145 Mischievous Kid!

    Liu Zilang arrived at the van.

    They exchanged eye contact.

    They started laughing at the same time.

    The next instance, Liu Zilang reached out his hand at lightning speed.

    He grabbed Li Muqiu's fingers that were dangling by the van's window.

    He then pulled Li Muqiu's fingers backward!

    "Ow! Ouch ouch ouch!" Li Muqiud cried out loud.

    Liu Zilang then covered his mouth with his other hand as he looked around cautiously.

    "You asked for it." Liu Zilang scoffed as he released his grip.

    He looked at Li Muqiu's attire that was florally patterned. It was Li Muqiu's usual style.

    Li Muqiu's clothes did not go well with his cap and sunglasses at all.

    Liu Zilang was annoyed as he looked at him. "Are you working for the special service?"

    Li Muqiu rubbed his fingers as he stared at Liu Zilang bitterly. "Do you think we're the same? I'm Se7en's star, the ideal man among millions of girls. I won't be able to walk away if I'm recognized by someone here."

    "Pfft!" Liu Zilang responded in disdain, "You wouldn't be related to the word 'star' had I not competed with a mask all the time back in the days."

    Li Muqiu laughed. "You should've taken it off if you weren't afraid of your father taking you back forcefully and then giving you a beating."

    Liu Zilang's face turned gloomy upon hearing those words.

    Back in the days when team Se7en was still active in offline tournaments, many fans thought Liu Zilang was an introvert and preferred to stay anonymous as he always had a mask on.

    Liu Zilang was promoted to team Se7en's captain due to his skill. He was then recognized by everyone as Captain Dark, the black masked captain.

    Li Muqiu was the only one who knew why Liu Zilang wore a mask in tournaments whereas others could only guess blindly in the dark.

    The real reason was that Liu Zilang was afraid of his father nabbing him back home and then giving him the beating of his life!

    Liu Zilang was extremely tempted to beat Li Muqiu up as the latter teased him!

    Li Muqiu who was sitting inside the van put away his smile as he noticed Liu Zilang's unfriendly gaze.

    He let out a soft cough as he changed the topic. "Oh right, why are you here?"

    Liu Zilang replied coldly, "I'm here to attend my sister's sport's day. What about you? Why are you here?"

    "My brother studies here too." Li Muqiu shook his head.

    "Your brother? That Li Mufan?" Liu Zilang was shocked upon hearing Li Muqiu's words.

    Since that mischievous boy, Li Mufan was in the same class as Zhang Xiaotong, it was obvious that he studied in the same school as well.

    Liu Zilang had almost forgotten about this if it was not for Li Muqiu's reminder.

    Liu Zilang glanced at Li Muqiu as he said, "Whatever, do you and your brother look alike?"

    "Finally you've admitted it!" Li Muqiu was satisfied. "We can't help it. Our genes are simply too good. I know it's really unfair to you but being handsome is something you're born with..."

    "Stop! What I'm trying to say is that your brother knows how to harass a girl at such a young age." Liu Zilang sighed as he shook his head. "He's definitely not an ordinary kid!"

    "What do you mean harass. Stop making it sound so bad."

    Li Muqiu felt the need to defend himself as he recalled the conversation he had with Liu Zilang over the phone. "Kids are innocent. It's probably just a friendship that's pure and innocent."

    "A pure and innocent friendship." Liu Zilang glanced at him as he burst into laughter. "Don't tell me you used this as an excuse when you were younger to harass all the girls. Let me guess, you did it during middle school?"

    "Wait, no! That's too late! It's without a doubt since elementary school."

    "Hey hey... I know we're very close but I'll sue you for defamation if you keep this up!"

    Li Muqiu's eye started twitching and his expression turned bleak after hearing Liu Zilang's words.

    "What? Are you going to hand me a legal letter?"

    Liu Zilang let out a puff of laughter. "Is the guilt swelling up?"

    Li Muqiu became quiet.

    'What the h*ll is wrong with this man!'

    It was very unfortunate for him to encounter Liu Zilang there on that day.


    Both of them exchanged insults with each other for some time.

    Liu Zilang then looked toward the direction where the school was and said, "The sports festival is about to begin. Are you coming in?"

    Li Muqiu peeked his head out as he looked around and said cautiously, "I'll wait for a while more and evade the crowd."

    Liu Zilang was slightly annoyed as he looked at the cautious Li Muqiu. He had no choice but to accompany him a little bit longer.

    Meanwhile, he gave Zhang Xiaotong a call but another girl picked up the call. It sounded like she was a friend of Zhang Xiaotong as she mentioned that Zhang Xiaotong was changing her clothes as she was preparing for the next event. That event was the 4 x 400 relay sprint that was about to begin.

    Liu Zilang asked where the venue was and thanked her before hanging up the phone. He then dragged Li Muqiu out of the car and rushed toward the school that was within sight.

    Li Muqiu covered himself here and there along the way. However, since most of the students had entered the school, the parents were the only ones left entering and leaving the school.

    He was at ease as he realized that no one recognized along the way.

    Liu Zilang laughed at him as he realized what was happening and this irked the awkward Li Muqiu.

    Liu Zilang pondered for a while as he tried to recall where the venue was. He then found the rubber track that was to be used for the relay sprint at the sports field.

    Naturally, the competition was categorized accordingly.

    After all, the physical difference between middle schoolers by a year was simply too great.

    The parents were watching the young girls on the track warm up. The girls were immersed in a youthful aura and were the same age as Zhang Xiaotong.

    There were many people cheering for her as she was representing her class.

    Zhang Xiaotong was a cute adorable girl. Her academic results were great and she was amazing at sports as well. This made her seem like she was a popular middle school student.

    She gave off a clean and brisk vibe as she was in her sports uniform. She tied her hair into a ponytail while students from other classes cheered for her.

    Naturally, it was the girls that were cheering for her.

    The boys, at their age, were still shy and bashful. Hence, they only took a glance at Zhang Xiaotong at best and did not cheer along with the rest of the girls for her.

    Naturally, not everyone was the same.

    Liu Zilang's eye started twitching as he noticed a mischievous boy dressed up in hip hop style running toward him. The boy had a scarf around his head.

    Li Muqiu's face looked rather gloomy as well as he sat beside Liu Zilang.

    That mischievous boy was no other than Li Mufan.

    The girls seemed to have recognized him as he ran toward them. Some of the shy girls avoided him while the open-minded ones laughed with him as they chatted.

    The competition was about to begin when Li Mufan placed both of his hands by his mouth and shouted with his puberty-induced quacking voice, "Buckle up Zhang Xiaotong! You're the best!"

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