242 A Chance Encounter with Daimei

    In the evening, in a restaurant near the back door of the University of Jianghai.

    \"Victor? Black-masked captain?\"

    Ms-Joy was in shock as he stared at the harmless Liu Zilang who was sitting opposite him.

    \"You can just call me Ah Lang.\" Liu Zilang smiled shyly.

    \"Hehe, this fella always behaves like this, don't bother about him.\" Su Changming shook his head as he chuckled.

    Gao Yunyang who leaned lazily against his chair suddenly blurted, \"Remember to hold him down when we're getting the check later.\"

    \"Hmm? You guys made a bet again?\" Su Changming asked with a smile, \"Did Ah Lang lose?\"

    \"When did I ever lose?\" Liu Zilang grinned. \"The winner buys everyone dinner.\"

    Upon hearing him, Gao Yunyang recalled the scene in the match where he was pushed by three players to the middle.

    He glared at Liu Zilang, and was so mad that he gritted his teeth.

    Not long after, the dishes arrived and they began chit-chatting as they ate.

    After having a scrumptious dinner, when Su Changming looked at Liu Zilang and Gao Yunyang, some images of the past crossed his mind. He then thought about Se7en's current achievements and could not help but looked downcast.

    He took a sip of his drink, and kept his thoughts to himself.

    After all, everyone had their own choice.

    Everyone had dreams in their life, each wonderful in their own ways.

    Su Changming was unwilling to use their friendship in the past to recover what he considered was lost.

    Eventually, Liu Zilang and Gao Yunyang noticed Su Changming's unusual mood. All of a sudden, everyone fell silent.

    Fortunately, Ms-Joy was with them, thus when he saw that the three of them acting so strangely, he cracked a few jokes to break the ice.

    Su Changming recovered very quickly, and he laughed as he shook his head.

    As soon as he recovered, the atmosphere became normal again.

    Earlier on, it just felt like everyone went absent-minded for a brief moment, it was as if nothing actually happened.


    At night when they parted ways, Su Changming and Ms-Joy took a taxi back to the hotel that they were staying at.

    Gao Yunyang also received a phone call from the leader of his school team, who asked for his whereabouts.

    After hanging up, he waved Liu Zilang goodbye with his back facing him, then disappeared into the night at the corner of the street.

    Liu Zilang looked at the direction where they left, then looked at the entrance to the University of Jianghai behind him.

    A few moments later, he stopped a taxi by the road and decided to go home.


    Not long after Liu Zilang arrived home, he received a phone call from Douyu.

    Evidently, the person in charge of Douyu's Attractive Section placed extreme value on Liu Zilang who is a diamond in the roughs. In the end, he still agreed to Liu Zilang's request on the contract period, but also set a firm monthly target for his live streaming duration.

    Of course, considering the fact that Liu Zilang had to juggle between this and his studies as well, the target set was rather easy.

    On the other hand, that person also informed him that his live streaming channel would be recommended on Douyu's homepage tonight, so that he could achieve a million followers as soon as possible.

    After all, for a section like the Attractive Section, even if streamers were to receive a substantial amount of gifts from rich subscribers, it was rare for one to have a million followers. Obviously, the person in change was placing \"great expectations\" on Liu Zilang.

    Once they were done discussing some details, he sent him a document.

    Followed by that, Liu Zilang only had to sign the document, mail it back, then receive the written acknowledgement, and he would officially become a signed streamer of Douyu.

    When Liu Zilang thought about that, he felt energetic.

    'If I want to do this, I must do it big, otherwise it's meaningless if I just remain as a Chicken King in the Attractive Section.'

    Turning on his computer, Liu Zilang launched the game and began streaming on his live streaming channel on Douyu.

    Currently, he already had six hundred thousand subscribers, which was considerably high in the Attractive Section. Nonetheless, as compared to famous streamers from other sections with easily ten million subscribers, his was not worth mentioning at all.

    Speaking of which, previously, he secretly peeked at Zhang Xiaotong's live streaming channel, and found that she had around six million subscribers. She totally outshone him on this.

    Honestly, being outclassed by one's younger sister was not something to be happy with at all.

    Since he had signed the contract, he could not just stream twice in three days' time anymore.

    Somehow, Liu Zilang was also prompted by something else, he immediately decided to step up, and to stop being reactive.


    Once he began streaming live, many spectators who subscribed to him flooded his live streaming channel.

    \"Mmm? He just streamed live in the afternoon, he's doing it again tonight?\"

    \"This doesn't seem right! Since when did Vic become so hardworking?\"

    \"Is he too excited from winning the competition? Is it because he can't sleep?\"

    \"This fella didn't look for someone else to stream live for him, did he? I strongly request for a live stream on facecam!\"

    \"Live stream on facecam +1!\"

    Upon seeing the rhythm in his live streaming channel, Liu Zilang recalled the last time when he danced with Zhang Xiaotong, and the video was even shown to his spectators. He finally felt that he should be more open about it.

    He reached out for his webcam and switched streaming from handcam to facecam.

    The spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel were in disbelief as he responded to them so easily, hence they were taken aback when they saw his attractive face on their screens.

    \"Wow! How open of him!\"

    \"Oh my god! Vic is actually quite handsome.\"

    \"The one who called him handsome is his water army, isn't it? He clearly looks gay like he does in videos!\"

    Once Liu Zilang was done setting up his webcam, instead of directly playing a match in the America Server to gain points, he started a random matchmaking match in the Asia Server to practice.

    After all, PlayerUnknown's Battleground differs in style and match in a live stream and in a real competition.

    Although Liu Zilang had not been streaming live for a long period of time, he started to slowly realize this.

    When he entered the lobby, the system randomly matchmade him to three other teammates.

    Liu Zilang let out a dry cough, and uttered, \"I'll lead a squad of random players to resolve the 'trouble getting chicken dinner' issue that commonly exists among normal players. Since these three players are arranged for me, they'll get the priority.\"

    Who knew, just as he finished, one of his teammates quit the match.

    \"Hehe! I heard that you're going to resolve the 'trouble of getting chicken dinner' issue?

    \"Teammate expresses, 'I'll never want the chicken dinner if it means that I'll be doing nothing to win it.'\"

    The moment Liu Zilang noticed that, he curled his lips into a smile.

    However, before he could even reply to it, a male voice was heard from his team voice chat.

    \"Eh? Why did one player quit the match? Can the remaining two players talk?\"

    Liu Zilang took a look at his team list and realized that the one who spoke was a player called \"OrangeTree\", and he did not sound like a young player.

    Right after that player spoke, another teammate called \"biubiubiu\" responded.

    \"I can! I can! Little brother, don't quit the match! Can you bring me to a victorious chicken dinner?\"

    This voice sounded very sweet and delicate.

    Though it sounded rather flirtatious, it was obviously different from a voice changer, and most likely belonged to a young lady.

    Upon hearing that voice, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel were thrilled!

    \"Wow! Vic was actually matchmade with a young lady!\"

    \"Her voice sounds very soft! I can't! I'm going to melt!\"

    \"Hehe! The young lady's voice is very pleasing to my ears! Vic, there's no way you can justify about not leading them to victory!\"

    \"Strive for the chicken dinner and add her as a friend! Next time, play with her again.\"

    \"Play what? Bayonet fighting? Have you heard of a voice changer?\"

    \"This doesn't sound right! Why do I feel that her voice sounds so familiar?\"

    \"I think that it's familiar too! She sounds like Daimei! Can anyone go look if Daimei is streaming live?\"

    \"There's no need to, Daimei is not streaming live, but could she be secretly recording a video?\"

    \"Eh? That sounds possible? How about we ask Vic about this?\"

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