353 The Mystery Of Boxing And Asias Qualifier Duos!

    Misaka Mikoto, Zhang Xiaotong, and Li Mufan who were watching at the side started feeling nervous as they watched on!

    Liu Zilang was panicking.

    All it took was one punch to kill him. He had no space for error.

    However, he would make a mistake as long as he was a human.

    Liu Zilang was not confident enough that he would not make any mistakes.

    Since he had acted so arrogantly earlier, he could imagine what would happen to his live stream if he were to be knocked out by his viewers...

    Liu Zilang kept running around the motel as he turned his head around and said, \"Hey, why don't we talk this out? Let me heal up and we'll continue to fight like a man!\"

    \"What happened to fighting all of us simultaneously? How dare you request to heal yourself.\"

    The man chasing after Liu Zilang scoffed as he punched the air to assert his dominance.

    Liu Zilang's eye twitched as he gritted his teeth. \"You're forcing me to use my ultimate skill!\"

    The enemy was calm. \"You're free to use it if you still have any techniques left. I'll be your grandson if I blink!\"

    The two soon ran to the corner of the motel.

    The cat-and-mouse game kept going on...

    Then, Liu Zilang stopped moving and ran in the other direction instead!

    'Has he finally summoned up enough courage?'


    'It's time to decide the victor!'

    The player chasing at the back was excited as he immediately threw punches the moment he raised up his fists.

    'This fight...

    'It's impossible for me to lose!'

    Liu Zilang was only two meters away from him. Liu Zilang's body flashed before his fist was able to reach him!

    There was a loud boom!

    Dust and smoke filled up the air as a huge shockwave blasted the player away!

    His legs were crossed as he landed l, and he and his other two friends were turned into crates at the same time.

    \"Vic123 killed ZhangFlewUpToTheHorseWithAKnife with Frag Grenade!\"

    \"Vic accidentally knocked out himself with Frag Grenade!\"

    The last fan that was blasted away was stunned as he shouted furiously, \"F*cking b*stard cheated!\"

    \"Since when did I cheat?\"

    Liu Zilang questioned back as he called out for his teammates to save him.

    The fan was complaining angrily, \"We agreed on using our fists. Why did you use a Frag Grenade...\"

    \"Who said that I used a Frag Grenade?\"

    Liu Zilang butted in with a serious tone. \"That was me releasing my punching aura earlier. It's a type of offensive fist technique that can be utilized once you've trained your punch to a certain level. It has the same effect as using a sword.\"

    He sighed as he continued, \"Naturally, it's something you can't understand since you've yet reached my level. I forgive you for your misunderstanding.\"

    \"Please remember to create a card on my live stream from now on. You'll be as strong as me if you keep learning!\"

    The fan looked irritated as he heard Liu Zilang's words. He was on the verge of vomiting his blood out!

    'Releasing his aura?

    'Why don't you just call it the Hundred Punch Godly Fist?\"


    Countless viewers in the live stream took a deep breath as they saw everything!

    The majority of them had been watching streams on Douyu for a long time but this was the first time they were encountering a shameless streamer!

    \"Beep: Fan-1; Adversary+1\"

    \"6666, that fist aura is something!\"

    \"This guy is so f*cking shameless to even request him to make a card. Has he lost his mind!\"

    \"I'm new here and this streamer is irritating me. Should I follow the procedure or just straight out flame him?\"

    Inside the game, the atmosphere was awkwardly quiet after Liu Zilang had been revived.

    Nothing more could be said about Xiaotong-chan. The girl had only let out a harrumph as she seemed to be disgusted with Liu Zilang's actions.

    Misaka Mikoto and Li Mufan were extremely quiet as well. It seemed that the faith they had put in high regard in their hearts had been greatly impacted!

    Liu Zilang realized this and let out a dry cough as he said slowly with a bellowing tone, \"Is winning or losing that much of importance?\"

    \"Many times we people have been blinded by winning or losing. Many times we have resorted to violence to solve everything and neglected the power of intelligence.\"

    \"Everything I've done up until now was to prove this point!\"

    Li Mufan and Misaka Mikoto's eyes were shining brightly as if their light had been ignited once more after they had heard Liu Zilang's explanation!

    'So this is Shifu's profound meaning... We're just too shallow after all!'



    Liu Zilang waved his hand and cut them off, \"You'll understand if you get it. Let's go! To the airdrop.\"

    Zhang Xiaotong harrumphed but as she thought of the possibility of an AWM being inside the airdrop, she quickly followed along as well.

    A breeze blew. What was left at the entrance of the motel in the deserted desert were three crates...

    It felt that they were voicing out silently.


    \"Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet!\"

    \"8x Scope!\"


    \"Ghillie suit!\"

    Liu Zilang and the others distributed the items in the airdrop among themselves swiftly.

    Naturally, Liu Zilang had gotten the MK14...

    He had the MK on his left and the 98K on his right. He could be considered a Dual-Sniper in the match.

    At that time, Liu Zilang had taken out the city lord of Pecada fairly and openly and Pecada was still within the Safe Zone. They had no need to rush to anywhere else.

    Liu Zilang brought the three of them to the four-story building which was painted blue at the bottom. They climbed up the staircase and crawled through the window before climbing up another staircase to reach the rooftop of the building.

    It was the highest spot a player could reach in Pecado. Relative to sea level, it was slightly higher than the peak of the boxing arena.

    The lot stood at the pinnacle as they waited for the new Safe Zone to spawn.

    Statistically speaking, it was highly likely for the next Safe Zone to cover the epicenter of the previous Safe Zone.

    This assumption excluded any metaphysical factor.

    Since the game's system seemed to follow statistic over metaphysic, Liu Zilang and his squad were basically occupying the destiny circle.

    It did not stop there. The spawn of the next few Safe Zones had countless viewers' jaws dropped.

    \"What the h*ll... How's this possible? Another destiny circle?\"

    \"Vic, that f*cking b*tch killed his fans. Shouldn't he deserve to run away from the blue circle all the time and ultimately die in the Red Zone?\"

    \"2333 brother at the front, your brain is quite creative... Do you really think you're playing the game right now?\"

    A fact was a fact, no matter how much the viewers in the live stream kept complaining.

    Liu Zilang and his squad did not move a single step until the game ended...


    \"Squad Ranking: No. 1!\"

    \"Kill: 19!\"

    \"Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!\"

    Liu Zilang shook his head as he stared at the words that appeared on his screen.

    'The sweet and juicy crispy chicken... had turned into a tasteless one!'

    After the first match, the next few matches they had queued in squad-mode were very bumpy.

    They ran against the blue circle the entire time and were under constant bombardment...

    It took them great effort to finally find a vehicle on the road but they were instantly thrown into desperation as three out of four of its tires were flattened!

    Liu Zilang was ultimately run over by Li Mufan's car and he ragequitted on the spot. He ended everything at the speed of light...

    The viewers in the live stream did not disperse even after the screen turned black as they kept on cheering happily.

    Most of the bullet screen read, \"What goes around comes around. Has God ever played favorites? God has seen it all. We fans can rest in peace now!\"


    Next day afternoon.

    Liu Zilang, Misaka Mikoto, and Zhang Xiaotong left the house together once they had packed their stuff.

    Since it was a Saturday, Zhang Xiaotong was passionately invited by Misaka Mikoto to watch them in the tournament live in the stadium.

    The competition that afternoon was Asia's Qualifier Duos. In comparison to the solo matches, it was without a doubt that Duos required some strategy and cooperation.

    As for the four-man squad which would be held the next day, it was a completely different ball game as compared to Solo and Duos in a tournament.

    4AM had been split into two teams for the upcoming Duos match that afternoon.

    Once they arrived at the scene, they discussed among themselves again before the tournament began.

    Ultimately, the squad leader Long Shengjue had the final say. Liu Zilang's partner in Duos was GodV whereas Cpt and Aluka had formed another team.

    As soon as they had partnered up, Kim Doohwan walked toward them with another person beside him.

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