84 That Accurate?

    On the bumpy sea.

    Three boats, two airdrops.

    Everyone in the eSports Association hall was glued to the match.

    The commentators were focused on that region as well. The spectator's view kept alternating between the three squads so that everyone could see what they were doing in real time.

    As the first airdrop landed in the sea, red and viscous smoke started emitting out from it.

    The spectator's view was focused on the airdrop as well.

    "Let's look at the first airdrop."

    Lord Rong, who was on the commentator's stage looked at the screen. "There's an M24! Some 7.62mm Ammo, a 15x scope, a Compensator, a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, and an adrenaline syringe!"

    Meng Yeqing who was beside Lord Rong was astonished. "Woah! That's a really loaded airdrop!"

    "That's right! This airdrop is extremely valuable! Worthy enough for three squads to battle it out!" Lord Rong was amazed as well. Then, he turned his attention toward the second airdrop that had also landed in the sea. "The second airdrop has landed as well, let's have a look at it. Oh! There's a ghillie suit, a Groza, and a Level Three Backpack! Although the second airdrop isn't as loaded as the first one, there's at least a ghillie suit in it."

    Meng Yeqing stared at a boat in the ocean through the spectator's view. "The Seal Assault Squad has reached the first airdrop and this should be in their bag. Looks like the second airdrop will be the exciting one."

    Lord Rong nodded. "That's right, both Fantastic Four and the Four-wheel Drive Brothers are not that far away from the second airdrop. It's really hard to tell who'll be the one getting their hands on the second airdrop."


    Its engine hummed as the boat cut across the surface of the sea swiftly, creating countless waves that splashed about here and there.

    Pu Taizhuang who was seated in the fourth seat of the boat looked at the airdrop as they approached it. He blurted out as he turned his head to the left and saw a boat going head to head with them. "Quickly! Quickly! The other team is almost there as well!"

    "F*ck! I'm going as fast as I can!" The driver Chen Zhifei was frustrated as he shouted, "Hit them!"

    "What the h*ll! The boat is swaying too much! I can't aim properly like this!" Ran Maotong who was in the boat's second seat was helpless.

    "Just start shooting at them!" Chen Zhifei shouted.

    Then, a loud bang was heard and what came next was a gush of blood!

    Chen Zhifei who was in the driver's seat was left with a thread of health points!

    He was shocked as he looked at his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet that had a bullet hole in it. "What the f*ck! Be careful everyone, someone has just shot me in the head!"

    "To think that they can f*cking shot you in the head in this condition?"

    Pu Taizhuang was shocked as well. "I can't even aim properly on the boat. Their aim is a little bit too precise! Langzi, are you able to aim properly?"

    Liu Zilang looked around the boat suspiciously after Pu Taizhuang remarked. He rubbed his chin. "Why do I feel like the gunshot was extremely close to us?"

    It was only then that Ran Maotong in the second seat whimpered. "I believe I was the one who fired just now."

    He believed...

    He was the one...

    As Ran Maotong's words entered their ears along with the sound of the sea breeze, the anxious Chen Zhifei became appalled!

    Earlier, because the boat was too loud, he did not take note of the source of the gunfire. He deeply wondered whose marksmanship could possibly be that great.

    He did not even dare stop the boat to heal himself as he was afraid of being shot again.

    After all, if someone was able to shot him in the head even though they were all moving around. Did that not mean that he would definitely be dead if they were to stop moving?

    Never had he thought that Ran Maotong who was beside him was the one who shot him!

    Chen Zhifei was so furious to the point that he almost took out his pan and whacked Ran Maotong to death!


    On the commentator's stage inside the eSports Association arena, Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing were stunned.

    One must realize that the commentators could see each and every player's bullet line and crosshair through the spectator's view.

    It was clear as day when they saw "Grossflowethief" who sat in the second seat of the boat, hold up his Kar98K. He had aimed and fired directly at the driver, "Underwatercontra's" head.

    'What was going on?'

    'A friendly fire?'

    Both commentators were flabbergasted.

    As a retired professional player and a part-time commentator, Lord Rong had witnessed many things in his past.

    However, this was the first time he has seen such a scene.

    Lord Rong asked skeptically, "Is the Fantastic Four... having an internal conflict?"


    "You guys go ahead, I'll be in the sea for a while."

    Inside the game, Chen Zhifei stopped the boat abruptly. He jumped into the water and became a "water ghost".

    As they were in between two enemy teams, they were not in a position where they could stop and heal themselves up. They would simply become sitting ducks waiting to be shot to death if they did so.

    "Leave it to me!"

    Ran Maotong obliged and switched to the driver's position upon hearing Chen Zhifei's words.

    However, the others who were originally racing toe to toe with them had surpassed them due to that slight interruption.

    The team from Novorepnoye who had already looted the first airdrop started changing their direction as they were trying to find a target to test out their newly-looted M24.

    Meanwhile, Liu Zilang had no choice but to pick up the role of the squad leader.

    He pointed at the squad that had almost reached the second airdrop. "Head over there and don't think about competing for the airdrop with them. We'll attack them instead!"

    "No problem," Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang responded in unison.


    The Four-wheel Drive Brothers were over the moon as they surpassed Liu Zilang's team.

    One of them even shouted on the boat, "Sorry boys but this airdrop is ours!"

    Before they stopped beside the airdrop, Liu Zilang's team had already stopped nearby them.

    Then, Ran Maotong who was in the driver's seat immediately shifted to the second seat.

    "Attack!" Liu Zilang shouted!

    Three of them!

    Three rifles!

    Their weapons' muzzles spat fire as they made sounds that went "da da da".

    "Ding ding clank clank ding ding!"

    As waves were swaying their boat, it was hard for them to aim properly.

    However, Liu Zilang and the rest did not need to aim at them. All they needed to do was fire at the boat beside the airdrop blindly.

    Despite being on water, it was still relatively easy to hit as the boat was stationary.

    The three of them had yet to finish their magazines when a fire flashed beside the airdrop. This was followed by a loud "boom"!

    The boat beside the airdrop had exploded due to the trio's bombardment!

    When the Four-wheel Drive Brothers reached the airdrop, two of them had jumped into the water to loot it. Two remaining members were left on the boat.

    The two brothers who stayed behind in the boat felt something was amiss when they noticed the boat behind them had stopped abruptly. Next thing they knew, the sound of bullets was heard and sparks could be seen around their boat.

    Naturally, retaliating was their first reaction, they used their x4 scopes in an attempt to aim at their enemies.

    However, by the time they could shoot, the boat had caught fire. This caused them to panic and jump out of it.

    Unfortunately, only one of them managed to jump out from the boat before it exploded.

    Nevertheless, the huge impact from the boat's explosion had knocked both of them out. They instantly turned into crates as their corpses sank to the bottom of the ocean slowly.

    One had to know that players would instantly die when knocked out in water since the latest update.

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