209 Rifles! Combat! Art!

    Both Liu Zilang and Da Sima were qualified to tell others that they had scoured the entire Sosnovka Military Base after looting the two crates.

    Liu Zilang had a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, a Level Two Police Vest, a Level Three Backpack, a 4x Scope, an 8x Scope, an M16 in his left hand and a 98K in his right.

    On the other hand, Da Sima had a set of Level Three equipment and two rifles, namely the M4 and a 98K.

    Da Sima smiled as he looked at their equipment. "This is quite the quality express delivery. Those two were quite good in scouring the area."

    "Yeah. However, I think there are more than just these two squads in the Sosnovka Military Base." Liu Zilang recalled the number of vehicles he saw earlier. "What do you say? Do you want to clean up the Sosnovka Military Base?"

    "Let's do it let's do it! Who knows? Perhaps there's another delivery squad that's going to deliver everything to us." Da Sima rubbed his hands.

    With Liu Zilang beside him, he had finally experienced the fun side of the game. Usually, when he landed in the Sosnovka Military Base, he would often evacuate out of the area the moment he had gotten a rifle. He would then camp and observe the area from the top of the hill located toward the north...

    The two started ransacking building no.1 & no.2 but they realized that the buildings had been looted beforehand.

    They then headed toward the five warehouses, A Building, and K Building. However, they could not find any trace of players being there at all.

    Da Sima caressed his chin as he said, "Perhaps they were annihilated the moment they came in?"

    "Probably." Liu Zilang nodded.

    "I'm heading toward Duga." Da Sima laughed. "I can see further if I'm high up."

    "Let's go together." Liu Zilang nodded again.

    At the foot of Duga.

    The duo ascended to the top swiftly as they spiraled their way up the staircase.

    As they were about to reach the top, Da Sima who was looking around shouted out of the blue, "Hey! Look over there! There's a person over there! He's lying over there!"

    Liu Zilang opened up his scope and aimed toward the direction Da Sima was pointing in.

    Through his 8x Scope, he saw a player prone on the hill which was located south from the Sosnovka Military Base. That player seemed to be aiming at them.

    However, that player seemed to have realized that he had been spotted as he quickly stood up and hid behind the tree beside him.

    "Hold on hold on! It seems like he's alone. Let me handle him!" Da Sima patted his chest as he said confidently.

    "Sure. I'll let you handle this." Liu Zilang laughed.

    Hence, Da Sima and the enemy behind the tree started shooting at each other with their 98Ks!




    The two of them had pulled the trigger up to four or five times. However, they each only landed a single shot. The rest of their attempts were whiffs.

    One could say that they had encountered an enemy of their own caliber!

    Da Sima was rather frustrated after firing several times.

    At the top of Duga, he rubbed his hands, opened his scope and then aimed at the tree once more. "Okay, I'm going to be serious now! I didn't plan to take his life earlier but I didn't expect him to take me as a joke!"

    That instant, the player behind the tree on the northern hill tilted his head out again.

    Da Sima aimed at him and pulled the trigger!

    He shouted at the top of his lungs at the same time, "I'll bid you goodbye with this shot!"



    Da Sima's Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet shattered as blood spurted out from his head.

    He had been knocked out as his health was not at its fullest.

    A thud could be heard as he kneeled down on top of Duga!

    That very shot was meant to bid goodbye!

    The viewers from the live stream laughed uncontrollably as they witnessed the entire thing!

    "666. This is way too funny!"

    "It really is goodbye! It's the voice-activated report system!"

    "F*cking h*ll! Master Ma, please just put away that 98K!"

    "Looks like it's the fate for him to end his stream with humility... Master Ma is still unable to escape his fate."


    Inside the game, Liu Zilang held onto his laughter as he went over to lift Da Sima up.

    Da Sima had fallen for the third time and his health was dropping at an incredibly fast pace. However, he did not care for himself as he saw Liu Zilang was coming over to save him. He warned, "Don't! Stop! That man will kill you!"

    Liu Zilang did not care as he bent his waist to lift him up as he responded leisurely, "It's fine. I'm looking at him. I'll kill him off in an instant if he dares to reveal himself."

    Da Sima was extremely skeptical as he saw Liu Zilang oozing with confidence. "Really?"

    Just as he finished speaking, the man behind the tree revealed himself again.

    Indeed, Liu Zilang had been eyeing on him the entire time while he was pulling Da Sima up.

    He immediately stood up the moment the enemy revealed himself.


    The rifle screamed!

    It was clear as day that the enemy was aiming at Liu Zilang's head as a magnum bullet whizzed past his eyes the instant he stood up!

    Meanwhile, Liu Zilang reached out his right hand as a 98K swiftly appeared!

    Since he was trying to pull his teammate up, he was unable to aim beforehand at all. Hence, Liu Zilang's aim was very far off when he opened up his 8x Scope.

    However, in that instant, all the viewers could see his screen suddenly jolt intensely!

    The trigger was pulled before they could see him aim!

    'What's he trying to hit?'

    The viewers were confused as they watched.

    However, what happened next widened their eyes as they could not recover from their shock!

    As Liu Zilang's screen pulled out from the 8x Scope, blood had been shed just beside the tree as the enemy player was trying to get behind it!

    "Vic123 killed Povka by headshot with Kar98K!"

    "6 Kills!"

    Viewers watching Liu Zilang's first-person perspective were at a loss for words as they saw the blood-red kill count appear on his screen.

    "Did I see that right? How did he f*cking hit him?"

    "You're not wrong at all. Vic was in fact aiming somewhere else! How the h*ll did he hit him!"

    "Yeah! Why do I have the feeling that his bullets can curve?"

    "Bug! It must be a bug! It doesn't make sense!"

    "I don't care who but I demand an explanation! Please bring justice back to PlayerUnknowns' Battleground in the eSports scene!"


    Inside the game, Liu Zilng started crouching down to pull Da Sima up. Da Sima was on the verge of death after Liu Zilang had obliterated his enemy.

    He took this free time to look at the bullet screen and he was rendered speechless with what he saw.

    Seeing how the viewers wanted to beat him up, he quickly gave off two dry coughs as he replied with a serious tone, "Hey viewers, it's as you saw. The bullet did curve."

    "Huh?" Da Sima was stunned as he laid on the ground. "You can curve a bullet's path?"

    "That's right!" Liu Zilang nodded as he continued explaining with that serious tone of his, "There's physics backing up a bullet curving in its path. We can achieve this by jolting our wrist the moment the bullet leaves the barrel."

    Liu ZIlang took a deep breath as he continued, "We all know that PlayerUnknown's Battleground is backed up with an extremely good physics engine. That jolt just now was able to provide some velocity to the bullet, causing its path to curve!"

    Da Sima burst into laughter upon hearing Liu Zilang's words. "Hehe kid, I may be not educated but I hope you're not lying to me!"

    The bullet screen of the live stream was fazed by Liu Zilang's words. Bullet screens such as these started popping up everywhere. "Really?""I'll kill you if you dare lie to me!""Nope. Not buying this bullsh*t."

    Liu Zilang looked at the bullet screen again after pulling Da Sima up.

    He then responded with complete sincerity, "Of course it's real. Why would I lie to you?"

    He then emphasized with a serious tone once more, "There's one important point here. The bullet's curve will be even more apparent if your jolt is stronger!"

    Da Sima, who had been crouching down and healing himself up after being rescued by Liu Zilang was confused upon hearing his words. "What do you call this move?"

    Liu Zilang's tone tensed up as he said three words slowly one after the other.

    "Rifles! Combat! Art!"

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