367 Swallow Instant Counter!

    Inside the toilet beside the road.

    \"He's coming! Prepare to welcome our guest!\" GodV aimed at the door the moment he heard footsteps outside.

    \"Hia hia hia...\" Liu Zilang let out a weird laugh in the voice chat as he licked his lips. \"I wonder which lucky kid will open this door to a whole new world.\"

    The two kept calm as they waited to greet their guests.

    Then, a clicked could be heard outside!

    'What's that sound...'

    'It sounds extremely familiar...'

    The two were confused for a while before everything clicked in their heads!

    'Holysh*t... someone's throwing a Frag Grenade!'

    GodV and Liu Zilang were in trouble all of a sudden!'

    'Director, they aren't following the script!'

    'Perhaps we've been discovered...'

    'That's impossible!'

    They had not moved a single muscle in the toilet and they had taken out their weapons beforehand. Unless the enemy possessed X-ray vision, it was basically impossible to spot them through the wall.

    The two had to make a decision quickly because it was not the time to think of such things. It was obvious that the Frag Grenade was being cooked in the enemy's hand.

    If this Frag Grenade sent them to the Heavens, the enemy could be considered as extremely cunning and evil.

    GodV wanted to equip his M4 and rush out of the door since he would rather rush out of the door and be knocked out than stay inside the toilet and be bombed to death.

    \"Don't rush out. Wait up!\" Liu Zilang's tone was calm.

    \"We'll be dead if we wait any longer!\" GodV was incredibly impatient.

    He reached out his hand, opened the door and rushed out the moment he finished speaking.

    He rathered died under the enemy's fire than to be bombed to death inside the toilet.

    Then, a clank was heard!

    'GG. Sorry, brother!'

    GodV prayed for Liu Zilang for a second and rushed out of the door the moment the Frag Grenade shattered the window.

    As the toilet's door was incredibly narrow, it could only fit one person at a time. Liu Zilang would be stuck in the toilet by GodV even if the former wanted to escape.

    In an instant, the image of a Frag Grenade exploding and Liu Zilang dying a horrible death flashed across GodV's mind...

    In the blink of an eye, his gaze became resolved!

    The hope of killing those two rested on his shoulders.

    GodV greeted Evermore who was outside the door the instant he rushed out of the toilet!

    The two reacted swiftly as they raised up their weapons simultaneously.

    'Come on... let's fight to the death!'

    Before they could fire their weapons, they heard a \"duang\" come from the toilet!

    'What's that sound?'

    Before the three players outside could even react, something flew out of the toilet's window.

    The three of them looked up and all they could see was a bright flash in the sky before a huge shockwave hit them!


    In the blink of an eye, The three players outside the door were sent flying in different directions.

    Squad KD's Evermore and Merald struggled for a brief moment when they landed before their entire bodies went soft and turned into crates.

    As for GodV who had been blasted for the second time, he held onto his abdomen as he kneeled on the ground.

    He was facing the toilet and was completely flabbergasted!

    Soon, Liu Zilang walked out of the toilet with a black Pan in his hand...

    GodV realized what he had done the moment he saw the Pan in Liu Zilang's hand.

    He kneeled on the ground as his eyes widened. His jaw had dropped to the ground...

    'What the... it can't be!'

    As the viewers in the live stream witnessed the exciting and extreme play shown through the caster's camera, they were quiet for a brief moment before they exploded in the bullet screen.

    \"What the actual f*ck... Is this the legendary technique Swallow Counter?\"

    \"Bullsh*t! That's obviously Swallow Instant Counter!\"

    \"Fuji Syusuke[1]! It's you!\"

    \"I'm not praising him or defaming him but Vic's reaction speed is unparalleled. I would've been frozen in shock if it were me.\"

    \"This guy has blown my mind. I'm sure the Pig Emperor and his teammate are flabbergasted!\"

    \"Evermore: Coach! This guy has a counter!\"


    Naturally, it was not just the live stream that was thrown into chaos. The venue of the competition, Stadium Jianghai was riled up as well. The counter-attack was basically a test on how well the audience's heart was!

    Zhang Xiaotong was so anxious that her face was as red as a tomato. She calmed down, and she loosened her small fists in her seat.

    Jiang Yumeng who was beside her gasped as she said without restraining herself, \"Wow! Your brother is really cool!\"

    Zhang Xiaotong let out a soft harrumph when she heard her words.

    It felt like she was saying, 'You don't say!'

    On the commentary platform, Ms-Joy stuttered as she was shocked, \"Tsk tsk... The potential of Vic's thought process cannot be measured. It seems like this comment on Vic is beginning to suit him more and more.\"

    Inside the game, the first thing Liu Zilang did after coming out of the toilet was revive GodV.

    Those down-to-detail fans in the live stream noticed that Liu Zilang had messed up his order.

    In a typical public game, he would often loot the crates first before reviving others. This was his usual sequence.

    Since Liu Zilang was able to loot five items in a second, he would be able to revive his teammate even if they had been knocked out three or four times.

    After GodV had been pulled up, the two headed toward the crates.

    As GodV looted the crates, he said frustratingly, \"You idiot. Can you inform me earlier next time if you plan to do something crazy?\"

    \"I already told you.\"

    Liu ZIlang said skeptically, \"Didn't I tell you to wait a while? Oh right... Why did you rush out just now?\"

    GodV froze and did not say a word.

    'Why did he rush out?'

    'Only an idiot would choose to stay inside even after a Frag Grenade flew in!'

    'The question is how did he throw the Frag Grenade out!'


    Although the two passive kings, Pig Emperor Evermore and Merald did not have any good items on them, their crates were filled with so many healing items that they were suspected to have come as medic soldiers.

    They, who were looting the crates, would never understand the hardship Evermore and Merald faced when they drove their small motorcycle around the deserted area outside of the blue circle in order to search for those healing items... After all, no one cared about the hardships and backstories of such delivery men.

    Since they had put consumables in their crates, Liu Zilang and GodV did not mind taking on their wills as well.

    Liu Zilang GodV came to an agreement that they would stop running away from the blue circle.

    Since it was only the third Safe Zone that had spawned and there were around sixty players alive on the field, one could predict that a large portion of players would die in a meat grinding fest by the time the third blue circle started shrinking.

    If the two were to enter the Safe Zone, they would have to make a move again if the Safe Zone switched to another location.

    One could say that at that point in time, they would have to face death every time they shifted locations.

    Hence, they decided to stay outside of the blue circle and constantly heal themselves. They would enter the latest Safe Zone when the blue circle stopped shrinking.


    [1] Fuji Syusuke is a character from The Prince of Tennis.
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