217 King of the Building, Punching a Cow through a Mountain

    Translator's Note: A martial arts skill commonly appearing in Wuxia novels.

    In the beginning, Da Sima had not fully understood Liu Zilang's full potential. He had not paid much attention to this person that was dubbed the "PUBG King of the Attractive Section" by his livestream viewers.

    However, after the brief interaction they had in the last match, he had become fully impressed by Liu Zilang's skills. This was especially true because of the various logic-defying tricks and stunts Liu Zilang liked to pull!

    Seeing Liu Zilang reverse his car into the garage, Da Sima asked curiously, "Ehh? What're you doing there?"

    "Hehe, just some precautionary measures," Liu Zilang simply replied.

    As Da Sima continued to watch, his eye could not help but twitch.

    As soon as Liu Zilang reversed the jeep all the way toward the first floor's stairway, he pulled the handbrake. He was using the vehicle to horizontally block the entrance of the stairway.

    Then, he switched over to the front passenger seat before exiting the car right in front of the stairway.

    "You wanna block the stairway?"

    Da Sima who was also at the stairway was shocked. "But all they need to do is drive the car out of the way."

    "Then let them drive it." Liu ZIlang chuckled. "Master Ma, lend me a hand."

    At that time, Liu Zilang switched over to his Groza whilst standing at the stairway as he sprayed rapidly at the Jeep.

    Seeing this, Da Sima could not help but chuckle as he also pulled out his gun and started firing alongside Liu Zilang.

    Under the fire of the two guns, the jeep started to smoke as the engine caught on fire!

    Then, a huge flash appeared from the car!


    The jeep burst into flames.

    That way, even if someone wanted to drive it away, they could not.

    "Holy sh*t! Vic is trolling again!"

    "Beep! Your friend Great Tactician Vic has come online!"

    "This is too dirty, now no one can even attempt to attack the building!"

    "Attack the building? What's that, that thing doesn't exist!"

    At that time, it was the third last circle. However, there were still seventeen players left in-game.

    The place Liu Zilang and company were in was the only building that could be found inside the safe zone.

    Hence, because of this, the building was without a doubt a juicy target for everyone coming into the circle. There would definitely be people attempting to take the building for themselves.

    Hence, seeing the stairway, Liu ZIlnag had a flash of inspiration as he started setting up his base.

    Even if the next circle did not end up including their area, they could escape through the balcony on the second floor.


    All that was left was the waiting game.

    However, as they were waiting for time to pass, the two did not just sit there idly.

    They went to the roof on the third floor and aimed through their scopes, using the high ground to scan their surroundings.

    'No matter who you were, or where you were...

    'As soon as you were see within their sights, they would start firing at you. It was as if it was them versus the world.'

    Seeing the arrogance of those two, the surrounding players were absolutely enraged. However, they were completely helpless under such circumstances.

    The position Liu Zilang and Da SIma were in was just too good!

    Not only did they have a clear sight of everything around them, but there was adequate cover for them to hide behind. By just crouching after they got shot, they could get out of the enemy's line of sight,

    Whilst still gritting their teeth, the surrounding players could not help but feel a sense of envy over both their positions!

    They were all hoping that the next circle would not end up over there, solely so that they would have the chance to annihilate them when they came out!

    However, when the next circle was revealed, everyone's eyes widened!

    The building that Liu Zilang and Da Sima was in... It was inside the new safe zone!

    "F*cking hell! Is this destiny?"

    "What the f*ck! How can a scumbag like Vic always get blessed by the RNG of Heavenly Circles?"

    "This is f*cking unfair! I'm a kind outstanding citizen, but yet these kind of things never happen to me!"

    "Objection! Objection! F*CKING OBJECTION!"

    In the game, Da Sima was overjoyed when he saw the circle. "Heavenly chicken! Looks like it's destined for me to win this last game before I head off!"

    Paying attention to his surroundings, Liu Zilang said, "We still haven't gotten the Chicken Dinner yet man. Oh! Looks like another squad is coming over. They're probably trying to take over our turf."

    "Take over our turf? Not possible." Da Sima laughed. "They need to at least make it up here for that to be even an option."

    "Yeah, they can't come up, but what if they tossed a nade up here?" Liu Zilang cautioned, "It's better if we stay on our toes."

    Realizing that, Da Sima nodded in agreement.

    A moment later, a team of players successfully reached their location by car.

    After taking a few potshots at them, they crouched back down.

    Since the safe zone was so small, that place had become the center of attention of every single player. There had to be countless guns pointed at them that very moment.

    The next time the two of them stood back up, before they could even fire, they were shot at from somewhere else. They had no choice but to crouch back into cover and heal themselves.

    As for the car that had just reached the building, they had just been ambushed. However, they had to be grateful for Liu Zilang and Da Sima on the roof of the building as the two had attracted the attention of their enemies. Otherwise, they probably would not have made it into the garage.

    "Let's go in and heal first before storming the building! As long as we get into the building, we'll get the Chicken Dinner!"

    "No problem! I have some nades and flashbangs with me, I'll toss em in when we're ready!"

    The two rapidly communicated with each other after they exited the car.

    However, as soon as they walked through the door, before they could start healing themselves, they were greeted by a flaming jeep that was blocking the stairway...

    The two's eyes twitched in rage!

    "Is this the work of those motherf*ckers on the roof?"

    "Most likely! Bloody geniuses, this dumb*ss game if f*cking broken!"

    The two were utterly speechless. After they finished healing, one of them said, "You think you can stop us just because you've blocked the stairway? I'm gonna f*cking nuke you to death."

    As he said that, he wanted to walk out and toss a grenade.

    However, the other player stopped him. 6"Are you f*cking stupid! If you go out, you're just gonna get instantly rekted by everyone outside!"

    Seeing his squadmates point, he replied in frustration, "Then what are we going to do?"

    "Check this out." The other player pulled out a frag grenade and started chucking it over the flaming chunk of metal that was blocking the stairway.


    The dead car moved slightly, though it was still not out of the way.

    Seeing this, the two were overjoyed!

    'There's a chance!'


    On the floor above the garage, explosions could vaguely be heard. Liu Zilang paused briefly before coming to a sudden realization. "They're nading the car!"

    "Huh? Did we get outplayed!" Da Sima's jaw dropped. "Then what're we gonna do now? Do we jump down and ambush them?"

    Liu Zilang could imagine the scene downstairs. Suddenly, an idea popped up in his head as he grinned cheekily. "No need for that much work. If they're nading the car, then so will we!"

    'What? How?'

    As Da Sima was about to ask those questions, he saw that Liu ZIlang had pulled out a Frag Grenade. After cocking it back, he tossed it straight down the second-floor balcony that was only a wall away from the garage.

    "Try it!" Liu Zilang encouraged his squadmate.

    Da Sima, still dubious of Liu Zilang's plan, tossed a Frag Grenade as well.




    As the two players downstairs heard the two familiar sound effects play in their headsets, they instinctively surveyed their surroundings.

    'There's nothing here?'

    As they were looking for the source of the sound, a loud explosion rang out above them!

    The player closest to the sound trembled as he suddenly dropped to the ground!

    The other player was shocked as he frantically took a few steps back!


    The next moment, his vision also faded to black as he dropped to the ground with a "thud"!

    Within the blink of an eye, the two players had transformed into two boxes...

    ? ? ?

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    However, all the way up till their deaths, they still had not seen a single grenade come their way, much less the actual players themselves!

    'This is f*cking bull...'

    Seeing Liu ZIlang and Da Sima's name pop up in the killfeed, the livestream viewers were stunned!

    "Holy flying f*ck! I didn't even know that was possible!"

    "Punching a cow through a mountain? More like Nading a player through a wall! Holy sh*t..."

    "VAC! VAC! Wall hacks confirmed! No escaping the banhammer this time!"

    "Here comes two more players that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Vic, can't you just let people die in peace?"

    "But what the hell was that? This is the first time I've seen sh*t like this happen!"

    "Newbie here asking as well! It can't actually be walls right?"

    ... A Chinese Wushu term/skill that is often depicted in Wuxia fiction.Common abbreviation for Wallhacks.
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