64 I’ll Hit Your F*cking Lollipop!

    "Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, Level Three Military Vest! Where did this team come from? How are they so equipped?"

    In the game, PDD commented as he laid prone on the ground to loot.

    "Probably from Prison or Shelter." Li Muqiu took a look at the map and could not help but sigh. "They drove over here even though it's so far away, a squad of teenagers chasing their dreams!"

    PDD came over to the crate right beside the airdrop. He crouched as he asked, "Guru Qiu, do you want the M24? If not, I'll take it?"

    "Take it, I'm used to SKS." Li Muqiu shook his head.

    As the assaulter of Se7en, a professional PlayerUnknown's Battleground team, Li Muqiu rarely had the opportunity to use snipers. Usually, he carried a shotgun and an AK. At most, he would use an SKS. Thus, he was not as "obsessed" with snipers like the M24.

    In the bushes behind the Farm.

    Upon seeing Li Muqiu and PDD happily looting away, Zhou Erke glanced at her UMP9 and then looked at Liu Zilang who did not move an inch in the bush beside her. She could not hold it in anymore so she asked softly, "Aren't we going to loot too?"

    "Wait a while more," Liu Zilang replied calmly.

    "What are we waiting for?" Zhou Erke was startled.

    "The express delivery." Liu Zilang was very composed.


    In Mylta.

    A person with an 8x scope and an M4 cursed as he looked over at the airdrop. He remarked furiously, "Our kills were stolen by another squad. I suppose they're looting right now."

    Another person who was beside him asked, "Can we still hit them? Should we sneak over?"

    "We can't, it's all smoke over there. Seems like it was the previous team that threw the smoke grenades." That person was speechless. "They're all freaking geniuses!"

    "Let's just go straight over there then," another person immediately suggested. He turned to say to his other two teammates in Mylta, "Stop searching! If we eat up this team and the airdrop, we'll be rich!"

    "Alright! The two of you head over first, we'll drive another car over," one of them who was in Mylta's garage mentioned. "Later, we'll flare out from left and right, and that squad at the airdrop won't be able to hide."

    The couple of them set out after their discussion.

    Before PDD and Li Muqiu were done looting, vehicle noises were heard once again.

    At that same time, Liu Zilang who was crouching in the shrubs behind them smiled at Zhou Erke. "Look, isn't the express delivery here now?"


    Truthfully, the squad from Mylta had quite clear and definite thinking for their battle.

    They drove a white sedan and a soft top UAZ one after another as they quickly flared left and right when they neared the airdrop. By doing so, they did not give PDD and Li Muqiu any opportunity to protect themselves behind the airdropped crate or the car.

    However, the two people who drove the white sedan were heading towards the left side of the Farm.

    Never in their wildest minds would they have thought that there were actually two people crouching in the shrubs behind them!

    As soon as the vehicle stopped, the two of them jumped out swiftly and provided covering fire for their teammates by using their vehicle as a shelter.

    In their voice chat, one of them was shouting loudly and giving instructions to his teammates to lure their opponents more to the right so that he could hit them.

    Everything seemed so well-trained and coordinated until gunshots behind their *sses were heard without warning...

    "Da da da!"

    "Da da da!"

    In the blink of an eye, the two of them were knocked out by Liu Zilang and Zhou Erke who were crouching in the shrubs.

    When their other two teammates who were playing bait took a quick glance over there, they were totally taken aback. "F*ck! Why are the two of you knocked out?"

    "I don't know! Who hit me?"

    "The gunshots were very near but I don't see anyone."

    After these two players were knocked out, they kept crawling around to look for people. They still looked extremely puzzled.

    There was nothing they could do as Liu Zilang and Zhou Erke's sneak attack took them by surprise.

    Since all attention was on Li Muqiu and PDD, there was no need for them to even guard against anything.


    "Wow! Erke, are you guys that dirty?"

    Over at the airdrop, PDD was surprised when he saw what happened.

    On the other hand, Zhou Erke was absolutely elated. She told PDD and Li Muqiu proudly, "Haha, I killed someone! We've settled everything on our side, why are you guys so slow!"

    "This...feels awful!" PDD pressed on his chest as he turned to look at Li Muqiu. "Guru Qiu, what do you think?"

    In spite of that, when PDD turned to look, he was quite stunned to see that Li Muqiu had already left the airdrop and was creeping toward the UAZ.

    PDD was alarmed. Just as he was about to follow Li Muqiu, he quickly pulled himself back and then shouted in the voice chat, "Guru Qiu, all the best! I'll cover you!"

    As soon as he finished speaking, he aimed at the UAZ with his M24 that was equipped with an 8x scope.

    The next second, a figure behind the car swayed!


    PDD moved his scope around to aim, pulled the trigger, and fired.

    Much to his surprise, the person behind the UAZ was quite agile and managed to crouch in a trice after peeking to shoot. As a result, PDD missed his shot.

    "My d*ck!" Embarrassed, PDD explained, "I slipped, I slipped! My hand slipped just now."

    Afterward, they heard him say confidently, "My dear viewers and friends, this time, I'll perform my marksmanship with unfailing accuracy. As long as the opponents peek again, I'll definitely shoot their heads into bits and sink them into the freaking Pacific Ocean!"

    Right after that, another person peeked from behind the vehicle again as he attempted to shoot at Li Muqiu who was running over to them.

    Upon seeing that, PDD quickly aimed with his scope again.

    Through the screen, it was clearly seen that the cross of the 8x scope attached on PDD's M24 was locked on that person's head.

    A second later, a "boom" was heard!

    Despite all that, the instant PDD pulled the trigger to shoot...

    A miraculous thing happened!

    The person whose head was being aimed at suddenly tilted his head when the shot was made. PDD's shot was an extremely near miss by his ear.

    He missed again!

    Instantly, PDD's eyes widened. He was so mad that he jumped up from his chair.

    When the viewers in his live streaming channel witnessed this, they burst out laughing.


    "Haiya! This is really the most infuriating situation!"

    "Pfft! The brother opposite has something up his sleeves, he actually sensed Sao Zhu's killing aura!"

    "Hahaha, I'm going to die from laughing, Sao Zhu is so angry that he might cry."

    "Sao Zhu, quickly hand your M24 over to Guru Lang, I think it's best that you secretly learn his skills for free now."


    PDD spared some time to look at the bullet screen on his live streaming channel which made his eyes twitch a little.

    At once, he sat down and then rolled his sleeves up as he recited, "Play seriously! Play seriously! I, Liu Mou, won't believe this."

    After he said that, he danced in front of the camera as he chanted, "The three pristine ones from Heaven and Earth, grant me transient powers from the Universe, and let Master Ze possess my body!"

    Subsequently, he cleared his throat. "Fellow viewers and friends! Now, I've freaking activated the Ultimate Basilisk Hikarian Mr. Muscle's Indestructible Fire Wheel's (TN: In Chinese, this is a phrase used by Liu Mou the LOL player when he streamed his games live) Asia's Top Sniper God mode!"

    Following that, PDD held his M24 up again.

    One shot!

    Two shots!

    Three shots!


    None of those shots hit!

    All of them missed!

    "I'll hit your f*cking lollipop!" PDD was so outraged that he wanted to smash the keyboard on his computer!

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