339 The Ultimate Chicken Dinner Spot! Part 1

    \"Hey hey hey, come over here. The vehicle is about to explode!\" Nvliu screamed nervously.

    Just as she finished speaking, the vehicle in front of Liu Zilang that was leaning against the airdrop caught fire.

    Meanwhile, he had only a little bit of health left.

    \"He's a goner!\"

    Nvliu gulped as she was prepared to head over and revive him.

    Suddenly, she heard a bellow gunshot!

    In a life or death situation, Liu Zilang pulled out his big sniper rifle and peeked behind the car.

    He pre-aimed and opened his scope!

    He then realigned his line of fire and pulled the trigger!


    In an instant, the bullet exploded out from the muzzle and whizzed into the distance!

    A Killer Notification soon appeared at the bottom left corner of the screen.

    \"Vic123 killed HitTheCryingPig by headshot with AWM!\"

    \"9 Kills!\"


    The enemy's final bullet rested on the jeep as the sprout of fire grew.

    There were no more gunshots from a distance afterward, as if the world had fallen silent.

    \"Holysh*t. It's another series boss-like, low-health attempt. He's literally playing with our hearts!\"

    \"Amazing! Vic has successfully shown off again!\"

    \"The brother at the opposite end didn't do well! No matter how useless you're in aiming, the least you should do is to land one more shot!\"

    In the game, Nvliu was extremely shocked as Liu Zilang took the enemy out in such a shocking manner.

    However, her eyes immediately started twitching as Liu Zilang hopped into the burning sedan and got it off from the airdrop after he crouched down and healed himself.

    He then took a big turn and stopped beside Nvliu.

    'He couldn't be...'

    As expected, Liu Zilang drifted as he came to a halt and waved at her passionately. \"Sister 66, get into the car!\"

    'Get into the car?'

    'No way!'

    'This isn't the car to the kindergarten!'

    Nvliu's eyes kept twitching as she smiled forcefully. \"Um... I'm fine, thanks.\"

    \"Sister 66, do you still not trust me? Don't worry about it. We'll get out of it the moment we get into the Safe Zone.\" Liu Zilang was very confident. \"It'll be fine.\"

    'All it takes is one shot for it to explode, how is that fine in your eyes?'

    This time, Nvliu took longer to fight against the struggles in her mind than before arriving at the airdrop.

    Ultimately... She decided to believe in her leader.

    \"Drive slower Master Lang. I have motion sickness.\"

    Nvliu said nervously as she hopped into the car, which sounded just like the black cars beside the road.

    Liu Zilang comforted her. \"Don't worry about it Sister 66. Be it slow or fast, all it takes is one shot either way.\"

    Nvliu was speechless...

    He was right and she could not refute him at all...

    The viewers from the live stream burst into laughter upon hearing his words.

    \"Wow! This Vic sure knows how to comfort someone. What an understanding man!\"

    \"An understanding man? bullsh*t! Why is this batch of viewers so prone to exaggerating him? Your words are just not eye-catching at all.\"

    Hence, the two of them drove the death car on the road as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

    Fortunately, Liu Zilang was an extremely lucky person as they had really arrived at the Safe Zone safely even though everyone in the livestream thought it was a bad idea.

    There were some thirty players left in the game. Although Liu Zilang said he was not nervous at all, he was not daring enough to drive such a car to the housing area.

    He knew his limits very well.

    He stopped the car behind a hill as he looked at the housing area far away from the minimap before speaking to Nvliu. \"Sister 66, I think that housing area over there is where we get our chicken dinner.\"

    \"That's where we're getting our chicken dinner?\" Nvliu was slightly excited. \"What are we waiting for. Let's get over there now.\"

    Truthfully speaking, Nvliu felt that his little heart could not take any more of this... She had wandered with Liu Zilang throughout the journey, flew across the bridge to go after the airdrop, and even drove the death car with him.

    In her perspective, it would be nice to just camp at a place to chat, check on Weibo and get the chicken dinner.

    This wish of hers seemed to be waving at her from the distance.

    Then, gunshots could be heard from the housing area at the front.

    'There's someone here too?'

    Nvliu was shocked!

    Liu ZIlang opened his scope and surveyed the surrounding before acting excitedly. \"It looks like someone is raiding the building. Let's go together!\"

    \"Master Lang... Why don't we just let them have it?\" Nvliu requested.

    However, Liu Zilang replied seriously. \"Sister 66. That's our chicken dinner spot!\"

    'The chicken dinner spot, eh?'

    Nvliu struggled for a while before deciding to believe in the decision of a professional player.

    Since that was the chicken dinner spot, then they should occupy that chicken dinner spot!

    The two of them sneaked towards the housing area.

    There was a two-story warehouse and an explosion reverberated in their ears when they got near it!

    The battle was in a stalemate as both of them were throwing Frag Grenades at each other.

    However, the explosions lasted for an entire day and both parties had yet to lose a single member. Even the gunshots were gradually subsiding.

    Liu Zilang realized the situation and pondered for a moment before speaking up. \"We can't let them fight like this. We need to add some spice into it!\"

    He crouched and snuck to the corner of the wall the moment he finished speaking and took out a Molotov Cocktail that he had picked up by the beach earlier. \"Sister 66, please take note of this window. Someone might just jump out of it later.\"

    \"Sure, no problem.\" Nvliu hiding at the corner of the wall took aim of the window on the first floor.

    Liu Zilang sneered as he raised the Molotov Cocktail up and threw it into the room.


    The window shattered first before the Molotov Cocktail shattered as it fell to the ground.

    As the two squads were ganking each other by the staircase, they did not expect a Molotov Cocktail to be thrown in from the side of the window.

    The fire spread and had instantly covered the entire first floor.

    \"Holysh*t. These people are too sneaky!\"

    \"The staircase is blocked, we can't get down from there.\"

    \"Follow me!\"

    The two of them ran towards the window on the first floor as their buttocks were on fire!

    As Molotov Cocktail was able to deal a lot of damage, its damage could even be heightened further if players stayed in it.

    As the two players jumped down out of the window on the first floor with their buttocks on fire, their health plunged to the very bottom in a blink of an eye.

    Hence, Nvliu who had been hiding at the corner of the wall took them out instantly.

    One of them had even had their health reduced to zero while he was still falling down.

    As for the other one, he landed with both of his hands on the ground.

    However, he too was shot before he was able to stand up and planted his head into the ground afterward before both of them turned into crates.

    \"Wow! I got a double kill!\" Nvliu screamed excitedly.

    However, when she turned her head around, she realized she was so focused that she did not realize Liu Zilang was already no longer beside her.

    Soon, Liu Zilang screamed inside the building.

    \"Quickly quickly quickly! Sister 66 come and save me!\"

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