Zilang was subconsciously overjoyed as he replied, "Hahaha! Since it's his record, isn't it normal for it to be broken?"

    After he completed his sentence, he realized that something was not right about the surrounding atmosphere. So, Liu Zilang coughed twice again and added, "Well, my point is that everything is always evolving and there isn't the tallest mountain yet. Not to mention that there was a period of time where Lech the Great God's record in CSGO was always broken by someone, wasn't it?"

    Liu Zilang started to laugh on his own after he said that.

    Pu Taizhuang had always been a very straightforward person. In fact, regardless of the LOL in the past or PUBG now, he would put his sole concentration on the game if he started one. He would not be interested in any of the professional players or popular star players in the circle.

    At this moment, when he saw how everyone was questioning Liu Zilang, he could not resist but to shout out loud, "Aren't you guys done with this? So what if it's Lech? Didn't Langzi almost break his record? I think if Langzi works harder next time, he would break Lech's record to show him whose the first in Asia server!"

    Upon hearing from Pu Taizhuang, Liu Zilang instantly felt like he was a pain in the ass.

    Everyone who surrounded him was also speechless. Some of them who looked like Lech's fans could not hold back what they wanted to say.

    When Ran Maotong saw the huge amount of spectators behind them, he quickly said, "Let's not talk about this anymore. Didn't they say that there will be a reward once you win the game? Let's go and get our reward from the bar counter."

    Looking at the surrounding situation, Chen Zhifei who held on to his principle of solving internal matters by themselves also patted his head as he said, "Yo! I almost forgot about this! Let's go! Let's quickly go get the reward!"

    Then, he turned around and said to Pu Taizhuang, "Third brother, don't be too happy. Don't forget what you said just now."

    Pu Taizhuang was startled, but he immediately responded. He patted his chest and said, "I'm a man of my words. Let's have Big Plate Chicken tonight and it's my treat!"

    The atmosphere instantly lifted when he made the statement.

    As for the crowd that was surrounding them saw that they were about to leave, aside from some who still wanted to know what was going on, most of them left and returned to their seats.


    As Wu Yu came from the main hall and saw the dispersing crowd, he went blank for a moment. Then, he grabbed someone who looked familiar to him and asked, "The player who won the game with thirty-five kills just now sat here, isn't it?"

    The person looked up and smiled. "Hehe, yeah he sat in this seat just now. But Brother Gou let me tell you, that guy is arrogant. He even looks down on Lech the Great God."

    "He despises Lech? Then that's a little too much." Although Wu Yu was a little lost about what was happening, he did not intend to find out more about it. He just went along with it as he kept on asking, "Oh yeah, where's he now?"

    "There!" The person turned his head and used his mouth to point towards the bar counter's direction. "I think he's going to collect the PUBG reward from the bar counter with his friends."

    "Collect the PUBG reward?"

    This, Wu Yu was really in shock.

    These God-like players came to the internet cafe and achieved an accomplishment, which almost broke the record, just to get the PUBG reward from the internet cafe?

    With the PUBG's popularity at the moment, any team would die to for an accomplishment like this.

    Even if you did not want to be a professional player, some clubs would still spend money to buy records like this for the purpose of their reputation. Liu Zilang's record of thirty-five kills could easily be sold at the price of one hundred thousand.

    As he pondered about these, Wu Yu started to feel as though his brain was short-circuited.


    "Hey bros, do you guys want to smoke?"

    At the first floor's bar counter, Chen Zhifei turned around to take a look when he heard a sound.

    In a split second, an overwhelmed expression appeared on his face, "Ah! Brother Gou?"

    When they heard what Chen Zhifei had said, Pu Taizhuang and Ran Maotong, who were claiming their rewards by the bar counter immediately turned around as well. They seemed quite surprised.

    As for Liu Zilang, he turned around to take a glance. Yet when he discovered that it was a young student-looking lad, he turned around once again to give their card numbers to the young lady over the bar counter.

    Chen Zhifei could spot that Wu Yu's eyes were obviously on Liu Zilang. So, he quickly introduced them both to each other. "Hehe. Let me introduce you to our dorm's second brother, Langzi."

    After he was done with his sentence, he pointed at Wu Yu and said, "Second brother, come and introduce yourself. This is Ao Xiang's Brother Gou, the real PUBG expert!"

    Though when Wu Yu heard how Chen Zhifei introduced him, his blushed. Very quickly, he waved his hand and replied, "Hey! Don't embarrass me. How dare I call myself an expert in front of your buddies?"

    Chen Zhifei was stunned. However, he managed to give an immediate response where he could not help but to smile and say, "Brother Gou, you must've watched the match just now!"

    "Hehe. Don't be fooled by this guy! This is his first time playing this game. All he has is some foundation from CSGO in the past, and he got lucky during that game. Luck, it's all just luck."

    Pu Taizhuang obviously recognized Brother Gou as he was standing right in front of him. He too could not help but nod his head and replied, "That's right. Today was really the first time that Langzi has ever played this game. He even registered his account today. Moreover, we were the ones who dragged him here with us."

    Listening to what the both of them said, Wu Yu was completely confused!

    What was this?

    Looking at the two of them smiling right before his eyes, he knew that there was no need for them to lie to him. At that moment, he could not help taking a glance at Liu Zilang again.

    Thin and tall, in baggy pants and a short-sleeve shirt, he was just like any of the students from the nearby colleges that always came here.

    Uh... Maybe the only thing that was different about Liu Zilang was his 'pathetic' hairstyle. After being pulled by the earphone just now, it looked like a chicken coop.

    One thing which had to be mentioned was that even in the internet cafe, the majority of them who came are college students because after all, the college town was just nearby. So more or less, they would still pay attention to their personal image. It was a rare sight to see people who dressed so casually like Liu Zilang.

    Wu Yu zoned out for a few seconds.

    After Liu Zilang had reported the card numbers to the young lady at the bar counter, he turned around, smiled and nodded his head at Wu Yu. That nod was considered as a greeting.

    Similarly, Wu Yu responded by nodding his head too before he saw Liu Zilang turned around and head back to his seat.

    Suddenly, he looked back and said, "Hey! Brother, do you mind leaving your contact with me?"

    As he said that, Wu Yu realized that a few of them were in doubt. Then, he quickly explained, "Actually it's like this, I'm from Ao Xiang Internet Cafe's PUBG Team, our team is currently lack of a sniper."

    "Do you want to give it a try?"


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