294 CaptainDark?



    Kim Doohwan looked around aimlessly at the four of them when he arrived. He soon set his sights on Liu Zilang and asked him two simple questions.

    Although his voice was not loud, he had asked questions whereby all the FPS players gathered.

    The two words were magical as the contestants that were chatting idly became silent in an instant.

    In many cases, such silence was contagious.

    As the contestants in their seats became silent, the other players nearby lowered down their volumes and stared curiously at Liu Zilang and his squad.

    The entire stadium gradually became quiet.

    Meanwhile, those who knew of Liu Zilang's true identity acted weirdly.

    Shen Zeyan from IG looked down and his expression turned cold.

    Bai Shaolin from Tyloo was stunned as he gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

    On the other hand, Li Muqiu from Se7en laid back on his chair with his head slanted to a side, smiling at the interesting incident that was unfolding.

    Misaka Mikoto who was seating closest to Liu Zilang hugged herself by the shoulder as she looked at him with her shiny eyes.

    The spectators in the stadium who were further away noticed the strange anomaly even though they could not hear what he had said.

    \"What's going on? Is Azeael trying to pick a fight with Vic?\"

    \"GG! Could it be that Azeael was angry that he was killed by his own vehicle running over him?

    \"Hahaha, is the most exciting real-life PK about to happen? I'm so excited!\"

    \"Tsk tsk, Vic looks kinda thin. I don't think he can win against him.\"

    \"Hehe. Looks like all of you didn't take into consideration my GodV at all. The entire 4AM will definitely make a move in this situation.\"

    \"I'm sure both GodV and Aluka will say that each of them are able to take ten people at a time!\"


    The audience started speculating the situation as they laughed.

    Naturally, they were joking about the PK in reality.

    If Kim Doohwan did intend to pick a fight with him, he would not have searched for 4AM alone. After all, that would be equivalent to sending a sheep into a tiger's cave and he would be beaten to the ground...

    The members of 4AM stared at Liu Zilang the moment Kim Doohwan asked him the two questions.

    GodV, Aluka, and Cpt who were in the same squad as him stared shockingly. The same was for the other squads nearby that overheard Kim Doohwan's questions.

    Liu Zilang smiled as he had everybody's attention.

    He nodded as he stared at Kim Doohwan. \"Yes, it's me.\"

    Liu Zilang spoke in Chinese. Hence GodV, Aluka, and Cpt were the first to react.

    The three of them were shocked at Liu Zilang's claim!

    Although they had guessed that he had something up his sleeve...

    It was still something that was not within their expectations at all.

    The black masked captain, Victor!

    That man was the most legendary player in Hua Xia's FPS eSports. He once led Se7en into the hearts of Europe and America, rewriting the entire ranking in the FPS World. He was also the man who was one step away from obtaining the throne in the FPS Clash of the Titans.

    GodV and the rest were being told that Liu Zilang was that legendary man. Liu Zilang who was at that time earning his living sneakily in 4AM's base...

    His image had been completely shattered!

    However, the squads from Singapore and Thailand started getting excited and had gathered around even though they did not understand what was the situation.

    \"Hey CaptainDark!\"

    \"WOW! It's so cool!\"

    \"Oh my god! Are you Victor?\"

    \"May I take a picture with you?\"

    'It's him!'

    'It's really him!'

    Amid all the noises, Kim Doohwan looked at Liu Zilang who was smiling at him innocently. A flame had ignited within him as he recalled the humiliation when he was crushed to death and his past!

    Three years ago, both Kim Doohwan and Liu Zilang entered CSGO in the FPS eSports scene together. They were considered fellows from the same batch and he, too, was a gifted FPS player.

    However, his team had lost to Liu Zilang's team, Se7en in a very important Asia Championship.

    The difference in result was very drastic.

    They lost back then!

    They lost miserably!

    From then on, Kim Doohwan was not sure if Liu Zilang would take note of him.

    However, he remembered Liu Zilang. He remembered the man who wore a black mask, and that black mask had caged his trauma within him.

    Liu Zilang continued to snowball all the way as he carried his name and led Se7en from one victory to another. It did not matter who they had to challenge, be it contestants from Asia or monsters from Europe or America, Liu Zilang led Se7en and trampled over their opponents mercilessly.

    He was Captain Dark, the black masked captain!

    His nickname was familiar to everyone who had a foot in the FPS world. He had become a legend that could never be replaced.

    As Liu Zilang became more famous and influential, at the same time, the trauma within him became worse whenever he heard news about Liu Zilang.

    He would unconsciously compare himself with Liu Zilang. Deep down, he kept thinking of the outcome if he were to win back then...

    'A man can dream, but a man must not live in his dream.'

    Hence, Kim Doohwan's performance became so bad that he was no longer able to secure a spot in his team and became a backup.

    He ultimately retired from CSGO and went to OW as he wanted a fresh start. However, his performance was subpar.

    Half a year later, Kim Doohwan heard that Liu Zilang lost in Denmark's FPS Clash of the Titans and had retired and disappeared.

    The moment he heard of this news, the dust in his mind cleared up as he was finally motivated and filled with energy.

    PUBG was the most trending FPS game globally then. Kim Doohwan took that golden opportunity as he switched from OW to PUBG.

    Kim Doohwan had proven himself.

    He indeed was a very talented player!

    He had overcome his trauma and spent half a year to rise above to the top of the rankings. He then won many online tournaments, be it a small or big ones and then became a legendary FPS player from the older generation similar to Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaolin as the three of them were ultimately known as Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods!

    Kim Doohwan was confident that he had overcome his trauma as he wanted to get rid of his One of Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods title for good through the World Invitational Tournament.

    There should only be one Sniper God.

    However, never in his dream did he imagine that he would encounter his first obstacle in Asia's qualifier.

    He had killed Wolves but he was killed with his own vehicle by a cunning, shameless player in front of thousands of people... Kim Doohwan was completely thrown off the grid in that instant.

    What made him worry the most was that the player that killed him was the man he encountered three years ago.

    That was the main reason why he went searching for him the moment the game ended.

    Fear crept into Kim Doohwan the moment he confirmed his suspicions.

    He realized that what he was experiencing was identical to that of three years back...

    Was history going to repeat itself once more?

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